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Tips and Experience Sharing Your unique experience and tips can be highly valuable to thousands of them who plan to appear for exams this year or in the future years.You can share your experiences and golden tips with us.

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Old Monday, March 14, 2005
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Arrow Experiences of CE-2004-2005

Whenever one talks and asks about one’s exam performance then everyone shows confidence that exams are just a piece of a cake, and they’ll get maximum scores. Everything is fine and fit before the results of CSS-2004. The period, which is passing away, is the most delightful one as everyone is confident that they’ll get a sure seat in one of the Ministry of Pakistan.

Well, all the best wishes are with those who’re confident, but whenever one asks about the performance of second paper based on Précis and composition then everyone feels quite disturbance about the future of this subject. Whenever one asks about one’s performance on this subject then one only reply that this paper is quite different from the pattern of previous papers. Many people were confused about the famous ten marks, which were based on difficult words. When we look at the pervious papers of CSS exams then you will not find such pattern having difficult word meanings. We can say that CSS exam is a full of surprises, where anything can happen. This is a key tip for the aspirants of the next year exam that they shouldn’t consider the pattern of previous papers, otherwise there future will be as pessimistic as the future of this year’s students.

When you find many people learning objective paper of Pakistan Affairs then that will be a land of wonders. Many people were quite sure that this year examiner was just going to put objective portion in this paper, but their confusion went off when they found five full fledge subjective question with no objective portion. That was nothing more than a surprise for the students who were very good at objective portions. On the other hand, they were much delighted to find four questions based on Current Affairs. This is another tip for the aspirants of next year’s exam that one should consider the subject of Current Affairs as the mother of other subjects. This is a worthy question to be answered that how to prepare this subject? If we talk about from one’s experience then it is much good technique that one should have the capability to write more than five pages in ten minutes with accurate grammar and according to the point, if one really wants to handle this subject with passing grads.

That is another great experience when one finds many people learning the physiology portions of Science subject. It is true that everyone should learn this portion with great deal. But as we all know that CSS-exam is a full of surprises as we have experienced the same surprise in Science subject. There was not even a single question on physiology portion. Wasn’t it a surprise? Yes, It was for the people who were very good at this portion. There was a friend of mine who was very good at this portion and he was as good in physiology as it was on his fingertips or it was his instinct quality. The mineral portion was disturbing for him because he was not good at this portion. Therefore, he was considering on physiology for having good marks in this subject. So, another tip for the aspirants of the next year exam is that it is a great mistake to leave any portion of Science subject. There were other students who could not manage to write all the ten questions of this subject. The reason was that they thought that they had completed their all questions because they did not count their questions in their script. The second tip from Science subject is that one should keep one’s eye at counting their number of question in their script.

Islamiate was quite disturbing for those students who opted to write this subject with Urdu language. Opting to write this subject in Urdu is a mistake for those students who’re very good in English. One may think that they are very good in Urdu then why they should not go with Urdu in this subject. The reason is that when we start taking the exam in English from the beginning of essay writing then English takes our rhythm, and it manages our speed. When we switch on to Urdu from English then it disturbs the rhythm and the speed of writing. In CSS our main concentration is the English language and for this purpose we make extra effort to boost our speed in English writing. When we change our style of writing with Urdu writing it definitely effects on our speed of writing. The other reason is that we have not touched Urdu since Metric. Therefore, the aspirants of next year exams are advised to choose English for this subject.

Another thing which is the most important that we should write our roll number with a great care on its designated place. It is a great mistake to write the roll number on any page inside the script or to cut off our roll number or to use ink remover. It is clearly written on the script with red marker that if anyone do all these things then he/she will be awarded ZERO marks in the exam. Therefore, when a script is delivered to you then open your eyes and write your roll number clearly with great care. Many people write their wrong roll number because of exam’s confusion or haphazardly. Therefore, aspirants of next year exam should be very careful in this regard.

Well, friends and colleagues this is all my experience of CE-2004. I hope that everyone will be benefited from the above tips. These tips are general in sense and are only restricted to the compulsory subjects. I think we are all gathered here for a good cause and purpose. I wish that everyone should get good future through our endeavours of passing out the CSS exam. (AMINE)

SMOL. (thanx SMOL)
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Old Wednesday, March 16, 2005
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Default Css 2004

Assalam o Alaikum.

First of all i would like to put forward my congratulations to the administrator for lauching such a comprehensive and informative forum . This forum would offcourse benefit its members more than their expectations. secondly i would like to request the exisiting members of other forums ( helping souls like tabassum shabhir ) to furthrer benefit the aspirants through this plateform.

