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Old Sunday, April 23, 2006
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Default Shahid Seehar (FSP)

AoA respected members,

As few of the members have lately asked me abt the things in FSP,i wd like to make it all clear here instead of individual replies..

At the very outset,bear in mind tht all occupational grps have got excellent ends in themselves n, of course, all have their advantages n disadvantages.Above all,it really depends upon an individual's temperament and socio-economic background which wd finally lead to either failure or success in ur allocated grp...For example,a news report recently disclosed tht around 40/45 DMG n other groups' officers,except foreign servis officers, r on extended ex-pak leave n reluctant to come back.Incidently,one of them is my cousin who topped pakistan from 13th common...Should v call it civil servants' drain out?

In my view,its their birth right to earn more n more legal dollars n pounds through the application of their God-given talent in the more greener pastures of the world.No doubt,these poor,intelligent chaps can't earn millions legally being in civil servise,except in FSP, n serving in Pakistan in watever grp...Look at the PSP guys who are yearning for getting to UN Peace Missions abroad,they include my own very colleagues..For what?...Legal Dollars n pounds...I hope u know very well the basic salary of a 17 grade civil servant is but only Rs.7140/..While additional facilities vary according to grp n this i have already dwelt upon in detail in some of my previous posts on the matter...

Now v come to Foreign services,the beauty of the civil services,infact..

Once an FSP officer completes STP(specialized trnng program)aftr walton honeymoon in CSA,he/she is posted in Islamabad in some territiorial section of the FO as Asstnt Directr...Within 6 months,he/she is posted out for 1 year language course in some of the best universities in the it spanish,french,arabic,greek rturkish,etc.There he/she is given fully-furnished accomodation in addition to around 80 k/1 lac Rs salary per month...all but legal...Once back,within 6 months he/she is posted out again for 3 years to some country as third secretary in 17 grade...There he/she finds salary above 1 lac Rs per month,come wat addition to fully furnished house,medical facilities n best education for the kids...

Once back frm first postng,aftr remainng at headquarters for 1 n half years maximum,he/she is posted out for another 6 years to two dffrnt countries...three years in,he/she is also given full family transit passage to pakistan...after 6 years of postng abroad,he/she usually has already moved into 19 n posted as Director of some desk at headqtrs...Aftr 1 n half years of stay at hdqrtrs maximum,he/she is once again usually postd abroad for 6 another years in 2 dffrnt countries...In 19 grade ,they r posted as either councellors r consulars of some consulate as heads...

In 20 grade,they r either consul generals r anmbassdrs...

And ask any body from scattered diaspora of Pakis abroad what a consul general n ambssdr means to them....

In nutshell,u spend around 20/25 years of ur servis abroad n earning legal dollars...Apart frm it,living a kingly life...meeting the best ppl in the world,living in the best places of the world,n eating the best food of the world...Story does'nt end here,ur 2 kids study in the best institutions of the world at state expenditure till they r 18....Imagine a 17 grade third secretary living in the posh place of Tokyo whose residential rent is 4 lac Rs per month...n whose two kids study in American school,fees of which is 2 lac Rs per month....

Its what v diplomats deserve,only cuz v represent u ppl...

If u r posted abroad,u r not AC income tax,Layyah,r DPO loralai,or AC customs, Sust, but a diplomat...Talk abt servis-orientd repeatd dislocations...How many times other groups officers are transfrrd frm one place to anothr place in Pakistan..the psp might be at top....wat abt our tranfrs,from one section to anothr in the same foren offis n in the same city....No body can get u transfrrd from one district to anothr with any sort of influential power as is the case with other groups...

Once u r in foren servis,u n ur spouse hold the beautifl red-passport...on which u dont require any visa for more than 50 countries...who els holds tht passport,do u know?,,only the president,PM,governrs n CMs of the 4 prvnces n cheif justice supreme court,auditor general n federal ministors,no body els...u r saluted at every intrnational airport n welcomed with a broad smile...u rather have ur own Diplomatic counters at almost all intrnational airports for entry n exit...u dont need stand in queues(wild exceptions apart)...while ur kids n parents have blue/officilal passports on which entry to dozens of countries is without any visa...

Even if u unintentionally kill somebdy abroad,the diplomatic immunity recognized by the world community wont let u be arrestd in country of ur postng....
Such r the priveleges of FSP,not only FSP but for all the diplomatic community of the world....n hence v have phrases like "dining like a diplomat"..n "doing like a diplomat"....

