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aminshah101 Sunday, September 07, 2014 10:12 PM

[QUOTE=husseych;749864]Nice info, can you please tell me what kind of work is usually done in OMG. well the name shows office work but is it just about huge number of files with no interesting things or what ?
Secondly what kind of foreign training programs are offered to OMG ?[/QUOTE]
OMG by its nature is office based job. Perhaps that's the primary difference maker in OMG and DMG, as the latter also works in the field, commonly and frequently.

Job of every Cadre is the same, i.e. Decision Making. At lower level, OMG officers indeed play with files but their words matter. Coz every case is initiated by a Section Officer so he is a major role player.

Monotony gets you everywhere, sooner or later but given the size of number of Ministries and other Government offices, you can have an entire life of learning.

Now coming back to foreign courses, ample opportunities lie there as of now :).

From 3 days course to a full fledge degree, various departments have their training programs as well as foreign scholarships. Mostly, that is job related.

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