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Farhat Mahfooz is on a distinguished road
Default Solved Papers of Current Affairs 1988 TO 2013

1988 TO 2013

2. Dan Quayle is:
b. American Politician

5. Sakharov is:
c. Soviet Nuclear Scientist

6. The last day of the Quaid-e-Azam was written by:
c. Col. Illahi Bukhsh (probably, iam not sure)

7. The new Olympic Champion in Hockey is:

i think netherlands

9. The Bofors Scandal occurred in:
b. India

10. The Black Sea and the Mediterranean are connected by:
b. Dardanelles


1. Which country makes the Entac Missiles:
c. France

2. How many Radio Stations are in Pakistan:
a. 3000 while at independence only 2

3. What is Cathay Pacific:
c. Air line of hong kong

5. The „Great Leap Forward‟ was:
b. Chinese Economic Programme

6. What is the actual name of F-16:
a. Fighting Falcon

7. “Daughter of the East” is an autobiography of:
d. Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto

8. The Headquarters of Asian Development Bank is in:
c. Manila
9. Pakistan left CENTO in:
c. 1979 (when it was dissolved)

10. Gorbachev‟s Peredyshka is:
b. Breathing space

12. Sunsuke Uno is:
d. was Prime Minister of Japan

13. India launched its first Missile with the name of:
c. Agni

14. Who has been named as the first recipient of Gaddafi International Prize for Human
a. Hosni Mubarak
b. Nelson Mandela (1989)
c. Rajiv Gandhi
d. Mrs. Margaret Thatcher

15. Literacy rate in Pakistan is:
d. as of 2012 79%

16. How many people were stampeded in Football Match at Sheffield Hill Borough Stadium:
c. 95
17. Venezuela President is:
a. Nicolas Maduro

18 .Jabar-bin-Hayyan was a:
a. Mathematician
b. Astronomer
c. Chemist
d. Philosopher
(actually he was an astronomer and philosopher as well, but more famous for chemistry, so does that mean all
the 3 are correct options but option C is more suitable.)

19. Battle of Ohad was fought in:
a. 625 A.D. 3 shawwal 3 hijri

20. How many times has Martina Navtatilova won the Wimbledon title:
d. Eleven times (counting both singles and doubles titles won)


1. The world‟s oldest International Human Rights Organization is:
c. Anti Slavery (probably, its older then the other two) definitely it is

2. The constitution of European Union has not been ratified by:
a. Italy
b. Netherlands
c. France
d. None of these

3. After United States, the largest contributor in the United Nations Budget is:
a. Germany
b. France
c. U.K.
d. None of these (Japan is and was in 2005 as well)

4. “Ariana” is an Airlines of:
a. Afghanistan
5. What percentage Pakistan produces electricity from thermal source:
d. None of these (31)about 70%

6. China‟s fastest growing economy is facing a major challenge of:
a. Population Explosion

7. U.S. president George Bush has created Millennium Challenge Account to:
c. Help poor countries pursuing democratic ideals

8. 38th parallel is a boundary line between:
d. None of these (its boundary line between North and South Koreas)

9. In which month does the U.N. General Assembly usually meet every year:
c. September

10. Pakistan has recently been given observer status in:
c. Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)

11. The project to reduce water logging and salinity area in Pakistan has been financially
supported by:
a. World Bank
b. IMF
c. Asian Development Bank
d. None of these

12. Pakistan and U.S. Navies recently conducted Joint exercises in the Arabian Sea by the
c. Inspired Union

13. Which of the following Internet Search Engines will introduce the World‟s Biggest digital
b. Google

14. The recently appointed United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres is the former Prime Minister of:
d. (he was prime minister of Portugal)

15. When a country grants another country MFN (Most Favored Nations) status in mutual trade, it implies:
a. Providing same trade concessions as are being given to other countries without any discrimination

16. The programme “United Nations Millennium Development Goals” is focusing on:
a. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
b. Achieve Universal Primary education
c. Promote gender equality and empower women
d. All of these

17. The largest Agency of FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) by area is:
b. South Waziristan being 6,619 km².

