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Tips and Experience Sharing Your unique experience and tips can be highly valuable to thousands of them who plan to appear for exams this year or in the future years.You can share your experiences and golden tips with us.

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Old Friday, December 25, 2009
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Default MCQs Technique

How to Guess MCQs

Remember: If you know the answers already you wont have to guess but if you dont know the answer then follow the following tips to guess the correct answer.
Step 1: Look for similarities in the answers choices and eliminate wrong answers, especially during a math test.
EX. If the answer choices to a question as like: A. 2X+5 B. 2X-5 C. 4x+5 D. 5X+23
Step 2: Eliminate answers that are different from others. D would be the first to be eliminated is completely different from the others. Next would be C because there are more answers with 2X so eliminate the 4X, leaving you with A and B.4
Step 3: Look for other similarities in the wrong answers. In this case, the + and -. All the other answers had + while B is the only one with -. Leaving you with A. (This will work 90% of the time with these type of answers)
Step 4: Try working backwards (works well in math). Plug the answers into the question to see if they make sense.6
Step 5: Do the same thing with reading comprehension questions. Read the paragraph on the test. Then look at the multiple questions. Eliminate one of the answers, because at least one question on every multiple choice test, no matter what subject, is entirely wrong and has nothing to do with the paragraph itself.7
Step 6: Eliminate that first one. Then read the paragraph again and see if there is a name of a person, in the story that is not in the paragraph you read.
Step 7: Know that you can usually eliminate most and remain with two possible choices. That's when you get stuck, but if you read the words and compare them with the paragraph you can do well. Look for words like he did not go as opposed to he did is negative and the other positive
If anyone else have tips for guessing MCQs then please share because in CSS papers you cannot acquire complete knowledge of the 12 papers that you know the answer of every MCQ. Therefore a technique to guess the correct MCQ must be known to score more marks.
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shireenshaikh (Friday, December 25, 2009)
Old Friday, December 25, 2009
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Well, u may find it strange but really it works many times. When u don't know any answer...slightest idea bhi an ho... try to opt for option C. I read it once in a book that most of the answers in MCQs are usually C.
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kashifilyas (Wednesday, December 30, 2009), Perhar (Sunday, December 27, 2009), shireenshaikh (Friday, December 25, 2009)
Old Saturday, December 26, 2009
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Default How to answer MCQs

Simon The most commonly used MCQ format is a stem question followed by five statements, each of which must be answered true, false, or dont know. Scoring MCQs may involve negative marking--a term which strikes fear into the heart of medical students the world over--in which one mark is awarded for a correct answer, one mark deducted for an incorrect answer, and no mark awarded or deducted for dont know.

Each year, students may unexpectedly fail written exams despite extensive preparation, not through lack of knowledge or intelligence, but simply because of poor exam technique. Candidates often find themselves leaving an MCQ exam completely unsure of how they have done. The way students approach MCQs, and their technique of answering, is important.


The preparation required for an MCQ paper is different to that for an essay paper. For an essay paper, it is often possible to question spot commonly recurring topics and to plan your revision accordingly. But this is often not possible for MCQ examinations, in which the sheer quantity of questions tests a much broader range of the syllabus. One of the best ways of revising for MCQs is to read as widely around a subject as possible, concentrating less on memorising hard facts and more on understanding basic principles and concepts. This will allow you to stand a greater chance of working out answers to MCQs from first principles.

If you can, try to work through previous MCQ papers as these will give you the best indication of the style of each particular examination. If there is a limited pool of questions, they may even be repeated in the exam. Some students find specialist MCQ books useful for practise, although it should be borne in mind that the question style and range of topics found in such books will often differ substantially from the specific exam to be taken.

General approach

Always calculate the time available for each question before the exam and stick to that time strictly. Do not allow yourself to become delayed by any single question. Instead, answer the question using your first impression and mark the question with a star so you can return to it.

After finishing your first run through the all questions, you should then start a second run returning to those questions which you have starred giving them further consideration.

When an examination paper consists of both MCQs and essays, it is helpful to read the essay questions before tackling the MCQs as this allows you to subconsciously plan the essay. You may be tempted to leave MCQs on topics that you are not confident about blank by answering dont know, fearing that a wrong guess will score negatively and negate the points accrued by correct answers. But you should aim to answer at least 90% (ideally 100%) of MCQs in every paper. There are extremely few MCQs for which an educated guess will not increase your chance of a correct answer to greater than 50%.

A useful exercise for those unconvinced by such an argument is to get an MCQ book and answer 100 MCQs in your normal manner. Before marking the questions, return to all those left unanswered (or marked dont know) and attempt an educated guess (on a separate sheet of paper) at all of them. You will probably be pleasantly surprised by the gains made using this approach.

Making educated guesses

When faced with an MCQ that you are unsure about, a number of points can help you make an educated guess.

Key words

An understanding and familiarity with the key words and phrases that commonly feature in MCQs is vital to maximising your score (table). Questions which include absolute and sweeping statements such as never, always, or exclusively are generally false (because exceptions can be found to virtually any rule). Questions which include the keywords could, possible, or may are more often true than not (after all, anything is possible).

Statistical statements

When a question states an exact statistic--for example, the five year mortality after a first myocardial infarction is 12.9% it is often false (as different studies will produce different figures). This general rule does not apply to less precise statistics--the five year mortality after a first myocardial infarct is greater than 5%.

Unfamiliar information

If you encounter a question on a topic which you believe you have a good knowledge of, but the information stated is completely unfamiliar to you, then the chances are that it is false. (For example, if having revised myocardial infarcts you find an MCQ stating Colanss syndrome is a frequent sequelae of myocardial infarction you should answer false as you will not have heard of Colanss syndrome before.)


MCQs are often perceived as being inordinately difficult. But with a planned approach to revision, incorporating a general overview of the syllabus, and careful attention to technique, many questions can be confidently answered correctly and further marks gained by making educated guesses.
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Old Tuesday, December 29, 2009
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Default Scoring Question

In your CSS Exams where you compete for each mark, there are 240 marks of MCQ Questions comprising as:
English Grammar 10 marks of MCQs
Every Day Science 50 marks of MCQs
Current Affairs 20 marks of MCQs
Pakistan Affairs 20 marks of MCQs
Islamiat 20 marks of MCQs
and 20 marks in each optional paper.= 120 marks
Total= 240 marks
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