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Old Saturday, January 21, 2023
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Default Css essay paper ce- 2022 fully attempted

Given topics ...

1- an analysis of the concept of globalization of markets

2- digital democracy: Social media and political participation

3- global trade and trade policies of china

4- imagination is more important than knowledge

5- global politics and international relations

6- the controversial issues of feminism in contemporary women's rights movements

7- world food systems: The economies of agriculture

8- is there anything as ethical consumerism

9- human development and economic sustainability

10- how is terrorism and it's perception shaped by the mass media
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Old Saturday, January 21, 2023
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The concept of globalization of markets simply means the availability of markets network spread through the entire world in different countries and brought together from these different countries into a global village by the use of information technology and transport services. Brought together, these markets fulfill human needs and maintain the flow of the streams of their life.

Global progress and prosperity is dependent on these markets. Unlimited prospects are tied with these markets. And special care is taken for the abundance of services and goods in these markets to take care of global public.


2.1) Potency Of Global Markets

Global markets in trade and commerce have reshaped the view of the world because of the use of information technology and transport services - recently. Many developed countries are enjoying preveliges, quality lifestyle, and happy and economic life because of the globalization of markets. Also for the underdeveloped countries the global markets are making efforts to serve humanity and meet their needs, as well.

2.2) Shifts In Global Currency (Dollar)

The value of dollar across the world has shown always an increase. However, this dollar has seldom and temporarily seen downfall in cost as well. Because of the increase in the price of dollar, goods and services become expensive. And human needs, outside of USA, are met with deficulties. However, as time heals. So, the global marketeers has to find a collective solution for the said inflation.

2.3) Progress Review Of The Global Markets

Progress Review of the global markets per annum, after six months, after three months, and/or monthly drives global markets. Profit and deficit directly or indirectly affect the quality of human life, GDP, CPI, and other such components of the different countries.

2.4) Economic Prospects

Profit and deficit are the two major components of a business. This gives life to or take life out from the global markets.By any means future prospects are still tied with global markets and life is kept dependent on global markets. Also, this dependency is one the prominent sign of the modern universe.


3.1) Soft Super Power

Chinese economy is dependent for a major part of it's business on abroad countries. Chinese economy is ruling the world's economic life. China has established economic ties and has signed unlimited economic projects, ( only known to china in number in privacy), abroad. Such projects from the past of China have driven Chinese economy. Which established China in a well defined form in the present. And is driving China towards it's prosperous future.

3.2) Faster Flow Of Services And Goods In Between The Global Markets

Flow of services and goods between the global markets is joining countries with each other. However, This flow is mostly common around the world. Still, many countries are on the path of progress and are developing. This progress is either bilateral or multilateral - between the countries involved.

3.3) Shifts In Stock Exchange Markets

Shifts of rise and fall of stock exchange markets on global level is a daily routine. However, to make it like a daily ritual transparent trends like existing onse are needed to be kept continuous in stock exchange , to save the world from the follow up towards downfall of stock exchange markets.

Stock exchange is not only on national levels. A major portion of the global public is taking their shares from the stock exchange markets as benefits on the global level.

3.4) Promotion Of Progress And Prosperties Per Global Market(s)

Different global markets are serving different economic purposes. Some markets provide services and goods of one type to the world while others are doing the same for other aims. Hence, different areas of life are served with such different global markets. And a massive boost is accepted from the global markets for hightening the level of progress and prosperity.


4.1) Polarized Economies

Each country in the global market is struggling to secure a personal polarized economy, benefitted from the globalization of markets. No country serve others without personal benefits. Global marketeers must do this job on humane basis. At present the world community operates on the basis of first come first deserve.

4.2) Scarcities & Inability Of Meeting Human Needs

Beside the enough success of global markets, global markets do not have sufficient access to all the countries in the entire world. If these markets facilitate goods and services to one county the other goes neglected and undergoes starving. Therefore, more and more flexibility gets required in these global markets . It is a pending job and will be accomplished soon.

4.3) A Lot Of Economic Losses

The world in the last two decades has seen many forms of devastations. These devastations adopted one form or the other. And posed great economic losses and threats to the global markets. Which punctured globalization of markets. Until the lost glory of the destroyed domestic life in these countries are restored. Global markets will be unable to change their steriotype of incompetence.

4.4) Lack Of Demand And Supply Balance

Business, trade, and commerce operate on the basis of demand and supply rule. The world is in need, and the capacity of the global markets is not that much full pledged to feed all and to cater all around the globe. Due to which the balance of demand and supply is sensitive to shifts, as well.



If the value of dollar is fixed internationally, inflation will be in control, there will be lesser taxes, land rate of progress will be high, lesser loans will be taken out from higher global organizations, and poverty reduction will be easy - which will make develop global markets.


The imposed taxes in each country around the world are saving the economies of the world community from collapse. Avoiding brain drain, increasing production, controlling inflation, conserving resources, controlling oil prices etc etc will save economies from collapse in each country worth considering such measures for adopting and applying.


Enrichment of the global markets needs more and more investments. Hence, investment must be encouraged to beat poverty, securing progress and prosperity, avoiding taxes, using manpower, bringing energy into use, utilizing energy resources, and for uplifting life standards.


Natural resources, Human resources, and Capital resources need to be promoted in the use of human benefits. These resources collectively when brought in use for the promotion of global life, will heighten the development around the world for global public.


Poor global public in all have very limited access to global markets. The services and goods of these global markets are in urgent need to be available at the door step to the poor global public on economic basis, also. This endeavor will make ..... justice accessible for the poor people, global markets known, employment common, and global village successful.


6.1) Economic Prosperity

Economic prosperity will become the future fate of the world's public because of the cherished global markets. This Will give a sense of soundness and security to both the developed and under-developing countries and their relative governments - Which in turn will spread this prosperity among their relative public/citizens.

6.2) Poverty Alleviation ( Reduction )

Circulation of money, enriched job markets, business opportunities, attractive salaries, and other preveliges because of the connected global markets are the blessings poor people can have from the globalization of markets.

6.3) Sufficient Goods And Sufficient Services

The production of global markets in the form of sufficient goods and sufficient services for the world community is one of their major objectives. May God give an especial notice to this point. And make-keep the intended objective always met and accomplished.

6.4) Global Affiliations

New markets seek global affiliations for their services providence and goods transport. Basic condition for this success to such countries is the presence of quality and quantity in their goods and services. So, to seek a faster and a rapid affiliation with global markets, these new markets must qualify global criteria both with sufficient quality and sufficient quantity.

6.5) Sound Governance

A prosperous and a progressive "State" because of it's easy access to the assets of global markets, makes governance easy for the ruling parties in relavent countries. This success is yet another most urgent need of both the developed and underdeveloping countries. Because of the developed global markets of the world, all the countries on this earth deserve to govern their states safe and sound - to Promote peace, happiness, progress, and prosperities.


Global markets in their current existence are making limited improvements for the globe. However, if they are cherished, this destiny of limited improvements can have an immense boost for both the developed and under-developing countries.

As far as I am concerned in this conclusion, for the analysis of the concept of the globalization of markets, I will consider such an analysis completed, if the improvements, benefits, and properties of the cherished global markets are made a genuine part of the intended analysis.
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill
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Old Saturday, January 21, 2023
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Modern era has seen a lot of new trends. One out of such trends is Digital Democracy Involving social media and relative political participation.

Same like the traditional democracy, digital democracy is also serving the states on it's own terms. However, faster political participation through social media in digital democracy, which is a new shift in traditional democracy, is lusted a lot.


2.1) Faster Political Campaigns And More Followers

With the route of social media, political campaigns quickly acquire fame and collect followers faster. This route,as digital, is providing an electronic platform for these faster followers, who follow the manifestos and slogans of their favourite political parties.

