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Wink Words synonyms | Words Meanings | Words in a sentence | Words definitions

Hello Friends Sometimes it becomes very difficult to memorize vocabulary and what I could find here was their definitions only. So I tried to make it a little bit easy for all of us.
Here are words along with their meaning and then their use in a sentence. Hopefully this will help you a lot.
================================================== ====
Definition of Aback

in amazement; shocked

Use Aback in a sentence

I was taken aback by the serverís rude comment about my hair.

While Amy enjoyed the film as a whole, as a minister she couldnít help but be taken aback by the strong use of profanity in the dialogue.

Ken believed he had a great marriage so he was definitely taken aback when he received divorce papers.

At seventy years of age, Wanda was taken aback when her doctor told her she was pregnant.

Although I had been exercising daily and eating correctly, I was still taken aback by the low number on the scale.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abaft

toward the stern; behind

Use Abaft in a sentence

The wind was abaft which made the ship glide faster towards our destination.

They placed the lifeboats in the rear part of the ship, so I headed abaft to retrieve one.

My first sailing lesson was learning that abaft was at the stern of the boat.

The sea spray was coming from abaft, making my back all wet.

I was told to sit abaft to lessen my seasickness because the rear of the ship was less choppy than the front.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abandon

to stop caring and leave or to desert

Use Abandon in a sentence

Since the young girl was unable to care for the newborn, she decided to abandon the child at a fire station.

Carl rarely commits to anything so everyone expects him to abandon his fiancťe at the altar.

During the snow storm, many people made the decision to abandon their cars on the highway.

The military police is currently looking for the soldier who chose to abandon his post during battle.

Because this plan is not feasible, we need to abandon it and come up with another one.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abase

to lower so as to hurt feelings

Use Abase in a sentence

My stepmother is an evil woman who likes to abase little children because she had a miserable childhood herself.

Because Mark hated himself, he often tried to abase others by calling them names.

I will not remain married to a man who tries to abase me in order to make me feel worthless!

Although I need money badly, I will not abase myself by working for pennies.

My jealous sister tried to abase me by making fun of my reading glasses.

When my brother behaved badly, my mother would abase him by comparing him to a bad puppy.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abate

to reduce in degree or intensity

Use Abate in a sentence

I hope this medicine will abate the pain in my leg.

In time, his anger will abate, and he will forgive you.

With any luck, the storm will abate soon so we can still have our picnic.

The firemen sprayed water on the burning house to abate the structural damage.

After my massage, I felt my stress level abate a great deal.

Even though the unemployment rate continues to abate, voters are still unhappy with the presidentís economic plan.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abdicate

to stop accepting a particular responsibility or obligation that you have

Use Abdicate in a sentence

The young prince became king after his older brother decided to abdicate the throne.

Because the mother chose to abdicate her role as a parent, her children have become the terrors of the neighborhood.

Of course, it is easier to abdicate your responsibilities than to be a good citizen.

Since the dictator of that country will not simply abdicate his position, we must go to war to remove him from power.

When his companyís stock price dropped under a dollar, the CEO decided to abdicate his title and leave the firm.

Because of a sex scandal, the president had no choice but to abdicate his office.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abduct

to grab an individual by trickery or force

Use Abduct in a sentence

The kidnappers planned to abduct the millionaireís daughter.

As a prank, members of our fraternity usually abduct our rival schoolís animal mascot.

The child predator hangs out in the park looking for kids to abduct.

Since the police will not help her, Helen is going to abduct her daughter from the harmful cult.

There is a nationwide search for the woman who tried to abduct the little boy from the school playground.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Aberrant

straying from the normal or right way

Use Aberrant in a sentence

Johnís aberrant behavior is going to get him in a lot of trouble one of these days.

When the astronomer looked into the telescope, he was shocked by the sight of a star moving in an aberrant path.

If my aunt does not take her medication, she will have aberrant mood swings.

Sarahís aberrant manners led to her being kicked out of the movie theater.

My unusual uncle has an aberrant way of tying his shoelaces.

Because my daughter has aberrant eating habits, she often eats dinner very late at night.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Aberration

deviating from what is normal or desirable, not typical

Use Aberration in a sentence

Shelleyís angry retort was an aberration from her normally quiet demeanor.

Since I did not properly adjust my camera settings, all of my pictures have a blurry aberration on them.

If your goal is to reduce the likelihood of an aberration occurring in your experiment, then you need to carefully read all the instructions before beginning the procedure.

A person with one blue eye and one green eye is said to have a genetic aberration.

Even though Janice has a medical aberration which causes her to blink constantly, she is still a very attractive woman.

The presence of cancer cells under a microscope is an aberration that no doctor wants to see.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abet

to encourage or support a behavior or action

Use Abet in a sentence

The photo editing software is sure to abet my odds of winning the photo competition.

Can you believe the community has decided to abet crime by not giving the police the names of suspected gang members?

Giving the dog a treat is a way to abet his obedience.

During the press conference, the president vowed severe consequences for any person or group who chose to abet the terrorists.

Many states have passed repeat offender laws to show criminals they do not abet repeated cases of the same offense.

To abet continued gaming, most casinos provide guests with frequent player rewards.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abeyance

a state of temporary disuse or suspension

Use Abeyance in a sentence

Immediately following the terrorist attack, pilots had to observe a period of abeyance where they could not depart from the airport.

Once the famine was over, the food rationing dictated by the government was put in abeyance.

Until after the murder trial, the inheritance will be placed in abeyance.

Trading on the stock market has temporarily been put in abeyance while the trade commission investigates financial misdeeds.

Janeís cancer has returned after being in abeyance for nearly two years.

Due to budget cuts, employer contributions to retirement accounts are being put in abeyance.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abhor

to reject something very strongly; hate

Use Abhor in a sentence

I abhor liars.

We abhor violence against others and respect everyone, regardless of a person's race, color and creed.

Work at a job that you love, not one that you abhor.

She would abhor the thought of writing a 40-page research paper.

If you abhor mathematics so much, why not switch majors?

Sitting in the waiting room for 2 hours is something I abhor with a passion.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abhorrence

a strong feeling of hate paired with a feeling of loathing

Use Abhorrence in a sentence

My abhorrence of racism makes me avoid people with racist attitudes.

As a pacifist, I have a strong abhorrence of violence.

The deceitful cult leader talked about the need for an abhorrence of wealth while stealing money from his followers.

Because Heather is a spoiled heiress, she looks upon homeless people with abhorrence.

The religious manís abhorrence of war led him to choose prison over military service.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abhorrent

causing or deserving strong dislike or hatred

Use Abhorrent in a sentence

As I looked around the filthy apartment, I had to wonder who could live in such abhorrent conditions.

Jackís abhorrent behavior caused him to get kicked out of the restaurant.

Because I find violence abhorrent, I rarely watch action movies.

The idea of being stuck in an office all day is abhorrent to a nature lover like myself.

When the citizens learned about the abhorrent crime, they screamed for justice outside the police station.

The soldierís abhorrent conduct earned him a dishonorable discharge from the army.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abide

tolerate an unpleasant thing or person; endure

Use Abide in a sentence

I find it difficult to abide the narrow-minded attitude of a prejudiced person.

Although my daughter hates the school dress code, she knows she must abide by it.

The students must abide by the classroom rules or else suffer the consequences.

Because Jack had a migraine, he was not sure he could abide the talkative old man during the twelve-hour flight.

If a doctor does not abide by the laws of his profession, he may lose the right to practice medicine.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abject

cast down in spirit or hope

Use Abject in a sentence

After his wife died, he was an abject man.

Janice was in such an abject state that she tried to kill herself.

While I am feeling a little sad at the moment, I do not plan on being abject for much longer.

When Mark lost his job, he was abject for weeks and would not leave his house.

The football player was abject after being cut from the team.

Because Miranda has an abject personality, she rarely smiles.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abjure

to give up a belief or an activity

Use Abjure in a sentence

After the tyrant took over the country, the citizens had to abjure their political beliefs.

In order to marry the peasant he loved, the prince made the decision to abjure his title.

Because John ignored his parentsí plea to abjure a life of crime, he ended up in prison by making bad choices.

Although chocolate cake is Marthaís favorite dessert, she has chosen to abjure it while on her diet.

Because the lawyer felt his potential client was uncooperative, he decided to abjure the case and let another attorney handle it.

Even though Tom made a promise to abjure from criminal acts, he continued to break the law.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Ablaze

burning fiercely; in a blaze; on fire

Use Ablaze in a sentence

The cops threw Jack to the ground and arrested him after he set the American flag ablaze.

Before fleeing, the bandit set the home ablaze so that any possible evidence would be obliterated.

Eyes ablaze, the man with the black hat reached for his revolver and aimed it at Bobís head.

After shooting the captive in the head, the terrorist doused Chrisís body with gasoline and set it ablaze.

The plane slammed into a house just passed the runway, setting it ablaze.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Ablution

the act of washing or cleansing

Use Ablution in a sentence

Sylvia has a rare condition that makes her break out in a rash if she gets water on her skin, so her morning ablution consists of using cleansing cream and tissue.

Some religions require believers to perform an ablution before prayer so that they are clean and worthy in the presence of their God.

Although the injury wasnít severe, the nurse brought in sterile water for the doctor to perform an ablution so that it would be less likely to become infected.

Once I have my cup of coffee and do my morning ablution, including brushing and flossing, Iím ready to start my day.

Because each daughterís daily ablution seems to take forever, mornings in a house with four teenage girls and one bathroom are unbearable.

Jerry explained to his friends that his parents had taught him to perform an ablution before he ate a meal or snack, but it had nothing to do with religion.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abnegation

the act of rejecting or refusing something

Use Abnegation in a sentence

Her abnegation of ice cream and cookies is due to her Olympic team training.

Because everyone knew Jane loved serving the public, they were shocked by her abnegation of the congressional seat.

The school counselor hoped she could encourage her students to consider the abnegation of drug use.

When Mark decided to protest chemical dumping, he used the abnegation of food and water as his method of protest.

Frankís abnegation of responsibility for his sonís behavior angered the judge.

After growing up in a very religious household, Cara knew a great deal about the abnegation of materialistic items.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abnormal

out of the ordinary; unusual

Use Abnormal in a sentence

William worried that his abnormal bleeding was a symptom of cancer.

Billís abnormal behavior convinced Jenna to stop dating him.

