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Old Friday, September 05, 2008
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July 2008


U.S. Agrees to End Immunity for Contractors in Iraq (July 1): Iraqi foreign minister Hoshyar Zebari says private security contractors, like Blackwater USA, whose employees killed 17 Iraqi civilians in 2007, will no longer be immune from Iraq's laws. The negotiations are part of a security agreement being worked out among the two countries.

Violence Is on the Upswing in Afghanistan (July 1): According to the Pentagon and, June 2008 was the deadliest month for U.S. and coalition troops since the American-led invasion began in 2001. Forty-six troops were killed even though the number of coalition troops reached a high point. (July 7): More than 40 people are killed and about 130 wounded in a suicide bombing outside the Indian Embassy in Kabul. Two Indian diplomats died in the blast. It is the deadliest suicide bombing since the U.S.-led invasion began in 2001.

Hostages Are Freed in Colombia (July 2): After being held for six years by FARC rebels, 15 hostages, including three U.S. military contractors and French-Colombian politician Ingrid Betancourt, are freed by commandos who infiltrated FARC's leadership.

Serbia Forms a New Government (July 7): Parliament approves a new government, which is composed of the Democratic Party, led by President Boris Tadic, and the Socialist Party, which was formerly led by Slobodan Milosevic. The Democratic Party's Mirko Cvetkovic becomes prime minister and Ivica Dacic, who heads the Socialist Party will be deputy prime minister and interior minister. The government vows to tame the nationalistic fervor that has raised concern internationally, particularly when Kosovo declared independence in February 2008. Cvetkovic also says Serbia will reach out to the West and join the European Union.

Peacekeepers Are Attacked in Sudan (July 8): Seven UN peacekeepers die and 22 are wounded in Darfur when their convoy is ambushed by men in trucks and on horseback.

The U.S. and the Czech Republic Sign Deal on Missile Shield (July 8): After lengthy negotiations and much debate, the Czech Republic agrees to allow the United States to deploy on its land an antiballistic missile shield. Russia strongly objects to the accord, which views the system as a threat. U.S. officials say the shield is meant to deter an attack from Iran. Czech lawmakers must approve the deal.

Iran Test Fires Missiles (July 9): The Revolutionary Guards fire nine long- and medium-range missiles, which could reach parts of Israel. A commander of the Revolutionary Guard says, "The aim of these war games is to show we are ready to defend the integrity of the Iranian nation." The United States and Israel both condemn the move.

Gunmen Attack U.S. Consulate in Turkey (July 9): Four gunmen open fire on security guards outside the consulate. Three police officers and three attackers are killed in a gun battle.

Sanctions on Zimbabwe Fail to Pass (July 11): China and Russia block a U.S.-led effort in the UN Security Council to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe. Proposed sanctions included an arms embargo, travel and financial restrictions on President Robert Mugabe and other top officials, and a UN mediator who would have worked with the Mugabe's party to include the opposition, led by Morgan Tsvangirai into the government. (July 25): President Bush expands existing U.S. sanctions against Mugabe, companies in Zimbabwe, and individuals.

Negotiators Reach Deal on Verifying North Korean Disarmament (July 12): The U.S., China, North Korea, South Korea, Russia, and Japan announce that international inspectors will visit North Korea's nuclear facilities to check documents and speak with personnel to confirm that it has shut down its main processing facility at Yongbyon. In return, North Korea will receive financial and energy assistance.

Several U.S. Troops Are Killed in Afghanistan (July 13): Nine U.S.soldiers and at least 15 NATO troops die when Taliban militants boldly attack an American base in Kunar Province, which borders Pakistan. It's the most deadly against U.S. troops in three years.

International Court Issues Arrest Warrant for Sudanese President (July 14): Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, formally charges Sudan's president Omar Hassan al-Bashir, with genocide for planning and executing the decimation of Darfur's three main ethnic tribes: the Fur, the Masalit, and the Zaghawa. Moreno-Ocampo also says Bashir "purposefully targeted civilians" and used "rapes, hunger, and fear" to terrorize civilians. Many observers fear that Bashir will respond to the charges with further violence.

Israel and Lebanon Carry Out Prisoner Exchange (July 16): Israel releases five Lebanese prisoners, including Samir Kuntar, who killed an Israeli policeman, a man, and his young daughter in 1979. Lebanon, in turn, returns to Israel the bodies of two soldiers who were captured in a 2006 cross-border raid into Israel. The raid, carried out by the militant group Hezbollah, resulted in what is now considered a disastrous invasion of Lebanon.

U.S. Envoy Participates in Talks with Iran (July 19): Iran's chief negotiator, Saeed Jalili, meets with representatives from the U.S., France, Britain, Germany, Russia, and China. Iran, however, does not commit to a proposal that calls on Iran to freeze its nuclear program, and in exchange, the six nations would not seek further sanctions against Iran. William Burns, the U.S. under secretary of state for political affairs, who attends the meeting, is the highest-ranking member of the Bush administration to meet with a representative from Iran.

Sunni Bloc Returns to Iraqi Government (July 19): Parliament approves the nomination of six Sunni ministers to the cabinet. The ministers are all members of Tawafiq, a Sunni political party, who had boycotted Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's government for a year.

Government and Opposition Leaders Meet in Zimbabwe (July 21): In a historical meeting, President Robert Mugabe, who recently won a controversial presidential election that was marred by brutal voter intimidation and outright rigging, and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who won the first round of voting and dropped out of the second round amid increasing violence against him and his supporters, agree to end the political violence and engage in talks to form a government of national unity.

Serbian Leader Is Arrested After 13-Year Manhunt (July 21): Radovan Karadzic, the Bosnian Serb president during the war in Bosnia in the 1990s, is charged with genocide, persecution, deportation, and other crimes against non-Serb civilians. Karadzic orchestrated the massacre of almost 8,000 Muslim men and boys in 1995 in Srebrenica. He was found outside Belgrade. He altered his appearance and had been openly practicing alternative medicine in Serbia. The arrest will likely bring Serbia closer to joining the European Union. (July 30): Karadzic is transferred to The Hague to await trial. (July 31): Karadzic appears before the war crimes tribunal for the first time.

India's Government Survives a Confidence Vote (July 22): Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wins the vote, 275 to 256, with 11 members of Parliament abstaining. He recently lost the support of Communist parties as he sought to seal a deal that has the U.S. providing India with nuclear technology and fuel for civilian purposes.

Iraqi President Vetoes Election Law (July 23): President Jalal Talabani, a Kurd, vetoes legislation, passed by Parliament, that governs upcoming provincial elections. Kurdish legislators had boycotted the vote in Parliament in a dispute over the status of the northern city of Kirkuk, which they claim should be part of the Kurdish enclave.

Two Bombs Explode in Istanbul (July 27): At least 15 people die and more than 100 are wounded in a double bombing in a crowded neighborhood in Turkey's largest city. Terrorism is suspected.

Dozens Die in Ethnic Fighting and Suicide Attacks in Iraq (July 28): As Kurds in Kirkuk protest part of an election law that they fear will dilute their political power in the city, a female suicide bomber kills 17 people and wounds dozens. Kurds blame Turkmen militants for the bombing, and in response began attacking Turkmen. About a dozen people die in the violence. In Baghdad, two female suicide bombers kill 32 Shiite pilgrims.

Israeli Prime Minister to Resign (July 30): Ehud Olmert, who is under investigation for fraud, bribery, and breach of trust, announces he will step down once a new party leader is selected in September.

Turkey's Ruling Party Survives Legal Challenge (July 30): Turkey's 11-member Constitutional Court falls one vote short of banning the Justice and Development party for violating the country's secular constitution. The court does rule, however, to reduce by one-half the party's public financing.
Wife of Former Thai Leader Is Sentenced to Prison (July 31): Pojaman Shinawatra, the wife of Thailand's former prime Thaksin Shinawatra, is convicted of tax evasion and sentenced to three years in jail. Thaksin himself faces corruption charages.
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Prime minister sees no spy ties with Taliban IRNA 31 Jul 2008 -- Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani: US concerns about collusion between his nation's intelligence agency and terrorists are being taken seriously.

Pakistani Taliban step up activities, occupy booster of state TV, kidnap policemen IRNA 30 Jul 2008 -- Pakistani Taliban have stepped their activities in parts of the country and have taken over the control of the booster of the state-run television and kidnapped police men from a police station, witnesses and police said Tuesday.

US completes delivery of F-16 Aircraft to Pakistan IRNA 30 Jul 2008 -- The United States has completed the delivery of 14 F-16 aircraft to Pakistan with the Monday's handing over of a fresh batch of four planes, the US embassy has said.

Two die in Taliban, security forces' clashes in Pakistan's northwest IRNA 30 Jul 2008 -- Two civilians were killed and five others injured as a mortar shell hit a house during exchange of fire between local Taliban and the security forces in Pakistan's northwest on Tuesday, officials and witnesses said.

Pakistan says soldiers not crossed into Indian Kashmir IRNA 30 Jul 2008 -- Pakistan army said Tuesday that its soldiers had not crossed into the Indian part of Kashmir, which led to exchange of firing by troops of the two countries.

Pakistan Declares Curfew, Fighting With Militants Intensifies VOA 30 Jul 2008 -- Fighting has erupted between Pakistani troops and a Taliban faction located in the Swat valley in the country's northwest. Pakistani forces reported killing at least 25 militants on Wednesday and imposed a curfew throughout the valley

US Wants Pakistan to Do More Than Deploy Troops at Afghan Border VOA 29 Jul 2008 -- The Pentagon says just the presence of regular Pakistani army troops in the country's tribal areas, along the Afghanistan border, helps reduce the flow of militant fighters in the region, even though the United States would like the Pakistani troops to engage in more aggressive operations

India asks Pakistan to respect ceasefire agreement IRNA 29 Jul 2008 -- With as many as 19 violations of the Line of Control (LoC) recorded since January this year, India has told Pakistan to respect the 2003 ceasefire agreement between the two countries.

Pakistan army concerned over cross border missile attacks IRNA 29 Jul 2008 -- Pakistan's Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (JCSC) General Tariq Majid expressed concern over repeated cross border missile attacks/firing by Coalition and Afghan Forces, the army said.

Heavy Fighting Erupts Along India-Pakistan Border in Kashmir VOA 29 Jul 2008 -- The Indian Army has claimed that Pakistani troops infiltrated to its side of the line of control in Kashmir on Monday and fired at its border post killing an Indian soldier

Violence Flares in Pakistan's Swat Region VOA 29 Jul 2008 -- Residents of Pakistan's Swat Valley say hundreds of pro-Taliban militants surrounded a security post and abducted at least 25 police officers on Tuesday.

Militants in Pakistan Kill 3 Intelligence Officers VOA 29 Jul 2008 -- Pakistani
officials say Taliban militants have shot and killed three army intelligence officers in the northwestern Swat Valley.

President Bush Meets with Prime Minister Gillani of Pakistan The White House 28 Jul 2008

Bush, Pakistani Prime Minister Hold White House Talks AFPS 28 Jul 2008 -- President Bush and Pakistani Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani discussed greater cooperation in the war on terror and economic matters during a White house meeting today.

Bush, Pakistan PM Hold Talks Amid Rising Concern Over Afghan Violence VOA 28 Jul 2008 -- President Bush has met at the White House with Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani

7 killed as missile hits seminary in Pakistan's tribal region IRNA 28 Jul 2008 -- A missile apparently fired at a religious seminary in Pakistan's South Waziristan tribal region early Monday killed seven people, a local Taliban leader said.

Pakistan, US to discuss defence, intelligence cooperation: PM IRNA 26 Jul 2008 -- Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said Saturday he would have an exchange of views with President Bush and other US leaders on forging cooperation in defence, education, health, science and technology, agriculture and intelligence sharing.

Pakistani tribesmen vow not to shelter Taliban, extremist groups IRNA 27 Jul 2008 -- Eight tribes in a northwestern Pakistani town have decided not to shelter local Taliban and any other extremist and armed group in their areas, a tribal elder has said.

Pakistani PM Visits US During Tension in Counter-Terror Alliance VOA 26 Jul 2008 -- Pakistan's Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani is expected to meet with top U.S. officials in Washington this week, including President George Bush
Al-Qaeda member among 35 activists of banned extremist groups arrested: official IRNA 25 Jul 2008 -- Pakistani security forces have arrested a member of al-Qaeda and 35 activists of banned extremist group during an operation in the country's northwest, the Interior Ministry said Friday.

Rice Urges Pakistan to Clamp Down on Militants Along Border VOA 25 Jul 2008 -- U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is calling on Pakistan to intensify efforts to combat Taliban militants who use its border areas to launch attacks against Afghanistan

India dismisses Pak talk of arms race due to Indo-US nuke deal IRNA 25 Jul 2008 -- India has dismissed a warning by Pakistan that the Indo-US nuke deal will accelerate an atomic arms race in the sub-continent declaring there was no scope for any "nuclear weaponization".

NATO Chief: Foreign Troops Will Not Seek Militants in Pakistan VOA 24 Jul 2008 -- NATO's chief says alliance forces in Afghanistan will not enter neighboring Pakistan to hunt militants there.

US to Shift Pakistan Counter-Terrorism Aid for Fighter Jet Upgrade VOA 24 Jul
2008 -- The Bush administration confirmed Thursday it plans to reallocate counter-terrorism aid money for Pakistan to allow that country to upgrade U.S.-supplied F-16 fighter planes

Pakistani Leaders Reaffirm Support for Dialogue with Militants VOA 23 Jul 2008 -- Top Pakistani political leaders representing the ruling coalition government are reaffirming their support for dialogue, not military force, to deal with Taliban militants

PAKISTAN: Humanitarian situation in northwest deteriorating - rights group IRIN 23 Jul 2008 -- About half a million people in the Kurram Agency along the border with Afghanistan, which has seen fierce fighting between rival groups of militants in the past few months, are suffering “horrific violence”, according to a leading human rights activist.

Extremists Tell Pakistani Tribal Leaders To Prepare To Fight U.S. Troops RFE/RL 22 Jul 2008 -- Extremists leaders in Pakistan are instructing residents near the border with Afghanistan to prepare for the possibility of fighting U.S. ground troops in Pakistan's tribal agencies.

Pakistan Bans Scientist from Discussing Nuclear Proliferation VOA 21 Jul 2008 -- A Pakistani court has upheld the detention of nuclear scientist Abdul
Qadeer Khan and barred him from ever speaking about nuclear proliferation
Pakistan's top Taliban commander dies in road accident IRNA 19 Jul 2008 -- A top Pakistani Taliban commander was killed in a road accident in the country's tribal region early Saturday, officials in the region said.

15 die in Pakistani Taliban infighting IRNA 19 Jul 2008 -- A top Pakistani
Taliban commander was killed in a road accident in the country's tribal region early Saturday, officials in the region said.