Now coming to the business, CSS 2004. Css 2004 was equally an interesting and horrific experience for me. The craze of css started haunting me in a devouring fashion since the day i bought my first book which was none other than css compulsory papers and guideline. gradually i started collecting the relevent material . Luckily i come across a helping soul, one of realative ( Yahya akhunzada) from the old forum who helped me a great deal in deciding about my optionals. I pulled my socks having nothing else in mind than keeping myself at the top of the list. i never gave me a second chance and thought that after burning all my boats i would never think of repeating the examination.

The preparation saga went on. sometimes i used to get too confused about the completion of all the subjects. course was quite lenghty and to study all the material especially political science seemed too challenging. however exams approached nearer and nearer and i tried to boostup. And finally the day arrived, the dooms day for me infact, the day i took my first paper. i started up with plularistic vision of islam. then i corssed after going through a suffient length and began, a long dispute means that both the parties are wrong, notwitstanding the fact that it was a quotational essay and enclosed in quotation marks. i thought i have done suffienct justice to the topic. however i was quite satisfied with my essay. then came the second paper which really drove me nutzz and i had no option but to dabbe my sweaty forhead and take quite so often a half glass of water insufficient to quinch my thirst( infact confusion). i was forced to turn the page often to see the hell difficult vocabulary question. i was sure onlyabout the meanings of three words . Rest , i didnt even have a hunch of what was lying in front of my eyes in the form of words with multiple choices. Being too dejected i returned back home as the first day of css was no way like i had thought of. It became quite evidint that why people say that css is not merely a preparation game but also a nerves game. Rest of the examination didnt feel too difficult except political science paper 2 where the confustion regarding objective portion, at least for me was unmanagable.

Today i will make a few confessions that i was too shy previously to make in front of my parents and friends. i was very confident about my english written expression. Previously i wrote an essay on human rights voilations in jammu and kashmir and to my surprise i was awarded with second prise. i paid no heed to the suggestions of my father who continuously asked me to practise essay at least thrice a week. Instead of writting three essays a week i just wrote three essays till my examination right from the day one. and about english i thought, Ahh english , thats reallly a childs play. English is quite native for Pakistanis as we have been studying it since our childhood. Alas i couldnt realise the utility of the phrase that practice makes a man perfect. i took optionals too serious as compared to comulsory. the result was abvious, i secured only 28 in essay . yet i was able to score 51 in english . pak affairs marks shocked me a great deal as they were just 42. only and only islamiat went according to my expectations ie 68.

By having a elaboration of the above facts i just wanted to convey to the aspirants not to think that they can get through any subject without required preparation. English, essay, Islamiat, Pak affirs, Everyday science and current affairs seem too easy and less time consuming than more technical optionals. still everyone knows that they r the culprits and only these subjects have the tendency to cripple a candidate from touching the hight of their aspirations.

Do not give a second chance to yourselves. Its too difficult to glean up all the utilized energy for the second time and sit for studies with the same zeal and determination. At the end i would pray for u all including myself. May Allah Bless u all.

Safi ullah khan

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Old Wednesday, May 25, 2005
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Default experiences CSS exams 2004.

(Here is the post by Mr Irfan)

Just wanted to share and would like to have others sharing experiences of their preperation for CSS exams 2004.

First of all, its really critical to select the right subjects, even if u have went through the syllabus details and past questions, unless and until u start reading the text, u wont be able to get the clear picture, whether the subject is right for u or not? i mainly looked for only one option while selecting the optional subjects. and that was, the subjects i already familiar with and secondly which i have interest in.
i made the list of optional papers and i changed my selection almost thrice before submitting the application.
moreover, after the selection u start proper prepration, and still u dont know how to prepare.i first started memorizing things, it didnt work, i started making my own notes. it did work but required lots of extra effort and time. and finally i reached to a conclusion. its just like the ways we studied in our schools, colleges and higher studies. u just need to go through the course. just know what it says. what is in it. and have a complete picture of the subject. and the learning (memorizing) phase comes just like the ways it came in our college days. just before the exams. like a week or 3 days may be.
and this is true for most of the optional subjects, except for those who actually requires note preperation like history subjects, Economics, and theorotical subjects.
So, even while selecting, u select the subjects, among whom u can actually share ur time effectively.
one basic mistake that i made myself, was neglecting the compulsory subject. just thought of preparing them right before 1-2 weeks before exams. but fortunately, i covered my first phase of optional papers soon and started peeking in compulsory papers. and i found them more important than the optional ones. rather if u have went through the course of optional papers, it is easy to cover them right before exams (u have gaps in optional papers as well) but in case of compulsory papers, u dont have time and the course is also not that simple. so its better to prepare compulsory papers before hand.
Well, i m now-a-days covering compulsory papers after going through my optional papers once or twice.
this is my experience till now, it might varry in your case due to some effecient way u have adopt for preperation.
i am looking forward for the experiences of other candidates, that way i hope we might help each other.