So dear members,i wd really suggest u to keep FSP at top of ur choices,only if u wanna earn legal millions,respect n priveleges n want this sort of fabulous life,not only for u but also for ur next generations...Imagine urself sitting with some of the world-known personality n having eithr lunch r dinner,n PSPs n DMGs n Customs officers of ur batch,roaming around outside for making fool-proof security n customs clearance....

Even if u r female,keep in mind tht even ur spouse is addressed as excellency by the president of the country u r posted in...

Such is the tremendous story of haram/no corruption....Roam around the beauty of the world...earn legal millions...n be called "Excellency"...even by president bush...can any othr group colleague imagine of tht??

My little personal experience tells me tht my monthly salary is far more than annual salary of my batcmates in othr groups...not to talk of additional grps...

The disadvantage........yes......v bitterly miss our beloved Pakistan.....

Nothng els....i feel like the most fortunate tht i fell in FSP,though my choice was PSP....Allah Almighty really do best for us....

And plz dont think tht all the CSPs are charismatic...they r ordinary souls like u....Bus zara, hard work n lady luck go together....If u belive in urself n Allah Almighty,u gonna do it for sure...

Any further queries wd b happily responded to....
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Old Sunday, April 23, 2006
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Default Questions come this way.


There are some questions that roam in the wilderness of my mind. It is a great opportunity to put them to you in the present state of ignorance and delay. what was your position at merit when you were selected?

How long does the training take?

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Old Sunday, April 23, 2006
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Godoo is on a distinguished road

Thanks Mr. Shahid

Could u kindly let us know, from which common u r?



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Old Sunday, April 23, 2006
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Waheed khattak is on a distinguished road

Dear ur exellencey Mr. Shahid.
I appreciate ur describing the rosy picture of FSP.U urself fell in FSP by chance not by choice, i suppose.Perhaps,indeed, watever u said might be correct but i wanna add few things in it.Except for accomodation other things may not be free including fees, food, vehicles, free membrship of clubs.These r very costly at good n posh cities like Tokyo, London n N.Y,particularly when u r 3rd sectry.(get approx 1400/1500 dollars a month).
Ur excellency,if i'm not wrong u may get Brown passport instead of Red (red is Russian passport).
U spent one and a half yr at HQs,where do u stay with ur family,in GIDS or the one at F/5-2.?Wth how many rooms.?I'll b glad to find the ans.
Dear sir,we,pakis,often see our excellencies n dignitaries having hands up without socks by Homland security dept of US at Newyork immigration counter.The case may be different with u diplomat ppl, i'm unaware of it.
I'm not criticsing our FSPs they r sophisticated chosen few,but our permanant enovoy to UN, Munir Akram.....the rest probably u kno.
Though ur rosy picture is marvallous even then FSP is 3rd choice of majority of candidates, if not all.I never seen any topper gal or guy opting FSP since i came to kno abt css.
"They r classy ppl who r presented with a rich album of their memories at the end"( saying of my dear FSP friend Sammar Javed-30th common).
Wish u best of luck.
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Old Monday, April 24, 2006
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shahid seehar is on a distinguished road
Default Clarification!

AoA buddies,

For Waheed Sahib,

Well,gud thng junior bro tht u pointd out certain poor points in FSP,for ths clarification of mine in response to ur thread wd go a long way in helping young css aspirants careflly opt career choices...So here we go,

I have never drwan a rosy picture of FSP,but they r plain facts...fess for 2 kids is state-sponsored at the best institution of ur place of posting...

As for vehicles,Bhaijaan,m havng Mercedes Classic 200(tht too flagged) here,for m Charge de Affaires...Can any IG of ur PSP think of ever sitting in a flagged mercedez,not to talk of any ASP??Yes,m also with ur prayers elite member of American club here,fees for which is very paltry...Moreovr,a 3rd secretry gets a bit more salary than wat u mentioned...Wat abt u psp ppl who cannot become membr of Gymkhanas till they r SSPs in 19 grade,unless they gatecrash...??

Ours is not brown passport,but dark red...n there is no point of color in my argumnt,but the privelge a diplomatc passport it holds...(u may say it brown r black..makes no dffrence at all)..