Pakistani scientist denies Afghanistan charge on nuclear waste IRNA 18 Jul 2008 -- A top Pakistani scientist Thursday dismissed as rubbish claims by Afghan government that Pakistan had dumped nuclear waste in southern Afghanistan during Taliban rule.

Pakistan Army Reports 10 Militants Killed During Offensive in Northwest VOA 18 Jul 2008 -- A spokesman for Pakistan's army says 10 militants have been killed and five troops wounded during an operation aimed at re-taking control of an area in the country's northwest

Pakistani Military Disputes Circumstances of Recent US Airstrike VOA 17 Jul 2008 -- Pakistan disputes U.S. media reports that Washington did not have the coordinates of a Pakistani border checkpoint where 11 Pakistani soldiers were killed in a recent U.S. airstrike.

PAKISTAN: Militants hampering anti-polio drive as new case confirmed IRIN 17 Jul 2008 -- A seven-month-old baby girl, Tanzeela, has become the 16th polio case to be detected this year in Pakistan.

Pakistan Must Do More to Police Tribal Zone, Defense Leaders Say AFPS 16
Jul 2008 -- Pakistan must do more on its side of the border with Afghanistan to combat terrorist extremists, U.S. defense leaders said here today.

Jihadist Agreement In Pakistan Leads To Surge Of Violence In Afghanistan RFE/RL 16 Jul 2008 -- AP reported this week that rival jihadist groups in Pakistan have agreed to work together to fight against NATO and U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

US Calls on Pakistan to Control Afghan Border VOA 16 Jul 2008 -- The top two U.S. defense officials called on Pakistan Wednesday to improve security along its border with Afghanistan, in order to stop the flow of insurgents
NATO Forces in Afghanistan Return Fire Towards Pakistani Tribal Region VOA 16 Jul 2008 -- NATO forces in Afghanistan say they have fired on militant positions inside Pakistan after coming under rocket attack

Pakistan rejects Karzai's statement on violence IRNA 16 Jul 2008 -- Pakistan has rejected the statement of Afghan President Hamid Karzai that Pakistani intelligence agencies and the army are behind attacks in Afghanistan.

Pakistan Says Afghanistan Promoting 'Artificial Crisis' Through Terror Accusations VOA 15 Jul 2008 -- Pakistan is rejecting allegations that its intelligence agencies and armed forces have been behind a recent string of attacks across Afghanistan

NATO Denies Reports of Troop Movements Near Afghan-Pakistani Border VOA 15 Jul 2008 -- A NATO spokesman in Afghanistan says reports of hundreds of troops massing near the Pakistani border are totally inaccurate.

Bush Urges Pakistan, Afghanistan to Put Differences Aside VOA 15 Jul 2008 -- U.S. President George Bush is urging Pakistan and Afghanistan to put their differences aside and work together to combat terrorism

Analysis: As Afghanistan Roils, Pakistan Draws Heat 15 Jul 2008 -- Patience with Pakistan appears to be fraying in Washington and Kabul, particularly over Islamabad's response to alleged cross-border infiltration by militants ensconced in its tribal areas

Mullen Meets With Pakistani Leaders AFPS 12 Jul 2008 -- The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff met with Pakistan’s military and civilian leaders here today to discuss issues concerning Pakistan’s lack of pressure toward insurgents flowing from its border into Afghanistan.

Pakistani Minister: Afghanistan Shares Blame for Border Unrest VOA 11 Jul 2008 -- Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said Friday Afghanistan bears a heavy share of blame for unrest along their mutual border

Eight Pakistani soldiers injured in U.S-led coalition shelling IRNA 11 Jul 2008 -- At least eight Pakistani soldiers have been injured in artillery shelling from the U.S-led coalition in the border region, residents and local authorities said Friday.

Former Pakistani Generals Ask 'Who Benefits?' From Kabul Attack RFE/RL 11 Jul 2008

Afghan Report Says 47 Civilians Died in US Airstrike VOA 11 Jul 2008 -- An Afghan government commission says a U.S. airstrike this week that American commanders claimed had targeted militants instead killed 47 civilians

Pakistan Air Force aircraft crashes in northwest IRNA 10 Jul 2008 -- An aircraft of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) crashed in northwest Pakistan on Thursday, the PAF said.

Pakistani Government Strikes New Truce Deal With Militants VOA 10 Jul 2008 -- Pakistan's government has reached a new peace agreement aimed at stopping a militant group from threatening the northwestern city Peshawar
Embassy Attack In Kabul Highlights Pakistan-India Rivalry RFE/RL 09 Jul 2008 -- After the July 7 suicide car bomb attack on the Indian Embassy in Kabul, international attention has turned to New Delhi's interests and activities in Afghanistan.

PAKISTAN: Conflict disrupting life, displacing people in northern areas IRIN 07 Jul 2008

Pakistan nuclear scientist says bugging devices installed at his home IRNA 05 Jul 2008 -- Pakistan's nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has disclosed that the government had installed bugging devices at his whole house, his lawyer said Friday.

Pakistani court seeks replies in nuclear scientist detention case IRNA 04 Jul 2008 -- A court in Pakistan on Friday directed the government to explain as to why the country's top nuclear scientist has been detained for four years.
US Says Two Blacklisted Pakistani Groups Are Operating Under Aliases VOA 02 Jul 2008 -- The U.S. Treasury Department Wednesday said two Pakistani-based groups blacklisted as terrorist supporters are using new names in an effort to circumvent financial sanctions.

US Top Envoy Pushes Coordinated Anti-Terror Efforts Between Pakistan, Afghanistan VOA 02 Jul 2008 -- A top U.S diplomat has urged Pakistan and Afghanistan to increase anti-terror coordination saying they must extend their governments' authority to their border regions in order to check rising militant activities

Suspected militants blow up security check post in Pakistan's tribal region IRNA 02 Jul 2008 -- Suspected militants have blown up an under construction security check post in Pakistan's tribal region two days after local Taliban suspended peace talks with the government, witnesses and authorities said Tuesday.

Boucher, Musharraf discusses cooperation IRNA 02 Jul 2008 -- Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Mr. Richard A. Boucher, called on President Pervez Musharraf on Wednesday and discussed Pakistan-U.S. relations, counter-terrorism cooperation and regional developments of mutual interest.

US welcomes operation in Pakistani tribal region IRNA 02 Jul 2008 -- US Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia Richard Boucher on Wednesday welcomed operation in the Pakistani tribal region and said groups based in that areas were presenting a threat to Peshawar.

Pakistan Blames IMU Militants For Afghan Border Unrest RFE/RL 02 Jul 2008 -- For months, media reports in the region have claimed that militants from Central Asia are conducting violent operations in Pakistan's volatile tribal areas along the Afghan border.

Pakistan Offensive Felt In Eastern Afghanistan RFE/RL 02 Jul 2008 -- Fighting erupted in eastern Afghanistan on June 30 and July 1 after militants crossed the border from Pakistan to attack Afghan and international forces, according to NATO and Afghan officials

NATO, Pakistani Troops Coordinate Attacks to Fight Militants on Afghan-Pakistani Border VOA 01 Jul 2008 -- NATO says its forces, in coordination with the Pakistani military, have beaten back a militant attack on a NATO post in Afghanistan.


Leaders of World's Richest Nations Agree to Reduce Emissions of Greenhouse Gases (July 8): At their annual meeting, members of the Group of 8, the U.S., Japan, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Canada, and Russia, set goals to cut in half by 2050 the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the environment. Critics say shorter-term goals should have been set.

Treasury Department Proposes Rescue Plan for Mortgage Companies (July 13): As tumbling stock prices cause diminished confidence in Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, companies that either own or guarantee half the mortgages in the U.S., the U.S Treasury Department puts together a package that would allow the government to invest billions in both companies. Congress must approve the program.

Library of Congress Names New Poet Laureate (July 17): Kay Ryan, who has won the Ruth Lillly Poetry Prize and awards from the Guggenheim Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts for her philosophical yet humorous poems, succeeds Charles Simic as U.S. Poet Laureate.
California Bans Trans Fats in Restaurants (July 25): Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signs a law that prohibits the use of hydrogenated oils in the state's 88,000 restaurants. The law goes into effect in 2010.
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India invited to cross-LoC trade talks

By Baqir Sajjad Syed

ISLAMABAD, Sept 4: Pakistan has invited India to a meeting for starting trade across the Line of Control in Kashmir.

The invitation was extended by Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir in a meeting with Indian High Commissioner Satyabrata Pal here on Thursday.

“Pakistan’s proposal is in pursuit of the agreement-in-principle reached at the foreign secretaries’ talks on July 21 in New Delhi,” Foreign Office spokesman Mohammad Sadiq said.

Mr Bashir told the high commissioner that the AJK Chamber of Commerce was ready to send a delegation to Srinagar for finalising modalities and firming up commercial contracts.

The Foreign Office reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to taking necessary steps to facilitate the trade.

India had accused Pakistan last month of delaying the start of the cross-LoC trade.

Pakistan said that it had provided a composite list of commodities to be traded, while India has provided separate lists for import and export which are being studied by the commerce ministry.

APP adds: Indian Home Minister Shiv Raj Petal told the Voice of America that the Muzaffarabad-Srinagar road would be opened for trade soon.

He said he wanted to accelerate the process to open the road and India was willing to hold negotiations with Pakistan in this respect.

He said Pakistan was cooperating on the issue.
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August 2008


Policemen Are Killed in Terrorist Attack in China (Aug. 4): Chinese officials say two members of the East Turkestan Independence Movement, a Muslim group based in western China, drive a truck into a group of police officers who were jogging, then throw explosives and stab them. Sixteen police officers die and another 16 are wounded. The attack raises concerns about the upcoming Summer Games.

Military Officers Stage a Coup in Mauritania (Aug. 6): The top four military leaders depose Prime Minister Sidi Mohamed Ould Boubacar and President Sidi Ould Sheik Abdellahi in a bloodless coup. Some of the same military leaders were involved in the 2005 coup that brought Abdellahi to power. In recent months, the country's legislature has criticized Abdellahi's handling of rising food prices and accused the government of corruption.

Iraqi Parliament Fails to Pass Election Law (Aug. 6): The failure to pass a the law will likely force the postponement of provisional elections that were schedule for October. Hopes dim that provincial elections will be held in 2008. The elections are seen as vital to moving Iraqi's rival ethnic groups toward reconciliation. Kurds dominate the city, which also has a large population of Turkmens and Arabs, and have resisted any attempts to dilute their power through a power-sharing plan.

Suspect Convicted in First Military Trial at Guantánamo (Aug. 6): Salim Ahmed Hamdan, who was Osama bin Laden's driver, is convicted of providing material support for terrorism. He's acquitted, however, of the more serious charge of conspiracy to kill Americans. It is the first military trial held at Guantánamo. (Aug. 7): Hamdan is sentenced to 66 months in prison. He may, however, spend more time in jail, as the Bush administration has the authority to imprison detainees during the war on terror.

Violence Breaks Out in Breakaway Region in Georgia (Aug. 7): Fighting breaks out after Georgian soldiers attack South Ossetia, a breakaway enclave in Georgia that won de facto independence in the early 1990s. Separatists in South Ossetia retaliate, and about a dozen troops and civilians die in the battles. Fighting between the two sides has been sporadic since Mikheil Saakashvili was elected president of Georgia in 2004 and sought to resume control over the region. (Aug. 8): Russia enters the fray, with troops and tanks pouring into South Ossetia to support the region. (Aug. 9 and 10): Russia intensifies its involvement, moving troops into Abkhazia, another breakaway region, and launching airstrikes at Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. In addition, Russian airstrikes in Gori, Georgia, kill about 1,500 civilians. The fighting prompts thousands of people in South Ossetia to flee their homes. (Aug. 11): Russian troops enter Georgian territory and briefly take control of a military base in Senaki. (Aug. 12): Russian president Medvedev orders an end to military action in Georgia, although sporadic fighting continues. Saakashvili also says he will withdraw Georgian troops. Leaders of EU nations, the United States, and NATO have warned Russia to end the conflict in Georgia. (Aug. 13): France brokers a deal between Russia and Georgia that calls on both sides to end the fighting and use of force, open routes in the battle areas for the flow of humanitarian aid, and withdraw troops to the positions they held before the conflict. Later in the day, President Bush sends U.S. troops on a humanitarian mission to Georgia. He also warns Russia that if it doesn't observe the cease-fire, the country risks its standing in "the diplomatic, political, economic, and security structures of the 21st century." In addition, Russian tanks occupy Gori, a strategic town 40 miles from Tbilisi, and hundreds of Russian soldiers cross the border into South Ossetia. (Aug. 14): Poland, after months of stalling, agrees to allow the United States to install an anti-missile system on its soil. The move by Poland is seen as a strategic one intended to defend itself from the threat of a similar incursion by Russia and to establish closer ties with the West. Russia says that Poland now risks retaliation. (Aug. 16): Russian president Dmitri Medvedev signs a revised cease-fire, but Russian troops remain in Georgia. Georgia demanded that a provision in the original agreement be amended to allow only those Russian peacekeepers who were in Georgia before the hostilities began to remain. The deal is tentative at best. (Aug. 19): Russian troops slowly begin to withdraw from Georgia. (Aug. 20): U.S. Secretary of State Condelezza Rice and Poland's Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski sign the deal in Warsaw. Rice stresses that the missile system, which is scheduled to be in operation by 2012, is "defensive and aimed at no one." (Aug. 25): Russian president Medvedev unilaterally recognizes South Ossetia and Abkhazia as independent regions. The U.S. and its allies denounce the decision. (Aug. 29): Russia and Georgia severe diplomatic ties from each other. It is the first time Russia has done so with one of its former republics, which gained independence in 1991.

Pakistan Government Seek to Impeach Musharraf (Aug. 7): The governing coalition, led by Asif Ali Zardari, of the Pakistan Peoples Party, and Nawaz Sharif, leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-N, says it will "immediately initiate impeachment proceedings" against President Pervez Musharraf on charges of violating the constitution and misconduct. The charges stem from his actions in November 2007, when he suspended the country's constitution and fired Chief Justice Iflikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and the other judges on the Supreme Court. (Aug. 18): Musharraf resigns as president. "Not a single charge can be proved against me," he says, adding that he was stepping down to put the country's interests above "personal bravado." Muhammad Mian Soomro, the chairman of the Senate, is named acting president. (Aug. 25): Nawaz Sharif withdraws his party, the Pakistan Muslim League-N, from the governing coalition, saying he could no longer work with Asif Ali Zardari. He says Zardari went back on pledges to restore Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to his role as chief justice of the Supreme Court and to work with Sharif to select a presidential candidate. Instead, Zardari says he will run.

Bolivian President Survives Recall Referendum (Aug. 11): Evo Morales wins 63.5% of the vote, which was an attempt by Podemos, an opposition party, to remove him from office. Morales has garnered criticism from some lowland provinces for his policies, including the acceptance of financing from Venezuela.