(Thanx Irfan)
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Old Saturday, December 03, 2005
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Wink Experience of CE-2004-2005

After reading extensive frusturations by Adil I am really woken up from my slumber and I really agree to nhpaki views about private

messages.If any topic is not interest to all meebers of the forum u can ask it through PM but regarding general matters which are

concerned with all memebers..It must be in public...and with all.
I,myself recieve many private messages asking me about my way of study!!
Well to be honest...I now fully understand...never leave hope.Do ur best and leave the rest to Allah and keep praying to Him and He will

surely rewards u beyond ur expectations...Thats was the case with me..
Let me share my experience of CSS05 with u ppl as I deem it suitable to help many.
The road to CSS starts some time in late Jan 05 or may be early Feb 05.I was busy in my final project and my dad was asking me abt my

future plans.It was his wish that I should appear in CSS exams.My Bro volunteered to get some information regarding CSS as some of his

fellow students have tried their luck at CSS on 2004.The first guide to me was to check father and I decided on

optionals and then he was expecting me to start preparation from feb..But I was not in mood of doing CSS..cuz of my project (which

presentation was held on 28th Feb)..and secondly I wanted to do some sort of job in software house.The behaviour of external examiner

at my project demo and reluctance on part of my parents to allow me to do job in software house left me with two options only...Either

to appear in CSS exams or go for MS degree in Computer science..I applied to Nilore for MS and and before that to state bank.There was

no scence of test for I have to make up my mind on what to do..Go for GRE exams conducted by HEC or go for CSS..It was

due to Almighty Allah guidance that I opt for CSS..although at times I regret my decision when i cudnt study for even a hour in a day.But

the time went on and in parallel with house hold chores...I study for CSS..always hoping that I am not going to give it in 2005 but in 2006

as I was not willing to lose one chance.But Allah will prevails over whatever u planned and in the end on essay paper day I was in FPSC Hall

A in Islamabad...Having appeared in essay paper...I had lost one chance so I thought why not give the rest of papers as well so that I can

test my waters.So thats how I gave all the papers.All this activity for known only to my best friend and my family...even u ppl didnt know

that I have appeared why i did so...cuz I hate failures and also hate when somebody else also knows that I am going to fail and have

failed.I only disclosed at the forum that I have appeared in exams after seeing a dream.
I daily dreaded the date of 20th Nov which was the date the result was supposed to be announced.but the result was delayed by a week

and i was busy in preperation of my cousins wedding...otherwise my family may have thrown me out of house by now :P
The result was seen by me after coming back from wedding and its just a chance that i decided to check the FPSC website and lo and

behold I was among the sucessfull ones..Thanks to Almighty Allah.
Now something abt how I prepared for the exams..I watched all the drama serials which I was viewing from many episodes.I went on first

ever trip of my student life with my department and fully enjoying my life chatting with bros and mom.I did study but not like a nerd.I

dont prepare any notes and believe me never wrote any essay for 3 hrs before the esssay exams.I just understood the basic concepts as my

subjects were of scientific nature and studied Islamic history like any story book.I do try to finish stats,Cs and physics but there were many

loopholes in Islamic study as I dont have any material for Usmania sultanate and have just net with me..
As for compulsory subjects...Yes i do prepare but only from past papers...Pakistan affairs and EDS were the papers...which were done in

such a way...that I cud at least pass them...Pakistan affairs was just translating my 14 yrs studies in english and it was double burden on

me.Infact current affairs questions saved me.
I attempted all papers with open opinion as I explained the topics from neutral point of view.I try to answer in light of Holy Quran and

prophet Muhammed(PBUH) teaching..Though I am a woman...I dont believe in NGO's and that was my topic in english essay...I followed

my theme and using Islamic teaching tried to prove why women of today are persecuted.
Next come English comprehension paper...Idioms were solved just on Tukas and so were the synoynmns and opposite word with 70%

success.Direct Indirect and corrections were a piece of cake..and so were the pair of word(except one pair) for comprehensive note I