18. Reuter‟ is the news agency of:
c. UK

19. SAARC Human Resource Development Center is located at:
(it is in Islamabad)

20. Under “Vision 2025” WAPDA will construct SATPARA Dam on Indus river in:
a. Balochistan
c. Northern Areas
d. None of these


1. How many medals were won by Pakistan in the 18th Commonwealth games:
in 17th games(2004) total is 8 and in 18th(2010) total is 5
a. 3
b. 5
c. 7

2010 *19 Delhi Abbreviation CG
2014 * 20 Glasgow Motto Humanity—Equality—Destiny
First event 1930
Occur every 4 years
Purpose Commonwealth Sports
Headquarters London, England
President HRH Prince Tunku Imran
*Pakistan 19 commonwealth 24 21 20 65
Pakistan*has competed in 11 of the 19 previous*Commonwealth Games, from 1954

2. The currency of China is:
c. Yuan (Renminbi (yuan))

3. In the absence of President, who becomes the acting President of Pakistan:
Chairman of the Senate

4. Han Myung has become the First Woman Prime Minister of:
a. South Korea
. Zalmay Khalil is the US ambassador to:
a. Iraq
6. H5N1 is the name of a:
c. Virus

7. Biman is the Airline of:
c. Bangladesh
8. Which country‟s border with Pakistan is called Durand Line:
b. Afghanistan

9. Xinhua is the news agency of:
a. China

10. The Headquarters of the UN Security Council is located at:
c. New York

11. Who is the governor of the State Bank of Pakistan
*Mr. Anwar is the 17th Governor(Yaseen Anwar)
12. Nobel prize for the year 2013
The Nobel Prize in Physics 2013
François Englert*and*Peter W. Higgs
"for the theoretical discovery of a mechanism that contributes to our understanding of the origin of mass of subatomic particles, and which recently was confirmed through the discovery of the predicted fundamental particle, by the ATLAS and CMS experiments at CERN's Large Hadron Collider"
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2013
Martin Karplus,*Michael Levitt*and*Arieh Warshel
"for the development of multiscale models for complex chemical systems"
The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2013
James E. Rothman,*Randy W. Schekman*and*Thomas C. Südhof
"for their discoveries of machinery regulating vesicle traffic, a major transport system in our cells"
The Nobel Prize in Literature 2013
Alice Munro
"master of the contemporary short story"
The Nobel Peace Prize 2013
Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)
"for its extensive efforts to eliminate chemical weapons"
The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2013
Eugene F. Fama,*Lars Peter Hansen*and*Robert J. Shiller
"for their empirical analysis of asset prices"

13.Who is the United States, assistant secretary of state for South Asian and Central Asian
c. Richard A. Boucher

14. What was the magnitude of the Earthquake that shook northern Pakistan and Azad
Kashmir on October 8, 2005:
d. (correct is 7.6)

15. Rafiq Bahauddin al Hariri had been the Prime Minister of:
b. Lebanon

16. Angela Merkel is:
c. Chancellor of Germany

17. Fourth Estate applied to:
c. Press

18. The “Spirit of Islam” author is:
b. Syed Amir Ali

19. The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Standing Committee had agreed in principle to grant an observer status to: On 2 August 2006 the foreign ministers of the SAARC countries agreed in principle to grant observer status to the US, South Korea and the European Union
a. China and Japan (not sure) On 4 March 2008, Iran requested observer status.[30] Followed shortly by the entrance of Mauritius. Myanmar has expressed interest in upgrading its status from an observer to a full member of SAARC,[31] while Russia is interested in becoming an observer

20. George Washington was the First President of USA. Who is the incumbent Vice President of America:
c. Dick Cheney (in 2006) John Adoms was the first vice president under the present constitution at the time of george washington (now vice president is Joe Biden)