It was abnormal that the student could not sit through the lecture.

The abnormal winds forced us to pull off of the road.

Jerryís abnormal reaction demonstrated that he was under a lot of stress.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Aboard

on board, into or within a ship or boat

Use Aboard in a sentence

The stewardess welcomed everyone aboard and asked us to pay attention to what she had to say.

ďAll aboardí cried the conductor as the train made loud clanging noises and began to churn out clouds of steam.

While we were aboard the ship, a fight broke out among the sailors and one man was tossed overboard.

Considering the amount of equipment that was stored aboard our small boat, it was a miracle that it did not sink.

Once I was safely aboard the bus, I sat down in my seat and heaved a sigh of relief that I had made it in time for departure.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abode

the place where one resides or lives

Use Abode in a sentence

The fraternityís abode was the messiest house on campus.

Before you enter Mr. Chowís abode, he insists you remove your shoes so you will not stain his carpets.

Lacking a physical abode, the homeless man slept in the park.

Since I am a poor college student, my abode is sparsely furnished with a futon and a single folding chair.

On the camping trip, a tent will be our abode and protect us from the elements.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abolish

to put an end to

Use Abolish in a sentence

The Supreme Court believed it was time to abolish the outdated amendment.

The politician filibustered to abolish the unjust law.

Many historians point out that Abraham Lincoln did not abolish slavery out of compassion but rather as a political move.

His forward-thinking stance was instrumental in helping to abolish slavery.

He hoped to abolish all ties between the church and the state, making it impossible to build laws around individual moral beliefs.

There are still places around the world where they need to abolish slavery.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abolition

the action of putting an end to something

Use Abolition in a sentence

The abolition of smoking in restaurants is a blessing to people like myself who suffer from allergies and asthma.

Because the Northern states supported the abolition of slavery, many slaves fled to the North in search of freedom.

The racist political candidate supports the abolition of visas to citizens with Muslim backgrounds.

As a student, I most definitely favor the abolition of the twelve-month school year.

People who support the abolition of the death sentence will be protesting outside the prison tomorrow.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abolitionist

one who supports the elimination of practices or laws that are viewed as dangerous

Use Abolitionist in a sentence

The abolitionist is recruiting like-minded people who share her opposition to the pro-abortion laws.

Before the war split the nation in the 1800s, one of my ancestors was an abolitionist who gave his life to save runaway slaves.

My professor is an abolitionist who travels throughout the world speaking out against human rights violations.

Because the abolitionist is opposed to capital punishment, she frequently protests outside of legislative buildings.

Except for the lone abolitionist, everyone in the town supported slavery.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abominate

to despise intensely

Use Abominate in a sentence

Since I abominate liver, I will starve to death before I eat it.

My dogs abominate cold weather so I have to force them outside when the temperature goes below fifty degrees.

If you abominate something, you really hate it.

As a diehard golf fan, Josh is unwilling to date anyone who claims to abominate the sport.

While my grandmother does not abominate music, she prefers to hear it played at a low volume.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Aboriginal

associated with being part of the original population; native

Use Aboriginal in a sentence

The Indian tribeís aboriginal dialect has been replaced by the English language.

In the documentary, we will learn about some of the tribal customs of the island's aboriginal people.

The archaeologist found several aboriginal artifacts at the dig site of the ancient city.

When studying different cultures, we tend to rush through the aboriginal traditions so we can focus on modern customs.

The Murabi aboriginal tribe is the last of the native societies on the continent.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abortive

an unproductive attempt

Use Abortive in a sentence

When the rebelsí plan to take over the castle proved abortive, they were caught and executed.

The surgery was abortive and did not repair the damage to the manís heart.

Because of the stormy weather, the explorerís trip to Antarctica was abortive.

The plan to build a bridge to link the two islands became abortive when the two governments refused to share the project cost.

Although I watched the baking show repeatedly, my effort to make the same cake as the master chef proved abortive.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abraded

to produce damage or irritation by scraping, rubbing, or crushing

Use Abraded in a sentence

The wool blanket abraded my legs and gave me a rash.

When my husband saw how his facial hair abraded my skin, he decided it was time to shave.

The uncomfortable shoe strap abraded my heel and created a sore.

Because the pencil was held so tightly against my finger, it abraded my skin and left a red mark.

We canít use the plank because my father accidentally abraded it during the sanding process.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abrasive

unlikeable; nasty

Use Abrasive in a sentence

Because of Kurtís abrasive personality, most people try to avoid him at work.

The clerk was so abrasive to me I walked out the store without making a purchase.

After speaking with the abrasive doctor, I decided to look for a friendlier physician.

The player was fined for using abrasive language during the game.

If you use an abrasive tone with the flight attendant, you might get kicked off the airplane.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abreast

remaining up to date on a topic

Use Abreast in a sentence

To stay relevant in the field of computer programming, Kurt must stay abreast of the latest programming languages.

My teacher gives extra credit to students who stay abreast of world issues by sharing newspaper articles with the class.

Before the big match, the team will stay abreast of its opponent's scoring strategies by watching game tapes.

I often go online to keep abreast of what my favorite celebrities are doing.

In order to gain new skills, you should stay abreast of training workshops offered by the company.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abridge

to make shorter

Use Abridge in a sentence

His agent told him that he needed to abridge some of the content of his novel so that it would be under 400 pages.

Scott and Hillary agreed to abridge their story, leaving out some of the more frightening details so that their parents wouldnít be worried about them.

When immigrants enter the county through illegal means, they find that the people in charge not only abridge their basic human rights, but they completely remove them.

Editors of some classic literature seem to take a lot of liberties when they abridge the content so that people with lower reading levels can understand what theyíre reading.

Victor has his secretary go through each dayís mail so that she can abridge it into a manageable task by separating everything that can be handled by someone else.

Mr. Gibson asked me to abridge my report to the committee so that there would be time for questions.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abrogate

to abolish; to do away with

Use Abrogate in a sentence

You cannot abrogate anyone's right to free speech!

With thunderstorms rolling in this afternoon, we may abrogate today's outdoor protest.

A good father would never abrogate his parental responsibilities.

Our city needs to abrogate outdated laws.

If you talk out loud in class, I will abrogate your right to choose where to sit.

While the United States abolished slavery back in 1865, some countries have yet to abrogate it.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abruptly

suddenly; without notice

Use Abruptly in a sentence

Without warning, my boss abruptly fired me.

The football playerís contract was abruptly cancelled after his team learned about his drunk driving incident.

Before I could move my car out of the driveway, the tree fell abruptly and crushed the vehicle.

Janice was devastated when her husband abruptly announced their marriage was over.

Although the schedule changed abruptly, my team was successfully able to allocate resources to meet the time crunch.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abscission

the natural separation of a part at a predetermined location

Use Abscission in a sentence

Abscission of leaves occurs during autumn, before winter sets in.

The process of leaf abscission makes Wendy depressed, as if the tree was becoming deprived of its young.

In zoology, abscission is the shedding of a body part, such as the claw or husk.

Abscission of a leaf occurs at the base of the petiole, allowing the entire leaf to shed.

Because of abscission, leaves, flowers and fruit can discard non-functional or infected organs.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abscond

escape into hiding; to leave quickly and hide to avoid punishment

Use Abscond in a sentence

Do you think he has plans to abscond with the stolen money?

Since the boys could not pay for their meals, they decided to abscond before the waitress returned with their check.

The greedy accountant was caught at the airport before he could abscond with the companyís profits.

In order to avoid prosecution, Marilyn decided to abscond to Switzerland.

Because she was driving without a license, Elaine chose to abscond while the officer ran her car tag.

The robbersí plan was to abscond with all of the millionaireís valuable paintings and jewels.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Absolution

setting free from guilt, sin or penalty; forgiveness of an offense

Use Absolution in a sentence

The killer got on his knees and begged for absolution at his execution.

Because Sarah already forgave her husband for cheating the first time, she refused to offer him absolution for cheating a second time.

The only way Blake will earn my absolution is if he apologizes and makes no excuses for what he did.

Jesus spoke about forgiveness and gave absolution from sin.

Even though you wronged me, I will grant you absolution so I can let go of the pain and be at peace.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Absolve

to make (someone) free from guilt, responsibility, etc.

Use Absolve in a sentence

The juryís innocent verdict appears to absolve the defendant of any guilt.

After the traffic accident, the drunk driver tried to absolve himself of responsibility for the wreck.

The fact you did not shoot the storeowner during your gangís robbery does not absolve you of his death.

If you wish to absolve yourself of your sins, you must first confess them and not repeat the same actions.

The lack of funding does not absolve the city government from its guilt of not being prepared for the storm.

When the president granted the prisoner a pardon, he felt the manís good deeds were enough to absolve him of his wrongdoings.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Absorption

the act by which one substance takes in something or is taken in

Use Absorption in a sentence

The paper towels are thick, and as such, have a heavy absorption rate.

During the lab, we watched the cell expand because of fluid absorption.

I am anemic because my body has an issue with iron absorption.

Did you know oxygen enters the body through absorption during respiration?

The sponge has grown bigger because of the absorption of water.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Absquatulate

to depart hurriedly

Use Absquatulate in a sentence

Before the thief could absquatulate with the diamonds, he was surrounded by police officers.

The company treasurer tried to absquatulate to Costa Rica with the money he embezzled.

To escape a death sentence, the killer knew he had to absquatulate from the country.

Thomas knew it was best to absquatulate from the house before his mother realized her fatherís urn was missing.

After being abused by her husband for many years, Maggie was finally strong enough to absquatulate from her marriage.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abstain

restrain oneself from doing or enjoying something

Use Abstain in a sentence

Because of my health, I am going to abstain from the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Janet will abstain from smoking while she is pregnant.

If you want to lose weight, you should abstain from large amounts of junk food.

I will give my husband one hundred dollars if he can abstain from using profanity for a week.

Since my sister has chosen to abstain from eating red meat, I will not be serving any beef dishes at my party.

The pregnant woman could not abstain from licking the chocolate ice cream container.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abstemious

marked by moderation and holding back on indulgence

Use Abstemious in a sentence

Gerald was abstemious at dinner and only ate a little of the food on his plate.

Because I was abstemious with alcohol when I was younger, I am still quite healthy in my later years.

The best way to avoid becoming obese is by being abstemious and only eating what is necessary to survive.

While Mr. Peterson was quite abstemious with his meals, he always put out a big feast when he had guests over for dinner.