Al-Qaeda Increases Its Strength and Threat (Aug.12 ): Ted Gistaro, the U.S. government's senior terrorism analyst, says that by forging closer ties to Pakistani militants, al-Qaeda is more capable of launching an attack in the United States than it was a year ago. The Pakistani militants have given al-Qaeda leaders safe haven in remote areas to train recruits.

Several Lebanese Soldiers Are Killed in Bombing (Aug. 13): A bomb left on the street explodes and tears through a bus carrying Lebanese troops, killing 15 people, nine of them soldiers. No one claims responsibility for the attack, but in 2007, the army fought an al-Qaeda linked Islamist group in Tripoli.

Shiite Pilgrims Are Targeted in Several Attacks (Aug. 14-16): About two dozen worshippers are killed in three separate attacks as they make their way toward Karbala to celebrate the birthday of 9th-century imam Muhammad al-Mahdi. Iraqi officials blame al-Qaeda in Iraq for the attacks.

Nepal Elects Maoist Prime Minister (Aug. 15): Nepali's Constituent Assembly elects Maoist leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal, known as Prachanda, over Sher Bahadur Deuba, a member of the Nepali Congress Party who served as prime minister three times. In a compromise, the Maoists say they will not hold posts in the party’s armed faction and will return private property it seized from opponents.

Taliban Launches Major Attack in Afghanistan (Aug. 18 and 19): As many as 15 suicide bombers backed by about 30 militants attack a U.S. military base, Camp Salerno, in Bamiyan. Fighting between U.S. troops and members of the Taliban rages overnight. No U.S. troops are killed. In another brazen attack, 10 French paratroopers are killed and more than 20 are wounded in an ambush by about 100 militants about 30 miles east of Kabul.

Dozens Die in Blasts in Algeria (Aug. 19): At least 43 people are killed when a suicide bomber drives an explosives-laden car into a police academy in Issers, a town in northern Algeria. (Aug. 20): Two car bombs explode at a military command and a hotel in Bouira, killing a dozen people. No group takes responsibility for either attack, Algerian officials say they suspect Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb is behind the bombings.

Taliban Launches Double Suicide Bombing in Pakistan (Aug. 21): More than 60 people are killed in a twin suicide bombing at the Pakistan' Ordnance Factories, a complex of 16 buildings in the town of Wah that employs 20,000. The Taliban says the attack is in retaliation for the military's recent campaign against militants in the region of Bajaur.

Iraq and the U.S. Agrees on Timeframe for Troop Pullout (Aug. 22): The U.S. says it will withdraw combat troops from Iraqi cities by June 2009, followed by the removal of all combat troops by the end of 2011 as long as Iraq is stable and secure. The deal is part of a security pact that governs U.S. involvement in Iraq.

Coalition Airstrike Kills Dozens of Civilians in Afghanistan (Aug. 22): As many as 90 Afghan civilians, 60 of them children, die in an attack in the western village of Azizabad. It is one of the deadliest airstrikes since the war began in 2001, and the deadliest on civilians. The U.S. military refutes the figures, however, which were confirmed by the UN, claiming that the airstrike, in response to an attack by militants, killed five civilians and as many as 25 members of the Taliban.

Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Elected Speaker of Parliament (Aug. 25): Lovemore Moyo, of the Movement for Democratic Change, is elected to the powerful post of speaker of Parliament, 110 to 98, prevailing over the candidate of President Robert Mugabe's party, ZANU-PF.

North Korea Announces It Has Stopped Disabling Nuclear Reactor (Aug. 26): The country says that it will also resume work at the complex in Yongbyon unless the United States remove North Korea from its list of nations sponsoring terrorism. The U.S. says that North Korea will remain on the list until it gives inspectors access to locations suspected of being nuclear sites.

China and Iraq Sign Oil Contract (Aug. 28): As part of the $3 million deal, the China National Petroleum Corporation will provide Iraq technical advisers, workers, and equipment to develop the Ahdab oil field. If approved by Iraq's cabinet, it will be the first foreign oil contract implemented by Iraq since 2003. China will not share in profits derived from production of oil from the field.
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Pakistani Taliban: Attacks Will Continue During Ramadan VOA 31 Aug 2008 -- A Taliban spokesman in Pakistan says Taliban leaders have not instructed fighters to halt attacks during Ramadan, despite the government's announcement that it is suspending military operations in the northwest to allow civilians to observe the holy month.

Pakistani Government Suspends Military Operations for Ramadan VOA 30 Aug 2008 -- Pakistani government officials have announced military operations in the country's northwest will be suspended out of respect for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

U.S., Pakistani Military Leaders Meet Aboard USS Lincoln AFPS 28 Aug 2008 -- U.S. and Pakistani military leaders continued their ongoing dialogue about the war on terrorism during an Aug. 26 meeting aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln in the Indian Ocean.

Top US Military Officer Encouraged by Pakistani Action to Quell Border Violence VOA 28 Aug 2008 -- America's top military officer says he is encouraged by Pakistani actions to quell violence along the border with Afghanistan.

Afghan repatriation tops agenda of UN refugee chief’s visit to Pakistan UN News Centre 28 Aug 2008 -- The top United Nations refugee official today wrapped up a three-day visit to Pakistan, during which the Government agreed to revise a plan for the repatriation of the nearly 2 million remaining Afghan refugees in the country that was due to end next year.

Pakistan army kills 48 militants in tribal regions: spokesman IRNA 28 Aug 2008 -- Pakistani security forces have killed 47 militants in two tribal regions, the army said on Wednesday.

Pakistani Lawyers Confront New Government to Reinstate Judges VOA 28 Aug 2008 -- The Pakistani lawyers whose protests helped drive President Musharraf from office have returned to the streets and this time they are targeting the country's newly- elected government.

Pakistani Security Forces Target Militants Along Afghan Border VOA 27 Aug 2008 -- Pakistani forces say they have killed more than 40 militants in fighting along the Afghan border.

India lodges protest with Pak over pushing in of militants IRNA 27 Aug 2008 -- India on Wednesday lodged a strong protest with Pakistan for pushing in militants in Jammu and Kashmir in the cover of firing from across the border and presented evidence at a meeting between the border guards of the two countries.

Pakistan Reinstates 8 Deposed Judges VOA 27 Aug 2008 -- Pakistan's government has restored eight judges who were among dozens fired by former President Pervez Musharraf last year under emergency rule.

Backgrounder: Pakistan's Institutions and Civil Society 25 Aug 2008
Pakistan's Sharif party quits ruling coalition IRNA 25 Aug 2008
-- Pakistan's former prime minister Nawaz Sharif Monday announced his Muslim League-N party is quitting the ruling coalition, putting the alliance at risk ahead of elections for the country's Presidency.

Pakistan's Sharif fields former chief justice for Presidency IRNA 25 Aug 2008 -- Pakistan former prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday fielded a former chief justice of the Supreme Court to run for the office of the country's President.

Former Premier Sharif Quits Pakistan's Ruling Coalition RFE/RL 25 Aug 2008 -- Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has pulled his party out of Pakistan's governing coalition.

Pakistan Bans Taliban After Twin Suicide Bombings RFE/RL 25 Aug 2008 -- Pakistan says it has banned a key Taliban group after the militants claimed responsibility for a twin suicide bombing last week that killed at least 64 people.

Militants can't challenge writ of the govt: Gilani IRNA 22 Aug 2008 -- Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani: Need to know the root causes of terrorism and parliament should form a strategy to deal with the issue.

Pakistan Presidential Election Scheduled for September 6 VOA 22 Aug 2008 -- Election commission announced that parliament and the country's provincial assemblies will elect president September 6.

3rd Bomber Arrested in Connection with Pakistan Suicide Attacks VOA 22 Aug 2008 -- Pakistani police arrested a suspect who was to have been the third bomber in attacks that killed at least 64 people near Islamabad.

Pakistani Taliban claim responsibility for twin suicide attacks at ordnance factories IRNA 22 Aug 2008 -- Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for attacks which killed over 70.

PAKISTAN: Restive tribal area faces mass displacements IRIN 21 Aug 2008
14 armed Pakistani militants, 10 civilian killed in military operation IRNA 21 Aug 2008 -- At least 14 militants and 10 civilians have been killed in the ongoing military operation in Bajaur tribal region.
Taliban Claims Responsibility for Pakistan Bombings VOA 21 Aug 2008 -- Police in Pakistan say two suicide bombers killed at least 60 people outside the nation's main weapons complex.

Two suicide bombers kill 35 ordnance factory workers in Pakistan IRNA 21 Aug 2008 -- Two suicide bombers blew themselves up at Pakistan's major ordnance factory near the capital Islamabad, killing 35 people.

PAKISTAN: Restive tribal area faces mass displacements IRIN 21 Aug 2008 -- Thousands of local residents forced to flee villages in the restive Bajaur tribal agency, north of Peshawar.

India Again Claims Border Cease-Fire Violation by Pakistan VOA 21 Aug 2008 -- India says troops along the Line of Control were shelled from the Pakistani side.

Former Pakistani PM Threatens to Quit Ruling Coalition VOA 21 Aug 2008 -- Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has threatened to quit the country's ruling coalition if fired judges are not immediately reinstated.

Gap in PML-N, PPP can widen over judges issue: Iqbal Cheema IRNA 20 Aug 2008 -- Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema: Gap between the two ruling parties could be widened if they failed to find a solution on judges issue.

Musharraf's Resignation Raises Hopes For Pakistan, But Also Concerns RFE/RL 19 Aug 2008 -- The resignation of Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf on August 18 has raised questions about the future foreign-policy directions of Pakistan toward its neighbors -- Afghanistan to the west and India to the east.

Tens Of Thousands Flee Fighting In Pakistani Tribal Districts RFE/RL 19 Aug 2008 -- Pakistani authorities say that recent fighting between the military and Taliban insurgents in the Bajaur tribal district has displaced at least 250,000 ethnic Pashtuns from the region.

20 militants killed in Bajaur IRNA 19 Aug 2008 -- At least 20 pro-Taliban militants were killed in a clash with security forces in Bajaur.

Bomb Blast in Pakistan Kills at Least 23 VOA 19 Aug 2008 -- Pakistan police say a suicide bombing at a hospital in the country's northwest has killed 23 people, in a suspected act of sectarian violence.

Analysis: Challenges After Musharraf 18 Aug 2008 -- Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf, under pressure to step down or face impeachment, announced his resignation (Dawn) on August 18. Pakistan's two ruling coalition parties had threatened to impeach him on charges that included violating the constitution, damaging the economy, and unlawfully dismissing senior judges.

Secretary Rice Offers ‘Deep Gratitude’ to Resigning Pakistani President AFPS 18 Aug 2008 -- U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice today offered “deep gratitude” to outgoing Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf for his commitment in the war against terrorism and extremism.

Initial Reaction To Pakistani President's Resignation Cautious RFE/RL 18 Aug 2008 -- News of Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf's resignation is being received with caution both domestically and internationally.

Pakistani President's Resignation Raises New Questions RFE/RL 18 Aug 2008 -- After nine tumultuous years in power, 64-year-old former commando General Pervez Musharraf has resigned as president instead of battling an impeachment process in parliament.

Mohammedmian Soomro assumes office as Pakistan's acting president IRNA 18 Aug 2008
Pakistan's President Resigns VOA 18 Aug 2008 -- Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf announced his resignation, before his political opponents planned to begin impeachment proceedings against him.

Pakistan's Musharraf Resigns In Face Of Impeachment Motion RFE/RL 18 Aug 2008 -- Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, under a serious threat of impeachment from the country's governing coalition, has announced he is resigning from office "in the interest of the nation."

The next 24 hours crucial for President Musharraf IRNA 17 Aug 2008 -- President Pervez Musharraf on Friday has said that he would not resign as he was elected by the parliament as president for five years and would continue to play his constitutional role for the country.

Pakistan Coalition Finalizes Impeachment Charges VOA 17 Aug 2008 -- Members of Pakistan's ruling coalition say they have finalized a list of impeachment charges against embattled President Pervez Musharraf.

Saudi intelligence chief in Pakistan on Musharraf's fate INA 16 Aug 2008 -- Saudi intelligence chief dashed to Islamabad to broker a deal between the embattled President Pervez Musharraf who is facing impeachment and possible trial, local media reported.

Draft of Impeachment Charges Against Pakistani President Finalized VOA 16 Aug 2008 -- Members of Pakistan's ruling coalition say they have finalized a draft of impeachment charges against embattled President Pervez Musharraf.

Pakistan Says 460 Militants, 22 Troops Killed in Bajaur VOA 15 Aug 2008 -- Pakistani officials say security forces have killed at least 460 al-Qaida-linked militants in a tribal region bordering Afghanistan.

Presidential camp rules out Musharraf's resignation to avoid impeachment IRNA 15 Aug 2008 -- Pakistani Presidential spokesman Rashid Qureshi ruled out the possibility of resignation of Pervez Musharraf.

Musharraf decides to resign: daily IRNA 15 Aug 2008 -- Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf to quit instead of facing his impeachment in parliament.

Who Controls Pakistan's Powerful ISI? RFE/RL 14 Aug 2008 -- NATO's commander in Afghanistan, U.S. General David McKiernan, said this week he is certain there is "a level of ISI complicity" in the militant areas of Pakistan and within organizations like the Taliban.

Analysis: Pakistan's Governance Challenges 13 Aug 2008 -- The political crisis in Pakistan deepened this month when the country's democratically elected government announced its decision to seek impeachment (BBC) for President Pervez Musharraf. Musharraf, the country's army chief until last November, seized power in a 1999 coup and has retained office through two controversial votes.

Missiles Target Pakistani Militants Near Afghan Border VOA 13 Aug 2008 -- Pakistani security officials say a missile strike killed at least nine people at a militant training camp near the border with Afghanistan.

Pakistan Taliban claim responsibility for attack on air force truck IRNA 12 Aug 2008
Blast Targets Pakistani Air Force Truck in Northwest, Kills at Least 13 VOA 12 Aug 2008

Taliban fighters force Pakistan troops from tribal region IRNA 11 Aug 2008 -- Taliban fighters forced Pakistani soldiers to retreat from a militant stronghold near the border with Afghanistan over the weekend.

Pakistani Government Moves To Impeach Musharraf RFE/RL 08 Aug 2008 -- Asif Ali Zardari, the head of Pakistan's ruling coalition and widower of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, dramatically announced in Islamabad that the government will seek to impeach Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf.

Fighting between Pakistani forces, militants intensified in tribal region IRNA 8 Aug 2008 -- Fighting between Pakistani security forces and militants intensified in a tribal region.

Pakistani police arrest 8 militants, seize 4 suicide jackets IRNA 8 Aug 2008 -- Pakistani security forces arrested eight members of banned extremist groups and seized four suicide jackets.