1. Petronas towers are located in:
c. Kuala Lumpur

2. Name of the present UN Secretary General is:
b. Bon Ki Moon

3. The length of common border between India and Pakistan is:
(its 1809 miles)

4. SAARC conference was held in 2004 at:
a. Islamabad
5. China became the member of World Trade Organization in:
d. None of these (China officially became member of WTO on 11-12-2001)

6. The number of players in each team of basketball game is:
a. 5
7. Which is the largest Surah of the Holy Quran:
b. Surah Al-Baqarah

8. The Olympic games in 2004 were held in:
b. Sydney in Athens, Greece in 2004,(sydney was in 2000 didn't remember it was first telecasted olympic event)telecasted on ptv too....

9. How many members the National Security Council (Pakistan) has:
c. 15

10. Nobel Peace Prize for the year 2006 was awarded to:
b. Dr. Mohammad Yunus

11. Denzil Washington is renowned as:
c. Hollywood Actor
12. The number of OIC member states is:
b. 57

13. Mahbub-ul-Haq Human Development Center is located at:
c. Islamabad

14. Hugo Chaves was the president of:
a. Venezuela
15. What is the name of the only Pakistani who won a Nobel Prize:
b. Dr. Abdus-Salam
16. Maple leaf is the National emblem of:
c. Canada
17. Name of Bangladesh Parliament is:
c. Jatia Sangsad

18. India has constructed „Baglihar Dam‟ in occupied Kashmir‟s district of:
b. Doda

19. ‟Hamas‟ was founded by:
(it was founded by Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi and Mohammad Taha)

20. Which of the following regions of Balochistan will be irrigated through Kachi Canal
c. Nasirabad


1.Transparency International is based in:
c. Berlin
2. The largest source of electricity generation in Pakistan comes through:
a. Thermal

3. Pakistan‟s largest export partner is: european union is largest exporter and largest importer for Pakistan
b. America European Union( only for afghanistan, pakistan is largest export partner)
4. India is constructing Kishanganda Dam in:
c. Baramula
5. WAFA is the news agency of:
it is the news agency of Palestine)

6. Former US Vice-President Al Gore has won Nobel Peace Prize 2007 for his campaign
c. Global Warming

7. May 3, each year is Internationally observed as:
World Press Freedom Day)

8. The world‟s largest producer of uranium is:
b. Canada

9. The district of the country having lowest population density is:
c. Kharan

10.Qantas is an airlines of:
b. Australia

11. The first Muslim Nobel Laureate was:
a. Anwar Sadaat of Egypt

12. Darfur conflict is in:
b. Sudan
13. Parachinar is the main town of:
capital town of Kurram agency)

14. One US barrel is equal to:
its equivalent to 159 litres)

15. Ringgit is the currency unit of:
c. Malaysia

16. Pakistan is the Chairman of:
c. Group of 77 (Pakistan preside it in 2007)
d. None of these

17. The first President of America who made an official visit to Pakistan was:
b. Dwight D. Eisenhower

18.The „Aid to Pakistan Consortium‟ meets every year in:
c. Paris

19. General Michael Hayden is the:
he was director of the CIA)

20. Which of the following International Organizations has no formal structure and secretariat:
c. G-8


1. Who is Nicolas Sarkozy:
c. French President

2. What position Hu Jantao holds:
a. General Secretary of Communist Party
b. President of the Country
c. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

3. Who is the president of World Bank:

Jim Yong Kim 2012–present *United State

4. Where is the headquarter of the Amnesty International located:
b. London

5. Asian Development Bank (ADB) was established in:
b. 1966
6. Who were the three statesmen who formulated Non-Aligned Movement (NAM):
b. Nehru, Nasser, Tito