As for food,yes we eat best,cuz v live in capitals of the world,even in pakistan...Moreover,a Diplomat usually almost thrice a week gets invitations for dinners n lunches at the 4/5 star hotels while postd abroad...wat abt a PSP officer posted in Bhalwal,Bhakkar r Turbat,,,,Won't u miss a high tea r buffet,when u can afford twice a month outta seemingly a meagre salary, at some 4/5 star hotel,r at least mackdonalds n do-nuts??

Yes,i did spent sometime at HQ,n was living single in GIDS Hostel...An air-conditioned/furnished room...this is wat a new entrant into civil servis must at best expect..Definitely they r not gonna give me a villa r put into serena hotel nearby...But wat abt NPA(National police academy)accomodation where u r gonna spend 1 full year of rigorous trnng...where two PSPs r stuffd into small,hardly ventilated,non-air-conditioner rooms...Mr.Khattak wish ya gud stay there in sizzling summers..

As for a couple of instances u quoted...Well,bro,v can never generalize things by quoting such wild instances...N,yes,sometimes v have to loose face n tht 2 only cuz of few extremist nincompoops at home...

Moreover,u asked me to tell u a single gal r guy who topped n joined FSP....So yaar topper of my very common(29) n topper of 30th common(a gal)both joined FSP...Plz chekk it out if it seems perhaps to u...

As for me falling in FSP by choice,,v ppl really dont know wat is best for us when v clear css...I was dead mistaken to put psp at top n fsp second...N,its really, in my view, cuz v penduu ppl r usually power-hungry n want to show our muscles to publik n kith n kin....Infact,if u want to live for others then go to PSP,DMG etc,,,but if u wanna live for urself,come here...50 percent of psp life goes to public,n 50 to freinds n fuedals...wat abt family?24 hours uniformed job...hell of tension n pressures both from below n above....kabhi jungle,kabhi mangal...I really salute ur courage n conviction to opt police...My Heavens reallly saved me n its ,believe me,not like grapes r sour...

As for rich album at the end of career,tell me how many e-ambassdrs' columns on diffrnt issues in our dailies u read while preparng?n how many of psps?When they retire,FSPs r think-tanks,n when psps do,they r fired shots...

Yes,Summar javed is my chum buddy..he was previously in Accounts with me in 29th common,n now he is in fsp,,,

Hope u wont take all these things personal,for u r my sweet junior n younger bro,n all v r doing here a great job...Nevatheless,any further comments wd b warmly welcomed...

To SIM(hope its not a mobile sim)

Well my written was 709 n intrvw 135...i was first to grab FSP frm sindh..
n yes trainng at csa takes 7 months n STP takes around 8 months in FSP...

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Old Monday, April 24, 2006
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aamerkhattak will become famous soon enough
Smile thanks

salam dears,
thnks to sehar and waheed for such valuable informations.i thnk tht each grp has +ve n _ve aspects.i do agree wid sehaar tht vn v clear css v dont knw wht grp is best for us,except some special cases vn ppl do opt and get best choices tht suits their lives and temprmnts.
offcouse its GOD tht bless us n disguise...if psp use to b ist choice of any oneso its due to our society and surroundings tht compels the candidate to opt it.
personaly iwas prp to join even postal service of pakistan tht use to b last choice of candidates same was the case wid waheeeeeed
FSP has demerits like u would b away from ur family if u wna enj ur life alone then its good but if r member of combine family then its very hard to opt it.besides tht ur kids would b mixture of thngsthey hv to change thier environmnts regulalry tht would effect in the long run.


aamer khattak
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Engineer Aamer Khattak[/FONT]
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asmaz (Thursday, September 27, 2012)
Old Monday, April 24, 2006
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Dear shahid bhai,
thanks for ur valuable information. I would not like 2 comment on the ongoing discussion as every thing has merits and demerits. every picture has two sides,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but there is no doubt that fsp is one of the most attractive,,,,,,,,and let me tell u if you have the money, facilities and respect,,,u can very hapilly live abroad,,,,,,,,,,,,i am my self in france for the last one year(not as fsp) but i hav'nt even once suffered from home-sickness as i thought previously,,,,,,,,,,,,,offcourse u can serve ur public more and directly in case of psp and dmg( a disadvantage in case of fsp)

i would like to ask one question from shahid bhai,,,,,,,,,,and i quote one of his phrases
Yes,Summar javed is my chum buddy..he was previously in Accounts with me in 29th common,n now he is in fsp,,,
can one change his cadre during the course of his job after getting out of CSA?
thanks in advance for reply;;;;;;;;;;;;;
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Old Tuesday, April 25, 2006
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Default @ shahid seehar

thanks for such a great info about fsp.

now i only have one question plz.
i like to know that is a csp in fsp is allowed to work in HQ at islamabad if he dont wanna a transfer abroad???

actually I have been told by a person in DMG group that this is allowed but he is not very sure of it, I just like to confirm it from a person who is a part of fsp.