Impeachment procedures against Musharraf to begin in days IRNA 8 Aug 2008 -- Pakistan's former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party Asif Ali Zardari told a joint news conference that impeachment proceedings against President Musharraf will be started in coming days.

Five Pakistani soldiers, 25 militants killed in tribal region clashes: army IRNA 8 Aug 2008 -- Five Pakistani soldiers and 25 suspected militants killed as security forces launched a major operation in the Bajaur tribal region.

Pakistan Say 25 Militants Killed Along Afghan Border VOA 7 Aug 2008 -- Government forces killed at least 25 pro-Taliban militants in fighting near the border with Afghanistan.

Situation in Swat still tense IRNA 6 Aug 2008 -- The situation in Swat in the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) of Pakistan is tensed despite a large scale military operation against local Taliban.

Missiles fired at army colony, airport in tribal area IRNA 6 Aug 2008 -- Unidentified men fired five missiles on an army colony and three rockets on a hospital in Pakistan's South Waziristan tribal region.

Militant's three rockets land in Pak army center IRNA 6 Aug 2008 -- Suspected militants fired eight rockets in a Pakistani city and three landed in army area.

Pakistan army says 94 militants killed in operation IRNA 5 Aug 2008 -- Pakistani army said that 94 militants have been killed in a major operation launched in Swat valley.

Musharraf says foreign hand involved in unrest IRNA 4 Aug 2008 -- President Pervez Musharraf on Monday said that there are proofs of involvement of foreign elements in fueling insurgency in southwestern Pakistan.

Landmine blast injures eight Pakistani soldier IRNA 4 Aug 2008 -- A landmine blast hit a convoy on Pakistani troops in the country's tribal region on Monday and injured eight soldiers, officials said.

PAKISTAN: Hundreds attempting to flee conflict-hit Swat Valley IRIN 4 Aug 2008.

Insecurity Increases As Pakistani Army Fights Pro-Taliban Militants RFE/RL 06 Aug 2008 -- Thousands of people are fleeing northwestern Pakistan's Swat Valley as battles between the army and Taliban militants and other insurgents continue to rage.

Pakistan Vows To Root Out Pro-Taliban Agents RFE/RL 06 Aug 2008 -- Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai has met with Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to discuss allegations that Pakistan's intelligence agency was behind a deadly bombing attack on the Indian Embassy in Kabul.

Pakistani forces kill 10 militants in northwest: state TV IRNA 03 Aug 2008 -- Pakistani security forces on Sunday killed at least ten militants in the violence-hit Swat valley, the state television reported.

Pakistani Governor Confirms Peace Deals With Tribal Leaders VOA 03 Aug 2008 -- The governor of Pakistan's Northwest Frontier Province has confirmed that Pakistan's federal government signed a peace agreement with about 300 tribal leaders in North Waziristan in January.

Pakistani Taliban burn two more girls schools, blow up bridges IRNA 2 Aug 2008 -- Pakistani Taliban on Saturday burnt two more girls schools and blew up two bridges in Swat valley.

US Implicates Pakistani Agents in Kabul Bomb Attack VOA 01 Aug 2008 -- U.S. officials are accusing Pakistan's primary intelligence service of helping to carry out last month's bomb attack on India's embassy in Afghanistan

33 killed in Swat clashes, more forces called in IRNA 1 Aug 2008 -- Thirty three people have been killed in the ongoing operation in Swat while more forces have been called in on the requisition of the provincial government.
Pakistani Taliban reject Interior Advisor's claim on Indian ties IRNA 1 Aug 2008 -- Pakistani Taliban rejected a claim by Interior Ministry Chief that their chief Baitullah Mehsood has links with India.
Pakistan Denies Report Linking Spy Service to Kabul Bombing VOA 1 Aug 2008


Several Climbers Die on K2 (Aug. 1): Eleven mountain climbers are killed when a large mass of ice breaks and causes an avalanche on the world's second-highest mountain. It is the deadliest accident climbing accident on K2 since 1986.

Dozens Are Killed in a Stampede in India (Aug. 3): Nearly 150 people, many children, die when rumors of a landslide cause pilgrims to stampede during a festival celebrating the Hindu mother goddess at Naina Devi temple in northern India.

The Summer Games Open with a Spectacular Ceremony and Tragedy (Aug. 8): The Games open in Beijing with 14,000 performers and 91,000 spectators in the National Stadium. Dancing, music, and fireworks entertain 840 million television viewers worldwide. A Chinese man stabs an American couple midday on the second floor of an ancient tower in Beijing, killing the husband and injuring the wife. The victim, Todd Bachman, was the father-in-law of Hugh McCutcheon, the head indoor men's volleyball coach. (Aug. 13): U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps wins his 11th career gold medal, becoming the first athlete in Olympic history to do so. (Aug. 17): Michael Phelps wins his eighth gold medal, breaking the record set by Mark Spitz in the 1972 Games. Phelps also sets the record for the most golds in a single Olympics.
New Orleans Residents Prepare for Hurricane (Aug. 30): One day after the third anniversary of the catastrophic Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin orders residents to begin leaving the city as Hurricane Gustav makes its way toward Louisiana. (Aug. 31): As many as two million people comply with Mayor Nagin's order and leave New Orleans in one of the biggest evacuations in U.S. history.

Flood Devastates Part of India (Aug. 28): A breach in a dam in Nepal causes the Kosi River in the state of Bihar to flood. At least 75 people die, more than two million are displaced, and some 500,000 are stranded.
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Current Affairs 2007

10 Biometric systems introduced to screen travelers in Chaman area along Pak-Afghan border.
Prime Minister Shaukat aziz approves the constitution of a commission for organizing jirgas with
12 President Musharraf rules out political alliance with PPP.
16 Army helicopter gunships strike suspected militant hideout in South Waziristan killing 20 militants.
21 Women students of Jamia Hafsa madressah in Islamabad occupy children’s library in protest against
demolition of mosques constructed illegally.
22 Four security personnel die when suicide bomber rams explosive-laden car into military convoy in
North Waziristan.
26 One person dies when suicide bomber blows himself up outside Marriott Hotel in Islamabad.
27 Suicide bomber strikes Peshawar’s people, including police chief.

01 The Economic Coordination Committee grants 40-years tax relief to Gwadar port operators.
03 Suicide bomber rams jeep into military convoy in Barakhel area of Tank Killing two soldiers.
05 In Tehran President Musharraf holds talks with Iranian leaders proposing plan for Muslim world unity.
07 Wapda signs agreement with Iranian company for purchase of electricity for Gwadar.
In Punjab, armed men attack a group of PPP (parliamentarian) killing six activists.
13 Prevention of Anti-Women Practices Bill is introduced in National Assembly.
14 Federal cabinet approves promulgation of Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Ordinance,
15 National Assembly passes law reforms and Pemra bills.
Supreme Court suspends Sindh High Court order to annul provincial government decision to impose ban
on teachers unions.
17 Sixteen people are killed in Quetta suicide attack outside a court.
Khokhrapar-Munabao train resumes operations after a break of six months.
18 Government seals officers of Al Rashid Trust and Al Akhtar Trust across the country.
19 Two bomb explosions inside Samjhota Express kill 68 passengers.
20 Punjab minister for social welfare Zille Huma Usman shot dead by a religious fanatic.
Supreme Court says a few clauses need to be modified in Hasba Bill.
23 In Islamabad, the government signs agreement with Indian on gas-sharing formula for IPI.


01 Security forces capture Mullah Omer’s deputy Obaidullah Akhund in Quetta.
02 US Senate members urge Bush to launch military strikes on Al Qaeda targets inside Pakistan.
04 US Vice-President Dick Cheney says Pakistan should act to destroy Al Qaeda hideouts in tribal zone
or let the Americans do the job.
06 Fierce clashes erupt between local tribesmen and foreign militants in South Waziristan leaving 17
Government gives comprehensive dossier to Indian delegation about involvement of its security agencies
in terrorist acts in Balochistan.
09 President Musharraf suspends Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry.
12 Supreme Judicial Council takes up reference in camera against Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry.
Fourth round of composite dialogue between Pakistan and India begins in Islamabad.
14 US Senate approve legislation featuring restrictions on US military aid to Pakistan.
16 Armed policemen attack Geo News office in Islamabad.
20 Forty-two Uzbeks militants and 16 tribespeople die in two-day clashes in South Waziristan.
President Musharraf inaugurates Gwadar Port.
Anti-terrorism court sentences Zille Huma’s killer to death.
27 Senior ISI officer and subordinate, including two tribesmen, die in Bajaur ambush.
28 In Tank, the army is called out after fierce overnight clashes between paramilitary forces and militants.
30 clashes between militants and security forces in South Waziristan kill 54 people including 45

02 In South Waziristan, religious leaders declare jihad against Uzbek militants.
04 Dozens are killed as tribesmen attack foreign militants in South Waziristan.
In Islamabad, talks between Pakistan and Indian officials on demilitarisation of Siachen glacier begin.
07 Siachen talks end without making headway.
11 At least 15 people are killed in attacks by militants on two villages in Kurram Agency.
Russian prime minister arrives in Islamabad on three-day visit.
17 During the visit of Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz 17 pacts are signed with China.
18 Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry files constitutional petition in Supreme Court in response to Pervez
Musharraf’s move to file a reference against him.
19 Supreme Court serves notice on Pervez Musharraf regarding chief justice’s position.
27 At least 28 people are killed in suicide bomb attack in Charsadda, NWFP.

02 The government asks Supreme Court to expand five-member bench in chief justice case to full court.
07 Supreme Court halts proceedings against chief justice accepting the plea for full court.
08 Visiting Nato Secretary General Jaap de Hoop sees ties with Islamabad beyond the war on terror.
12 Riots disrupt Karachi as rival political groups clash on arrival of chief justice leaving 40 people dead.
Full court takes up chief justice’s petition.
15 Suicide blasts kill 22 people in Peshawar.
18 Talks with India on Sir Creek end in Islamabad without making progress.
22 Security forces clash with militants in Zakerkhel village in North Waziristan, killing three Uzbeks and
one tribesman.
23 Amnesty International Demands an inquiry into May 12 killings in Karachi.
24 Waziristan peace panel members resign in protest against operation in Zakerkhel.
26 Chief justice of Sindh High Court constitutes seven-member bench to hear May 12 petition in a suo
motu exercise.
31 Militants attacks political agent’s house in Tank killing 13 people.

02 Government stops TV channels from telecasting live talk shows and discussions on chief justice issue.
04 President Musharraf imposes fresh curbs on electronic media by promulgating amended Pemra
Ordinance 2007.
07 Heads of two intelligence agencies and affidavit in Supreme Court against Justice Chaudhry.
09 President Musharraf with draws amended Pemra ordinance.
13 Visiting US assistant Secretary of State for South Asia Richard Boucher assures politicians that the US
is pressurizing President Musharraf to hold fair polls.
14 Men in car open fire in Quetta killing nine people including seven army men.
19 Missile hits seminary in Datakhel, North Waziristan, killing 22 people.
21 Opposition in National Assembly files reference against Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz accusing him of
wrong wording in stock market crash and sale of Pakistan Steel Mills.
22 Lal Masjid brigade raids Chinese massage parlour in Islamabad kidnapping six Chinese nationals
among others.
23 Dust storm and rain kill at least 44 people in Karachi.
Chinese hostages are freed.
26 Cyclone Yemyin hits coastal areas of Balochistan. Thousands flee for safety.
28 Rains kill 56 in NWFP.
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Faryal Shah will become famous soon enough

03 Rangers and riot police fight gunbattle with Lal Masjid militants, killing 10.
07 President Musharraf warns lal Masjid militants to surrender or be prepared to die.
Multi party Conference starts in London.
08 MPC declaration asks president Musharraf to resign.
10 Abdul Rashid Ghazi and 50 Lal Masjid militants are killed in battle with army commandos.
11 MPC launches the All Parties Democratic Movement (APDM).
12 Supreme Court Stays PSO sale.
13 Local Taliban announce enforcement of Sharia in Khaar, bajaur Agency.
14 Suicide bombing kills 24 soldiers in North Waziristan.
15 Suicide bombing kills 49 in the NWFP; 28 are security personnel.
16 Pakistan Cricket Board names Geoff Lawson as new national coach.
17 Suicide bomber strikes outside bar council convention venue in Islamabad killing 17.
19 suicide bomber strikes Chinese engineers’ van killing 30 in Hub.
Eighteen die in bomb attack at Kohat cantonment mosque.
20 Supreme Court rejects presidential reference against chief justice.
21 Thunderstorm kills 48 people in Dir.
23 militants and security personnel fight in North Waziristan; 35 militants and two soldiers die.
24 Militant Abdullah Mehsud blows himself up during raid by security personnel in Zhob.
27 President Musharraf and Benazir Bhutto meet in Abu Dhabi to discuss politics.

01 President Musharraf appoints Justice (retd) Malik Mohammed Qayyum as attorney-general of
02 The Us under-secretary of state for Political Affairs Nicholas Burns Threatens to use in force in
Pakistan’s tribal areas against Al Qeada.
04 Opposition leader Makhdoom Javed Hashmi is released from Kot Lakhpat jail on Supreme Court
08 A three-day Pakistan-Afghanistan joint peace jirga begins in Kabul.
10 Supreme Court admits constitutional petition of Nawaz Sharif seeking to return to Pakistan.
Rains leave 21 dead in Karachi.
12 President Musharraf attends joint peace jirga in Kabul.
18 Militant commander Baitullah Mehsud scraps 2005 six-point peace agreement with government.
19 Fire rages through Karachi’s PNSC building destroying valuable documents.
22 Rains and storm kill 10 in Karachi.
23 Supreme Court allows Nawaz Sharif to return home.
30 Militants capture over 200 army personnel in South Waziristan.

01 Shershah bridge collapses in Karachi killing six people.
03 President Musharraf inaugurates Sabakazi Dam in Zhob.
Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Ordinance 2007 promulgated.
04 Two Suicide bombers strike at two locations in Rawalpindi’s high security zone killing 27 people.
06 Supreme Court admits petition against dual post of President Musharraf.
10 The government sends Nawaz Sharif back to Suadi Arabia after his arrival in Islamabad.
11 Suicide bomber attacks in D.I.Khan killing 18 people.
PML (N) files court petition against government for deporting Nawaz Sharif.
12 Clashes between militants and army in Waziristan kill 40 militants.
13 suicide bomber attacks commando base in Tarbela killing 15 soldiers.
15 Election Commission amends rules for presidential poll making Article 63 irrelevant.
18 Supreme Court is informed by president Musharraf through his counsel that he will step down as army
chief if re-elected president for second term.
20 Supreme Court rejects Imran Khan’s application seeking revocation of amendment to Presidential
Election Riles by chief election commissioner.
At least 18 people die after drinking toxic liduor in Karachi.
28 Supreme Court dismisses petition against President Musharraf for holding two offices, allowing him to contest presidential poll.
30 Government signs $750m accord with US for Fata uplift.