The buffet was huge and included healthy snacks for abstemious eaters and large entrees for the insatiable individuals.

Although my husband is normally abstemious with his money, he will buy a ticket to a football game in a minute.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abstinence

the act of not participating in or having what one desires

Use Abstinence in a sentence

According to my religion, one should refrain from having sex and practice abstinence until marriage.

Abstinence from smoking is now mandatory on commercial airlines.

Because of strong family support, Frank has been able to maintain his abstinence from alcohol for over twelve years.

The goal of the churchís teen youth group is to promote abstinence from sex, drugs, and alcohol.

When Gail was asked if the nicotine patch helped preserve her abstinence from smoking, she stated the item was very helpful.

The nunís commitment to the church requires she maintain an abstinence from all things that are not sacred.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abstract

being present as an idea but not in a definite form

Use Abstract in a sentence

I cannot distinguish any defined shapes within the artistís abstract painting.

An expert in ancient forms of communication, Jim can understand the abstract language used by prehistoric peoples.

Hopefully the architect will be able to turn my abstract sketches into the house of my dreams.

If you go to the designer with an abstract idea, it will be difficult for him to create the wedding dress you desire.

It was hard for the detective to solve the killerís abstract riddle.

When I opened the board game, I was completely confused by the abstract instructions.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abstruse

difficult to understand

Use Abstruse in a sentence

Some of the classic novels are too abstruse for beginning readers to understand.

Because I am not a computer programmer, I find most programming languages abstruse.

Most of the medical research on the subject seems abstruse to the average man.

While I could understand a little of the contract, the majority of the legal text was abstruse to me.

When my uncle talks too fast, he can be quite abstruse.

My professor said my lengthy thesis statement was abstruse and puzzling.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Absurd

ridiculous, silly, foolish

Use Absurd in a sentence

Spending the week in jail for stealing a loaf of bread is an absurd punishment for such a minor crime.

Instead of completing your assignment, you come up with the absurd excuse that your dog ate your homework.

Because Jim is a gun rights activist, he finds banning his constitutional right to keep and bear arms to be absurd.

Jared is completely absurd for wearing a heavy coat and earmuffs in triple-digit heat.

Claiming that your cat was abducted by aliens is absurd.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Absurdity

the quality of being ridiculous

Use Absurdity in a sentence

To believe that the earth is flat is an absurdity.

Child hunger in America still exists, an absurdity in a country that produces the most food.

Unless you are a baby, it would be an absurdity to wear a diaper and sleep in a crib.

As a grown adult, think about the absurdity of toilet papering your professor's house to get revenge for failing the class.

When my boss came to work dressed in a clown suit, I shook my head in disbelief at the absurdity.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abundant

an ample amount

Use Abundant in a sentence

Because my aunt buys toilet tissue every time it goes on sale, she has an abundant supply of the bathroom necessity.

The home teamís fans are so abundant many of them have had to move over to the visitorís side.

While we seem to have an abundant water supply on the planet, we must be careful to not deplete it.

Unfortunately we discovered the stream was no longer abundant with salmon.

Since the orange crops were abundant this year, oranges prices are most affordable.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abysmal

very bad

Use Abysmal in a sentence

Since Troy did not study for the test, he earned an abysmal score on the exam.

The movieís plot was so abysmal the critic left the theater after five minutes.

Because Cathy has no artistic skill whatsoever, her sculpture is abysmal.

Jimmy cannot go to the party because of his abysmal behavior.

Although I enjoyed the food at the restaurant, I found no pleasure in the abysmal service I received.

There are millions of unemployed people in this abysmal job market.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Abyss

an area that appears endless and immeasurable

Use Abyss in a sentence

If youíre an alcoholic, the temptation to drink may seem like a huge abyss.

I knew if I fell into the dark abyss of the crater I would never be seen again.

When Bud tossed a rock into the abyss, we never heard the stone hit the ground.

The shipís crew could only stare in the abyss of the ocean after the storm took them off course.

Because Brenda was lost in the abyss of depression, her sadness seemed endless to her.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Academia

the environment associated with researching, teaching, and learning at a college or university

Use Academia in a sentence

Gail found the real world of business to be quite different from what she learned in academia.

Because Jared wanted to earn several doctoral degrees, he planned on spending most of his life in academia.

The college does not have any sports teams because its focus is solely on its academia.

Since Bud was tired of studying after his senior year in high school, he decided to get a job before returning to academia.

Cara wanted to go to Harvard University because of the schoolís great reputation in academia.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Accede

to agree with someone or give in to his or her wish

Use Accede in a sentence

At your insistence and to avoid a prolonged argument, I will accede to your contract terms.

The company president made a wise decision to accede to consumer pressure and lower the prices of his goods.

Perhaps the congressmen should accede to the presidentís demands so the budget crisis can be averted.

Because Jack wants to make his wife happy on their anniversary, he will accede to wear a tuxedo for their dinner date.

Do not accede too readily to his demands or he will think you are a wimp!

Even though he needed money badly, Harry would not accede to the bankís loan agreement.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Accelerate

to increase the motion or growth

Use Accelerate in a sentence

It was fun to watch the racecar accelerate from zero to one hundred and fifty miles per hour.

If we're going to make the play, my husband must press down on the gas and accelerate the vehicle.

Rob should reduce his spending if he wants to accelerate the balance in his savings account.

According to the label, this solution should accelerate my hair growth and provide me with long tresses in a short time.

Many accidents happen when drivers accelerate on sharp curves.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acceleration

an escalation in pace or speed

Use Acceleration in a sentence

With a little acceleration on my part, I should be able to catch up with the mailmanís truck.

The acceleration of residential development has resulted in the deaths of thousands of wild animals within the last two years.

Because the car has a modified version of a jet engine, it has a rapid rate of acceleration.

The dramatic acceleration in sales can be attributed to the viral video of a man eating the sweet potato pie.

Although Mark would like to experience a quick acceleration up the corporate ladder, he knows he must begin at the bottom.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Accentuate

to highlight

Use Accentuate in a sentence

The bright colored eyeliner will accentuate Annís beautiful eyes.

When shopping, Kathryn always picks out blouses that accentuate her tiny waist.

Harry tried to accentuate the positive aspects of moving into a smaller home.

During the programming interview, make sure you accentuate your familiarity with coding languages.

Children sometimes suffer from low self-esteem when their parents constantly accentuate their mistakes.

In her dating profile, Ellen went out of her way to accentuate her best traits.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Accessible

capable of being accessed

Use Accessible in a sentence

The hotel offers accessible rooms for its handicapped guests.

Did you know your medical records are now accessible via your doctorís online patient portal?

Unfortunately alcohol is quite accessible to underage college students.

Because my Internet service is not working, my favorite website is not accessible at this time.

The tiny island is only accessible by small boat.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acclamation

loud praise or approval

Use Acclamation in a sentence

Debraís staff works tirelessly and deserves every acclamation.

The standing ovation was the biggest acclamation of the night.

I improved as a player, due to the acclamation of my teammates.

Our beloved senator was voted in by acclamation.

We agreed by acclamation to fire the crooked accountant.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acclimate

to adapt to a new place or different conditions

Use Acclimate in a sentence

When you go up into the mountains, allow yourself a little time for your lungs to acclimate to the high elevation.

It will take a while for me to acclimate to the three-hour time difference.

Since Mark grew up in Florida, he doubted if he would ever acclimate to New Yorkís weather conditions.

The exchange student will be partnered with a peer leader to make it easier for her to acclimate to her new school.

Before locking your dog in a crate, you should leave the door open and give him time to acclimate to his new environment.

Hopefully Kurt will learn his new job duties quickly and will be able to easily acclimate into his new position.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acclivity

an upward slope

Use Acclivity in a sentence

We scrambled up the acclivity to view the setting sun.

Although I love biking, I fear a steep acclivity.

We thought that Billy could walk up the ramp alone because the acclivity was so slight.

The river slows slightly as it ascends the mountainís northern acclivity.

Sandyís snake slithered smoothly up the slippery acclivity.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Accolade

an acknowledgement or an award

Use Accolade in a sentence

When the police officer was offered the plaque, he refused to accept an accolade for doing his job.

Mrs. Smith is such a great teacher that she is always getting one accolade after another.

During the monthly meeting, the company president will present an accolade to the employee of the month.

The Medal of Honor is the highest accolade a soldier can win.

Since the lone fireman rescued twenty children from a burning bus, he will more than likely receive an accolade from the president.

The animal rescue group deserves an accolade for finding homes for over seven hundred abandoned pets last year.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Accommodate

to fulfill a request or meet the needs of

Use Accommodate in a sentence

When I told my manager I was going to school at night, he told me he would try and accommodate my preference to work on the day shift.

Frank and Joan hoped the hotel could accommodate their request for a one-bedroom suite on their anniversary.

To accommodate customers with late work schedules, the store is extending its hours until ten in the evening Monday through Friday.

Our cabin on the cruise ship can accommodate up to four guests.

When the new prison is built, it will accommodate eight hundred inmates.

Do you think the roaster is big enough to accommodate this gigantic turkey?

================================================== ==============
Definition of Accommodating

inclined to make happy or content

Use Accommodating in a sentence

The accommodating hostess made sure everyone had enough to eat at the party.

As an innkeeper, one should be very accommodating and strive to make sure all guests are comfortable.

My teacher is very accommodating and is going to send me work to do while Iím in the hospital.

Because Iím too accommodating and want everyone to be happy, people often take advantage of my kindness.

The restaurant must install ramps and take other steps to be accommodating to its disabled customers.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Accommodation

a place for someone to live, stay, or work

Use Accommodation in a sentence

The only accommodation offered is a thin old mattress.

We were concerned about our childís sleeping accommodation.

While some had to pay, others got a free accommodation.

The prison offers no visitor accommodation.

The accommodation is still available, but it wonít stick around.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Accompanied

joined by an item or a companion

Use Accompanied in a sentence

The rain was accompanied by thunder and lightning.

According to the menu, the cheeseburger will be accompanied by a side dish of your choice.

Each photograph in the yearbook should be accompanied by a written description.

At the wedding reception, the singer will be accompanied by a violinist.

The blind man is always accompanied by his seeing eye dog.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Accompaniment

a thing which is provided as a supplement to something else

Use Accompaniment in a sentence

The accompaniment of the violin really took the song to a new level of sophistication.