7. The permanent Secretariat of SAARC is established at:
a. Khatmandu

8. Who was the founder of HAMAS in 1987:
a. Sheikh Ahmed Yasin

9. How many official working languages are recognized by UNO:
b. 6

10. In which month does the UN General Assembly usually meet every year:
b. September
11. Which of the following countries have the power of veto in the General Assembly of UNO:
a. USA
b. Russia
c. China
d. All of these
UN organisation won the 2001*Nobel Peace Prize,

12. The term of office of a judge of the International Court of Justice is:
c. 9 years

13.Alliance among India, Germany, Japan and Brazil to support each other‟s bid for
permanent seat on UN Security Council is called:
b. G 4

14. The Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline is also known as:
b. Peace Pipeline
15. The first parliamentary elections in Afghanistan were held in:
d. None of these (it was held in 1965 for the first time, please consider reviewing) i think 1949

16. Which is the National Flower of Pakistan:
c. Jasmine
17. After „Pushtuns‟, the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan is:
c. Tajiks
18. The capital of Argentina is:
c. Buenos Aires

19. Which is the largest country in Africa:
Algeria by area and Nigeria by population
20. Name the currency of Sri Lanka:
a. Rupiyah

1) Which of the following countries is the world's largest emitter of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere?
a) China
2) Who is Stanley McChrystal?
a) Commander US forces in Afghanistan currently commander is gen. Joseph F. Dunford

3) The headquarters of Green Peace International is located at:
b) Amsterdam

4) The oldeest internet search engine among the following is:
c) Yahoo

5) The power generating capacity of Diamer-Basha Dam would be:
MW c) 4500 MW

6) ANTARA is the news agency of:
a) Indonesia
7) The largest opium producer province in Afghanistan is:
a) Helmand
8) Silk Air is an airline of:

9) Channel Tunnel is an under sea rail tunnel linking:
b) England and France
10) The Strait of Malacca is the main shipping channel between the India Ocean and:
a) The North Pacific Ocean
11) The recently published book " Between Dreams and Realities" is written by:
2009 Sartaj Aziz

12) The largest Agency of FATA by population is:
South Waziristan

13) Which of the following categories of Nobel Prise was established in 1968?

14) Total cultivable Land of Pakistan is approximately:
c) 150 million hectares

15) Who is Francois Fillon?
(He was Prime Minister of France)

16) The largest island in Indian Ocean is:
17) 3 May is observed Internationally as:
Press Freedom Day
18) 2016 Summer Olympics will be held at:
Rio de Janerio

19) Kyat is the currency of:
b) Myanmar

20 Environment Treaty Kyoto Protocol will be expired in:
a) 2012

(i) the world highest Mountain is in
(a) Nepal

(ii) on the map of the world which country appears as long shoe?
(a) Italy

(iii) The Headquarter of Red Cross are in:
(d) Geneva

(iv) Diamer-Bhasha Dam has been planned on the river:
(c) Indus

(v) Hajj Scam 2010 struck a blow to:
(b) Azam sawati, Hamid Saeed Kazmi

(vi) Who was the special representative of USA for Afghanistan and Pakistan Affairs?
Ambassador James F. Dobbins* on May 10, 2013.

(vii) AFPAK policy was announced in:
(b) 2009

(viii) Ship mounted energy project (activated in Pakistan: 2010) is sponsored by:
(c) Turkey

(ix) Asian Development Bank was established in
(b) 1966

(x) Who were the three statesmen who formulated Non-aligned Movement?
(b) Nehru, Naseer, Tito

(xi) The permanent secretariat of SAARC is established at:
(a) Kathmandu
(xii) Which of the following is the largest emitter of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?
(a) China

(xiii) The Rio conference on sustainable development was convinced in:
(b) 1992

(xiv) World Trade Organization was established in:
(d) 1995

(xv) How many official working language are recognized by UNO?
(b) 6
(xvi) The first UN conference on sustainable development happened in:
(b) 1962

(xvii) Mirani Dam Exist in:
(b) Balouchistan
(xviii) The founder of wikileaks scam belongs to:
(c) Australia
(xix) There are how many non permanent members of Security Council?
(d) 10

(xx) Pakistan has become non permanent member of Security council for:
(d) Six times


1) The first constructed barrage of pakistan is

sukkur barrage
2) where was jesus christ born?