01 President Musharraf’s candidature is challenged in Supreme Court.
Suicide bomber in burqa strikes in Bannu killing 16 people.
05 Supreme Court declines to stay presidential election; directs Election Commission not to notify result
until its verdict.
President Musharraf promulgates National Reconciliation Ordinance 2007.
06 President Musharraf wins presidential election from a parliamentary electoral college.
Militants kidnap 28 soldiers in North Waziristan.
07 Clashes break out between security forces and militants and 20 troops.
09 Fighter jets bomb a village in North Waziristan killing 50 people.
10 NWFP Governor Ali Mohammad Jan Aurakzai dissolves provincial assembly; names Shamsul Malik
as caretaker chief minister.
17 Inzamamul Haq plays last Test innings at Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore.
18 Suicide bombers attack welcome procession of Benazir Bhutto killing more then 140 people.
23 President Musharraf unveils political, administrative and development package for the Northern Areas.
25 Bomb blast kills 20 including 17 security personnel in Swat.
26 Militants publicly execute four security personnel in village near Mingora.
30 Suicide bomber attacks police check post in Rawalpindi less than a kilometer from President
Musharraf’s camp office, killing seven people.

01 Suicide bomber attacks PAF bus in Sargodha killing 11 people.
Sixty militants are killing in swat.
03 President Musharraf promulgates emergency suspending the Consitution Hameed Dogar is sworn in as
new chief justice; several judges refuse to take oath under PCO.
04 In South Waziristan, militants free 213 army personnel after two months, in exchange for 25 militants.
06 Supreme Court overrules a seven-judge decision against PCO.
07 National Assembly endorses proclamation of emergency and suspension of Constitution.
10 The government amends Army Act giving power to army to court-martial civilians.
12 Free trade pact signed with Malaysia.
Army takes over command of security forces in Swat.
13 In NWFP, militants take over district headquarters of Shangla in Malakand Division.
14 Security forces attacks Shangla district killing 14 people.
Islami Jamiat-i-Tulaba students at Lahore’s Punjab University hand over Imran Khan to police.
16 Caretaker Prime Minister Mohammadmain Soomro takes oath of office.
US Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte arrives in Islamabad.
News channels Geo and ARY are shut down.
Sectarian clashes erupt in Parachinar killing 10.
17 in meeting with John Negroponte, president Musharraf refuses to set date for lifting emergency.
18 Security forces use Cobra helicopters in a bid to end sectarian clashes in Parachinar. The clashes killed
80 people in three days.
19 Caretaker governments of Balochistan, Punjab and Sindh take oath.
Sectarian clashes in Parachinar kill 28.
20 In clashes in Shangla district, 19 militants and six civilians are killed.
21 President Musharraf amends Constitutions through executive order providing constitutional cover to
all actions taken during emergency period.
Baloch leader Balach Marri is killed.
22 commonwealths suspends Pakistan’s membership.
23 Supreme Court validates imposition of emergency and suspension of Constitution.
Supreme Court certifies presidential election of October 6.
24 Two suicide bombers strike in Rawalpindi targeting military personnel and installations, killing 18.
25 Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif returns to Lahore from exile.
Army claims killing 30 militants in Swat and Capturing strategic mountain positions of militants.
26 Clashes between security forces and militants kill 20 militants and four soldiers.
28 President General Musharraf retires as army chief. General Ashfaq Kayani takes over.
29 President Musharraf takes oath as civilian president

02 Turkish President Abdullah Gul arrives in Islamabad for two-day visit.
03 Nomination papers of Nawaz Sharif rejected on grounds of his conviction.
04 Interior ministry spokesman Brig (retd) Javed Iqbal Cheema says 230 militants are killed and 90 in
custody since operation in Swat.
Suspected women suicide bomber blows herself up at military checkpoint in Peshawar.
09 APDM fails to evolve consensus on election boycott issue.
10 Pakistan oil reserves drop to lowest ever level.
11 Presidents Musharraf inaugurates Sialkot International Airport.
12 Caretaker cabinet raises electricity tariff.
Roadside explosions in North Waziristan kill 15 soldiers.
13 President Musharraf sanctions the creation of National Command Authority, authorizing it to ensure
security and safety of unclear establishments.
15 President Musharraf introduces more constitutional amendments through executive orders.
Authorities confirm country’s first death due bird flu.
16 suicide blast kills at least 12 army recruits in Kohat.
Suspected militants Rashid Rauf escapes from police custody.
19 Lahore-board Karachi express derails near Mehrabpur killing 50 passengers.
Us senate approves a $785mn aid package for Pakistan.
21 Charsadda mosque suicide attack kills 56, injuries 100.
23 Us official says there are no restrictions on sale of F-16, TWO missiles to Pakistan.
Suicide bomber attacks army convoy in NWFP, killing four soldiers and six others.
27 Benazir Bhutto assassinated.


faryal shah
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Faryal Shah will become famous soon enough

Current Affairs January 2008

• Venezuela introduces the new Bolívar Fuerte currency (ISO 4217, code: VEF) to combat inflation
• Cyprus and Malta adopt the euro currency, becoming the 14th and 15th countries to do so.
• Technip is awarded a $1.2 billion contract to develop the Pazflor oil deposit in Angola. Acergy is awarded a $700 million contract to assist in petroleum
production at Pazflor
• The price of gold reaches a new record of $865.35 per troy ounce in the a.m. London Gold Fixing, breaking the previous high of 21 January 1980
• Georgian presidential election, 2008: Georgian Incumbent President Mikhail
Saakashvili has been re-elected for a new mandate following a snap poll with
nearly 53% of the votes
• China will ban stores from handing out plastic bags as of June 2008
• India's Tata Motors launches the world's cheapest production car, Tata Nano, in Pragati Maidan, Delhi.
• Snow falls in Baghdad, Iraq for the first time in a century.
• Republic of China legislative election, 2008: The Kuomintang (KMT) and its
coalition allies win a landslide victory over the Democratic Progressive Party,
garnering 86 of 113 seats in the Legislative Yuan
• Atonement wins the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture - Drama at the 65th Golden Globe Awards. Sweeney Todd wins the Golden Globe Award for Best
Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy
• A team of researchers from the University of Minnesota announce the creation of a beating rat heart using cells from the heart of newborn rats and a heart structure from a dead rat
• Alvaro Colom is sworn in as President of Guatemala
• MESSENGER, a NASA mission, flies by Mercury, the second spacecraft to do so and the first in thirty-three years
• Bobby Jindal is sworn in as the 56th Governor of Louisiana. He is the first Indian American governor in U.S. history
• The discovery of Tahina spectabilis, a palm in northern Madagascar that dies after flowering, is announced.
• Sun Microsystems announces the acquisition of MySQL AB, a leading open
source relational database management system vendor, for US$1 billion
• NYSE Euronext, the holding company for the New York Stock Exchange, agrees to buy the American Stock Exchange for $260 million in stock.
• The Russian government closes British Council offices in St Petersburg and
• An Israeli TecSAR spy satellite is launched aboard an Indian Polar Satellite
Launch Vehicle.
• Former Liberian warlord Joshua Milton Blahyi confesses that he is responsible for at least 20,000 deaths during the First Liberian Civil War
• Australia's longest running magazine, The Bulletin, is closing down after almost 130 years of publishing
• Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi is forced to resign following a lost vote of confidence in the Senate.
• An Australian girl spontaneously switches blood types and adopts her donor's
immune system following a liver transplant in the first known case of its type
• Maria Sharapova wins the Australian Open women's title defeating Ana Ivanović 7-5, 6-3. Andy Ram & Yoni Erlich win the men's doubles title.
• Novak Đoković wins the men's title of the 2008 Australian Open
• George W. Bush delivers his final State of the Union Address as President of the United States.
• Inflation in Zimbabwe rises to about 150,000%. The Zimbabwean dollar is
essentially worthless.
• Near-Earth asteroid 2007 TU24 passes Earth at a distance of 334,000 miles
(537,500 km), and observations reduce the estimate of its size from 2,000 feet (610 m) diameter to 800 feet (250 m)
• The United States Federal Reserve cuts the federal funds rate by half a point to 3 per cent, the second cut in this key interest rate in eight days as it acts to head offa recession
• The Government of Australia announces that it will apologize to the "stolen
generation" of indigenous Australians in the Parliament of Australia on February13.
• Internet failure affects parts of Asia and Africa after two undersea cables, SEAME-WE 4 and FLAG, are damaged.

Current Affairs till Feb

• A third fiber-optic submarine communications cable, FALCON, is cut two days after SEA-ME-WE 4 and FLAG were damaged. 2008 submarine cable disruption: the Egyptian transport ministry reports that footage of the areas where cables were snapped or damaged shows no maritime traffic
• French President Nicolas Sarkozy marries singer and former supermodel Carla
Bruni at the Élysée Palace.
• Serbian presidential election, 2008: Boris Tadić is reelected President of Serbia.
• Silver State Helicopters, one of America's largest helicopter flight schools,
suddenly closes its doors and files bankruptcy.
• The Versailles Assembly, bringing together both the French Senate and the
Chamber of Deputies, votes 560 to 181 in favour of amending the constitution to allow adoption of the EU Lisbon Treaty.
• Iran launches the Kavoshgar-1 research rocket to inaugurate a newly built space center
• U.S. President George W. Bush introduces a Federal budget of $3.1 trillion and a near-record deficit just ahead — 410 billion $ The Budget includes a financial assistance of $830 million for Pakistan. A $158 billion plan to stimulate economic growth in the United States fails in the U.S. Senate on a procedural vote 58-41, just short of the 60 votes needed to advance. The United States Congress approves a $168 billion economic stimulus package and sends it to President George W. Bush for his approval
• War in Chad
• Post election violence in Kenya
• Winter Storms in China
• WTO approves Ukraine to become a new member.
• President of Italy Giorgio Napolitano dismisses the parliament; the cabinet sets early elections for 13 and 14 April
• The Slovakian Parliament vote on the Lisbon Treaty ratification is indefinitely
• The National Assembly of France approves the Treaty of Lisbon by 336 votes to 52.
• Space Shuttle Atlantis launches successfully on its STS-122 mission.
• British Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri will be extradited to the United States to face terror charges.
• NATO meets in Vilnius, Lithuania.
• Rice and Miliband visit Afghanistan
• Rio Tinto rejects BHP Billiton's $147 billion hostile takeover bid.
• The Grand National Assembly of Turkey votes to change the Constitution of
Turkey removing a ban on wearing religious head cover in Turkish universities
The military government of Myanmar announces a national referendum to pass a new constitution will be held in May, and that democratic multi-party elections will take place in 2010.
• Paintings by Paul Cézanne, Edgar Degas, Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet are stolen from the Foundation E.G. Bührle, a museum in Zürich
• The Singapore Flyer, the largest observation wheel in the world (30 meters higher than London Eye), starts to turn.
• Assasnation attempts on East Timor President and PM
• European Space Agency's Columbus module is attached to the International
Space Station.
• Russia and Ukraine resolve a dispute over Ukraine's natural gas debt which saw Gazprom threatening to cut off supplies
• The Iraqi Parliament adopts an accord on the budget, detainees and federalism, setting provincial elections for late 2008.
• The Swedish government rejects the Nord Stream underwater natural gas pipeline from Russia to Germany
• Prime Minister Kevin Rudd issues a formal apology to the Indigenous Stolen
Generation on behalf of the Parliament of Australia.
• Malaysian Parliament dissolved for The 13th Malaysian general election
• Kiribati now has the largest protected marine reserve in the world


• The new discount rate is 10.5 per cent effective from Feb 1
• Bird flu reappears in Karachi
• The government has decided to cut the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) by Rs70 billion
• Bachat card scheme approved
• Pakistan’s water infrastructure is in poor condition and needs Rs60 billion ($1
billion) annual investment in reservoirs and related projects over the next five
years, says a World Bank study
• 1,000-MW coal-fired power plant at Thar to be built
• $2.16bn Neelum-Jhelum hydel project launched
• : The government is planning to open 1,500 more Utility Stores Corporation
(USC) outlets to cover all union councils
• The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) has issued licences to five independent power producers (IPPs) for initiating wind power projects in the country
• China may replace India in pipeline deal: Iran
• Pakistan on successfully carried out the training launch of Ghaznavi (Hatf-III) short-range nuclear capable ballistic missile.

Current Affairs March

• The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army also known
by the acronym of FARC or FARC-EP, is a self-proclaimed Marxist-Leninist
revolutionary guerrilla organization.
• Raúl Reyes, the second in command of the FARC guerilla organization, is killed in a Colombian military operation in northern Ecuador.
• President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrives in Baghdad for the first state visit to Iraq by an Iranian president since the Iran-Iraq War.
• The U.N. Security Council approves a third round of sanctions against Iran with near unanimous support.
• Androulla Vasiliou replaces Markos Kyprianou as European Commissioner for
• United States Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Dan
Fried estimates that Kosovo will need about $2 billion in foreign aid to become
economically viable, and says that the United States will participate in a major
donors' conference on Kosovo in June.
• India wins cricket's Commonwealth Bank Series in Australia.
• U.S. Republican presidential nominee John McCain is endorsed by President
George W. Bush.
• Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, is named the richest person in the world by Forbes magazine.
• The discovery of the Rings of the Saturnian moon Rhea, the first known rings around a moon, is announced.
• Viktor Bout, one of the world’s most notorious arms dealers, is arrested at a hotel in Thailand.
• Václav Klaus is sworn in for another term as the President of the Czech Republic
• A United States Department of Labor report shows that the United States
economy lost 63,000 jobs in February.
• Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt becomes the first foreign minister to visit Kosovo since the country declared its independence.
• Malaysians go to the polls for the Malaysian general election, 2008. The Barisan National secures another term in government, but suffers its worst performance since the country's independence in 1957.
• Admiral William Fallon resigns as Commander of the U.S. Central Command due to reports in Esquire Magazine of disagreement with President George W. Bush over the administration's policy with Iran.
• The total amount of digital information is estimated at 281 exabytes in 2007,
exceeding available data storage for the first time.
• An exabyte (derived from the SI prefix exa-) is a unit of information or computer storage equal to one quintillion bytes.
• Sweden’s largest lake, the Vänern, which is also the third largest lake in Europe, will be lowered by 15 centimeters, in order to avoid flooding.
• The Canadian House of Commons extends the Canadian military mission in
Afghanistan until 2011.
• The price of gold reaches $1000 per troy ounce for the first time.
• Queen Elizabeth officially opens London Heathrow Airport's new Terminal 5.
• After a summit in Brussels, European Union leaders agree to a 20% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2020
• Michael D. Griffin, the current Administrator of NASA, announces the agency
will concentrate more on the outer Solar System and less on Mars exploration,
due to cuts to its 2009–2012 budget.
• At the 11th National People's Congress, Hu Jintao is elected to a second term as the President of China, and Xi Jinping is elected Vice-President.


faryal shah
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September 2008


Japanese Prime Minister Resigns (Sep. 1): Yasuo Fakuda, who has been in office barely a year, announces that he will step down when his party, the Liberal Democrats, select his successor. In June 2008, the upper house of Parliament, which is controlled by the opposition, censured Fukuda, citing his management of domestic issues. The lower house, however, supported him in a vote of confidence.