selected "They know enough who knows how to learn"...Thus staring it with an Islamic touch...Comprehension passage was also easy

while..precie only examiners knows :o
For Islamiat:My selected question were abt Pardah,Western impressions on muslim youth,Muslim world as terrorist,and suicide attacks..
For EDS:I know I lose minimum 2 marks in each is unknown to me...and I remember how I stumble to complete 10 Qs in

all..only finding 8 questions to my choice..
For Pak affairs paper...Rite now i am unable to find wait till I find it ....
Current affairs:Many taukas in objectives..and for subjective I selected Indo-US relations,Terrorism,USA blogged in Afghanistan and Iraq and

pbs muslim world is facing these days..

Optional papers
Islamic history paper 1:Objectives were done easily as they were extracted from past papers. hehehe
Subjective portion: Advent of islam and it impact on world,Difficulties and suffering faced by Holy Prophet(PBUH) and his companions in

Makkah,Teaching of Holy prophet(PBUH) and Character of Hazart Umar....see my lucky stars...seems like solving islamiat paper of FSc

Paper 2:Again objective part was easy..
Subjective:Collapse of Ummayyads,Muslim role in western Renaissance,Umayyads in sapian Abd-al Rehman Dakhil(though i lack stuff on it)

and last my fav question future scenario of present muslim conflict b/w west and muslims..

Physics :Just prepare in the holidays b/w Islamic History and physcis paper!!!!!Even missed an interview for post of lecturer but it paid off

as I clear paper 1...cuz 70% of paper was prepared the day before (day of interview)
Computer Science:First time an extra sheet was given an honour to be used..Just imagine how therotical it was ...and my stories gone on and on...
and in last of all stats paper!!!Just solved it in 1hr amazing na...though i attempted 11 question..crossed the one which i wanst sure is correct...
So thats my experience and my reactions to papers..Evening papers were done better then morning papers...
If u have any query plz dont hesitate to ask..
I am here to help u...and plz dont request any notes..cuz I have none
Need your prayers,

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Old Sunday, December 04, 2005
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Nauman will become famous soon enoughNauman will become famous soon enough

well! mere paas amna jitna type kernay ka time tow nahin hay :d but aik baat zaroor yaad rakhain!
if u work with dedication, only 2 full months of study for 3 - 4 hrs per day is sufficient for CSS. IT IS NOT A JOKE.
here are some advices: -
1. Bring objectivity in ur thought n speech. I think being an engineer helped me a lot in taking CSS since i was readily able to sift the core data from superfluous details.
2. dont try to rot except in cases where it is really essential.
3. never ragard anything as important or unimportant. read all u can.
4. if u r not already good at writing english, write atleast three or four pages each day. it helps in all subjects.
5. be positive and think that if only 1 person out of 4000 were to pass, it would be YOU.
6. keep asking Allah for His benevolence.
7. try to memorise things in a way most suitable 2 u.
8. go for optionals which give u solid marks, like stats etc., provided u have a background in those subjects.



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Old Thursday, February 09, 2006
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aamerkhattak will become famous soon enough
Thumbs up my experience of 2005

salam friends.

after long time i got few moments to share my exp wid u ppl online.i did visit css forums but usualy dont get tm to post as i use to b n my office vn i come online.

well this is my 2nd attmpt,i did try my luck n 2003 but unfortunatly couldnt get seat.after my result i joined my field and started my career as BSS engineer but tht part of my life was very tough i had to work for 16-18 hrs or some times wid out any break.i continued tht job and planned my self for 2005 exm as i did skpd 2004 already.for tht i had to resign from my job and i start prp my self mentaly for tht decision.n march i told my adminstrtn about my decision thnks GOD tht i was given unprecedentd leave tht 2 n private firm.

i came bk home and strt my stdies b4 tht i also took another imp decision tht was to change one of my optional(p.admn).

iwas realy lucky n the sense tht i was helped all the way by my cuson and all his friends ihad complete access to CSA the people wid whome i appeared n 2003 wr then helping me guiding me.its all due to their guidence tht i could make it.

i came home wid new spirit and dedication,first of all i prp my own notes it was bit easy 4 me coz of my previous attempt.then i planned each paper and prp it in light of my past prp was very good i stdied for almost 4 months tht was double of my last duration of stdy,apart from tht iwas very much confident due to my field exposure i was completly changed this time.
but things went wrong and it seemd tht all my efforts would waste my mother fell seriously illllllllllllll me n my sis had to stdy in tht environment.i will remember how v attemped papers literaly i couldnt stdy couldnt revise my efforts of 4 months during papers.