When we eat birthday cake, we usually have ice cream as an accompaniment.

The marshmallows are a perfect accompaniment to an evening around the fire pit.

Do you prefer white or red wine as an accompaniment to chocolate-covered strawberries?

Donít forget to order fried rice as an accompaniment to the sesame chicken.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Accompany

to go along with something or someone

Use Accompany in a sentence

According to the menu, a side salad and rolls will accompany the steak.

It is not unusual for anxiety to accompany a bride on her wedding day.

If Jim can get off work, he will accompany me on the trip.

A guard will accompany the nurse as she walks through the prison.

Because there have been threats made against the prince, a team of bodyguards accompany him wherever he goes.

A soundtrack of the film will accompany the DVD when it goes on sale.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Accomplice

a person who helps another person perform a task that is usually criminal in nature

Use Accomplice in a sentence

The police are hoping the accomplice will lead them to the mastermind of the crime.

In the film, the wife is her husbandís accomplice in his attempt to murder his wealthy parents.

Lisa could not have committed murders in two different towns at the same time unless she had an accomplice.

While Gina claimed to be unaware of her husbandís embezzlement, she was a willing accomplice in spending his ill-gotten gains.

Because the accomplice was willing to testify against his criminal cohorts, he received immunity from prosecution.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Accord

agreement or concurrence of opinion

Use Accord in a sentence

The entire table was in accord that mozzarella sticks would be the appetizer.

Because all the members were already in accord, the council decided to cancel the meeting.

The parents were arguing because they were not in accord with how to discipline their teenager.

All the singers were in accord with one another during the performance.

To be in accord, the team wore the same color shirts to the rally.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Accordingly

in a suitable way

Use Accordingly in a sentence

Once the payment is received, we will process your order accordingly.

The middle-class consumers will not buy your products if they are not priced accordingly.

Since I have been notified of the change in authorship, I will update the book files accordingly.

As Curt is a specialist in his field, he is paid accordingly for his highly valued services.

Because church space is limited, we will send out wedding invitations accordingly with the invites for family and close friends going out first.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Accosted

forcefully confronted

Use Accosted in a sentence

When the man accosted me with a gun, I quickly handed over my purse.

The policemen asked Greg to describe the man who accosted him.

Because the star hates to be accosted by her fans, she wears disguises when she goes out in public.

The man who accosted the woman he met online will be going to prison for ten years.

After losing the race, Mark accosted Lance and accused him of using steroids.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Accountable

held as liable for a person or thing

Use Accountable in a sentence

The boy lied because he didnít want to be held accountable for breaking his neighborís window.

To the disappointment of hundreds of victims, the head of the Ponzi scheme wasnít held accountable for his financial crimes.

The intoxicated driver should be held accountable for all the deaths caused by his reckless behavior.

Because my dog bit the little boy, Iím being held accountable for all of the childís medical expenses.

When parents arenít around to hold their kids accountable for negative behaviors, the kids run wild.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Accoutrement

an accessory used in a specific situation or for a specific task

Use Accoutrement in a sentence

The only accoutrement missing from my kitchen is a hand mixer.

When Jack went shopping for an accoutrement for his game room, he purchased a new dart board.

Every accoutrement a handyman needs can be found in the gold toolbox.

If I cannot find the accoutrement that fits on the vacuum, I will not be able to clean my couch.

The office has every accoutrement a secretary requires including a color copier.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Accredit

to bestow official approval upon

Use Accredit in a sentence

During the ceremony, the dean will accredit students who met the graduation requirements.

The federal school council will not accredit any academic program that does not meet its standards.

Before the board of pharmacy technicians will accredit you as a medical professional, you must pass its exam.

The medical association will not accredit the student who cheated on the national physicianís assessment.

On Saturdays, the fire department offers a six-week workshop that is designed to accredit citizens as first responders.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Accreditation

formal endorsement of a person, school program, or organization

Use Accreditation in a sentence

When the school lost its national accreditation, it saw its enrollment dramatically decline.

The charityís accreditation from the government gives it an air of legitimacy.

Because the collegeís business program lacks accreditation, it is not on my list of potential graduate schools.

The trade commission made the decision to strip the disreputable brokerage firm of its accreditation.

Before you decide on a medical school, make sure you check the institutionís accreditation to ensure it meets the standards for licensure.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Accretion

act of increasing by natural growth

Use Accretion in a sentence

The accretion of traffic accidents and drunk driving was attributed to the opening of the new downtown mall.

The gradual accretion of terror over many years left hundred dead and thousands wounded.

Sophia was convinced that the accretion of ice on her carís windshield was preventing her wipers from operating correctly.

Coca Cola estimated about 40 cents of lost earnings per share accretion due to the devaluation of their stock.

It was due to the accretion of power amongst the oligarchy, and the way that they behaved toward the masses, that caused the peasants to rebel.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Accrue


Use Accrue in a sentence

Even though a traditional savings count will accrue a small amount of interest every year, other types of investments are better hedges against inflation.

The benefits of following a healthy lifestyle will accrue over time.

If you donít want the tax penalties to accrue until theyíre unmanageable, youíd better work out a payment plan with the IRS.

I enjoy using this credit card because the more I use it for purchases, the more mileage points I can accrue.

I changed jobs because I didnít like losing sick leave every year instead of having them accrue and roll over.

I thought I was getting a good deal, but as the hidden fees began to accrue I found I was actually paying more.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acculturation

a course by which a personís or groupís culture is altered as a result of contact with another culture

Use Acculturation in a sentence

Many immigrants have forgotten their native cultures because of acculturation in their new countries.

In an attempt to blend into their new communities, many foreigners undergo acculturation and modify their lifestyles.

Slaves were given their mastersí names as part of the acculturation process to erase their identities.

Because Hiram was committed to his religious beliefs, he withstood acculturation and did not let peer pressure change his ideals.

My parents made me promise I would not let acculturation alter my moral values while I was in college.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Accumulate

to pile up or collect

Use Accumulate in a sentence

I will accumulate wealth due to disciplined investing.

The sanitation department is on strike causing our garbage to accumulate.

Samanthaís debt began to accumulate do to the interest on her loan.

Flooding caused water to accumulate in Harryís basement.

The campaign will accumulate donations as election day nears.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Accurate

without mistakes

Use Accurate in a sentence

Since you did not type in the accurate pin number, you cannot withdraw funds from the ATM.

Everyone knows DNA testing is an extremely accurate means of confirming a personís identity.

To ensure your paycheck arrives promptly, make sure you provide the agency with your accurate address.

Either my bathroom scale is not accurate or Iím really fat.

Because the thermometer is running on old batteries, it may not give you an accurate reading.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Accusatory

blaming a person or group for something

Use Accusatory in a sentence

My wifeís accusatory questions are starting to disrupt our marriage.

According to the prosecutorís accusatory statements, the defendant is the only person who could have committed the crime.

Racists are always pointing their accusatory fingers at people of different ethnic groups.

Because the principal is talking to me in an accusatory tone, I'm certain she believes I vandalized the girlís restroom.

The police often use accusatory questions when interrogating suspects.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acerbic

expressing harsh or sharp criticism in a clever way

Use Acerbic in a sentence

After John heard his teacherís acerbic comments, he was not motivated to complete his project.

The writerís acerbic tone did not sit well with people who had an issue with harsh criticism.

While you may think your acerbic joke is funny and helpful, others may not appreciate your humor.

My mother-in-law tries to hide the fact she does not like me by using acerbic comments.

Even though many people enjoy Jimís wit, they are not always fans of his acerbic viewpoints.

Maryís attempt to be clever is often overshadowed by her acerbic nature.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acerbity

roughness or harshness, as in language or temperament

Use Acerbity in a sentence

The acerbity in the teacherís tone made the small child cry.

With great acerbity, the coach reprimanded his star player for missing curfew.

The man screamed at his wife with an acerbity that made her fear for her safety.

Because Mary was frustrated, she issued her response with a large amount of acerbity.

I knew immediately from the acerbity in my fatherís tone I was in trouble.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Achieve

to successfully get or accomplish

Use Achieve in a sentence

I will achieve my goal through patience and diligence.

At first I did not achieve success, but I kept at it.

Sam lectures on how to achieve wealth.

I studied hard to achieve a perfect grade.

The company set clear milestones, helping us achieve our goals.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Achievement

a thing done successfully

Use Achievement in a sentence

I consider it an achievement that I learned to control my spending.

The dam was a great achievement, controlling the raging river.

True achievement requires hard work and sincere devotion.

Obtaining my degree was a big achievement for me.

Peace of mind is an achievement worth the effort.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acidulous

harsh in manner or flavor

Use Acidulous in a sentence

The acidulous drink burned my tongue.

Because the salesclerk spoke to me in an acidulous tone, I chose to take my business elsewhere.

Jim apologized because he didnít realize his comment was acidulous and hurtful to Rachel.

If the drink is acidulous and bitter, itís because I used too much lemon juice in the mix.

The judge reprimanded the lawyer for using acidulous language in his court.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acknowledge

to confirm or admit the truth about something

Use Acknowledge in a sentence

The president will acknowledge the soldiersí suspicious deaths during his address to the nation.

If you want to be forgiven, you should acknowledge your mistakes to the priest and ask for mercy.

Jim will acknowledge receipt of your email even if he cannot immediately respond to it.

In front of the judge, the frightened teens did not hesitate to acknowledge their crimes.

Will you acknowledge your interest in the event by returning the response card as soon as possible?

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acknowledgment

the act of acknowledging; admission; avowal; owning; confession

Use Acknowledgment in a sentence

There is great acknowledgment in America that minimum wage levels are too low.

Acknowledgment of employee work is important, to keep them motivated and engaged.

The winner of the spelling bee received a gift, as well as an acknowledgment in the local newspaper.

Judge Kimberly threw the book at Joe because there was never any acknowledgment of any wrongdoing.

The spiritual leader cried out that without acknowledgment of sin, there could be no way for repentance to be accepted.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acme

the highest peak that is reachable

Use Acme in a sentence

At her acme, the singer was making over thirty million dollars a year.

The team reached its acme when it won the national championship.

Becoming the hospital administrator was the acme of Williamís medical career.

When the emperor reached the acme of his power, he controlled twenty huge territories.

The author knew his writing career had reached its acme when his book became the bestselling novel in the country.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acquaint

to become at ease with

Use Acquaint in a sentence

The faculty mixer is the perfect time for you to acquaint yourself with your teachers.