U.S. Transfers Control of Once Troubled Province to Iraq (Sep. 1): The Iraqi military and police assume responsibility for maintaining security in Anbar Province, which was until recently the cradle of the Sunni insurgency. More than 1,000 members of the U.S. military have been killed in the province.

Thai Government Declares State of Emergency When Protests Turn Violent (Sep. 1): One person is killed and dozens are wounded in fighting between supporters of an opposition group and pro-government demonstrators. For more than a week, thousands of protesters, called People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD), have staged a sit-in outside the government buildings in Bangkok, calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej. Pro-government launched counterdemonstrations. (Sep. 2): Prime Minister Samak declares a state of emergency. (Sep. 3): The military and police do not enforce the state of emergency. In a press conference, army commander Gen. Anupong Paochinda declares neutrality in the conflict. "We are not taking sides," he says. "If the nation is the people, we are the army of the people." (Sep. 9): Samak is forced from office when Thailand's Constitutional Court rules that he violated the constitution by being paid to appear on the cooking show "Tasting and Complaining." Somchai Wongsawat, the first deputy prime minister, becomes acting prime minister. (Sep. 14): Acting prime minister Somchai ends the state of emergency, which has disrupted the tourism industry. (Sep. 17): Parliament elects Somchai prime minister, 298 to 163.

U.S. Report on Civilian Deaths in Attack on Afghans Conflicts With Other Accounts (Sep. 2): A U.S. military report on the number of civilian casualties incurred in an August airstrike by U.S. troops on a village in Azizabad finds that five to seven civilians and 30 to 35 Taliban were killed. The UN and the Afghan government, however, say as many as 90 Afghan civilians, 60 of them children, died.

U.S. Troops Attack Militants in Pakistan (Sep. 3): In its first acknowledged ground attack inside Pakistan, U.S. commandos raid a village that is home to al-Qaeda militants in the tribal region near the border with Afghanistan. The number of casualties is unclear.

Governing Party Wins Parliamentary Elections in Angola (Sep. 5): In the country's first elections in 16 years, the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) wins about 82% of the vote in the legislative election. The opposition, the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (Unita), takes 10%.

Bhutto's Widower Is Elected President of Pakistan (Sep. 6): Asif Ali Zardari, leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party, wins 481 out of 702 votes in the two houses of Parliament to become president. Zardari, who served 11 years in prison on charges of corruption, faces the overwhelming task of rooting out members of al Qaeda and the Taliban, who control much of the country's tribal areas. He also promises to improve the relationship between Parliament and the presidency.

International Regulator Allows India to Buy Nuclear Fuel (Sep. 6): The Nuclear Suppliers Group, comprised of representatives from 45 countries, votes to allow India to buy nuclear fuel for its reactors as long as it uses the fuel for civilian purposes only. The U.S. Congress must approve the agreement. The opposition party in India, the Bharatiya Janata Party, is against the deal, calling it a "nonproliferation trap." The deal could be scrapped if India uses the fuel for its weapons program.

Canadian Prime Minister Calls for Early Elections (Sep. 7): Stephen Harper requests that Parliament be dissolved and sets national elections for October 14. He hopes to win enough votes to hold a majority in Parliament; he now heads a minority Conservative government.

Three Convicted in Plot to Blow Up Planes (Sep. 8): Three men, out of eight who were on trial, are found guilty in a British court of conspiracy to commit murder. The defendants were arrested in 2006 for trying to use liquid explosives to blow up seven planes that were traveling from the UK to the U.S. and Canada. They are acquitted of the more serious charge of preparing acts of terrorism.

Russia Agrees to Withdraw from Georgia (Sep. 8): Russian president Dmitri A. Medvedev says he will remove troops from Georgia by mid-October and will permit 200 observers from the European Union to keep watch over the conflict in South Ossetia and Abkhazia, which began on Aug. 7 when Georgia attacked the breakaway enclave of South Ossetia. Russia stepped in to defend South Ossetia. (Sep. 10): Russia's foreign minister Sergey Lavrov disputes that Russia agreed to allow European Union monitors into South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Instead, he says they will work in Georgia, outside the breakaway enclaves.

Judge Drops Case Against South African Leader (Sep. 12): A High Court judge dismisses corruption charges against African National Congress leader Jacob Zuma, saying the government mishandled the prosecution. The ruling clears the way for Zuma to succeed Thabo Mbeki as president of South Africa. The judge also criticizes President Mbeki for attempting to influence the prosecution of Zuma.

Several Bombs Tear Through Indian Capital (Sep. 13): Over the course of 25 minutes, five bombs explode in crowded markets in New Delhi, killing 22 people and injuring dozens. The Indian Mujahideen claims responsibility for the attacks.

Rivals Sign Power-Sharing Deal in Zimbabwe (Sep. 15): President Robert Mugabe and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who defeated Mugabe 48% to 43% in March elections but boycotted the June runoff election because of voter intimidation, will share executive authority over the country. Tsvangirai will serve as prime minister and the opposition will control 16 ministries. The governing party will control 15; Mugabe will continue as president.

Military Command in Iraq Changes Hands (Sep. 16): U.S. Gen. Ray Odierno succeeds Gen. David Petraeus as the commander of the multinational forces in Iraq. Petraeus, who oversaw the surge of troops into Iraq, will become commander of the U.S. Central Command that covers all of the Middle East.

Two Bombs Explode at U.S. Embassy in Yemen (Sep. 17): A car bomb and a rocket hit the U.S. embassy in Yemen as staff arrived to work, killing 16 people, including four civilians. At least 25 suspected al-Qaeda militants are arrested in connection with the attack.

Dozens Are Killed in Blast at Popular Hotel in Pakistan (Sep. 20): A truck bomb explodes outside the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, killing more than 50 people and wounding hundreds. The bomb went off as government leaders, including the president and prime minister, were dining a few hundred yards away, at the prime minister's residence. A previously unknown group, Fedayeen Islam, takes responsibility for the attack.

South Africa's President Announces Resignation (Sep. 21): Under pressure from leaders of his party, the African National Congress (ANC), Thabo Mbeki says he has stepped down. Party leaders accused Mbeki of interfering in the corruption case against ANC leader Jacob Zuma. An interim president will take over until Jacob Zuma, the leader of the ruling ANC, runs for Parliament. Once a member of Parliament, Zuma is expected to become president. Mbeki served as president since 1999. (Sep. 24): Mbeki's deputy and 10 members of his cabinet also resign. Six ministers say they will not serve in a new government. (Sep. 25): Parliament elects Kgalema Motlanthe, a labor leader who was imprisoned during apartheid, as president.
Israeli Prime Minister Steps Down (Sep. 21): Ehud Olmert, who is under investigation for corruption, resigns as prime minister. Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, who was recently elected the head of Olmert's party, Kadima, is expected to succeed Olmert if she can maintain the fragile governing coalition.

Ruling Party in Japan Selects New Leader (Sep. 22): Taro Aso, a conservative and former foreign minister, is elected president of the governing Liberal Democratic Party. (Sep. 24): The lower house of Parliament elects Aso as prime minister. He promises to restore the flagging economy.
Myanmar Releases Thousands of Prisoners (Sep. 23): Just over 9,000 prisoners are released by the military government, including the longest-serving political prisoner, Win Tin. Most of those released, however, are not political prisoners. By most estimates, as many as 2,000 political prisoners remain in detention.

Iraq Passes Scaled-Down Election Law (Sep. 24): Parliament passes a much-anticipated law that calls for provincial elections to be held in early 2009. Elections had originally been scheduled for October 2008. Elections, however, in the disputed city of Kirkuk are postponed until a separate agreement is reached by a committee made up of representatives from each group involved in the dispute over the future of Kirkuk.

Car Bomb Explodes in Syrian Capital (Sep. 27): A powerful bomb, made of more than 400 pounds of explosives, kills 17 people near a Shiite shrine in Damascus. It's Syria's worst attack in more than 20 years. Terrorism is suspected.

Five Bombs Kill Dozens in Baghdad (Sep. 28): At least 27 people die and more than 80 are wounded in the bombs that occur throughout the day.

to be continued
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Default Chronology of significant events, 2009

Chronology of significant events, 2009


1: Government launches Rs. 20 billion equity fund to avoid collapse of Stock Exchanges.
2: Govt. decides to set up a high level body to deal with terrorism. PAF acquires 12 un-manned aerial vehicles. NA body recommends more incentives for cotton growers.
3: Govt. initiates long and short term measures to overcome energy crisis. President Zardari orders to end gas load-shedding for domestic users.
5: A suicide attack on police in D.I. Khan takes toll of seven people.
6: Wall Street Journal reports that Pakistan and USA are rebuilding strained military ties.
PTA establishes 350 tele-centres across the country for the provision of basic telecom services in rural areas.
7: Government decides to protect investment for next 10 years.
Zardari and Karzai agree to jointly fight against terrorism.
8: Government plans 16 projects for generating 25,270 MW power.
10: Five small explosions rock Lahore.
11: ILO vows to provide technical training to 50,000 Baloch youths.
Pakistan lobby for new avenues to gain European Union access.
12: Troops repulse Afghan Taliban attack in Mohmand by killing 40 Taliban.
Govt. withdraws notification of Press Registration Rules.
United National World Food Programme (UNWFP) pledges to provide $ 10.4 million to the Sindh Education Department.
13: Indian PM sends ‘dove’ to Zardari as a New Year greeting with a message of “good wishes”.
Govt. revises deep-sea fishing policy to attract foreign investors.
14: Zardari urges India to return to dialogue.
15: Obama supports Pakistan economic and expansion study by International Rivers.
16: Britain calls for resolution of Kashmir dispute.
Pakistan forms committee to analyze Mumbai ‘dossier’.
17: PM announces setting up of University in FATA.
Iran and Pakistan decide to increase trade by $1.4 billion.
US announce to provide $30 million for technical assistance projects.
18: HESHO signs first wind project with Turkish firm.
Punjab CM vows to enhance education budget by Rs. 2 billion.
19: Taliban video claims attacks on FIA building, ISI bus.

21: Pak-China Special Industrial Investment Zones: FBR notifies zero rated duty on import of capital equipment
22: Cabinet approves rehiring of 7,000 sacked employees.
Marble exports rise to $ 17.6 m in July-November 2008.
23: World Bank to provide $ 2.1 billion by end of fiscal year.
Obama pledges to work closely with Pakistan.
Gillani writes off Rs. 17.5 billion Baluchistan over draft.
24: Two drone attacks in North and South Waziristan agencies kill 18.
25: Zardari asks US to stop drone attacks
26: Govt. takes control of DAWA headquarters.
27: PC board approves basic parameters for new privatization policy.
28: Troops launch fresh operation in Swat.
Ministry of Finance pledges to assist in alternate energy projects.
29: President orders Rs. 4 billion for NWFP law and order.
30: Japan pledges $ 4.7 million for polio programme.
31: Pakistan and Afghanistan agree to convene Pak-Afghan jirga.
Govt. decides to regularize all contract workers.


1. Govt. amends anti-worker act.
2: UAE offers to donate power plant of 320 MW capacities as a gift to the people of Pakistan.
BISP is launched on Balochistan.
3: Prime Minister dissolves Task Force on Employment and lifts ban on Recruitment.
Military claims to have killed 70 Taliban in Swat.
4: Federal Cabinet approves legislation against workplace harassment of women.
Pakistan and UAE sign a memorandum of understanding through which UAE would gift Pakistan 320 MW gas fired power plant.
NWFP Cabinet approves draft for amendments to G Act.
5: Federal Minister for Commerce reinstates all sacked employees of Trading Corporation of Pakistan with immediate effect. Ban-ki-Moon announces UN Commission on Benazir’s murder.
Pakistan and UN sign “One UN Programme”.
6: Asian Development Bank and Pakistan sign $300 million Sindh Cities Improvement Programme. Pakistan is among the countries working on military robots.
India links ISI to Mumbai, Pakistan calls for patience.
7: Army gunship helicopters killed 52 Taliban in Khyber operation.
8: President offers ‘no-limit package’ for NWFP, FATA.
9: Indian Gujrat Chief Minister says that “Inner Hand” is involved in Mumbai attacks.
India decides to withdraw 13,000 troops from IHK.
Troops kill 22 Taliban in Bajur.
10: National Disaster Management Authority signs a Joint Program with the UN on Risk Management. Pakistan seeks concrete evidence ON “Mumbai attacks”. CPI drops significantly to 20.52 percent.
11: Poland cancels visit of Pakistan Senators over the Taliban’s purported killing of a Polish hostage.
12. US and Pakistan agree on ‘active engagement’.
13: Japan extends 2.5 billion yen Non-project grant aid to Pakistan.
14: A contract between ERRA and some Chinese companies signed to rebuild Muzzarfarabad, Bagh and Rawalakot cities.
15: US drones kill 28 Taliban in South Waziristan.
16: Govt, TNSM agree on Nizam-e-Adl in Malakand.
17: NWFP government unveils Nizam-e-Adl.
First drone attack in Kurram agency kills 30 Taliban.
18: Peshawar car bombing – 4 killed, 18 injured. Cabinet Committee on Privatization decides to privatize 26% shares of 21 entities.
19: All Punjab Senator elected unopposed. Rs. 427 million plan to increase vegetative, forest cover in FATA underway.
20. Chairman BISP claims to extend the coverage of BISP to AJK, Northern Areas soon. Medium Term Budgetary Framework to start in all ministries.
21: DI Khan funeral blast takes toll of 32. UK praises Pakistan’s role after Mumbai attacks.
22: Zardari offers China access to warm waters. Development expenditures exceed Rs. 125 billion.
23: Pakistan-China sign power generation pact. Hoti orders 30,000 rifles for civilian self-defense.
24: PAC takes notice of inflated gas bills.
25: Pakistan-Turkey to broaden defense cooperation.
Ministry to train journalists on safety in conflict zone.
EU-Pakistan sign aviation deal.
26: SC knocks out Sharifs; Governor rule imposed in Punjab.
Senate body recommends uniform education.
IMF approves $ 800 million for Pakistan.
Rs. 25 billion development plan for NWFP, Tribal Areas.
27: President promulgates ordinance for free legal assistance to poor.