2.2) Quick Access To Electronic Updates And Tweets

Political parties update social media (which are their contents) with uploading relative videos and posting relative texts which allure their followers. These followers can have quick access to such regards - updates and tweets of politicians on social media. Such electronic updates and tweets of the political parties have built up a constructive arena for the respective purposes of politicians, based on the hearty touch of their fans and followers.

2.3) Easier And Faster Political Multitasking

Political parties during their campaigns especially, plus also been elected for their ruling governments, use to accomplish a variety of tasks. Which on the social media is easier and faster than offline struggles.

2.4) More Productive Time Management

Political parties find durable time for their productivity. And it is the social media which is providing such opportunities. Productive Time management is making the political parties to work more in less time because of social media.


3.1) Modern Format Of Democracy

Digital democracy is the modern format of traditional democracy. More involvement of the followers, easy access to expert opinions, promoting the cause of political parties, and a lot more are some of the basic and existing requirements for a successful format of digital democracy.

3.2) Support For The Political Parties Is All At One Place

Information technology has even brought the whole world together into a global village. Support of the political parties due to the use of information technology is an easy and minor achievement for the political parties on social media In a state.

3.3) Far Reaching Political Views Through Social Media, Analysis And Judicious Comments (Mostly)

Political views reach to the far reaching ends of states In the current world. Similarly analysis of the politics, and in reply the appropriate judicious comments are easily read on widespread level through social media. This quality is keeping the politics vigorous and crucial to enough level.

3.4) Raise Of Public Voice Through Social Media

Social media is raising the voice of the public for their rights faster than print media. Also the TV channels for such an aim was not enough. However, the projection of public voice through social media is a unique addition.


4.1) Political Scandals

Downgrading politicians and their political parties through scandals is the foremost drawback of the use of social media. It is not only the insult of politicians and their parties. But, also, it does not suit on democracy. Moreover, this trend was very rare on print media so far. Also, the TV channels used to get a limited blend of this touch.

4.2) Lesser Liability For Posted Contents

On the social media liability is lesser and limited for the uploaded and posted contents. People know that they are less caught for such contents. Hence, some people make fun of the political participations and use to get entertained with this subject a lot.

4.3) Inaccessible Higher Handedness Of Politicians

Overacting politicians are not reached easily by their followers and fans. Also, the ascending support for such politicians through social media is gradually casting out the commitment and honesty from their hearts.

4.4) Limited Involvement Of The Institutions Of State

Institutions of the states are yet involved on limited basis in the enclosure of digital democracy. These institutions need to have their perfect role in the incorporation of Justice in the long run of digital democracy - for the vigor of political campaigns, eradication of rallies and protests,fair elections , and then for an accountable governance of the state affairs with fairness at it's each instance.

4.5) Insecure Citizens - Publicly

It is difficult for the states to provide security to the citizens without genuine democracy. Also, the so-called digital democracy, mostly unpredictable, can not do this job even to the limit of a traditional democracy. Also, if the citizens are not democratic among public, then political participations on social media are just a share of entertainment on the social media with others.


5.1) Involving Institutions Of The States

A state's institutions are normally aligned with the rules of justice. And If the services of these institutions are properly accessed by the public through social media or offline approach - regarding the digital democracy - then the bad luck of such a state is going to take a U-Turn soon.

5.2) Refreshing And Re-enacting The Strict Rules For Social Media (e.g The Rules Of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority "PTA" ..)

Social media should be checked with strict rules - to be followed. e.g.rules of PTA. Which should seize each and every content uploaded or posted on the social media. And the violators and law breakers must be charged with strict penalties in order to prosper digital democracy.

5.3) Realistic Politics

Political participations should be provided with the rules based on and derived from the Constitution Of Pakistan 1973. As only peaceful and honest politicians can control the today's violent and unfair societies.

5.4) Responsible Social Media In It's Entirety And Mature Citizenry

The citizens of a state should not play on the social media against political participations. Such political participations must also be definitely not biased and conservative. Rather such participations must be brought on the liberal side - however under the strict rules of Telecom Authorities in a state.


6.1) Higher Awareness And Proper Social Media Usage

Because of an excelled public in the field of politics and their experience with social media, followers of the political parties will have higher awareness using social media properly after a part of time in the history of digital democracy.

6.2) Better Governance And Prosperous States

Citizens after availing awareness also about their rights, will indirectly make the conditions of the governance of states improved. Which obviously determines a prosperous standard of
states. Because such states will be operated on smooth and transparent grounds.

6.3) Availability Of Just-Institutional-Services At The Door Steps

Involvement of all the institutions of the states in digital democracy is crucial. If the conditions of the governance of a state are qualitatively improved. Then all the institutions will provide fair justice to all the citizens equally - without the regard of poor and rich people. Such justice will definitely be available at the door steps to even the weak and poor citizens - not only the rich category of people.

6.4) Lesser Protests And Smoother Society

Societies will acquire smoother results. And there will be less to no turmoil in these societies. Also the protests will be lesser because of the public been fine with acquiring equal rights.


Digital democracy like many other blessings for the modern era, is one of them for the modern states. If we have to keep pace up with the digital era, we have to promote digital democracy : along with the use of social media and in it the relative political participation.

We can acquire a lot through digital democracy and can enjoy many other blessings because of it. All that the digital democracy requires from us is devotion, dedication, commitment, honesty, and many other perfect values of life to make the digital democracy perfect with the use of social media for political participations - as much as possible.
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill
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Global trade with especially the trade policies of China has brought an impressive upheaval in the economic life of the world on common, and China particularly. Current economic life of the world has done a lot for the global public. Like availability of job opportunities, promotion of businesses, infrastructure build up, provision of loans the states, conduction of constructive projects. etc etc

Developed economy in today's life, like before, is the back bone of the states of the world. Further more it is need of the time, backup to the smooth running of state affairs, source of development, capacity of the states, and most lusted thing in a state, etc, etc.


2 1) Potential China As A Second Super Power - But Soft

Unlike USA, China is a potential soft super power of the world. China is ruling the world trade with it's policies of economy. And has soon to become a second super power to make the world bipolar in supremacy.

2.2) World Wide Acceptance Of Economic China As A Second Super Power

Worldwide acceptance of China as (an economic) second super power is an arduous task for China because of the USA with it's supremacy and it's worldwide influence. Also the UNO is not showing any interest in this. China is striving a lot for this task both on domestic level as well as abroad in order to flourish it's economy more and more.

On the other hand worldwide acceptance of the currency of USA "dollar" is creating challenges for the potential super power China.

2.3) Economic Lessons To The World From China

More productivity, choosing allies for economic agreements, widespread businesses, use of manpower, hard work and dedication for economic growth, commitment to succeed in financial goals, and a lot more are the lessons in the impression of Chinese economy for the world.

2.4) Global Demand And Chinese Supply

It is the production of China which is meeting the demands of modern daily life's needs of the rest of the world. Chinese economy is growing ever and meeting this challenge of demands diligently.


3.1) Chinese Economic Development Since The Stone Age

Since the stone age China is on the path of development. Struggling hard with it's inland finances, this China when focused on the production tasks. Soon it met the needs of China itself - without any need of imports at the end.

3.2) Pure Focus On The Production By China And Selecting Importer States From The World

At the time when the production of China became more than the domestic needs of China. China observed a starting age of exports, more precisely called the middle age of Chinese economic development. Later on pure focus on production by China and selecting Importer states, made China emerge as an economic leading power on the world map in our Asia.