Before the next class, I need to acquaint myself with the short story in case we have a pop quiz.

Jill will ask the apartment manager to acquaint her with the layout of the property.

After seeing the captivating movie about the stuttering king, I felt the urge to acquaint myself with more British history.

The new lawyer will ask the judge for more time to acquaint himself with the facts of the case.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acquainted

familiar with a specific subject or person

Use Acquainted in a sentence

If you are acquainted with the hiring manager, I would love to give him a copy of my resume.

Aprilís husband is not acquainted with her favorite television show so she suggested he watch a few episodes of the program.

Since Jim has been to Japan numerous times, he is acquainted with the countryís culture.

People who are acquainted with the painterís work can easily recognize one of his pieces.

Because Amanda was acquainted with the owner of the hotel, she received a discount on the ballroom rental rate.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acquiesce

to agree or express agreement

Use Acquiesce in a sentence

While I did not want to go to the show with Laura, her begging eventually caused me to acquiesce.

The administration decided to acquiesce and let the students have a dance.

Even though it was her favorite purse, Jana decided to acquiesce and hand it over to the mugger.

Although Larryís every instinct told him to acquiesce and sign over his company, he decided to fight for his future.

I would rather acquiesce to her demands than listen to her constantly scream!

Right now, John's parents do not want him to enroll in an art school, but he believes they will acquiesce in time.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acquire

to obtain something

Use Acquire in a sentence

You will need a great deal of money to acquire the valuable painting.

Because Kurt wants to acquire ten thousand shares of stock, he will call his broker tomorrow.

Do you know how I can acquire the money to start my own restaurant?

The salesman will help me acquire a new car.

The billionaire hoped to acquire the biggest diamond in the world.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acquisition

the thing acquired or gained; a gain.

Use Acquisition in a sentence

Because he was marrying her, there would be an acquisition of all of her real estate.

The business acquisition meant that it would be merging with a smaller enterprise.

The young woman collected an acquisition of paintings from her deceased uncle.

After appearing on a travel show, the small hotel was experiencing an acquisition of reservations.

The college library was celebrating an acquisition of works by famous authors.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acquisitive

eager and capable of making acquisitions

Use Acquisitive in a sentence

While I am somewhat acquisitive and can afford to buy anything I want, I try to only purchase things I need.

The company has grown so big and profitable we have become acquisitive and now purchase smaller firms.

If the young man cannot control his acquisitive habits, he will spend all of his inheritance before he turns thirty.

My brotherís acquisitive nature has caused him to accumulate a huge amount of debt.

Because Frank has a great deal of money, he is acquisitive and enjoys acquiring expensive toys.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acquittal

a setting free from the charge of an offense or verdict

Use Acquittal in a sentence

After the defendant learned of his acquittal, he jumped for joy.

Everyone was shocked by the killerís acquittal which allowed him to leave prison.

When there is not enough evidence, a criminal case will usually end with an acquittal.

The manís foreign diplomat status ensures he will receive an acquittal on any charge.

Once the jury learned the defendant had a possible alibi, they had no choice but to announce an acquittal in the case.

The victimís family was completely outraged by the defendantís acquittal.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acquitted

found innocent of a charge or accusation

Use Acquitted in a sentence

Even though the judge believed the defendant was guilty, he could say nothing when the jury acquitted the man of all charges.

Although the teacher was acquitted of child molestation charges, she still lost her educatorís license.

The board of directors did not fire the company president because he was acquitted of the misconduct allegations.

Residents were upset when the five police officers were acquitted of murdering the unarmed teen.

If the football player is not acquitted of domestic abuse charges, his role on the squad will be terminated.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acrid

bitter and unpleasant in taste or smell

Use Acrid in a sentence

The acrid fumes from the plant made my eyes water.

For some reason, the orange had an acrid taste I found quite bitter.

Sulfur has an acrid smell that is quite similar to the odor of rotten eggs.

Because the firemen wore masks, they did not have to deal with the acrid fumes coming from the burning building.

The acrid smell of a decaying corpse is enough to make anyone vomit.

When the student accidently mixed the wrong chemicals, an acrid scent filled the lab and sent people running into the halls.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acrimonious

angry in tone; bitter

Use Acrimonious in a sentence

Your acrimonious arguments about religion only sever friendships.

From crumbs in the butter to jelly in the peanut butter jar, it didn't take much for the acrimonious man to get into a temper.

We could avoid this acrimonious situation altogether by agreeing to disagree on the issue.

The commissioners manage to get into one acrimonious dispute after another, causing negotiations over city reforms to fall through.

Why do we let acrimonious discussions get in the way of our friendship?

Despite the acrimonious relationship I have with my boss, he respects my quality of work.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acronym

a term created out of the first letters of a multi-word phrase

Use Acronym in a sentence

In history class, the students learned the acronym NATO stands for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Remember to capitalize each letter of an acronym.

Even the computer slang LOL is an acronym because it is an abbreviated version of the phrase ďLaugh Out Loud.Ē

The World Health Organization is frequently referred to by its acronym, WHO.

All over the world people are familiar with the acronym UN which stands for the United Nations.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acrophobia

an unusual dread of elevated places

Use Acrophobia in a sentence

Because I have acrophobia, I never ride anything other than the Ferris wheel at the amusement park.

My motherís acrophobia limits her to travelling solely by ground.

Since Hank suffers from acrophobia, he has never flown on an airplane.

The term acrophobia can be broken down into two parts, acro meaning heights and phobia indicating fear.

When I heard Sandra had gone skydiving, I knew she did not have acrophobia.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acropolis

a stronghold or sanctuary used for defensive and religious purposes in ancient Grecian cities

Use Acropolis in a sentence

In the middle of the city, an acropolis of stone walls was erected to act as a shelter during times of war.

Archaeologists hope to find the ruins of the acropolis in which the Greek ruler committed suicide before his enemies could find him.

In addition to being built as a means of defense, an acropolis was also constructed to house sites of worship.

The acropolis in Athens, Greece holds the Parthenon, a temple that was dedicated to the Greek Goddess of war and wisdom.

As a show of strength, soldiers always guarded the acropolis against unwanted intrusion.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Activism

a strategy of undertaking direct action to achieve a social or political goal

Use Activism in a sentence

Protesting the war is a type of activism.

By appearing in the commercial, the president hopes to increase voter activism in national elections.

The womanís activism against the war led her to vandalize several government buildings.

Using online advertisements, the store chain hopes to increase consumer activism.

In the spirit of Christian activism, many community members bought holiday gifts for low-income families.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Activist

a person who campaigns for some kind of social change

Use Activist in a sentence

The political activist spent hours trying to convince us to vote for Ted.

Steve is a community activist that gets a feeling of joy from involving himself in altruistic causes.

We were warned to avoid the anti-government activist because he stirs unrest among the people he influences.

Jamie has been termed a safety activist because she involves herself in causes that increase awareness about the importance of seat belts and helmets.

Nick is an activist that can always be found promoting political causes from both the conservative and liberal ends of the political spectrum.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Actuality

the state of existing; existence

Use Actuality in a sentence

Although it was thought that no one had been working on the project, in actuality Barbara had been trying to get things of the ground for a long time.

Because we seemed convinced that the magician was performing miracles, he explained that in actuality it was nothing other than sleight of hand.

While wearing an expensive suit, I admitted that it looked as impressive in actuality as it did in the magazine.

Although they seem so small, in actuality stars are much larger than the size of earth.

Wendy kept on saying that her speech was a failure, when in actuality it was a great success.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Actuate

to trigger a movement or action

Use Actuate in a sentence

The teenager touched the screen to actuate the mobile app.

To actuate the marathon, the race supervisor will fire the starting gun.

The evil mastermind will actuate the bomb by pressing the red button.

In case of an emergency, the pilot will actuate the floor lighting on the plane.

An increase in fuel prices will actuate a decrease in gas purchases.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acuity

sharpness in relation to thought, vision, or hearing

Use Acuity in a sentence

In order for my daughter to get into the schoolís gifted program, she had to take a mental acuity test.

A sniperís visual acuity has to be exceptional because he must be able to clearly see his targets.

According to many people, smoking marijuana does not decrease your intellectual acuity.

Owls make use of their excellent visual acuity to chase their prey at night.

When Jane had an ear infection, her auditory acuity was so low she could barely hear anything.

The sedative reduced my mental acuity to the point I could barely remember my own name.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acumen

experience or expertise in something

Use Acumen in a sentence

Johnís business acumen, along with his computer skills, made him an asset to the software company.

While you excel in the area of customer service, you do not possess the financial acumen necessary to become a branch manager.

Although Sarah wants to become a state senator, she lacks the political acumen to win enough votes.

You need more than acumen to become a successful car salesperson.

Even though Henri was a fantastic chef, he was unable to run a profitable restaurant because he lacked business acumen.

This board game will put your trading acumen to the test.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acute

extremely pressing; critical

Use Acute in a sentence

Because my appendicitis was an acute issue, the nurse took me directly into an emergency station for treatment.

I knew I needed to go to the doctor when the acute pain in my chest did not respond to my heart medicine.

Since Barb has an acute fear of drowning, she has never entered a swimming pool.

Jim will not live much longer because he has an acute case of brain cancer.

Because of an acute fuel shortage in the county, the school district has cancelled two days of school.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Acuteness

sharpness; insight

Use Acuteness in a sentence

The boyís acuteness made him an excellent chess player.

During the session, the therapist used her acuteness to identify the root cause of her patientís nightmare.

Mark knew his motherís acuteness would allow her to see through his lie.

Because of her acuteness, Gail received scholarship offers from fifteen universities.

The alcohol decreased Kimís acuteness and led her to believe she was driving slower than she was.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Ad hoc

made for a particular reason

Use Ad hoc in a sentence

Some of the men in our neighborhood have formed an ad hoc safety patrol to deter crime.

For the film contest, we put an ad hoc movie together in under twenty-four hours.

The collaboration among the teachers is an ad hoc project designed to improve student morale.

Even though the ad hoc television station was designed for weather-related programs, it will show any content that provides the public with valuable information.

The ad hoc nature of digital streaming allows independent filmmakers to easily get their movies in front of large audiences.

Who would like to be a part of the ad hoc committee created to devise a solution for the crime problem in our city?