1. Indian External Affairs Minister Pernab Mukherjee says, Zardari is sincere in terror fight.
Various exploration and production firms start activities at Balochistan fields.
2. On account of Britain’s involvement in torture of terror suspects, UN to send fact funding mission to Pakistan.
3. Six killed in Pishin girl’s madrassa suicide blast.
Senate body approves minimum price for tobacco.
4: Government decides not to hold any function/event on Pakistan day, 23rd March 2009 as an austerity measure
A cultural exchange program for the year 2009-10 is signed between the ministries of culture of Pakistan and the Czech Republic.
6. CDA launches water tanker service for model villages.
Balochistan government restores Levis Force

8: Prime Minister approves revised pay package for capital territory police.
9: President directs for immediate rebuilding of Rehman Baba Shrine.
President announces to arrange marriages of poor girls at government expenditures
Prime Minister reconstitutes National Commission on Status of Women.
10: Pakistan announces to host 11th ECO Summit in Pakistan in 2010.
12: Bashir Bilour survives attempt on life. 28-point peace accord signed in Bajur. ADB announces $ 4.4 billion support for Pakistan.
13: Long march kicks off amid arrests.
US missiles kill 15 in Kurram.
Remittances (July-February) of 2008-09 rise by over 19% to $ 4.91 billion.
14: Sherry Rehman resigns.
15. Hillary phones Zardari, Nawaz to defuse tension.
16: Prime Minister restores the superior judiciary of Pakistan to pre-November 3, 2007 status.
17: Rawalpindi suicide blast kills 14, injures 17. Pakistan Agriculture Research Council initiates projects to produce bio-fuel.
19: WB ranks Pakistan first in corporate governance.
20: Ministry of IT and Telecom launches its national ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Programme 2009 for students of rural/non-metropolitan areas of Pakistan.
21: Govt. sanctions Rs. 111 billion for wheat procurement. FBR grants 10% concession on imports from Sri Lanka.
22: Govt. seeks SC stay against verdict on Sharifs.
PM assures support for $ 28 billion for Armed Forces Development Plan (AFDP) projects.
24: US-France & ADB to help implement Energy Efficiency Programme.
25: The Ministry of Zakat and Ushar releases Rs.91.03 from Central Zakat Fund to the provincial Zakat Fund of Balochistan for the destitute/needy/poor and marginalized segments of society.
26: Pakistan-Kazakhstan agrees to enhance economic ties. US Chamber of Commerce asks Obama to ease access for Pakistani textiles.
27: Jandola suicide blast kills 10. Italy presses EU on Pakistan trade benefits.
28: Deadly Jamrud mosque attack, 70 killed, 125 injured. Pakistan-Russia agrees to enhance cooperation. Capital Hospital’s upgradation ordered.
29: Governor’s rule comes to an end. Pakistan and WB sign two agreements to eradicate polio. UAE support Pakistan for free trade agreement.
31: Police Training Centre Manawan Lahore under attack: eight police recruits and a civilian killed. ECNEC approves Rs. 1 billion vehicle inspection system project. ECNEC approves Rs. 53 billion Cherah Dam project.


1: Supreme Court restores Shahbaz government.
Govt clears Rs. 80.15 billion circular debt.
2: PM-N invited to join federal Cabinet.
3: US Senate Okays Rs. 40 billion increase in aid to Pakistan. State Bank receives dollars $848 million.
4: Govt. orders probe into Swat whipping.
5: 8 FC men killed in Islamabad suicide attack.
6. 22 killed in suicidal attack on Chakwal Imambargah.
7: 70% of employees sacked during the period 1996-1998, reinstated
8: Commission formed to suggest increasing Pay & Pension.
9: Federal Cabinet approves Pak-Iran Gas pipeline project. Pak-US to collaborate in 24 million dollar energy project.
10: Zardari asks government to implement CoD soon.
11: NA approves formation of committee on CoD.
12: Japan to give Pakistan one billion dollar in aid. Pakistan records 379 million dollars remittances.

14: President signs Nizam-e-Adl bill. Federal Minister for Environment allocates Rs.13 billion to the provinces for forestry sector projects.
15: Govt, KESC signs to facilitate 360 million dollar in investment.
16: Eighteen killed as suicide bomber attack in Police at Charsaddah.
17: Government decides to include environment as a subject in the curriculum of schools. PM to announce Rs. 1 billion relief package for Swat.
18: Friends of Pakistan pledges $ 5 billion for Pakistan. US plans $ 3 billion Pak military boost.
19: 27 killed in Hangu suicide attack.
20: PM inaugurates Pakistan first wind power project.
21. SB of Pakistan cuts interest rate.
23: Margalla Express to start its trial journey from Islamabad station.
24: Govt. plans to construct IRSA Building at the cost of Rs.68 million.
26: 12 children killed in toy bomb blast in Dir School. Pak-Turkey MOU on superior courts cooperation signed.
27: Operation against Taliban launched in Dir.
28: Prime Minister approves the setting up of two medical colleges at Lora Lai and Khuzdar, districts in Balochistan.
29: Operation against Taliban launched in Bunair.


1: Operation in Dir, Bunair to establish Government’s writ, says Gillani.
Govt. committed to uphold laborers dignity, says President.
2: 60 Taliban killed in Bunair offensive.
3: Troops retake key road in Bunair.
5: Supreme Court can review 17th amendment, says Chief Justice.
6: Gillani Okays Rs. 500 million for displaced people.
7: Prime Minister approves an amount of Rs.508 million for rehabilitation, provision of shelter and 500 ration packets for internally dislocated persons (IDPs) of NWFP.
Cabinet gives go-ahead to Benazir tractor scheme.
Govt. reconstitutes religious board for Modaraba.
Govt. approves Rs. 2.466 billion for Ministry of Industries.
8: PM orders all-out war, tells army to eliminate Taliban once for all.
Govt. will provide PAF with all possible resources, says Gillani.
Robust growth rate of 13% in petrol sales in April.
9: Congress Okays $ 1.9 billion Pakistan aid.
Tax net to be expanded in budget: Tareen.
Dr. Aafia to be repatriated soon: Malik Rehman.
PM for early completion of clean drinking water project.
10: Zardari, Karazai back WB Project to supply power from Central Asia to Pakistan
Pakistan grabs $ 50 million orders in sports goods.
11: Prime Minister’s special fund for victims of terrorism established. Pakistani State is not going to collapse, says Zardari.
Punjab government sets up Rs. 100 million funds for IDPs.

12: CDWP approves Rs. 9.76 billion development projects.
13: NA echoes with support for Swat operation.
14: The Central Zakat Council of the Ministry of Zakat and Ushr approves Rs.100 million as relief assistance from Zakat Fund for the IDPs of NWFP and FATA and earthquake victims of Baluchistan. Govt. to reactivate TAPI gas pipeline project
World Bank extends $ 25 million to Pakistan for Transport and logistics.
Govt. urged to simplify registration process.
Service Trade deficit declines to 38.26 percent.
15: National Vocational and Technical Education Commission (NAVTEC) establishes help lines at all of its Regional Directorates to facilitate the general public, especially the youth of the country.
Ministry of Zakat releases Rs.23.50 million as relief grants for hospitals
The Ministry of Environment, together with partner agencies including UNICEF, RSPN, WSP, Water Aid and Plan International launches “Tahafuz-Together in Emergency for health, Family and Environment” initiatives to reach out to IDPs emergency needs in water, sanitation and hygiene areas
France announces a 300 million Euro aid in economic assistance and another 12 million Euro for the rehabilitation of IDPs. APC convened on Monday, Gillani wants land and heart’ victory in Swat.
No Transit trade rights to India: FO
16: PM enhances stipends of writers and their bereaved families. Army operation not a permanent solution: PM.
France offers civilian nuclear technology to Pakistan. US House Okays $ 1 billion for Pakistan.
ADB inks agreement with five banks to expand trade.
17: PPP CEC endorses military action in Malakand.
NJPMC decides to separate judiciary from executive.
Pakistan achieves highest teledensity in South Asia.
18: As a result of President Zardari’s foreign visit, US House of Representatives approves $1.9 billion aid, UK commits 640 million pounds over the next four years and France offers civilian nuclear technology to Pakistan in addition to specific aid for the immediate rehabilitation of refugees.
New Judicial Policy will be enforced from June 01.
Zardari seeks drone technology.
19: PSDP for 2009-10 likely to increase by 20%. US agrees to provide preferential market access to Pakistan
20: Package of relief measures for IDPs announced: a high level meeting in the presidency decides to provide eight billion rupees initially for the relief work to be carried out by various relief agencies besides a one time grant of Rs.25, 000 per household direct to the displaced families. US unveil $ 110 million in emergency aid for IDPs. ECC allows marketing of E-10 as motor fuel.
21: APC on Baluchistan within days: Gillani.
APCC approves 3.3% GDP growth
Govt. to broaden tax net
Govt. declares 10 years tax holiday for Gawadar Export Processing Zone.
22: PM visits IDPs camps.
Benazir smart card launched to ensure financial assistance through BISP. Donors pledge $ 224 million for displaced persons.
Punjab to repatriate 40 judicial officers
Govt. to enhance enrollment in higher education, says Bijarani.
23: Press Information Department establishes a media facilitation centre in Islamabad to provide information to the media and general public regarding IDPs.
US Senate okays Pakistan economic and security aid.
UN seeks $ 543 million for IDPs.
APCC approves Rs. 600 billion PSDP for 2009-10.
24: President of Pakistan and his Iranian counterpart sign an Intergovernmental framework declaration.
PM inaugurates Sheikh Zaid Al-Nahyan medical and Dental College at Sheikh Zayed Hospital.
25: Federal Government Services Hospital Islamabad sets-up 60-bed fully equipped hospital for IDPs at Pabbi.
Ministry of Livestock and Dairy Development introduce Halal Food Production. Pakistan-Iran sign ‘Peace Pipeline’ declaration. 18 killed in Orakzai shelling.
26: Drive to plant over 43.26 million saplings starting in July.
27: The World Bank and the Government of Pakistan sign an agreement for strengthening the National Trade Corridor Improvement Program (NTCIP) amounting to $ 25 million US. SC clears Nawaz’s way to Parliament. New NFC award to be announced in 2010-11. Govt. committed to developing infrastructure poverty alleviation.
28: PM announces Rs.50 billion for Balochistan in the PSDP for the next five years. ISI, Police attacked in Lahore.
Provinces to recruit 25, 000 cops each.
29: Nine killed as D.I. Khan, Peshawar bombed.
Govt. urged to start short-term Power Projects.
First Judicial Policy to be announced tomorrow.
30: Army clears Peochar Valley. IDPs are top priority – Zardari.
31: PM announces Rs. 50 billion PSDP for Baluchistan

1: Swat operation to end in 203 days.
President asks government to release Rs. 500 million for IDPs
2: All must rise against militancy: Zardari.
Minister reviews progress of Diamer-Basha dam project. PM forms committee to evaluate textile Policy.
3: Govt. to extend road network to Aghanistan, Central Asia.
National Economic Council (NEC) set to okay Rs. 595 billion PSDP for 2009-1
4: The President approves the restoration of the re-appointed 5 Judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and 18 Judges of the High Courts to the position they were holding immediately before 3rd Nov.2007. Govt. US announce extra $200 million for IDPs. IDPs to start getting cash grants from 9th, says Kaira.
5: 23 Judges restored to November 3, 2007 position.
6: Suicide bombing kills 40 in Dir mosque. Pakistan asks US to write off loans. President directs NWFP to recruit 2,500 former soldiers in police. Nawaz Sharif says Punjab to continue supplying free flour to IDPs. CDA get Rs. 1.46 billion for 16 development schemes. Pakistan joins global renewable energy body. Govt. allocates Rs. 3 billion for EPZs ROZs.
7: Provincial share will be increase by 1.25% in NFC Award.
8. Villagers besiege 200 Taliban in Dir.
13 die in Karachi target killings.
9. 12 more killed in Karachi. Salary increase will be inflation based. Govt. allocates Rs. 27 billion for enhancing crop storage capacity.
10: 11 killed in Peshawar PC blast.
11. Supreme Court orders SSGPL to reinstate 478 employees within weak.
World Bank approves $250 million for poverty reduction project. PM appoint Accountability Commission Chairman. Govt. plans to lay foundation of knowledge based economy under Tenth-5 year Plan. 100 firms issued letter of intent for energy projects: AEDB
12: BISP financial assistance program for IDPs formally launched today.
Terrorists attack high security zone in Peshawar, Lahore.
Agriculture sector’s growth surpasses target.
Govt. provides Rs. 203 billion subsidy in fiscal year 2008-09.
13: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announces lifting of ban on the import of poultry and its products from Pakistan.
Rs. 2.2. Trillion federal budget announced
President Zardari launches income programme for IDPs. Govt. may approve Rs. 70 billion for revival of Industrial Sector.
14: Govt. allocates Rs. 154.7 billion for energy sector. Federal Cabinet approves proposed budget 2009-2010.
15: The Economic Coordination Committee of the Cabinet accords permission for the establishment of 16-20 hydel projects on River Gilgit. Govt. orders operation against Baitullah Mehsud. Nine killed, 36 injured in D.I. Khan Market blast. Govt. may seek $ 4 billion IMF loans if friends don’t deliver.
17: The first EU-PAK Summit held in Brussels. Pakistan and India agree on secretary-level talks.
Govt. plans to take GDP growth to 4.% by 2011-12.
18: The Ulema and Mashaikh of the country extend their wholehearted support to the government in its efforts to root out the menace of extremism and terrorism from the country. Cabinet abolishes Hajj discretionary quotas of VVIPs. EU offers $ 90 million aid, but no trade. Govt. bound to increase power tariff by 17%.
19: PM announces a package of more than Rs.24 billion for the capacity building and strengthening of Police and law enforcement agencies in NWFP. Government withdraws Carbon surcharge on CNG. President invites Belgian investment.
20: PM directs Public Sector offices to keep air conditioning off from 0800 to 1100 hours.
US congress okays $ 1.4 billion Pakistan aid.
Govt. agrees to 20% increase in salaries, pension
21: Income Tax measures to generate additional Rs. 43.4 billion. Govt. seeks site for windmill farms establishment.
24. India not a threat – Zardari.
25: Zardari gives water relief to Sindh.
27: No province will be deprived of water share – Gillani.
28: G-8 favors Pakistan-EU Trade liberalization.
25% regulatory duty on iron and steel exports withdrawn.
29: Indo-Pak talks sans Kashmir won’t deliver: PM.
30: Constitution will be democratized, vows Zardari.
Govt. allocates Rs. 40 billion export fund for textile sector.