3.3) Becoming An Economic Super Power In The 21st Century - Onwards

The flourishing economy of China is soon going to make China second super power of the world in this 21st century. Even if the USA with it's global supremacy is trying to keep the economic potential of China limited. But still the Chinese skills and it's talent can make room for itself to make the world bipolar in supremacy.

3.4) Dependence On China By The Outside World

Outside world is dependent on the economic potential of China - improving the exports of China. Chinese export throughout the world is openly famous, and has made China a leading role player in the economic life of the entire world.


4.1) Beating The Global Markets

In global village almost all the global markets got defeated by the stronger-and-stronger economy of China with time. This brought all the global markets and global economies on their knees to Itself. However, if the different states of the world who are self-sufficient and have to restore the lost glory of their domestic economic conditions, they have to compete with other global economies.

4.2) Obsession Of The Different States Of The World

A worry about the economic consequences, low quality of running the states, lack of commercial ethics, degraded financial morale, and a lot more are some of the threats on the part of the global public (outside side of China). This global public have to survive these threats until they start depending on themselves at least to the limit of having import/export balance.

4.3) Impact On Dollar And Threats To USA

USA is careful and concerned in limiting China having strong economy. USA will not lose it's supremacy in the world. However, China as an emerging super power, is going to get in balance with USA(superpower). And this is not acceptable to USA for numerous instances .

4.4) China As An Exemplary State For Others

China is a criterion for the economic development for other states. Such an expanded and successful economy of China has positive effects on the global trade. Who seek lessons from the economic development of China and see China as their role model.

4.5) Ties On The Basis Of Economy With China

Several countries are in ties with China on the grounds of Chinese sound economy. These states acquire many commercial opportunities, benefits , and skills from China to flourish their domestic economies - also boosting Chinese economy in return for expansion.


5.1) Global Allies For Chinese Economy

Global allies of China depend a lot on the Chinese economy. Importer states of Chinese products are establishing their commerce and trade with dependence on Chinese business and the frequently refreshing trade policies(both for inland production and outreach business) of China.

5.2) Global Trade Ethics And Chinese Economy

Global trade a lot operates on the ethics of business borrowed from China. Because the dominant player in the current global trade is China. So, the ethics across the states, which are in economic ties with China, utilize the business ethics of China.

5.3) Responsibility Of Chinese Economy

Sound economy is the backbone of the global public. China has taken the responsibility of this task itself to cater human needs and help meet human challenges in order to provide a backbone to the global public.

Also, Chinese signatures on the agreements with the allies (countries who have to stay as part of the global trade tied with China) are submissive to utilize China as their backbone.

5.4) Dollar And Chinese Economy

Obviously dollar, the globally accepted currency of USA, is creating a lot of the difficulties for Chinese economic advancements. It is in the best interest of USA not to limit China with it's resistance - as it is not the remedy to any syndrome.So Instead, America should take a U-Turn in this regard. As both of these states(China and USA) have to work together for a mutual and global trade success.


6.1) Co-operation Among Global Markets For Trade & Secured Global Public

Growing, the global trade and Chinese economy with current pace, easily reflect that soon the global markets will serve as real entities of global village on genuine terms of co-operation. This facilitates opportunities for economic abundance. Which ensures security of the global public.

6.2) Sound Chinese Economy - The Accent Of Global Trade

Global trade, although using dollar of USA, is on it's way because of the progressive economy of China. Global Markets are inter-communicating having the accent of Chinese policies of Trade. Plus, China is definitely empowering the entire global trade with it's soft potential of particular economy.

6.3) China The Second Super Power Of The World In Near Future

In the near future China is going to become another super power because of it's commercial solidarity. Skills and talent has always craved a path for itself. And similar is the case of our neighbor state China.

6.4) Encouraging China And USA to Fund Developmental Projects.

Last but not the least, encouraging China and USA to fund constructive projects is my most favourite point of this essay. Traditionally, USA has done a lot of struggle in funding projects . However, the tradition of China is also not broken and is prominent same like USA. Still, both the USA and China should do-more and deal the intended task on well-to-do basis.


Trade as a sacred profession can secure a sound future for humanity. And as far as the global trade and trade policies of China are concerned. So with the current pace of growth they can rapidly secure peace, progress, happiness, and prosperity for mankind - when conducted on humane basis.

In the today's world of turmoil, each and every global citizen is striving hard to secure three times meal for themselves. And it is only the sacred profession of trade which can make these citizens qualify for this right - friendly and peacefully.
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill
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soft rock is on a distinguished road




Imagination and knowledge are the two different phenomena related to the mind of a human being. Imagination and knowledge, even more especially, are the two different patterns of intelligence of a person. These two different patterns of mentality have the coverage of the today's entire world. And can be better described in some details by focusing on their different domains, from each other - linked at the end.


2.1) Wisdom vs Information

Imagination is obviously wisdom. While Knowledge is in the form of known informations. It is this imagination which sets the route onwards for creativity. However, it is this calculated knowledge which is gained from a page or screen made available to a person. Wisdom expands the horizons for success. While, informations are unyeilding mostly at the instances where imagination is successful.

2.2) Hope vs inconsistency

Imagination gives a consistent hope of evolution to humanity around the world. While knowledge is something that can be infrequent and inconsistent. Knowledge is rare in effectiveness. While imagination has long lasting effectivity.

2.3) Productivity vs Necessity

Imagination serves a person more in productivity than his knowledge can. Knowledge is a necessity. Even, more than a quality knowledge, imagination is compulsory - which is much more beneficial than knowledge.

Moreover, an illiterate person can have the power of imagination. Although, he can have limited to no power of knowledge.

Also, an educated person can have better and an organized imagination than being an illiterate person.

So, imagination is related more to productivity. However, knowledge is limited to the orbit of necessity and limited productivity.

2.4) Experience vs Content's Source

Imagination can sparkle more with the experiences in life. Each and every experience in life has some lesson(s) for you. Which is related to the functioning of your imagination and power of gaining. However, to gain some knowledge, you need a source of it's content. Without content's source knowledge is hard to gain.


3.1) Creativity vs Known Stuff

Imagination arises from the interlinked creative capacity of a person. However, these are the learned stuff and learned facts which are termed as knowledge. Creative people expose their creative power based on imagination. These people unfold their talent more especially in self-created arts or doing research on nature, or then being inspired by others for presenting accomplished works. However, a person merely being knowledgeable is mostly self-centered, seldom fighting with ego.

3.2) Rational vs Instructed

Imagination beyond instructions is more rational. Imagination carries more sense of wise practices than knowledge can. Even, Knowledge can be made ground of rationality to a certain extent. But in most of the situations it is that imagination, carried by creativity, which is the base of rationality and wise practices.

3.3) Progress vs Limited Success

A yielding imagination gives the guarantee of progress of entities - both minor and major. And knowledge, if luckily, prepared with for meeting a proper opportunity, only can give the guarantee of a limited success in a certain dimension of life.

3.4) Easy-going vs Hard-working

Creative imagination is relaxing in effect. On the other hand getting properly educated is a hard-work over a particular span of time. Imagination is easy-going in the sense that it is the feature of a productive facile mind. A mind which is more vital as compared to a knowledgeable mind. However, getting properly knowledgeable seeks a constant determination, devotion, and commitment. Which is obviously a hard-work.


4.1) Better Discipline vs Academic/Professional Goals

Imagination and better discipline of a person's life are interlinked. This ensures self-care, self-respect, Self-love, self-management, and other self-monitoring skills for a person. On the other hand, being educated, even looked upon with a broader view, fullfils academic goals and later on professional goals as well.

4.2) Leading Capacity vs Licensing A Career

Imagination of a good quality facilitates leaders(who acquire leadership skills) with leading capacity. While knowledge, from the bookish sources and screens, is like a license for a person's professional career after grades at educational academies.