3) raw is an abbreviation of
Research and Analysis wing

4) who was the first viceroy of india?

b) lord canning

5) according to roussean legitimate political authority is based on
c) social contract d

6) east india company was established in
a) 1603 b) 1602
c) 1600 d) none of these

7) british government sold kashmir to gulab sing in

a) 1846

8) gymmanphobia is the fear of
a) nudity

9) mac moban is the border between

a) india and china

10) places experincing equal impact of an earthquake are called

c) seismic lines

11) which is the deepest ocean in the world

c) pacific

12) largest airport of the world is

a) newyork airport b) frankfurt airport
c) dubai airport d) none of these (london heathrow airport)

13) “wafa” news agency belongs to
a) palestine
14) “fbi” of america was established in

15) who was the founder of republican party of usa

c) george washington
16) who was the first chief minister of baluchistan from may 1972 to february 1973?
sardar attaullah mengal

17) who was the first muslim chief of air staff of pakistan?

A) air marshal asghar khan
18) which country is the biggest producer of uranium in the world?
c) canada \

19) in pakistan the first martial law was imposed on

c) october 1958

20) the fedral government established thar coal authority in which year

a. 2008

1: The international Day of Peace, sometimes unofficially known as world peace day, is observed
annually on:
a) 21st september

2: International day for the Elimination of Violence against Racial Discrimination is observed annyally on:
a) 23rd May
b) 21st March
c) 01st March
d) None of these.

3: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is observed annually on:
a) 25th December
b) 23rd November
c) 25th November
d) None of these.

4: Marin Luther KIng, Jr.Was an clergyman, activist and leader. He is famous for:
a) Civil rights Movement using non-violence disobedience in USA.
5: Which of the following Country has absolutely no military forces?
a) Costa Rica

6: NATO headquarters are located in:
7: The SAARC is an organisation of South asian nations. Which of the following countries is not a
member of SAARC?
b) Myanmar

8: The UNO uses the Human development Index to:
b) demonstrate how well a country is providing for its people's welfare and security.
9: Which of the following states has not ratified teh Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty(CTBT)?
a) Canada.
b) France
c) United States.
d) None of these.

10: The most significant greenhouse gas is:
a) Ozone
b) ChloroFluorocarbons
c) carbonDioxide
d) None of these.

11: An Index that estimates the true rate of exchange among currencies is:
a) Human Development Index.
b) Exchange Rate.
c) Purchasing Power Parity.
d) None of these.

12: The idea that leaders initiate foreign conflicts in order to distract public opinion from controversial
domestic policies is called:
a) Diversionary Theory of war.
b) Democratic peace Theory.
c) Autocratic Rule
d) None of these.

13: The lowest %age of internet users is found in:
b) Africa
14: The most prosperous member of global south, which have become important exporters and markets for the major industrialised countries are known as:
a) Newly Industrialised countries.

15: In international Relations, a global system containing two dominant powers is labelled with which of
the terms?
a) Bipolar

16: The Axis powers in World War II did not include:
a) Germany
b) the Soviet Union
c) Italy
d) None of these

17: The position that a single dominant power can promote world peace came from :
a) balance-of-power
b) Socialist
c) Hegemonic stability
d) None of these

18: The US ambassador, J.Christopher Stevens was killed by millitants in :
c) Benghazi, Libya
19: -------- explains how rational self-interested behaviour by individuals may have a destructive
collective effect.
a) Tragedy of the commons
b) Population implosion.
c) carrying capacity
d) None of these

20: The process through which a country increases its capacity to meet its citizens' basic human needs
and raise their standard of living is called:
a) Self-determination
b) Democratisation
c) Development
d) None of these
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