1: PEPCO informs that on the directions of President, it has been providing electricity distribution infrastructure to IDPs on war footings.
First Vocational Training Course for IDPs of Malakand division completes today. Final assembling of JF – 17 Thunder begins at Kamra.
2: Militancy will be wiped out completely: Zardari. Cabinet orders strict financial discipline to Ministries.
3: The government of Pakistan signs two agreements with the World Bank amounting to US$134.68 million for financing projects in different sectors. 33 injured in Pindi suicide blast. Govt to set up cement ethanol plants in Tribal Areas – Zardari.
4: Gillani snubs calls for new provinces. 26 killed in military chopper crash.
5: Speedy justice can ensure good governance. Gwadar EPZ industries get 10 –years tax exemption. PM directs Ministry & Petroleum to finalize energy plan.
6: President, on the advice of the PM, institutes the Honour of Hilal-i-Eisar to be conferred on various cities whose citizens rendered meritorious services for accommodating and helping the IDPs of Swat and other affected areas.
7: Zardari for repeal of 17th amendment, 58(2b). PPP CEC suggests balance of PM-President powers. Special constitutional Package for Northern Areas soon: Kaira.
8: NAVTEC releases Rs.387.45 million for setting up Vocational Training Institutes in tehsils. POL prices cut on SC orders. Gillani orders Pakistan Post’s re-organization. Committee formed to ensure completion of IPPs by end of 2009.
9: Federal Minister for Defence and Labor announces the regularization of the services of 4000 employees of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Local Government elections postponed.
10: IDPs to return form 13th: PM
11: Tough choices made to save Pakistan: PM
12: IMF links release of $ 840 million with power subsidy.
13: Return of the IDPs starts from today. System neither Presidential nor Parliamentary: Gillani. Judicial Policy can be reviewed: CJP.
14: The ECC decides to exempt GST on the ethanol component of Ethanol-100 blended fuel in the country. $ 840 million loan
12 killed in Mian Channu house explosion.
World must help us otherwise no one will be safe: Zardari.
ITP to get 5% quota in housing schemes: Malik.
16: The Guinness Book of World Records has certified the World Record of maximum plantation set by the Ministry of Environment of Pakistan near Ketti Bander District Thatta.
17: 17th amendment, 58(2b), CoD to figure in as Zardari calls on Nawaz.
18: SC clears Nawaz in plane hijacking case.
20: 3,500 MW to be added to national grid: PEPCO
21: EU hopes Indo-Pak composite dialogue will resume soon.
22: CJP endorses Feb. 2008 polls.
No differences with Zardari – Gillani. SBP to provide Rs. 215 million under ISF to strengthen micro-finance institutions.
23: Gillani orders more oil, gas supply for power plants. SC summons Musharraf. $165 million additional US aid for IDPs announced. Holbrook calls Kayani, Pasha.
24: Zardari and Gillani seek access to EU markets while talking to a French Minister..
The Federal Minister for Commerce orders to regularize all those temporary and contingency employees of Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) and those who worked for 5 years in the organization.
PM orders devising National Livestock and Dairy Development Policy. PC board decides to offer shares to SOE’s employees.
25: President of Pakistan reconstitutes the National Finance Commission of Pakistan.
26: PM approves Rs.34.283 million for the provision of electricity to villages of Tehsil Bhag, Balochistan.
27: Pakistan missions abroad collect US$619.83 million for IDPs. Gillani-Shahbaz vow to repeal 17th amendment. Govt. imposes complete ban on smoking at public places. Electricity cuts feed anarchy across the country. Musharraf says he didn’t do anything wrong
28: 3000 flats to be built for capital police.
Govt. would generate 1,988 MW from rental Power Plants by Dec. 2009, Minister for Water and Power.
29: Gillani approves proposals to redress Baloch grievances.
ECC grants Rs. 7 billion for Jacobabad airbase up gradation
30: SC seeks report on terror attacks during 2007 emergency rule. Gillani approves another Rs. 1.25 billion for IDPs. Pakistan looking beyond P-22 frigate: Navel Chief. NWFP orders removal of Afghan prayer leaders. Pakistan’s oil production drops by 6%, gas up 0.5%. 2 power generation units to arrive before December. Poverty reduced by 13% in PPAF targeted areas (Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund)
31: Pakistani Canadian community raises C$70,000.00 for Swat.
Supreme Court, in its landmark decision, declares November 3rd 2007 action unconstitutional and illegal. Musharraf cannot be tried for treason. Pak navy gets F-22P Frigates from China. Wind-powered Island sets an example for Pakistan. Development of energy, transport system discussed at moot in Dushanbe, Zardari participated.


1: President reconstitutes the Council of Common Interests (CCI).
2: Seven Christians burnt alive in Gojra riots. Council of Common Interest reconstituted.
3: Sufi Mohammad charged with treason terrorism.
4: Govt. decides to extend date for Green CNG Ricshaws Scheme to December.
5: President World Bank, Robert B.Zoelick declares BISP as a transparent public programme that is non-partisan and is designed for reducing poverty across Pakistan.
6: Ministry of Environment and Rural Support Programme Network (RSPN) sign an MOU for facilitation in implementing domestic biogas.
7: Labour Minister Khurshid Shah has said that all politically victimized government workers to be reinstated at the earliest.
8: President Zardari has said that the government will ensure rehabilitation of Malakand region.
9: IMF approves extra 3.2 billion dollars for Pakistan.
10: President launches the “Special Persons-Special Cards” scheme describing it as a far-reaching initiative to address the needs of disabled and special persons.
Canada announces additional C$25 million for IDPs.
11: ECC directs USC to sell sugar at Rs.38 per kg. during Ramadan.
12: President announces to grant special remission in the sentences of prisoners on the Independence Day.
President approved changes in FCR.
Federal Cabinet approves the first-ever five-year Textile Policy of Pakistan.
13: First-ever Textile Policy Sets 25 billion dollars export target.
14: 62nd Independence Day of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan celebrated
15: PM inaugurates the 225 MW Atlas Power Plants.
16: The President has advised the Sindh government to increase limit of land allotment for landless female farmers.
17: Govt. decides to build peace tower in memory of Martyrs who sacrificed lives in fight against terrorism.
18: “National Tree Planting Day” celebrated today, for the first time in the history of Pakistan.
19: Govt. announces new sugar prices – 48 rupees per kg for Sindh and Baluchistan and 49.75 rupees per kg for Punjab and NWFP.
20: About 1.3 million IDPs have returned home safely.

21: Information Minister inaugurates Public Media Resource Bank in PID, Islamabad.
22: Overseas Pakistanis could get representation in Parliament- NA told.
23: The Govt decides to reduce GST on sugar by 50%.
24: Pakistan Railways announces 20% cut in fares.
25: The standard and Poor’s (S&P) has raised Pakistan’s sovereign rating by one notch to ‘B’ minus.
26: Federal cabinet to discuss cut in foreign tours.
27: The Federal Cabinet approves 2250 MW rental power projects.
28: NFC forms committees on vertical and horizontal distribution of resources.
29: Pakistan seeks Rs. 28 billion from US for Power subsidy.
30: The Cabinet approves self rule for Northern Areas.
31: 16 police recruits killed in Mingora suicide attack.


1: President orders launch of programme to empower women.
2: The Govt. signs an agreement of $230 million loan with the ADB to improve national highways.
ECNEC approves 20 projects worth Rs.38 billion.
3: Religious Affairs Minister survives attempt on life.
4: ECNEC approves revival of Karachi Circular Railways
6: Govt. to construct Bara multipurpose dam in FATA.
7: 33 militants killed in Khyber Agency.
8: The Govt. of Sindh and the Engro Power Generation Ltd sign an agreement for generating 1,000 MW of electricity from Thar Coal.
The Govt. of Pakistan sets aside Rs.12 billion for the uplift of Gilgit-Baltistan. Gilgit-Baltistan given financial, judicial administrative powers.
9: Education policy aims at 86% literacy rate by 2015
10: 7 % of GDP for education till 2015
11: 6 foreigners among 21 Taliban killed in Swat
13: Gunship Helicopter kills 22 Taliban in Tirah
15: 18 women die in Karachi during free food stampede
16 36 Sino-Pak MOUs signed in one year: Zardari
18: Govt approves Rs 7.5 billion for construction of Gawadar International Airport
19: 30 killed in Kohat blast
21: Pak, UK to set up task force on education
24: Pakistan’s economic crisis eases in 2009: ADB
25: Twin suicide attacks kill 23 in Peshawar
29: Cabinet approves National Drinking Water Policy
30: Drone strikes, Jets kill 16 miscreants


1: Pakistan Navy acquires ASW helicopters from China.
2: Stock scheme for workers of public entities launched.
5: Pakistan Railways signs for modern signaling system on Bin Qasim to Mirpur Mathelo. Government reached an agreement with the Ittehad-Tanzeemat-i-Madaris Pakistan (ITMP) for setting up a regulatory authority for seminaries.
6: Suicide bomber targets WFP office in Islamabad, five killed.
7: Pakistan has been elected as one of the Vice Presidents of UNESCO General Conference. ECC restores intervention price policy for all crops.
8: Pakistan, Morocco ink treaty to avoid double taxation. Pakistan is world’s largest CNG user.
9: PM approves setting up of a Cadet College in Kalat. Disaster response system needs to be strengthened: Gillani.
10: 48 killed in Peshawar suicide bombing.
11: GHQ attacked.
12: PM takes politicians on board over US aid.
13: Pakistan and Korea sign an MOU regarding textile cooperation and assistance. Suicide bomber kills 41 in Shangla.
14: First F-16 for PAF unveiled.
16: Lahore strikes back, 8 killed.
17: 15 killed in Peshawar CIA suicide bombing.
18: Pak-US officials to work on energy crisis.
19: 60 Taliban killed as security forces advance in South Waziristan Agency.
20: Federal Tax Ombudsman recommends tax relief for senior citizens. Pakistan Remittance Initiative unveils new scheme.
21: Students terrorized, attack on Islamic University.
23: Pakistan and Malaysia sign an MOU to hold business and investment gala in Kuala Lumpur next year. Gillani resolves to defeat terrorism, attract investment. Brigadier driver killed in Islamabad.
24: APWA-UK donates 55000 airline cabin blankets for PM’s Relief Fund for the displaced persons. 8 killed in Kamra suicide bombing.
25: US may invest $ 500 million in Pakistan energy sector.
26: Pak-Turkey set up ‘high level cooperation Council’ to boost strategic cooperation.
29: Bloodbath in Peshawar, 105 killed.
30: Provinces agree on criteria for resource distribution.
31: 14 Taliban, two soldiers killed in South Waziristan.


1: PM announces Martyr Fund for Police.
3: Committee on austerity measures finalizes recommendations. 35 dies in Pindi terror attack.
4: NA body finalizes provisions of law on Accountability.
5: Wattoo asks car makers to cut prices in 10 days.
6: 3.7 billion dollars received as Foreign Direct Investment during 2008-09.
7: cooperation agreement between Pakistan and Cuba signed for the establishment of a joint commission. Zardari has said that 17th amendment will be repealed by March.
8: 2500 MW to be added to National Grid soon, says Minister for Water and Power.
9: Millers agree to double sugar supply.
10: The government of Pakistan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia sign three loan agreements. Markets to get 4000 metric tones of sugar daily.
11: Suicide car bomb kills 32 in Charseddah.
12: NCA Bill tabled in National Assembly.
13: Gillani takes Nawaz into confidence over Baluchistan Package.
14: Terrorists strike ISI office in Peshawar.
16: Govt. Supplies 450,000 one-kilo sugar bags to Sunday Bazars.
17: President extends anti terrorism (Amendment) Ordinance 2009 to PATA of NWFP. ECC allows open sale of sugar at USC outlets @ Rs.38/kg. OGRA authorized to determine oil prices on its own.
18: PM forms committee on Transparency International Report.
19: Pakistan has better literacy ratio than India, says UN Fund for Population Report.
20: Suicide bomber kills 20 outside Peshawar court.
21: Govt. working to provide healthcare at grassroots: PM.
22: Senate Body for stepping up efforts for Dr. Afia’s release.
23: Syed Naveed Qamar orders immediate release and reinstatement of SNGPL employees.
24: Federal Govt. unveils 39-point “Aghaz-e-Haqooq-Balochistan”. First JF-17 Thunder handed over to PAF. The government of Japan has extended an amount of Yen three billion as Non Project Grant Aid in order to supplement economic structural adjustment of Pakistan.
26: General Kiyani offers blank cheque to NWFP Police.
27: President divests himself of powers as Chairman NCA. Plan devised to improved productivity by 25%.
28: President promulgates 28 ordinances before their expiry on November, 28. On the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr, the President and the Prime Minister have urged peace and harmony in the country.


1: US offer enhanced military and civilian cooperation for Pakistan.
2: Government decides to induct 28 more judges in Lahore High Court.
3: NADRA distributes Rs. 8.45 billion among IDP’s from Swat and Tribal Areas.
4: Government plans a project costing 115 million for lining of the Rohri Canal, Dadu
in Sindh
5: 36 Namazis killed as Taliban target Masjid in Rawalpindi.
6: Prime Minister Gillani announces to monitor the implementation of Baluchistan
package by himself
7: President promulgates two ordinances: One for establishment of NDU and other for establishment of Institute of Space Technology.
8: Bomb blasts kill 38 in Lahore and Peshawar.
9: President seeks full membership for Shingai Cooperation Organization (SCO) for Pakistan.
10: Government plans Animal Welfare Law to mark Human Rights Day.
11: Hamesh Khan arrested in U.S.
President and PM felicitate nation on NFC Award Consensus.
12: Consensus on NFC Award after 13 years.
13: President Zardari says Government wants reconciliation with Baluch
14: Two-day polio drive starts.
15: President orders preparation of counter-terrorism strategy
Qamar Zaman Kaira presents budget of AJ&k council
Qamar Zaman Kaira presents budget of AJ&k council
16: Suicide attack outside Khoso’s house kills 33.
Pakistan re-elected as the auditor of the UN’s Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).
17: Supreme Court strikes down NRO.
The Government of Japan signs an agreement with United Nations.
Development Program (UNDP) to provide US$12 million to facilitate peace
building and economic recovery of conflict-affected areas of Pakistan
President administers oath to Justice® Rana Bhagwandas as Chairman FPSC
18: Clerics belonging to various schools of thought declare suicide attacks un-Islamic.
Pakistan and Malaysia sign two MOUs in Halal Sector
19: Pakistan likely to receive a total of 859 million dollars under Kerry-Lugar Act by December 31st
20: NDMA to strengthen District Disaster Management.
21: Sindh government to finance Rs. 2 billion Digital System for Karachi.
22: The Govt.of Pakistan signs two Financing Agreements worth grant of Euros 25
million with the KFW Development Bank of Germany.
23: Taliban attack Press Club in Peshawar.
24: IMF approves 1.2 billion dollars to Pakistan.
25: Suicide blast kills 5 in Peshawar.
26: PM calls Pay and Pension’ Commission meeting today.
27: 26 injured in Karachi blast.
28: Blast in Muharram procession kills 43 and injures 86.
29: The Prime Minister inaugurates labour colony in Gawadar.
The President inaugurates Larkana-Khairpur Bridge on River Indus.
30 7th NFC Award signed in Gawadar

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