4.3) Sound Mentality vs Control Of Thoughts

Sanity is another blessing with the power of imagination. Those who are positive with mind and can deal the life encounters efficiently, are sane because of their beneficial imagination. However, sanity is pretty much difficult to secure with education only. Even, if this education can make positivity score enough higher with you. But still, sanity at all is a fruit of imagination for you.

4.4) Life's Vitality vs Educated Behaviors

Life and it's different areas become vital and full of energy with imagination. While a moral or ethical conduct can be served with being knowledgeable. The vital role imagination can play in a person's life is many-folds than being knowledgeable.


5.1) Extroversion vs Acceptance

Extroverts have strong imagination power. They fullfil almost any criterion and can easily succeed in most of the spheres of life. To be a natural extrovert having a strong imagination power is compulsory. However, being only knowledgeable is weak after a certain extent in most of the spheres of life.

Knowledgeable people are comparatively weak and they according to their guts compromise on acceptance either self-acceptance or acceptance by others. Such people are less daring as compared to those who have the power of imagination. People having the power of imagination can easily carve opportunities for their success anywhere, because of their open-ended nature.

5.2) Optimistic Mind vs Inclining Mind

Those people who have a quality imagination. They are optimistic - having the capability to deal any situation in the best possible way. However only being knowledgeable can help develop either negative or positive tendencies of a person per the benefits from a person's knowledge according to casual situation(s). Such people have less to no optimism.

5.3) Realistic Person vs True Person

The beholders of imagination are living on realistic terms. They are realistic and believers of success. They considers failures as stepping stones towards success. While the knowledgeable people can merely be true. They cannot follow the strategies of realistic people.

5.4) Progressive Mind vs Hard Working

With a qualitative imagination people become progressive mentally. They focus on productivity and well-defined time management policies, terms, and conditions. However, if we bring the knowledgeable people under exact focus, they are merely hard-workers - finding limited opportunities for success. And, those people who are with the feature of imagination, they easily can create opportunities for their success.


6.1) Intellectual Achievements vs Educated Prediction Of The Future

Imagination is well-qualifying for intellectual achievements. Like emerging scholars, winning controversial debates (contending over a long period of time), universal intellectual associations, beneficial conferences, progressive researches etc, etc. All serving to enact and predict a person's and/or a nation's future with more favorable expected outcomes.

However, if we talk in the same way about knowledge. It only can ensure an educated transfer of informations from generation to generation. Only maintaining the legacy of educational patterns - with comparatively less expected personally and/or nationally desired success for the future - because of falling short in it's capacity.

6.2) Inventing Procedures vs Making Decisions

More than knowledge, imagination is valid in a variety of instances, as said above. Pure imagination validates inventing procedures of it's observers. However, Knowledge because of it's lesser efficacy can only validate making choices and decisions verifying estimated growth of an entity.

6.3) Global Prosperity vs National/International Ethics

Imagination, on the basis of a quality vision of citizen(s) ensures global prosperity in a perticuler dimension of life. However, to the extent of presenting national and international ethics, it is knowledge that can make an entity fullfil the job of upholding it's ethics, when referred specifically to a certain dimension of life.

6.4) Enhanced Efficiency vs Making Money

Over-all progress of the citizens is linked with pure imagination - enhancing efficiency. This is where we come to the collective healthy growth of the citizens in a state. While making money is limited been there in a top priority of a profession based on education - contributing only to the limited growth of the public in a particular area of life, in a state.


Serving humanity is the purpose of trained citizens. A person is well-trained when having both the assets of knowledge and imagination. Also, we can obviously see here that one of the intended factors except the second one is incomplete conforming half job

We must focus on the training of global public instead of the public of a state. And doing so, compels us to take into consideration both the imagination and knowledge.
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill
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Global politics entertained with international relations currently occupy a central position, as ever, around the world in global governance. A lot of the global political players are sharing their role in this concern. These players are bound to each other been tied on one issue or the other internationaly.

Theme of the global politics around the world has been differently coloured with international relations. All aimed at global peace, global fairness and liability for progress and prosperity towards success globally..


2.1) Multicultural Politics In The 21st Century

Global village has observed enhanced multicultural politics in the 21st century. This trend has given the states many different intercultural political values. Where the successful exchange has brought the states on the rewarding tracks. While the failures have led them to refresh political policies.

2.2) Sharing Resources For Sustainability

Global sustainability among the states is dependent upon sharing the resources with each other. This simplifies mutual complex bonds between the states. And provide opportunities for mutual abundance. However, all the states are respectively capable of providing such resources.

2.3) Supremacy Of USA And It's Collisions

Fighting extremism is main element in collisions of the supreme USA with other states - mostly Muslims. USA wasted a lot of resources on the "do more policies". But it brought forward muslim culture and made it prominent. Because of enacting proofs of Islamic values by true Muslims. Also true Muslims can not enact terror on earth. It is not their stereotype. Lusting personal gains has promoted terror and extremism.

2.4) Possible Powers Around The World

Potential powers who have the capability to get prominent on the global map have different justifications for claiming their right positions. However, it is the supreme USA which has kept the world so far in a Unipolar format - either limiting Chinese economy, who claim Super Power prominence for itself, or restricting Iranian right to become an atomic power because of having atomic power resources.


3.1) USA With It's Peace Policies

Most of the policies of USA, USA claims that these are crucial- globally. And are for the best interest of global peace. USA got centered only on Afghanistan for two decades since 2001 - fighting alongside in other countries against their inland unfairness and poor law and order situations. So far different states entertained the policies of USA in one way or the other with the purpose of peace. To beat inner complexities - all of such states supported USA in it's policies and interference - and hoped for inland peace as well as international peace.

3.2) Strategic Pakistan And It's Role

In Asia strategic position of Pakistan has given a unique role to our country. Pakistan has entertained it's neighbor countries and USA a lot in one form or the other politically. International relations in this region observe Pakistan a crucial player of the Chess of global politics - always staying busy in fair dealings with outsiders.

3.3) Muslim Ummah And The West

Conflict of Muslim and Western cultural values have shown hype. However, to pacify the adherents of both sides, to look forward for a notorious solution, and to simplify the western confused lifestyles naturally similar values with the correct track is that which is divine - proclaimed 1400 years ago by purely natural religion Islam. To meet those values of Islam is the best possible and satisfactory solution for the adherents in contention of both sides and is a perfect remedy for the confused west.

3.4) Liberal And Conservative States

Most of the democratic states around the world either liberal or conservative tends to make political hallmarks for national and global gains. Liberal states are mostly developed states focusing on global fairness together - making the interlinked ties firm for international relations. While in underdeveloped states mostly conservative, politicians prioritize personal gains, subside money, and give less attention to national strength - mixing other nations.


4.1) Today's Crippled Economies

Wasted resources of all possible sorts have pushed global economies to the back seat of today's politics. Here authority is the priority. This simply justifies the fact that politicians in international relations are less caring about and less answerable to international fair relations in global politics. Such politicians are mostly self-centered.

4.2) Poor Law And Order Situations

Politically unstable states have commonly poor law and order situations. Public are violent, not obeying the laws, and are less careful about public harmony. This is the point where extremists raise up and create disturbance in societies.

4.3) Under-developed States

Underdeveloped states are mostly bound to different problems - eating up fairness from society and making the states fall short of standards of quality. Such states are victims of lack of capabilities and have prevalent weak lifestyles - mostly depending on the powerful interference of other countries in their inland concerns.

4.4) Lusting Power In Global Politics

Politicians lust power and authority for luxuries. Evident form the unsound societies, politicians all around the world mostly tend to earn corrupt wealth and are less answerable to the court's judgment because of high Handedness in politics with the exceptions of few - who carry on the legacy of sound politics. All depending upon the available environment and the tendencies of politicians.


