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Old Friday, September 26, 2014
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Default Observations on Performance of Candidates in Written Part of CSS Examination 2012

Observations of Examiners on Performance of Candidates in CE - 2012

The Examiners have made the following observations on the candidates' performance in compulsory and optional papers opted in written part of the Competitive Examination 2012.

I. Compulsory Subjects

A. Essay: Majority of the candidates relied on the stereotypical substandard material available in the market instead of keeping themselves abreast of updated information and using their own mind and intelligence for innovative and genuine approaches. They have demonstrated glaring flaws both in comprehension and expression. They have abruptly jumped at writing on a topic without comprehending its meaning, spirit, direction and range. Consequently a loose and lengthy jumbled lot produced without any sense of relevance, clarity, coherence and structured organization. From the angle of the question paper it is heartening fact that the candidates have attempted almost all topics. This manifests that due to multiple orientations and thematic variety of the given topics, the candidates did not have to face any undesirable inconvenience in finding a subject.

B. English (Precise & Composition): Majority of the candidates lacks clear thinking, ineffectual grasp, comprehension, critical analysis, orderly construction, self expression. Most of the candidates were simply unaware and ignorant of what precise is and how it is structured. Most of the candidates simply reproduced the text, without knowing any method. The overall standard of grammar produced by candidates is very poor.

C. General Knowledge - I (Everyday Science): Generally, the performance of 98% of the candidates was unsatisfactory. Overall it seems very disappointment to assess the low level of general knowledge of the candidates in everyday science which reflects poor standard of educational institutions. They create lot of people who can just regurgitate facts and have not ability to understand synthesize knowledge. In addition, English language skill of the candidates was very poor, with most of them not even knowing how to express themselves properly. The candidates lack in-depth analysis of subject. The source of some answers related to geology and nutrition were based on knowledge acquired through media sources instead of some technically authentic reference books.

D. General Knowledge - II (Current Affairs): Candidates were judged in their performance on the basis of application of knowledge in different situations. Many of them were good in knowledge but lacked to apply in given situations. They were ranked as: poor answers (75%) satisfactory answers (18%) good answer (05%) and exceptional merit (02%). The causative factor of such performance was stereo style of thought picked from guides. The application of knowledge is rarely taught in institutions. Education is dealt as commodity; but not as a source to construct wisdom in the best interest of nation and society. The personality building with application of knowledge is not imparted. The education has become a corporate product. Very rare candidates were able to present their sagacity in challenging situations.

E. General Knowledge - III (Pakistan Affairs): Overall general standard of the candidates was below average. Majority of the candidates were too weak to understand the concept of the questions. Spellings were very fragile and writing was also pathetic. General coaching for candidates is necessary so that they may be able to attempt the quest ions properly.

II . Optional Subjects

(i). Accountancy and Auditing - I: The overall performance was not so bad, out of 454, only 60 (13%) candidates failed and 394 (86%) passed in subject. The concept of the candidates was not clear in Accounting and Auditing as they don’t know the basic difference between the two. The candidates were simply asked about financial statements and basic principles of Accounting but most of the candidates could not clearly express their view in right way.

(ii). Accountancy and Auditing - II: The passing percentage of candidates in the subject was 80% while 20% failed in the paper. The candidates lacked in the basic knowledge of the core subject. They should study reference books as well as reading materials for their improvement.

(iii). Applied Mathematics: Performance of the candidates was average. Some of them did well but majority appeared in examination without preparation. The answers to the defined questions were brief but mathematical portion was quite satisfactory.

(iv). Arabic: The 50% candidates were able to explain and understand the given topics/ points continuously. 20% of the candidates can view a matter critically and eligible to solve and give solutions. They have good knowledge of their field and subject. 20% of them tried to discuss the relevant matter, gave ideas and were in a position to connect the objectives and explain them thoroughly. While remaining 10% were very weak and they had no knowledge of their subject.

(v). Balochi: The candidates in the subject have done a good effort. Their answers were 80% up to the mark and have command on their answers. The increasing number of candidates appeared in the subject was also an other proud appreciation.

(vi). Botany: Overall performance of the candidates appeared in the examination was good. Majority of the candidates understood the questions and gave relevant answers. However, answers of some candidates were irrelevant and have repetition of sentences which increased the just number of additional sheets. The candidates hand writing was not good.

(vii). British History: Some of the answer sheets were very good in terms of content language and presentation. Performance of most of the candidates was poor due to non availability of elective subject at BA & MA level in most of the colleges and post graduate institutions of Pakistan. The prospective candidates must consult International level books with the help of National Book Foundation and Experts or otherwise from internet.

(viii). Business Administration: The general performance of the candidates remained encouraging and classified as above average, average and below average consistent with international standards. The performance of some candidates was not satisfactory due to lack of knowledge of the subject, poor
hand writing and attempting the questions without observing the requirement of the question.

