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Old Saturday, October 29, 2005
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Default China and America

Highlight the latest developments in relation between China and America.

The Chinese American relations refer to the existence of relations between USA and China on social ,cultural and bilateral levels.According to the most analysts the existing relations between both the countries is complex and multifaceted.Both the countries are neither allies nor enemies and at the same time it is considered that the relations between both the countries is the determining factor in the major state of affairs of the world.

The Sino American relations have generally been volatile since the fall of Soviet union which removed a common enemy and ushered in a world chracterised by American dominance.The general American thinking remained suspicious about the communist polices of China and believed that its goal was to strengthen and establish Hagemony in East Asia and threaten US interests. The general notion in China on the other hand was that United States wishes to keep China weak and divided over the Taiwan issue and their issue relating to the human rights situation is nothing but a mere apprehension to put China at its back stps.US suppot for the Taiwanese government especially related to its help regarding the weapons programme made China more apprehensive.s

However besides there have been many irritants in US China relations there are also noteable stabilizing factors.Both the countries are the major trade partners and have common interest in the prevention and suppression of terrorism and also in preventing nuclear proliferation.While the end of Cold war resulted in the removal of common enemy ,the war on terror has produced new common enemy which has resulted in a gret stabilizing relations between the both.

In addition there is still the existence of a great deal of mistrust on Chinese side concerning the American intentions and the grudiging realization that the US is likely to reamin a unipolar power of the present century.


The relations between both the countries changed radically after the incident of 9 11 in 2001.The Republic of China offered strong support for the war on terrorism and a counter terrorism dialogue also occurred between them in Beijing. Exchanges and cooperation in fighting terrorism, and trade and economic cooperation registered new progress and coordination in significant international and regional issues bore some fruits.These advances benefited the nations and was conducive to the regional and world peace stability.

Both the countries demonstrated the support and improvement in the development of their ties in enhancing their mutual understanding and support.Despite the recognition of their disparities both the countries realized very well that they have to seek a common ground and shelve their differences for the benefit of the relations.

China impressively has achieved a big economic growth over the period of past few years .USA realizes this aspect and is keen in the promotion of their mutual interest and their cooperation.

China and the U.S. have also been working closely on regional issues like North Korea. China has stressed its opposition to the the republic of Korea’s decision to withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, it showed its concerns over north korea’snuclear capability. It has regarded it has a major threat to the peace and security in the region and USA is also agreeing with the statement. As two major countries in the Asia-Pacific region, China and the United States are ready to strengthen their cooperation to meet various challenges and make positive contributions to promoting stability and prosperity in the region. Recognizing that maintenance of peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula is of great importance, the two countries are working through the Four-Party Talks to help establish a durable peace on the Peninsula, and will continue consultations to this end. They also stress that it is in the interest of the two countries to maintain peace and stability in other important regions, including the Middle East, the Gulf, and South Asia.

Energy and Environment Cooperation
China and the United States reaffirm the importance of bilateral cooperation across the broad range of environmental issues.

They consider it a critical challenge to develop and efficiently use energy sources, protect the global environment, and promote environmentally sound growth and development. Accordingly, they agree to strengthen their cooperation in energy and environment through an initiative to accelerate clean energy projects and the appropriate transfer of related technologies. The principal areas of cooperation are in clean energy, urban air pollution control and rural electrification. This initiative fosters broader cooperation on global environment issues such as climate change and bio-diversity.

U.S.-China Economic Relations

U.S. direct investment in China covers a wide range of manufacturing sectors, several large hotel projects, restaurant chains, and petrochemicals. U.S.China. More than 100 U.S.-based multinationals have projects in China, some with multiple investments.

On the other hand China has also a very much expanded market in USA particularly to the field of electronics and toy making industry.Infact now China is possessing a mich more steonger hold in the US economy and by and by increasing its trade links with the country.Infact both the countries are striving hard to rebuild their relationship by building trust and knowledge concerning their mutual interests.

T he two countries seem detemined to build a constructive and strategic partenership through increasing cooperation and meeting international challenges in promoting peace and development in the world.


Both China and USA are the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and are supporters of UN’s efforts to play a positive and effective role on global issues including the objectives of peace keeping and the promotion of economic and social development among other countries.Infact US and China has always stressed in improving the efficency and effectiveness of the UNSC and putting it on a more firmer financial basis .Their active participation in UN has established the organization on comparatively solid basis as compared to its past.

The present debate of UN reforms will prove the worth of the relations between both the countries as it is hoped that the present structural reformation process in UNSC will bring the world community more in contact with these two nations and the desire is that both economic powers work with each other with harmony and cooperation also to benefit other nations from their own successful social and economic experiences.


China and the United States reiterate their commitment not to provide any assistance to unsafeguarded nuclear facilities and nuclear explosion programs. China has placed controls on exports of nuclear and dual-use materials and related technology and has taken further measures to strengthenits programme of nuclear poliferation. The United States is also continuing to enforce firm controls on the export of nuclear and dual-use materials and related technology.

Both the countries share common ground on the present issue of North korea's nuclear programme and consider it a constant threat for the peace and security of the region.

Human Rights : In the past both the countries had differences over the issue of human rights violations and the relations between both have remained estranged for long.However the times have now changed and China and US have both recognized the positive role of Universal declaration on Human rights.They have reteriated their commitment in the present times to promote and protect the fundamental freedom always desired for human rights.

The most noticeable fact is that both the countries have agreed to resolve their differences on human rights violations through the process of dialogues both at governmental and non governamnetal levels.


The new improved relations are healthy signs for the rest of the world community as it has ensured that the two economic giants have finally understood the significance of the collaborative essentiality of their relations and their placement of the differences in past at the back burner will ensure a brighter,prosperous, peaceful future free from chaos and conflicts.


All the above information in the whole current Affairs topic has been taken from various sources from the internet.The main objective of this topic was to gather all the signifiacnt points relating to the syllabi of current Affairs at one place.

Therefore it is hoped that it will be a useful source for all the future CSS aspirants.Not only this, this topic is also beneficial for the people who want to seriously study these long posts for the sake of improving the information regarding various issues of history and present.

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