5.1) Supporting Sustainability Of States

Supporting agents for sustainability of states should be encouraged to provide smoother grounds for this purpose. Also, the capacity of supporting agents must be provided with sufficient resources to work in affluence. To collect the efforts of these agents monitors should be hired - in order to have transparent audits and accounts.

5.2) Fighting For Justice Around The World

Slogans on banners for justice are world wide common in campaigns. Which should be brought to the front and made realistic with measures for enacting justice in societies. Different organizations need to work together to meet this goal. These organizations must play a vital role to make the world a place of just dealings - worth-living.

5.3) Focusing On The Miserable Conditions Of The Global Public

Global politicians need to focus on the miserable conditions of the global public. They must be cared with a top priority. Their rights should be fulfilled and they must be given opportunities for strength and success. As the development of states begins with fulfilling the rights of the public.

5.4) Questioning Every Instance of Global Politics And IR

Spreading awareness among public must be the foremost priority and the primary intention of the well-wishers of the public. Media can play a crucial role in this subject. This step will make the masses resist any bias in society. Each and every instance of unfair dealings with masses will be questioned. And the institutions (in playing their role) will favor the masses, obey the higher authorities, and follow the constitution - becoming capable of international relations in global politics.


6.1) Global Political Prosperity

Political prosperity globally for the states will be easily ensured with the adopt-apply principle of the aforesaid measures by politicians. Most of the states will become democratic - giving importance to the institutions and citizens. This will cultivate delight among the masses.

6.2) Global Ties On Humane basis

Citizens will be taken in the foremost notice by politicians. Ties on humane basis among the states globally will be in the best benefit of the citizens. As this will bring citizenry on the required terms and conditions. Where the masses will have a sound power of judgment in voting for the fair political parties - to get into power. Fighting for the rights of the public both on domestic level and internationaly will become the primary goal of the states.

6.3) Growing Global Economic Strength

Economy is the backbone of any solid governance in a state. Soft power of China in terms of economy has many lessons for other states. Following the Chinese policies of economic strength by other states and sharing homegrown resources by host countries abroad will favor global politics and international relations to a far reaching extent. Hard power, a sign of high Handedness is not in favor of harmonious international relations.

6.4) Uniformity Among The States Globally

Uniformity among the states in global politics will be the destination on the grounds of sound international relations. This will carry out shared good luck for the states. Where each state will draw it's deserving share per the caliber of the states on the basis of the amount of investing resources and their benefits.

6.5) Picking Natural Values - Globally

Globally "natural values" are accepted to humanity, regardless of any religion. However, in reality, these are the Islamic values enacted 1400 years ago on earth. Which are of more ancient and of more valid religion in history as compared to any other religion. And this is the resolution for the conflict of Western and Islamic cultures - which are in need to be lived onwards in life.


The place of vital and vigorous global politics with firm international relations, in the today's world, is the need of the current era. The world has turmoil in abundance. To deal this challenge globally, the states have to pay the prise in terms of their hard collective efforts. They need to be careful and sensitive in generous governance. As in today's world a minor issue becomes a molehill because of vulnerabilities.

Global citizens are not safe and not happy because of the institutions falling short of meeting this requirement in each state. All the states are obliged for this purpose of working positive. And current denials in global politics are an obvious element. Hence globally the international relations must be robust on the basis of friendly politics in each dimension.
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill
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Instead of becoming an asset, contributing to the progress, securing social status, providing kids to families and societies, playing the pure roles of ladies, and being equal to men - women in the West are used for drawing impure pleasures against the human nature. Instead of supporting the chastity of women, the whole West is busy in doing so.

Unique universal status is attached to woman - naturally. This compels the people in a society to consider women equal to men but with opposite gender. However, it is this West which instead of keeping their women socially chaste and safe , make the dirty use of it's women.


2.1) Commonplace Erotic Culture

Erotic culture is commonplace in the West because of feminism. Instead of giving rights and preveliges to women, men are using women for their sensual pleasures. This has incited the whole West to at different places to make women the victims of this culture.

2.2) Black Women's Exploitation

Black women are the intense victims of Western exploitation. They can not engage in the different areas of life outdoor as the white women can. Being the subject of discrimination, they have very limited access to civility and there in the related services.

2.3) Sensual Scandals On Media

Different celebrities are degraded on media with forging immorality over them and with the exposure of their unrealistic false character. This is a senseless act on media same like sensuality and is still getting ignored by any authority holder(s) to have combatting strategies.

2.4) Bills For Unveiling Muslim Women In The West

Western parliaments are passing different Bills to propose new horny trends for feminism to promulgate it. However, these are actually the issues of degrading western women, both muslims and non-muslim. Like a few years back the passage of a Bill in Italian parliament for unveiling muslim girls in the public places.


3.1) Explosion Of Morally Degraded West

The degraded West in account of morals, is an evident and foremost cause of the issues of feminism. The West is now hardly getting how to restore it's norms and how to deal with the issues of feminism. As these are the issues of misconduct. Which have caused a downfall and descendance of western societies.

3.2) Western Stereotype Of Exclusive Lifestyles

Having luxuries is the known stereotype and exclusive lifestyle of the Western world. Where men and women extract joy from the different things in life, without zooming out the reality of such things. One of such things is feminism. Which has created numerous issues for the western world, with outreach worse effects as well.

3.3) Chase By Pleasure Seekers And White Males

The dominant portion among the males in the West are the white males referred to "We The People". Who exploit women of the west for sensual pleasures. This chase is so much defined and so much excessive now that Feminism has become a profession for majority of the women in the West.

3.4) Movements Of Liberalists

Struggle by Liberal women, in different movements, to secure worldly comforts and ease is common in the West. These liberal women raise frequently with different slogans and make it easily a common ground for all the women of the west to get together for the same Mottos in liberal movements. Such Mottos are easily accommodated and met by the west in favor of both men and women. Which have given a weird shape to western societies multiplying the Feminist issues in west.


4.1) Offending Safe Cultures Propagandas

Starting from the West and reaching actually upto the east, the issues of feminism have a wide range worse effects over other cultures - especially the Muslim Culture. No culture supports the freedom of a woman as the Western culture is observing propagandas, with the intention of such worse effects for other cultures especially through the electronic media, based on the status of a woman there in.

4.2) The West Being Secular In Character

So far the secular west has been materialistic in most of the things. This worldly view has no concern with a utopian spiritual west. These are the two opposite poles to each other. Which has created a huge gap between the norms of a civilized life and the life observed with feminism by most of the west. However, we can see instances of norms based civilized west also.

4.3) Publicity Of The Dark Sides Of Life

Feminism in the West has not only darkened the western society. It has also ruined other cultures worldwide. The followers of other cultures also sometimes tilt towards the impure use of women. And it is this neglect of women which is the root cause of almost all other problems in western and such societies.

4.4) Common Social Failures And Ignorance

When overwhelmed with social problems and vulnerabilities, it becomes secondary that such societies face failures and unfolding ignorant conducts with time. Which are termed as trends of feminism in the West - but simply coined as the prevalent issues of feminism both for short-term and long-term.


5.1) Starting Movements For The Awareness Of Natural Values In The West

Until movements for the awareness of natural values are started in the West, the west can not be brought to it's neutral and ongoing condition. Till that time the west seems to be overwhelmed with the issues of feminism. Collective efforts for such movements of awareness are to be realized actually. Media can play a decisive role in this aspect.

5.2) Campaigns For Protecting Black Women Rights

No one is victim of the western brutality and in humane acts as the black women in the West are. They are neither accepted fully nor dejected fully. A long run of efforts is needed to restore the lost glory of black women in the West. They are to be protected domestically, socially, economically, professionally, and psychologically.