================================================== ==============
Definition of Adage

old saying that has come to be accepted as truth over time

Use Adage in a sentence

He gets tired of all the same old sayings, so he is always trying to come up with a new adage.

In my humble opinion, the good old American adage carries just as much wisdom as any ancient Chinese proverb.

Among other things, Ben Franklin is famous for developing an adage to go with each of his philosophical ideals.

Despite what that old adage says, I like to have my cake, eat it, and then have another piece.

Some old sayings are good advice, but that adage you quoted in your speech is just plain silly.

Although Carl likes to drop an adage here and there to make himself sound smart, underneath it all he really doesnít have much to say.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Adamant

refusing to be persuaded; cannot change one's mind

Use Adamant in a sentence

Robert, a first year physics student, is adamant in his decision to peruse a career in engineering.

He is so adamant in his beliefs that no one can change his mind!

Unemployed residents are adamant about finding job openings.

Mom, why are you adamant about me going to school everyday?

The lazy bum is adamant about sleeping in until noon.

You cannot convince me otherwise, because I am absolutely adamant in my decision for president!

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Definition of Adapt

get used to something new or change to fit

Use Adapt in a sentence

When James relocates to a different side of the country, he will have to adapt to a new weather pattern.

Kelly found it difficult to adapt to being a paparazzi target after going unnoticed for so many years.

Because the rain came out of nowhere, we had to adapt our outdoor party to an indoor event.

Kurt had to adapt to cooking and cleaning for himself when his marriage crumbled.

After Lou lost one arm in a car accident, he had to adapt to a prosthetic limb.

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Definition of Adaptation

an alteration that makes an animal or thing more suitable for a certain environment

Use Adaptation in a sentence

This adaptation of the novel was written so the story could be performed as a play.

As a diehard fan of the book, I do not feel the movie adaptation will be able to capture the real story.

The ability to change colors is a biological adaptation that allows the chameleon to blend into its environment.

After watching the movie, the critic realized the film was a modern adaptation of a picture made forty years ago.

Hibernation is a form of adaptation that permits an animal to reside in an inactive state during the winter months.

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Definition of Addend

a number added to another number

Use Addend in a sentence

I asked our math teacher to help me with the addend in my math problem.

If we wanted to reserve a king size hotel room, there would be an addend to our current price.

The addend for a luxury vehicle put us over our traveling budget.

I was asked to complete the equation on the board which required me to find the addend.

Because I was excellent at math, my friend requested I help them understand how to add an addend onto another number.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Addendum

something to be added; especially text added as an appendix or supplement to a document

Use Addendum in a sentence

Mariaís article was written in 1965, but it was updated with an addendum in recent years.

Alex added some personal remarks in the addendum of his letter.

I added an addendum to the report in which I highlighted certain legal issues that our company was facing.

If you read the addendum to Oliverís biography, you will learn about the lesser known aspects of his life.

It would be smart to add an addendum to your resume to highlight some of your areas of expertise.

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Definition of Addle

to cause a personís thoughts to become jumbled or confused

Use Addle in a sentence

Is it true smoking marijuana can addle your brain and make it difficult for you to concentrate?

When the test questions started to addle my brain, my head began to hurt.

The disease will addle your grandmotherís mental capacity and cause her to lose her memory.

Because the professor is not a good teacher, he is indifferent when his students tell him that his complex lectures addle their brains.

Everyone knows excessive alcohol consumption will addle your thought processes and interfere with your common sense.

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Definition of Addled

incapable of thinking in a clear manner

Use Addled in a sentence

Because my grandmother is in her mid-nineties, she is a bit addled at times and requires the aid of a personal caregiver.

Phil has been awake for three days so his thinking process is somewhat addled.

When Billy drinks too much, he has the tendency to stumble and behave in an addled manner.

The warning on the pill bottle says the user should avoid heavy machinery because the medication can cause addled thinking.

In her addled state, the drug addict believed she was in a swimming pool although she really was flopping in a mud puddle.

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Definition of Adduce

to produce as support during a discussion or argument

Use Adduce in a sentence

During the trial the defense attorney will adduce evidence to show the defendantís innocence.

The rookie debate team lost the challenge because it failed to adduce facts supporting its position.

If you cannot adduce proof you are the sole creator of the concept, I will split the bonus among the entire team.

The city attorney will adduce the manís toxicology report to prove he was driving drunk.

Since the scientist cannot adduce facts supporting his theory, other scientists will not accept his hypothesis.

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Definition of Adept

very good at doing something that is not easy

Use Adept in a sentence

Mark is an adept juggler who can easily manager four balls in the air without dropping one.

Although Stephanie seems to have a hard time in science, she is adept at solving math equations.

Karen is an adept seamstress who can turn a pair of curtains into a beautiful evening gown.

Even though I have a great job, I am not adept at keeping to a budget and often end up broke between paydays.

The salesman was adept at charming customers into spending more than they had planned.

If you want to become a police officer, you must become adept with a handgun.

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Definition of Adequate

enough; good enough

Use Adequate in a sentence

Adequate water intake is necessary for your body to function properly.

Because you have background in computer science, you are an adequate fit in our software development firm.

I need a vehicle that can transport seven passengers, so neither a car nor a truck will be adequate enough.

The company is seeking layoffs because it is not making an adequate amount of money.

Because I like to chew my food completely, five minutes is not an adequate amount of time to eat dinner.

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Definition of Adhere

conform to or follow rules exactly

Use Adhere in a sentence

When I tell you to sit down, adhere to my order!

Students who do not adhere to my rules will be sent home.

Restaurants that don't adhere to strict health codes can be shutdown.

Adhere to the speed limit or you are at risk of being pulled over.

Sorry if I don't adhere to your opinions, but I have views of my own.

Bruce is going to adhere to a strict diet to lose weight.

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Definition of Adherent

a material that sticks to other things or a person who supports a particular party, person, or set of ideas

Use Adherent in a sentence

The adherent properties of Super Glue are so strong that some people have had to go to the ER to get un-stuck from something.

The judge told Todd that if he was strictly adherent to the rules and did what was expected, his sentence could be reduced.

Everyone who works at that company is required to be completely adherent to all the terms of the contract.

Lily is strictly adherent to the Paleo Diet, and she says she is feeling better than she has in her entire life.

If you are adherent to the philosophy of Buddhism, you do not become attached to any material possessions.

Since the fracture was so serious, the doctor instructed him to keep his arm immobile and adherent to his body.

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Definition of Adhesion

a substanceís ability to attach to another substance

Use Adhesion in a sentence

For sturdier adhesion, apply hot glue to the sequins prior to attaching them to the leotard.

The wall paper is starting to peel because its adhesion has decreased in strength over the years.

If you want to strengthen the paintís adhesion to the kitchen walls, prepare the walls with primer first.

The gum's adhesion made it stick to my new sneakers.

Although the adhesion of the glue was said to be strong, it wasnít durable enough to hold the images on the poster board.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Adhesive


Use Adhesive in a sentence

Mom does not like to use Elmerís glue because she claims that our project requires a stronger adhesive.

I used plenty of adhesive tape to make sure that the package was sealed tightly and securely.

I need a spray adhesive that bonds garments without leaving any kind of sticky residue.

There are adhesive sticky notes all over Jimís computer because he is trying to show off to everyone how busy he is.

Oscar applied an adhesive bandage over the cut on his right leg while lying on his back on the ski trail.

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Definition of Adieu

a farewell, a goodbye; especially a fond farewell, or a lasting or permanent farewell

Use Adieu in a sentence

We bid each other adieu after the movies by giving one another a hug.

My boyfriend said he had to say adieu because it was getting late.

Wanting to feel old-fashioned, we said, ďadieuĒ, instead of our normal goodbye.

My mom said ďadieuĒ before she headed out on her trip to Paris.

There was a bittersweet adieu between me and my friend leaving for college.

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Definition of Adjacent

lying next to, close, or contiguous; neighboring

Use Adjacent in a sentence

When the opposing attorneys asked for a sidebar with the judge, the jury was sent to wait in an adjacent area.

As long as the children are old enough, many parents allow them to stay in separate but adjacent hotel rooms on family vacations.

Jerome didnít feel comfortable putting his dogs in the same kennel, so he opted for adjacent ones so that they could at least get a scent of each other.

I thought I would like buying a house that was adjacent to a park, but sometimes the noise from parties and sports events is unbearable.

Even though the RV park had all the modern amenities, the newlyweds chose to spend their honeymoon closer to nature in the adjacent campground.

Susan felt comfortable settling her mother into the retirement community because it had an adjacent full-care facility with an excellent reputation.

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Definition of Adjourn

to suspend or conclude an event

Use Adjourn in a sentence

After church services adjourn at one oíclock, we will have our monthly picnic.

It is late so we will adjourn this debate until tomorrow.

Until the director finds another lead actress, we will adjourn the production of the film.

The trial will adjourn until nine oíclock in the morning.

Hopefully my annual review will adjourn with my manager informing me of a pay increase.

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Definition of Adjudge

to view or determine something in a particular manner

Use Adjudge in a sentence

Because of your drug problem, the court will probably adjudge you to be an unfit mother.

Since the probate court didnít adjudge my fatherís will to be valid, Iím going to appeal the decision.

Racists adjudge people by the colors of their skin.

If the police adjudge the suspectís alibi is fake, they will immediately arrest him.

You should not adjudge a personís wealth from the clothes he wears because many rich people donít spend lavishly.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Adjudicate

to make a decision on an issue

Use Adjudicate in a sentence

The administrative board will adjudicate on the terms of the doctorís suspension for misconduct.

Because Jack is the president, he is the one who must adjudicate whether or not to lay off workers.

You should never adjudicate a major decision when you are under the influence of alcohol.

In a national criminal case, the federal authorities are the ones who adjudicate the charges.

The jeweler can adjudicate the value of the diamond ring.

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Definition of Adjunct

something that is joined or added to another thing, but not part of the whole

Use Adjunct in a sentence

My math teacher was adjunct faculty and did not work for the school full time.

At the family reunion, I felt like an adjunct member because I was not blood related to anyone.

I was part of the adjunct jury, in the event that an actual member was dismissed.

Because he was an adjunct professor, he was not allowed to vote on any decisions in the English department.

When they visited my city, they added me on as an adjunct performer since I would not be touring with them.

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Definition of Adjure

request or urge someone to do something

Use Adjure in a sentence

I had to adjure myself to stay awake, despite having not slept in two days.