(ix). Chemistry: Overall most of the candidates attempted the paper systematically and intelligently. The power of expression in English language was satisfactory. Candidates should clearly mention the headings and sub heading. However, some candidates have very poor writing and used very big font resulting utilizing of extra pages unnecessarily.

(x). Constitutional Law: Candidates were well versed in the Constitutions of UK, USA and France but unfortunately they possess little knowledge about the Constitution of Pakistan. Answers concerning Constitutional developments reflected that candidates had not studied seriously this branch of subject. The candidates lacked in analytical techniques and attempted unconventional questions in slip shade manner. Most of the candidates have misunderstood the call of question. Very few candidates referred to questions related to case law and that too improperly. English language of candidates needs improvements. Candidates should consult original books on Principles of Constitutional law.

(xi). Economics: The performance of the candidates was hopeful and weaknesses found in theoretical questions especially inadequacies in various questions.

(xii). English Literature: The general standard of the subject needs improvement. Candidates lacked depth of knowledge and coherence. The performance of the candidates generally needs a great improvement.

(xiii). Forestry: General performance of candidates in the subject was satisfactory. They read the material well but fell short of technical details. Many candidates wrote answers as they were reading general article on the subject but did not produce quality answers as per recommended text books. They must consult all reference material/ suggested readings. Very few candidates performed well in objective part which reflected their level of reading as superficial rather than details.

(xiv). Geography-I: After examining the answer scripts it was observed that new geography themed books were not available to majority of candidates and they depend on time barred notes and supporting material provided in commercially run academics rather than knowledge based institution under the auspices of qualified dedicated faculty. A delicate sense of the discipline demands from candidates to enhance their understanding of events in the World.

(xv). Geography-II: Majority of the candidates picked the questions pertinent to South Asia, Pakistan and her neighbour to the West. It is evident that candidates planning the engagement enhanced their understanding of various scenarios like flood and its relationship with monsoon mechanism and post flood conclusions, etc. The work performed by the candidates to support significant judgement of the humanistic situation in the region was praiseworthy.

(xvi).Geology-I: The performance of the candidates was an average. Majority of the candidates lacked in clear understanding of plate tectonic theory and response to questions of applied nature was hopeless.

(xvii). Geology-II: Performance of majority of the candidates was below satisfactory level. Answers produced for different questions also indicated low level of scientific knowledge and under standing in the field of geology.

(xviii). History of Pakistan & India - I: Most of the candidates could not manage their answers according to the nature of the questions. Vast majority of the candidates could not provide references and citations. The performance of 20 percent candidates was up to the mark of the standards of CSS.

(xix). History of Pakistan & India - II: Majority of the candidates did not follow proper way of attempting the question paper. Few candidates have no perfect knowledge of English grammar. Out of 100 scripts only few answer books were of worthwhile according to question paper and some scripts were not up to the mark.

(xx). History of USA: The overall impression of the candidates showed very low standard. It seemed that they did not work hard and usually opted general questions demanding discussion and comments merely without mentioning of hard historical facts and figures.

(xxi). Islamic History & Culture - I: Majority of the candidates could not manage their answer books according to the nature of the questions and could not provide references and citations. Only 20 percent candidates performed up to the mark.

(xxii). Islamic History & Culture-II: Objective judgment regarding performance of the candidates was difficult. However, it is quite clear that our educational standard is declining gradually. The candidates should make comprehensive study for better performance in the Competitive Examination. Most of the candidates presented irrelevant material, as a result they remained far away from their goal.

(xxiii). International Law: Generally performance of the candidates was poor. Most of them had very little idea about the basic arguments in response to what was actually asked in the questions. Most of the candidates have attempted only those questions for which they had some guess work in their mind. Such as, out of 1780 candidates, around 1700 had attempted question No.5. Majority of the candidates depended upon guide books and produced crammed answers. They lacked in depth knowledge of the subject. The candidates appeared in CSS Examination were not very much serious about reading the current material on the subject.

(xxiv). International Relations: The overall performance of the candidates was dissatisfactory, inappropriate, and incompatible. Answers of majority of the candidates were poor and meagre because they lacked proper knowledge and information. Their answers were not according to the nature of questions as well their written expression was not adequate. The candidates were deficient of relevant material and did not prepare well for the examination. Majority of candidates lacked grasp of the subject as well as originality of thoughts or ideas or even have not better expression in English Language just as layman approach and away from analytical perception.

(xxv). Journalism: Overall performance of the candidates in the subject was good. However, most of the candidates gave extra contents without under standing on the main features pointed out in the questions by the examiners. Candidates were to write functions of Mass Communication but they produced the types of Mass Communication or Communication. They should have knowledge of Mass Media Research and Research methodology to create positive impact on the examiner.