5.3) Realizing Life's Standards Philosophy

To have a sound west as far as the issues of feminism are concerned, life's standards must be restored and realized. Which are crucial for magnificent lifestyles away from the brutal issues of feminism in the west. Most of the things have been misplaced in the West for this feminism. And until a thing is restored to it's natural condition, problems do exist, and even face multiplication with the passage of time.

5.4) Raising Banners With Gender Equality Slogans In Campaigns

Men and women use to be equal citizens of a state. Only the gender makes a difference. This difference is natural. And the women must not be punished for this natural difference. Globally, awareness campaigns are to be conducted on this subject. As the whole world has wrong conceptions about gender equality. As it is clearly obvious that same like the a woman can not play the roles of a man. Similarly, it is also a reality on it's own part that a man can not play the role of a woman. And such roles of a woman are crucial for the prosperity of humanity and are compulsory to be take into account.

5.5) Ensuring The Safe Use Of Information Technology

All around the world, internet is misused which spread dirty pleasures. Instead of the wrong use of information technology, it's safe & productive use has to be encouraged. Where in global public will aquire awareness about living on the basis of correct behaviour.

Complete The Rest Of This Essay...!
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill
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Limited production of food products globally, have restricted the "food produces" of international standard to a few countries. Other countries can just produce a minor excess of food products - of export quality.

To qualify the global challenge of food shortage, different countries in different regions of the world have to make inland productions worthwhile. This will help combat the challenges of global food shortage to far reaching ends. Where "The World Food Systems" will be known as "The Economies Of Agriculture" all around the world.


2.1) China

China is the foremost country which produces food products more than any other country. Not only the China itself is sufficient, this China has also occupied most of the world food markets and is parallel with meeting food challenges to a farther extent.

2.2) India

India is another major producer of food products. Indian exports of food products occupy the region and is also busy in doing so with farther countries. Many ties with India of other countries are strong because of Indian production of foods.

2.3) United States

United States is not behind from China and India in the production of food products. A variety of American foods are exported to the European and other countries. Which is the base of prosperous ties with America of such countries.

2.4) Brazil

Brazil also has a good name in producing foods. Which render efforts a lot to the economies of agriculture. Ties of Brazil with a range of countries are also bonded because of foods production. Similar to the above three states Brazil has secured a healthy prosperity for it's own citizens.


3.1) Global Hunger And Starvation

Hungry and the starved portion of humanity is more dependent on the world food systems, than the public consuming food products. This weak portion of humanity are in need to be accessed with resources of food. World Food Organization (WFO) can play a major role in this regard.

3.2) Gross Domestic Product (GDP) And Consumer Price Index (CPI) Of Societies

GDP and CPI are are largely dependent on the world food systems. This carry a huge responsibility on the responsible authorities and the actual care takers. Who have to manage this system with sound and productive measures to contribute to the economies of agriculture. Here, World Agricultural Organization (WAO) must not leave the track of reaching the expected results and output.

3.3) Import And Export Transactions

Import and export transactions of the states of the world can find a massive boost because of the operations of world food systems. Export qualities should be given to each product to have productive dealings both inland and abroad.

3.4) Demand And Supply Equation

Globally the demand for foods and it's relative supply needs to be observed with vital basis. Actually, the equation between demand and supply of foods is not always equal in mass. However, this match must always be kept in notice. .

3.5) Insufficient Agricultural Markets

Almost one third of the food products goes to get spared without any proper utilization of it for humanity on the earth. Also, global food markets are insufficient and are not properly supplied with food resources. The richness of which is mainly dependent upon the world food systems. : the economies of agriculture.

3.6) Limited Cultivations On Broad Broad Lands

A wide range of world's land is infertile and is free free all sorts of cultivation. This needs urgent notice and consideration to take care of cultivations and productions within suitable time. Which is also dependent upon the world food systems. Not only per nationality this limited cultivation in each state should be enhanced, it also needs international publicity campaigns.

essay#7, B.


4.1) The Lagging Behind World Food Organization (WFO) And The Falling Short Of World Agricultural Organization(WAO)

Inactive WFO and less potent WAO are the top most obvious shortfalls of the world food systems. These institutes are aloof from their proper functioning. Which is the result of the lack of food resources to get managed.

4.2) Starving Humanity And Increasing Deaths Because Of Starvation

Starving humanity and there in the relative death rate is increasing with time around the world. This has made a major portion of humanity hopeless. Majority been worried about future risk. Which requires an urgent boost to the economies of agriculture around the whole world, not just limited to few countries.

4.3) Mismanagement Of Enough Production - Not Meeting The Challenges Of Economies

Globally food resources are wasted one third. Also lack of enough food production is a challenge ahead. Which does not meet the challenges of economies. This needs a combating strategy to resolve the ongoing intended issue.

4.4) Volatility Of Prices Of Food Products - Not Helping The Daily Needs Of The Citizens

Unpredictable GDP and CPI ensure volatility of prices of food products. This together creates an uncertain situation which resembles unpredictable future. Working at the present of export quality food products can ease the uncertain situations.


5.1) Focusing More On Cultivating Food Resources And Agricultural Productivity

If focused properly on the cultivation of foods, the issues of the economies of agriculture will be resolved to an unmatchable level. Infertile and free lands should be brought in use for fertility to win. And future needs should be met.

5.2) Demand Of Food And Supply Of Food - Should Be Realistic

Demand of foods has always been a loosening factor around the world. However, needed food supply can deal this equation properly. Sometimes, limited supply can cause inflation. Also, limited demand lowers GDP. Demand/Supply are linked and should be kept met from both sides forever.

5.3) Planting New Food Factories When Needed, Ensuring Operation Of The Existing Food Factories

New food industries plantation should be brought in action. This must be adjoined by ensuring the operation of existing food factories. All working towards the aim of providing foods to the starved humanity around the globe.

5.4) Observing Punctual Transactions

During the due time fulfilling transactions are beneficial - both for the provider and consumer.This will maintain fluency in dealing and will give rhythm to the economies of agriculture. It will restore proper conduct of dealers and will ensure the business of food products run on suitable ethics, terms, and conditions - also making the business policies work efficiently.


6.1) No More Starvation

There will be an obvious transformation from starvation of the people into being fed. This will create an upheaval in the hunger of starved humanity for the betterment. People will have an easy access to food resources and humanity will secure their most basic birthright of eating foods to develop inner energy.

6.2) Boosted Economies

Industrial operations will give a boost to economies. Foods circulation will create employment opportunities contributing to boost economies. And foods supply will ensure purchases making the economic transactions a reality.

6.3) Healthy Humanity

Fed with hygienic foods humanity will be mostly healthy. As health is counted for the food and relative well-being. Hence such a lot of people with have a good proportion of health fed with good quality of foods. And as a result an upheaval is going to get created in humanity for the betterment.

6.4) Predictable Success

Currently working for the world food systems will add good efforts to the economies of agriculture. For the future such efforts are going to get proved successful. Success will be ensured and prosperity will be counted for the improvement of backward global public. Which is presently not the fate of humanity because of the unnoticed world food systems in most of the countries yet.

6.5) Fed-Future In Grip

Ensuring quality demand and supply of food products is compulsory. This will bring higher achievements in hand. And will give a life to economies of agriculture - converting global hunger into a fed-future.


A massive shift in the world food systems (the economies of agriculture) is the need of the time and a requirement of the states to survive. Typical food provision policies are still due even in the 21st century, in this digital era - since the global population is increasing with a high speed.