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Old Wednesday, April 26, 2006
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Babban Miyan Ding Dong is on a distinguished road

Assalam Alaikum,

I just like to make few points here.

I am sure that all of us join Civil Services to serve our country, but what I did not understand that ppl choosing groups for the perks and benefits offered in each group, rather than choosing groups that one can utilize their strength.

I am a very Junior Member here, so I may be wrong but these perks and benefits are only good when individuals put their 100%, rather getting into the grps for the perks and benefits sake, and our services becomes secondary.

I agree with Brother shahid 100%, that these benefits should be offered to the Civil servant as a return to their hard work, but at the end it all comes down to individuals making an effort to honestly serve their country.

John F. Kennedy once said:

Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

As for the military and civil services, I am sure we all respect them from the deepest of our hearts, but we should also have courage to criticize when we see wrongdoings of indviduals. This in no way means that one is being critical to the whole institution, after all healthy criticism only leads to improvement.

So for the sake of healthy criticism, if we think we are perfect than we are wrong, because there is always room for improvement, and same can be said for any government institution in Pakistan.

I think this forum, as brother shahid pointed out does just that, it gives the aspirants and already civil servants to share their views and opinions, and we should all participate in a positive way. After all this is one step closer to make our Pakistan the best it can be.

Brother Shahid, I just like to point out on behalf of all the staff here, that SENIOR MEMBERS like u are the source of inspiration for the members of this forum. U combined with all the other Senior Members are very helpful for this forum, and hope that u can visit us and keep guiding us, as that too is greatest Civil Service to your countrymen.


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Old Wednesday, April 26, 2006
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Thumbs down Foreign Service of Pakistan contd.

Dear All...

I think everyone here is having a bit of misunderstanding.. and the thread could have been left open for things to be clarified.

I would like to share my opinion on the matter... a matter that wasn't thought to be so controversial as it had become.

We (though Junior Members as we had been called lately) requested Mr Shahid to provide us information about FSP, and because it contained all of our answers... we appreciated it. What else is this forum for? For "Junior Members" to ask CSP's and Seniors about things they don't know, and to have their questions replied. I respect Mr Shahid with all of my heart for being honest and true guidance.

When they started comparing different Groups, the problem arrived. Each of the professions has its advantages along with disadvantages. The question is, if someone really likes his profession and he advises others by "bragging" about the pros of it, even pointing out few (but not none) cons too, is it really necessary to criticize him for that?

In my opinion, all the bureacracy and forces are the lifeblood of my motherland, regardless of few corrupt examples... They are doing for Pakistan what we cannot do. If someone, who is serving his country devotedly, is questioned for his patriotism or sincerity... losing temper is not unlikely for such a situation. And sorry to say Bro Alamgirian your words were rather ridiculing than suggesting improvement.

For God's sake... who's asking to compare what is in PSP that is absent in FSP or vice versa? I think under a thread titled Foreign Service of Pakistan on such a forum that is to encourage and enlighten CSS aspirants, one wouldn't expect to find a list of disadvantages of opting for FSP.

What I can recall is, the stay of FSP's in world's capitals was being discussed, so comparing to local smaller cities was just a relative difference, not making fun of Pakistan's cities.

I would suggest that Objection for the sake of Objection should be avoided... and if some respected Officer takes out time for Junior Members like me from his invaluable time... he should be respected other than criticized.

I would request Shahid Bhai to stay on the forum, because he is one of the CSP's who regularly visits this forum and provides true guidance to all of us, and his siblings need him.

P.S: Though everyone on the forum must be respected and treated equally, there is a difference between a Teacher's status and of a student's... I think that's the same difference between a CSP Officer and an aspirant.


Last edited by Sam; Wednesday, April 26, 2006 at 07:30 AM.
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madiha alvi (Sunday, April 28, 2013)

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