(xxvi). Mercantile Law: Majority of candidates failed to comprehend the issue and produced unnecessary details. They lacked in-depth knowledge with poor expression. However, some of the candidates had very good understanding of the subject but most of them were not focused and just attempted the paper. Many candidates were not even law graduates and picked the subject as they might have studied it as Business Law in their studies.

(xxvii). Muslim Law & Jurisprudence: Overall performance of the candidates was not satisfactory, poor study, lack of knowledge, haphazard style of answers and faulty language. Candidates should focus on requirements of the questions and produce their answers with relevant materials. The candidates should study books of original authors on the subject recommended in FPSC syllabus, grip over philosophy of the subject and avoid blunders in their answers such as:
a. “The holy Prophet (PBUH) has permitted in the Holy Quran”
b. “It was decided by Ijma in the life of Holy Prophet (PBUH)”
c. Define legal capacity (Al-Ahliyyah). Many candidates answered (Al-Ahliyyah) means wife.

(xxviii). Persian: Performance of the candidates was not satisfactory. Most of them were weak in Persian writing (compositions), translation into Persian and grammar. They were not precise and logical in their answers. Candidates should have basic essential knowledge of current affairs of Iran.

(xxix). Pure Mathematics - I: Out of 45 candidates, 08 (18%) were passed in the subject but showed poor performance. The weakest areas were group theory, field, integral domain, plane carves, curvature and quadrature, etc. Only those candidates should opt this subject who has studied it in their BS/MSC courses.

(xxx). Pure Mathematics - II: Out of 45, only 15 (33%) candidates qualified in the paper having poor writing skills. Vague concepts in calculus, abstract algebra and geometry. Lack of studies and practice is evident from the scripts.

(xxxi). Punjabi: The candidates lacked originality in expression. The act of cramming should be disparaged. They should focus on given question in an appropriate manner. Candidates should strictly avoid consulting substandard guides/helping books.

(xxxii). Philosophy: Most of the candidates generally lacked of analysis and applications of the subject. They read very little source material.

(xxxiii). Physics: Majority of the candidates did not understand the theme of questions and produced irrelevant material what they know about the subject. They lacked in basic concept of the subject. The power of expression was also faulty. They should prepare seriously for better performance in the examination.

(xxxiv). Pushto: The overall performance of the candidates was good and few can be rated as excellent. Most of the candidates dealt Pushto as easy subject and used guides, notes published in the market which is not a positive trend. The candidates should study original sources of books. Only 1% candidates wrote in the new Pushto script.

(xxxv). Public Administration: Overall the candidates performed well but majority of them don’t understand the nature or direction of the question and invested their efforts in unwanted aspects of the questions. The objective type questions were very poorly attempted due to misunderstanding the questions. Most of the candidates failed to distribute their time according
to number of questions.

(xxxvi). Political Science - I: Performance of the candidates in the subject lacked in English grammar, comprehension, conceptual approach was very poor and seemed not adequately familiar with basic concepts of the subject. The candidates studied the subject during their graduation, should opt for such examination and should improve English language (grammar, vocabulary & comprehension).

(xxxvii). Political Science - II: The performance of the candidates was good. However, some of the candidates were not much prepared in constitutional history of the political systems and constitutions. The candidates can’t answer properly in MCQ. The candidates should improve their approach towards analytical and descriptive.

(xxxviii). Sociology: More than 50% candidates were unable to score passing marks 33%. About 30% candidates obtained between 33-50% marks, while 20% candidates scored more than 50% marks in the subject. The candidates lacked conceptual under standing and most of them failed to adequately answer the analytical parts of the questions. The questions based on research tools and techniques (like Ethnomethodlogy) were not attempted by the candidates and “cultural invasion” was grossly misunderstood by the candidates.

(xxxix). Sindhi: Performance of the candidates was good. The answers of the most of the candidates were relevant. It seems that the candidates studied the syllabus well.

(xL). Statistics: Most of the candidates passed this subject because attempting of questions related to computations that are essential part of the subject. The standard of English language was very poor and sentences were randomly arranged with no meaning.

(xLi). Urdu - I: The standard of the paper was good. Majority of the candidates attempted well in paragraph style and standard. Overall performance of the candidates was up to the mark and prepared with required syllabus.

(xLii). Zoology - I: The general performance of the candidates was very poor. Very few candidates showed clear concept of the subject and general response in understanding the question. Poor diagrams were produced they should have clear concept about the question, lucid presentation and logical conclusion for better performance in the examination.

(xLiii). Zoology - II: The performance of the candidates was better as compared with paper-I. The candidates should develop a good concept of the subject. Candidates should consult authentic books for clear concepts rather than local books.
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