Successful economies of agriculture can serve this growth of population with a required pace, if the world food systems are handled properly by the liable authorities.
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill
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A huge gap does exist between rights and responsibilities of the participants of abiding ethics-and this is called ethical consumerism. Gradual retardation over time in the follow up of ethics is because of this factor. Which needs recover for restoring the smooth functioning of states and societies.

We have seen an obvious ethical consumerism up till now. However, we require the restoration of ethical legacy to promote our societies in this digital era. Otherwise, this will be a major loss - pushing backward our states and societies.


2.1) Right Of Provisions & Securities

Ensuring equal rights and preveliges for the participants of ethical consumerism come as the foremost blessing of adhering to ethics. However, because of bad luck we deprive basic provisions and securities mostly because of being aloof from the glory of abiding to ethics. This also means that we are almost similar in existence to non-existence due to the demolition of the right of provisions and securities.

2.2) Right Of Equality & Agreements

Not having social agreements among the participants of ethical consumerism and not observing them with equal state policies clearly shows the presence of ethical consumerism. This spoils states and societies. And blends the less aware participants of ethical consumerism in negative trends. Which does not support state and/or society in any way - untill destroyed fully. The recovery of which even both on the basis of short term and long terms efforts becomes harder with the passage of time.

2.3) Right Of Access And Awareness

Access and awareness is mostly denied both in a technical way and personal carelessness. When the participants of ethical consumerism will have limited access and less awareness they can not acquire their rights properly. If this trend remains like as it is, participants of ethical consumerism will be aloof from justice facilitating rights. Which requires both institutional fairness and commonplace awareness.

2.4) Right Of Progress & Promotions

Right of the progress and promotions of the participants of ethical consumerism has to be preserved instead of demolshing it. These two professional trends i.e progress and promotions, have to be carried out as one of the basic responsibilities of the liable institutions. The deprived participants of ethical consumerism from these two trends will have difficulty in living without them.

2.5) Right Of Duties & Contributions

Ethical consumerism is automatically causing the demolition of the right of duties and contributions of it's participants. These duties and responsibilities are tied with the provision of the rights to the intended participants. If the looseness of this bond existed for longer term, obviously there will be nothing as ethical consumerism - worst for the states and societies.


3.1) Track Of Harmony And Understanding

Providing rights and collecting contributions is the track of harmony and understanding both at the institutional level and at the individual level, respectively. It is abiding upon the institutions to take care of ethics. Also, it is abiding upon the participants of ethical consumerism to carry on good conduct. Which will ensure ethics follow up and will give due status to the demolished rights - subsiding ethical consumerism we are suffering from.

3.2) Gives Theme To The Smooth Functioning And Effectivity Of The Institutions

Beneficial operation of the institutions is made sure with the help of having ethical follow up. This counts both on the part of institutions and the participants of ethical consumerism. This is the place where ethical consumerism gets a start and ruins the states and societies. However, taking a firm grip of ethics follow up can put us on a track free from the malady of ethical consumerism we are indulging in gradually more and more with time.

3.3) Ensures Equal Rights And Due Duties Of The Participants Of Ethical Consumerism

Ethics follow up has a natural capacity to ensure equal rights and due duties of the participants of ethical consumerism. However, if this point is overlooked, ethical consumerism will find further boost - not facilitating equal rights and not ensuring due duties of the participants of ethical consumerism. However, this point if realized. It can restore the lost status of demolished rights we are living with.

3.4) Realizes Coordination Among The Institutions

Coordination among the institutions of a state permeates life of crucial ethics across the institutions. This interlinked ethical follow up among the institutions will soothe and calm the institutions for each other. And will give a much better importance to ethics follow up acrosss the institutions as compared to the intra-linked participation in ethical consumerism we are senseless about.


4.1) Bad Governance, Cheatings And Limited Access Plus Less Awareness

Limited Access and less awareness is the foremost cause of ethical consumerism. This has kept the participants of ethcal consumerism on the road side - making the real track easily available for bad governance and involved cheatinga there in. Suitable conduct of the participants where in is misguided and ethical consumerism is given room.

4.2) Sacrificing Traditional Get-Togetherness For Ethical Consumerism

Personal interests because of human's lust sometimes defeats collective interests. Here, also is the same case. Ethical consumerism is also because of the sacrificed traditional get togetherness. However, collective interests works much better than personal interests - In the form of outcomes and benefits. Concerned humanity has to understand this reality.

4.3) Lack Of The Measures For Ethics-Restoration To Get On The Track

Diversion from the right track of adhering to ethics has also become a product from the absence of measures for ethics restoration. After that, the participants of ethical consumerism have been set on this rude track. They can not easily transform this track into the one enriched with the potential measures required for the intended purpose. Massive efforts are required in this regard until the need is fully met.

4.4) Loose Bonds Between Rights And Responsibilities Of The Participants

Ethical consumerism has created a wide and broad gap between the rights and responsibilities of it's participants. This carries a huge responsibility on the institutions, media, administrators, educators, campaigners, and all the other concerned participants - to bring the rights and responsibilities face to face reducing ethical consumerism ahead.


5.1) Restoration Of A Balance Between Rights & Responsibilities Of The Participants

This balance is needed on urgent basis to save the states and societies from ethical consumerism and to restore the said(genuine) legacy of ethics. Which requires the efforts of all involved bodies and participants. As more than anything else the absence of this balance has created potential difficulties. Which have potential threats for states and societies - leading to ethical consumerism.

5.2) Managing Efforts Of Different Institutions

Bringing together the relative institutions for smoothening the path of adhering to ethics is also fundamentally crucial. This will even cross-cover the weaknesses of the interlinked institutions and will make them stronger together - beyond an institution individually. This network will utilize strengths for it's progress, providing a gateway to restore the legacy of ethics, and will make the future seen and meaningful.

5.3) Promoting Social Agreements And Fairness

Get-togetherness and social fairness obviously seem the essence of restoring the legacy of ethics. This will definitely turn out successful and will enjoin upon the participants to revitalize the lost glory of ethics shaped so far into ethical consumerism. Which has made the world delicate and tender. So, a refreshing strategy is needed in this regard.

5.4) Connecting People On The Basis Of Their Common Sense

Connecting common sense of the participants with each other is last but not the least measure to adopt-apply for the restoration of genuine ethical legacy. This will also convert the dying states and societies into a more realistic and living form. Which will be a measure for the betterment of states and societies following ethics in the correct dimension.


6.1) Successful Management Of The Participants

When we will be free from ethical consumerism, institutions will manage their participants with more importance. This will coordinate them effectively and their contributions will be more rewarding and more promising. This is actually the initial glory of both the institutions and the participants got busy until now in ethical consumerism.

6.2) Consistency In The Struggle Of Institutions

Consistency in the struggle of institutions is key to success in the correct dimension. However, without the cooperation of the participants this consistency is not possible to achieve. Which for the hopeful future requires honesty and genuine interest of the participants for giving this consistency a proper route and moving it forward with such cooperation.

6.3) Independence Of The States & Societies Will Become An Asset

Each and every state and society requires assets to survive. More than any other assets, independence is the foremost important asset in the current era of the 21st century. Been dependent upon others and not avoiding the dominance of superior powers, the foremost asset of independence if missing can not find a threshold. So, this weakness soon has to be and will be pushed backwards to start surviving independently. Which will be a vital lifestyle in the near future ahead.

6.4) Policy Makers Will Be Accountable All where And All The Time

Operated on the basis of policies, ethics restoration in institutions seems possible and obviously beneficial for the near future and then onwards. Ringing the bell of discharging ethical consumerism, will give a forward flow to the smooth functioning of the institutions with the genuine efforts of accountable policy makers.


Despite the current era of progress, the traditional legacy of abiding ethics has been punctured gradually.