The judge will adjure the witnesses to speak only the truth while testifying in favor of the defendant.

I adjure each and every one of you to never disclose to anyone what has been spoken here today.

Bob said that he would speak to Eric, and adjure him to be cautious for everyoneís sake.

Diane had to adjure her fiancťe not to take an interest in anyone else while away on a business trip.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Administer

to supply or give out something

Use Administer in a sentence

The nurse will administer pain medicine every four hours.

As a judge, Rick must administer justice according to the laws on record.

The scholarship committee will administer the funds to a deserving student.

If the paramedic does not administer medication right away, the victim could die.

The mobsters will administer their own justice to the traitor in their family.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Admirable

worthy of respect and admiration

Use Admirable in a sentence

The colonel is an admirable man who has won numerous medals of valor.

Although Beth did not win the competition, she was pleased with the judgesí praise of her admirable efforts.

Honesty is Rickís most admirable quality.

At the meeting, Jill was recognized for the admirable job she did while spearheading the merger.

The members of the military who die in service are admirable individuals.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Admiration

a sentiment of esteem and respect

Use Admiration in a sentence

When the teacher retired, she was given a gold watch in admiration of her fifty years of service to the county.

The eighty-year-old marathon runner earned the admiration of every person involved with the race.

While saving his entire unit, the soldier earned the admiration of his nation.

The millionaire expressed his admiration towards the detectives who rescued his daughter.

As a show of respect and admiration, the queen bowed to the man who saved her life.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Admire

to hold a thing or person in high esteem

Use Admire in a sentence

As a former soldier, I admire all the men and women who are currently serving in the military.

Itís hard not to admire such an amazing painter.

After the doctor helped me beat cancer, I started to greatly admire him.

Since I freak out about the smallest things, I admire my sisterís gift of staying calm during stressful times.

From the top of the skyscraper, one can admire the cityís stunning skyline.

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Definition of Admonish

to scold; to warn strongly

Use Admonish in a sentence

Do not admonish him for being gay!

I hope my boss does not admonish me for being late.

Cops can admonish anyone who goes over the speed limit.

Stewart is going to admonish the restaurant for poor customer service.

Critics always admonish me for my pitchy singing.

Instead of applauding Jake for that poorly written speech, admonish him.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Admonitory

conveying a warning

Use Admonitory in a sentence

The teacherís voice had an admonitory tone as she told the students to stop talking or lose recess.

Throughout the film, the director used admonitory music to create suspense within scenes.

When I say something inappropriate, my mother gives me an admonitory stare.

The man ignored the admonitory signs and foolishly touched the electric fence.

The dogís admonitory growl is his way of telling you to steer clear.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Adolescence

the time period when a young person becomes a grownup

Use Adolescence in a sentence

When children reach the period of adolescence, they crave freedom to make their own choices.

Perhaps my worse challenge during adolescence was the acne that covered my face.

During adolescence, Marcus really began to think about what he wanted to study in college.

Lionelís voice deepened during adolescence.

Because Karen is an author who targets teen writers, most of her novels focus on the issues young people face during adolescence.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Adoration

deep love, devotion, and respect

Use Adoration in a sentence

The young manís adoration for the new girl in class was evident when the teacher called him out for staring at her.

Because my aunt is childless, she has adoration for all her nieces and nephews.

His adoration of the poet inspired him to begin writing poetry, as well.

I expressed my adoration for my parents by dedicated my performance to them.

She smiled in adoration of the picture her daughter drew for her.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Adorn

make more attractive or beautiful

Use Adorn in a sentence

George likes to adorn his office with expensive paintings so that everyone knows how wealthy he is.

Although Hillary loves to adorn herself with expensive jewelry, she knows that she can only afford the fake stuff.

Suzanne did her best to adorn herself before dating Paul because she is really interested in him.

Soft cream linens and plush pillows adorn the king size bed in the hotelís master suite.

We hoped to book the wedding hall in downtown because expensive chandeliers adorn the gorgeous ball room.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Adrenaline

a chemical produced by your adrenal glands that gives you a rush of energy when you are frightened, excited, or angry

Use Adrenaline in a sentence

I had a rush of adrenaline as I jumped out of the airplane.

Bungee jumping released so much adrenaline that I felt I could stay awake for days.

I felt the adrenaline rushing through my body as the roller coaster plummeted down the track.

Because he was addicted to adrenaline, the athlete was always engaging in extreme sports.

When I went on vacation, I enjoyed the adrenaline rush from when we swam with sharks.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Adroit

clever or skillful

Use Adroit in a sentence

The child was an adroit pianist at an early age.

Because Leonard is adroit at mental calculations, he is able to effortlessly solve complicated math problems.

Their rugby team consists of several adroit players.

Even though Gwen had been taking violin lessons for years, she was still not very adroit at playing compositions.

Sarah is considered to be an adroit plastic surgeon.

Although Herman proved quite adroit at carpentry, he was never able to sell any of his pieces.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Adulation

great praise for someone, often more than what is deserved

Use Adulation in a sentence

Although Jason was a famous celebrity, he was very uncomfortable with the adulation from his fans.

It is obvious that most of the billionaireís adulation comes from people who are simply after his money.

When the popular singer decided she could only walk on rose petals, everyone knew she had started to let the adulation of her fans gets to her.

Fans of the latest vampire book trilogy show a lot of adulation to the booksí writer.

Because the adulation of his young fans often got out of hand, the heartthrob was unable to leave his hotel without a security team.

The adulation and applause from the crowd made the former president smile.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Adulterate

to make a substance less pure by adding something else to it

Use Adulterate in a sentence

If you want to adulterate your alcoholic drink, you should add some water to it.

The restaurant was fined for trying to adulterate the beef with cheap meats.

The evil pharmacist was arrested after he tried to adulterate the cancer medicines for profit.

As the parent of a young child, I often adulterate the apple juice in my house with water.

Because I have worked hard to become a respected person, it would concern me greatly if someone tried to adulterate my reputation with lies.

I am not paying for the draft beer because I watched the bartender adulterate it with water.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Adumbrate

to create an outline or a faint shadow

Use Adumbrate in a sentence

With assistance from the victim, the sketch artist will adumbrate a picture of the robbery suspect.

The artist chose colors to adumbrate the trees in the forest so they would seem mysterious and shadowy.

When my mother lit the candle in the darkness, it was nice to see the light adumbrate our shadows on the wall.

The photographer dimmed the light so it would adumbrate the model and surround her with shadows.

On Halloween, it is said that the moonlight will adumbrate a dark silhouette around every witch who walks the Earth.

The dim stage lights adumbrate the actor and make him appear like a ghostly version of himself.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Advantage

a condition or circumstance that gives someone a greater chance of success

Use Advantage in a sentence

The thief took advantage of the light security on New Yearís Eve to empty every cash register in the mall.

The towering giant had a decided advantage on the court, especially since he could dunk with his feet touching the ground!

Because Abigail had subbed for the first-grade, she considered herself at an advantage when compared to the others candidates vying for the same teaching position.

After goofing off in college, Mike regretted having not taken advantage of the opportunities that had presented themselves.

Sue is a particularly mean person who likes to take advantage of peopleís weaknesses whenever the opportunity presents itself.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Advantageous

helpful or useful and likely to make you more successful

Use Advantageous in a sentence

It would be advantageous for the couple to buy the bedroom set while it was on sale.

The students thought it would be advantageous if they sought out volunteer opportunities to put on their college applications.

Knowing that they needed to work together, the coworkers decided to be advantageous and not bicker any longer.

An advantageous individual takes every beneficial opportunity as it arises.

The chess player moved his piece to a more advantageous position, securing the win.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Advent

the coming or arrival of something

Use Advent in a sentence

With the advent of the internet, working from home has become a real phenomenon.

The elder discussed the advent of the messiah and how it would usher in a new world order.

The advent of drones is set to usher in a whole new era for photography.

Everyone was afraid that the advent of the year 2000 would cause computers to crash the world over.

The city spent considerable sums of money to upgrade its town square in anticipation of the advent of the President.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Adventitious

not natural; foreign

Use Adventitious in a sentence

The weird-looking plant is adventitious and not native to this country.

While the band was not popular in its native country, it did find adventitious celebrity in other countries.

The marine biologist classified the fish as adventitious because it is not normally found in bodies of saltwater.

During the surgery, the doctor removed an adventitious particle that did not belong inside of the patientís body.

The adventitious skyscraper stood out amongst the townís historical buildings.

When the doctor heard adventitious sounds coming from the patientís chest, he ordered a number of lab tests.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Adversary

one's opponent in a contest, conflict, or dispute

Use Adversary in a sentence

I will destroy my adversary during our battle.

Since as long as I can remember, Caroline has been my evil adversary.

Sometimes I think my math teacher is my adversary who loves to watch me fail.

If you donít believe in yourself, then you are your worst adversary.

When I grew up, I realized my mother was my best friend and not my adversary.

The villain is the superheroís adversary.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Adverse

negative, harmful, or unpleasant

Use Adverse in a sentence

Jimís adverse reaction to the drug was so intense that we rushed him to the hospital.

Adverse weather conditions forced us to pull off of the road and wait until things cleared up.

Common adverse effects of this medication include, bleeding, nausea and vomiting.

The program teaches people about the adverse effects of alcohol and how to break the addiction.

The stock marketís adverse reaction to Japanís earthquake caused a sell-off.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Adversely

in a negative or bad way

Use Adversely in a sentence

If the medicine adversely changes your health, you should stop taking it immediately.

You should expect your child to be adversely affected by his fatherís death.

When my drinking started to adversely alter my life, I decided to go to a rehabilitation facility.

Hormones may adversely modify your teenagerís behavior so be prepared for rebellious conduct.

Because the drought adversely affected orange crops, the price of orange juice has greatly increased.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Adversity

a difficult situation or condition; misfortune

Use Adversity in a sentence

Because of the five-year drought, the farmer experienced a long period of adversity.

The disabled athlete did not let adversity stop her from competing in the Olympics.

Great leaders are those who can turn adversity into success.

The millionaire escaped his childhood of adversity to become one of the wealthiest men in the country.

Although my teenage years were filled with adversity, they helped me become the strong woman I am today.

Markís unbreakable resolve helped him overcome adversity when he lost his job.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Advice

an opinion recommended or offered, as worthy to be followed; counsel

Use Advice in a sentence

Beatrice hates to take advice from anyone, which is why she is doomed to fail in everything that she does.