on 6th of AUGUST vn i started my paper i thot this time i would b amongst topers.but soon n 2nd paper i was very much down as i prp my self very good but couldnt feeeeeeeeeeeeeel com4tble wid tht composition paper.i thot i would just pass it.tht was time vn i thot i had to attempt once againcoz iwas nt in position to looooooooooose a single mark this time.
after tht paper it went smoothly tilllllllllll optionals startd.

condition of my mother was very serious and v just went for optionals to ful fill formality iwas surprised n evry paper tht i did very wellllll i cnt understand how?wid out any b.f wid out any revision wid out mentaly prp v attempted tht exm.after my last paper on 15 of AUGUST ihad to go bk to lahore and join my job.after a week v had to pass thro another exm but tht was more diff thn css at alllllllllllllllllllllll.

im my life i didnt prp essay n a way ppl use to.i went to hall and just wrote it as i thnk ihave been gifted wid lot of writing power by GOD Almighty.
for composition i prp my self this time coz i wantd to score n written as i had a very bitter exp n 2003.i prp compsition paper very well.previous 35 yrs of papers exploring world of english.............etc but in paper it was all differentthnks GOD tht i passed it.

for every day science i prp well coz i couldnt get good marks n 2003 being engineer i should gt exceptional score n tht subject.i prp 35 yrs of papers for tht.objectives scienctific reasons all wht should be done for tht.
for C.A i prp my self as i did n past (news paper,press review)
P.A i prp my notes of it tht helped me lot.

ISLAMIAT besides ED SCIENCE tht was another subject n which i scored pathetic.i prp its nots also specaily ayat and hadiyas n arabic.

then comes optionals.
USA histry: i had my own notes of 2003 also stdied books like tht of pocket histry and majamdars two books.
P.SCIENCE:it was light subject for me and i benefited from my notes.paper ist was bit tough i couldnt attempt good but 2nd was best.
C.LAW: it was part of and it went very wellllllllllllllllllllllll(own notes+books)
I.R:tht was new subject for me n ihad to give max time to it.but thnks GOD it was better than public adminstration paper of 2003.(own notes+books of sultan khan and prakash chandr)
the last optional was tht of PUSHTOit was scoring one for me now c how much i score n tht.

i prepared my own notes and got help from internet 2 specialy for objectives and evry day science topics and MCQ'S.

friends pray for me i need ur sincere prays.
i would post my intervw n detail vn i get time.
thanks f0r ur patience: .

aamer khattak

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Default Kahanian

Asslamo alikum
یھ سب کھانیاںھیں
ٓhow ever as an example let me quote Amina Abrar that it is not always Extreme hard work that rewards.
and let me summarize this all as folllows
1. CSS is test of Approach of life to include dynamic personality and and knowing how to think.
2. One has to reproduce his personality in the paper as the examiner requires. so this includes Art of attempting Paper this how ever can be improved with effort but cant be learnt.
3 Above All Will of Allah Almight
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Old Sunday, April 02, 2006
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Waheed khattak is on a distinguished road

Dear All,
aoa, well, i think preparation or success in css depends on so many things, hard work is mere part of it.In my 1st attempt in 2003 i just passed it 600+ 120 intrw.(over all 463 position). in second attempt 2004 i got failed in Essay( Pluraistic vision of islam) without essay i got 628 3rd n last attempt, do or die, i got 711 +135 intrw ( overall 21, topped N.W.F.p).i never studied seriously coz i never found time.the life in the organisation in which i work is v tough,i gav me 15 days leave to appear in exam n back to duty.
Anyhow,I think PRESENTATION is more important than hard work , in case of css.(in my opinion)
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Old Tuesday, September 12, 2006
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Post Thanks

Hello All,

First of all i would to thank all of you who have given their time and shared their CSS experiences in order to help the upcomming CSS students.

After reading all of you the most important similarity i have found in all the posts is the thirst and dedication for CSS exam. I have seen many around in my family who were having the same determination for the CSS, which resulted that they are serving the country at present. I believe if anyone dreaming for CSS he should read all the above post to get the basic idea of CSS nuts & bolts. As well said by my own brother who is PSP at the moment that " A CSS student either he pass the exam or not, either he get allocated or not, he will always be considered a treasure of knowledge and experience"

I really appreciate the way this forum is providng help...

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Jiya Marwat (Wednesday, April 25, 2018)

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