Currently, ethical consumerism is widespread across the whole world. This has weekend the states and societies - making a big room for unfair dealings. As proved in the above written essay, we are far behind on the path of prosperity as this ethical consumerism has retarded growth and progress even in the developed states and societies because of unfair dealings.

Until we get on the accurate terms of abiding ethics, we can not be hopeful for the success in future as there is nothing like ethical consumerism.
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill
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Human development and economic sustainability are interlinked. If one factor is raised the other finds strength and vice versa. This clearly shows that economic sustainability is dependent upon human development. Which obviously means that these are binary or mutual growth factors.

Circulation of wealth and abundant resources is the basic prosperity of a nation. This qualifies humans for development and gives strength to economy. And almost everywhere in the entire world this is the format of economic sustainability.


2.1- Mutually Dependent On Each Other For The Provision Of Rights

Human development and economic sustainability are mutually dependent on each other regarding the provision of rights to the citizens of a state. If a society is having a developed humanity, economic sustainability is sure in relation to this ratio. Where the rights will be fully given and needs will be fully met because of the self-sufficient citizenry.

2.2- Giving The Citizens A Whole-Sole Power Of Citizenry

Providing the citizenry with it's whole-sole power is a prime objective of the economic sustainability. This spreads progress across the entire state as much as possible and collects the contributions of such citizens in a relative regard. Which actually stems out from the Human development giving strength to economic sustainability.

2.3- Backbone Of The States As It Promotes Prosperity

A sustainable economy is the backbone of a state giving support to the rest of all of the state's concerns. The development of a state depends upon the economy. And the onward economic sustainability roots out from the human development qualifying a state for the rest of the affairs and dealings. Which currently is the stereotype of all the developed states of the world alone.

2.4- Rooting Genuine Democracy And Good Governance

Economic sustainability related to human development roots genuine democracy in states and provides a smooth platform for good governance. Institutional fairness and provision of justice is made sure, where in economic growth is given a priority. Which becomes the source of the welfare and goodness of the entire society.


3.1- Taxes On The Citizens And Loans Across The States

Increasing the ratio of taxes each year on the citizens, and taking more and more loans frequently from the rich others set the economies on the path of decline and lack of financial prosperity. This trend is most common in the developing countries, especially like the known countries in Asia including Pakistan. Which is an obvious but unnoticed failure until now for the struggling economies.

3.2- Less Employment Opportunities And Poverty

Inflamed unemployment and increasing poverty along with the absence of their reduction strategies counts both on the part of the government and citizens there in. Because of these two factors money is not earned properly and needs are not met easily. Which is not backing up any human development. And thus we suffer from the lack of economic sustainability.

3.3- Lack Of Just Fairness (Due To Corruption) And Lack Of Proper Access To It

Just fairness validates both inner peace and outer peace beating both inner turmoil and outer turmoil respectively. However, because of bad luck we have the deficiency of just fairness. And there in the additional weakness of limited access to it. Which is even not making any sense in the intended point. Loss of time, lack of proper management, and wasting more resources for lesser goodness, all contribute to degenerate the backbone ( economies ) of the suffering states.

3.4- Less Focus On The Circulation Of Wealth And Abundance

Spotlight on the proper circulation of money is absent. If we have the absence of proper circulation of wealth and abundance. We can not move ahead with progress. This curse is limiting our capacity for growth, makes us live in problems at the present, and keeps our potential weak for making ourselves secure for the future. Which are all related to the lack of human development and economic sustainability as a sound blessing.


4.1- Lack Of Accountability Procedures

Procedures needed for the accountability of corrupts and the absence of such procedures put responsibility on the accountability bureau. However, such self-centered bureau are not restricting the uncontrollable lawless earnings of black money. Which is obvious and most clear reason of the lifeless human development, aimed to give growth to economic sustainability.

4.2- Less Awareness Among The Public And More Reliability On The Imported Money

Imported money in the form of loans or foreign assistance with a claim for inland developmental projects channel such this money mostly into deficit reduction and subsidies. However, such money is further narrowed for personal gains and personal comfort. Where in the less aware citizens are made victims for the return of this imported money in the form of paying taxes to governments.

4.3- Lesser And Lesser Homegrown Money

When an economy is not finding boost on domestic basis. It obviously proves the fact that homegrown production and homegrown circulation of money is lesser and lesser with time. This happens when the time passes, industries are set free on idle basis inside a country, and dependence increases with time on the imports. No state/society can raise money in such situations - domestically.

4.4- No Strategies For The Circulation Of Money To The Fullest

No properly made strategies are available in most of the societies for the circulation of money to the fullest. If this goal is achieved, this will heal most of the issues of societies setting societies on the route of success. However, if we overlook this point, the situation can further get complicated and worst making the economic sustainability a fantasy - unachievable.


5.1- Adopting Preserving Procedures For Economies

Economies in resetting the conditions for it's sustainability should be preserved for straightening the path towards progress. This requires regular checks on the economic progress and dedicated efforts to secure good economic results. Which will be the actual qualifying experience due to the adopt-apply of the preserving procedures to take care of the economies of a states/societies.

5.2- Working For The Economic Prosperity And Keeping The Citizens Safe

Adding efforts to economic prosperity must be one of the primary goals of the governments. Sustainable economy uses to be the backbone of a state/society. And taking care of this backbone of the states is obviously going to set the citizens on sound terms and conditions. Which is a major help to reset the conditions for economic sustainability.

5.3- Making Fair Economic Dealings A Top Priority And Ensuring Such Dealings

Making economic dealings a top priority and ensuring such economic dealings is crucial. This will facilitate a lot to the economic forum and a lot can be secured from this priority. It will also make the relative goals easy to rock. And finding feasibility will turn the coin over on the lucky facet.

54- Taking Assistance From Enriched Abroad Economies - Especially Chinese

China has the potential to provide assistance to abroad states. This potential of Chinese economy, as we know, is so much excessively enriched that in return currently a needed Economic Super Power is soon going to raise. Instead of hard powers across the world, dependence on the soft power of China is soon going to transform the fortune of the rest of the world for the betterment. Which is actually the basic and best form of resetting the conditions for economic sustainability.


6.1- Valid Economic Prosperity And Self-sufficient States/Societies

Authentic economic prosperity is a public right of each nation - possible with liability been put on the economic associations and economic forums to carry on a valid legacy of the economic sustainability. The aforesaid measures are primarily for the purpose of realizing a valid economic prosperity and making the states/societies self-sufficient economically.

6.2- Potential Codes In Economies For A Successful Economic Future

Successful economic future depends upon the potential of economies. These exist in the form of "codes like" in economies. To bring foreth such successful future of economies, these codes have to be reared and cherished. Which will fullfil the concerned job when budding. And will give strength to the lifestyle in different states/societies.

6.3- Countless Opportunities For The Welfare Of States/Societies

When the economic future will be sustainable as this essay aimed to get dedicated towards this goal so far. Countless opportunities will be found, met, and benefitted from, for the welfare of states/societies. All the citizens will start a life they desired and needy so far. This will fasten resetting the economic conditions for a future full of opportunities.

6.4- Legacy Of Economic Sustainability In Our Firm Grip

All this facilitates an easy and firm grip to us over the sustainable economies. Reset life will be a blessing for the global public - giving them happiness of living a refreshed sustainable life, making the strategies work well and will eliminate all the boredom of the economies at deficit now-a-days.


Human development not only ensures economic sustainability. It is also the development of the rest of the state affairs. As it is casting it's shadow on all the state affairs . So, it is easily covering the rest of the concerns needing focus of the relative states and societies. Hence a sustainable economy is called a healthy and stern backbone of the states/societies.

If we have to take in focus all the aspects of our states and societies, we should not get into overlooking human development - supporting a whole state/society.
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill
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