As a business counselor, I spend my day dolling out advice to entrepreneur and business owners about how to best build and maintain their businesses.

Max spent a long time searching online for advice on how to best treat his migraine headache using natural herbs.

Whenever Ted offers me unsolicited advice I know to ignore it, because he does not have my best interests in mind.

Although William received advice from a leading expert in finance, he was too stubborn to listen and he suffered the consequences.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Advisable

worthy of being recommended; desirable

Use Advisable in a sentence

It is advisable to fill your tank before heading out on a trip so that you do not waste time worrying about where to find the nearest gas station.

Although we still have a month to file taxes, it is advisable to not wait until the last minute to mail it in.

Phil told his mom that it is advisable for her to remain on her health insurance policy, because if she cancels her rates might spike.

Although I was informed that it is not advisable to open a bottle of champagne after having shaken it vigorously, I did it anyhow because I wanted to get soaked.

It is advisable for you to purchase a brand name suit even if the cost is high, instead of trying to save money on a cheap one that wonít last you very long.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Advise

to offer suggestions to a person or group

Use Advise in a sentence

Could you please advise me on the best way to get to the interstate?

The pharmacist can advise you on over-the-counter cough medicines.

Since Hank hates to fly, the travel agent will advise him to choose a vacation destination within driving range.

The president is looking for a military strategist to advise him on the best way to end the war.

At the meeting, the school counselor will advise me on some of my career options.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Advocate

to publicly support a particular policy or way of doing things

Use Advocate in a sentence

Any good doctor will advocate healthy eating for his patients.

Since Jason is an advocate of living a healthy life, I find it quite surprising he smokes cigarettes.

As a teacher, I am a strong advocate for more parent involvement in schools.

Colin joined the military because he wanted to be an advocate for freedom and justice.

If you are trying to lose weight, I would like to advocate that you stop eating junk food.

The outspoken singer is an advocate for gay and lesbian rights.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Aegis

under the influence or protection of a specific individual, body, or government

Use Aegis in a sentence

As a young salesman, Stan worked under the aegis of his father who emphasized the value of treating customers fairly.

The knight was under the aegis of the king so he was not punished for his crimes against the villagers.

Since the sailors were under the aegis of their commanding officer, they knew to behave appropriately while on leave.

The man argued he could say whatever he wanted because his right to speak was under the first amendmentís aegis.

We knew the work protocols might change once we started to work under the aegis of the new hotel manager.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Aesthete

one who strongly appreciates beauty, art and music

Use Aesthete in a sentence

The aesthete obtained box tickets to the opera.

The art museum invited many art lovers to the opening, including a local aesthete.

The job description for curator called for applications who were considered to be an aesthete.

Because he liked to go the theater on the weekends, our teacher called himself an aesthete.

An aesthete frequented the coffee shop near the theater district.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Aesthetic

concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste

Use Aesthetic in a sentence

Our aesthetic enjoyment of the art show was increased by the presence of the open bar.

Because Henry could see both the mountains and the ocean from his hotel room, he really enjoyed the aesthetic view.

Would you mind giving me your aesthetic opinion of my new handbag?

At the end of my two week painting workshop, the result was an aesthetic wonder of black and white that made my instructor speechless with pleasure.

My husbandís painting, on the other hand, was awful and did not have any aesthetic properties.

Since Miriam has a strong aesthetic sense, we have decided to hire her as our landscaper.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Afebrile

having no fever

Use Afebrile in a sentence

Garry worried that his girl was running a fever, but the doctor assured him that she was afebrile.

Although his forehead was hot, a thermometer reading showed that he was in fact afebrile.

Phillipsí doctor declared him afebrile, despite his wifeís insistence that he was running a fever.

Our veterinarian said that 102 degrees F is considered afebrile for a dog, although it is not so for a human.

Feeling feverish, Steve reached for his thermometer, hoping that it would give him an afebrile reading.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Affable

friendly, good-natured, or easy to talk to

Use Affable in a sentence

Instead of being such a jerk, you should try being more affable!

Since he wanted to be voted the most affable boy at school, Jason always had a smile for everyone.

People enjoy eating at that restaurant because the waitresses are always so affable.

A most affable man, the candidate is always willing to shake hands with voters.

Because Jenna was sometimes quite sarcastic, her friends often forgot how affable she could be.

Although he looks great, I wonít approach him because I do not believe he is very affable.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Affect

to change or influence

Use Affect in a sentence

If the boy had known skipping class would negatively affect his grades, he would never have missed his lectures.

Gailís parents limit her television time because they don't want it to affect her study habits in a negative manner.

When the restaurantís low health inspection score is posted online, it will adversely affect business.

Budget cuts will surely affect the number of programs offered to county residents.

According to the store owner, online sales wonít greatly affect his business because he has a loyal customer base.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Affectation

an unnatural form of behavior that is meant to impress others

Use Affectation in a sentence

Jakeís proper manner of speaking was an affectation he put on when he was surrounded by the country club set.

Because Miriam is always true to herself, she never feels the need to put on a fake affectation in front of others.

My mother does not realize buying a pricey new dress to attend a party is an affectation to impress strangers.

While I never try to impress my peers at school, my twin sister will take on an affectation on a regular basis to attract attention.

Your habit of bragging excessively is an affectation that makes you unattractive as a person.

Even though I enjoy making new friends, I am not the type of person who will assume an affectation to influence public opinion of me.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Affection

a feeling of love or strong attachment

Use Affection in a sentence

Rick expressed deep affection for his wife at their fortieth anniversary party.

Although we began dating without much affection, with time it developed into a fully blossomed relationship.

Everyone could see the deep affection that Matthew had for his newborn baby girl as he held her in his hands for the first time.

Because of Davidís affection for the old painting thatís been hanging in his living room for so many years, he would never even consider selling it.

Wendy says that the reason why she lavishes so much love and affection on her puppy is because she never had a child of her own.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Affectionate


Use Affectionate in a sentence

My sister is very affectionate and always gives me a goodbye hug.

Her very affectionate boyfriend always wants to hold her hand.

I am not a very affectionate person because I donít like people to touch me.

Since she is a great dog owner, she is affectionate to her animals and takes time to pet and cuddle them.

His wife was upset that he didnít like to be affectionate in public, because he considered it inappropriate.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Affidavit

a statement made under oath that is verified by a person of authority

Use Affidavit in a sentence

The affidavit is certified by a notary public and confirms I personally signed the document.

Once the affidavit is verified, it will be turned over to the judge so he can use it as a factor in his guardianship decision.

If John does not tell the truth in his affidavit, he could be arrested for lying under oath.

The affidavit signed by my grandmother will transfer all of her property to her church upon her death.

Because John was unable to testify at the trial, he gave an affidavit to an officer of the court.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Affiliated

formally associated with a group or organization

Use Affiliated in a sentence

After being fired, the doctor was no longer affiliated with the hospital.

Jane is an atheist, and as such, she is not affiliated with any church in her community.

When Travis completed his time in prison, he chose to not be affiliated with his former gang.

The politician is switching parties and no longer wishes to be affiliated with Democratic legislators.

From now on, the summer reading program will be affiliated with the school district and not the public library.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Affiliation

the involvement or connection that somebody has with a religious or political organization

Use Affiliation in a sentence

The interviewer acted in rude fashion when questioning the candidates about their religious affiliation.

Although our club is open to people of all ages and color, we do restrict membership to those who share the same political affiliation as we do.

The gang requires all members to tattoo their necks with slogans, which proclaims their affiliation loudly and clearly.

Shirley says that most actors and filmmakers share a liberal affiliation which is why they tend to vote for the democratic candidate.

Because we did not want to step on each otherís toes, we avoided questioning one another about each otherís political views and religious affiliation.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Affinity

a natural liking or attraction for someone or something

Use Affinity in a sentence

Although Adam is very different than me, I have an affinity for him which I cannot describe.

I have a natural affinity for politics, which explains my extreme interest in the subject.

Phil and Beatrice displayed an affinity for one another, making us suspect that they would eventually marry.

My natural affinity for the arts has led me to museums located all over the world.

The pyromaniac has an affinity for creating fires, which is why he should be viewed as armed and dangerous.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Affirm

to publicly verify something

Use Affirm in a sentence

Tonight, the police will affirm the suspectís identity on national television.

The army recruits affirm their commitment to the country by taking an oath.

If the hotel canít affirm my identity, they wonít give me a replacement key to my room.

A check of your fingerprints will affirm if you are who you say you are.

Before I buy the expensive ring, I will have a jeweler affirm its value.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Affirmation

an action of approval or support

Use Affirmation in a sentence

I enjoyed the food criticís affirmation in his column after he dined in my restaurant.

Words of affirmation include telling someone they did a great job.

The daughter was constantly looking for affirmation from her parents by following the rules and getting good grades.

Wanting some affirmation, I asked my boss if he was pleased with my job performance.

Because the teacher was not giving any affirmation, the students were unsure if they understood the directions for the test.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Affix

to stick, attach, or fasten

Use Affix in a sentence

I plan to affix a stamp on every one of the hundreds of envelopes that we need to mail out.

We could not go ahead with the sale because the buyer refused to affix his signature to the contract without contacting his lawyers first.

We wondered why the republican nominee failed to affix an American flag pin to his lapel for the debate.

Make sure to affix a screen cover to your iPhone to protect it from getting scratched.

We could not believe that the pharmacist was using Elmerís glue to affix the labels to the bottles.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Afflicted

stricken, distressed, or impaired

Use Afflicted in a sentence

The man was afflicted with a painful snake bite after a hike on the mountain.

Because he was afflicted with arthritis, he had a difficult time walking long distances.

Knowing that his grandmother was afflicted with inoperable tumors, he wanted to visit her in hospice.

Those afflicted with the flu were receiving an antiviral treatment.

Individuals afflicted with vertigo were unable to ride the roller coaster.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Affliction

a state of pain, suffering, distress or agony

Use Affliction in a sentence

Although some people claim that she is lucky because she canít gain weight, she considers it an affliction.

Despite her adolescent affliction of acne scarring, she is a beautiful woman, inside and out.

If his only affliction is the inability to tell a lie, he will never make it in politics.

A good percentage of all homeless people suffer from some untreated mental affliction.

Alcoholism is a serious disease, but those who are affected by this affliction rarely get any sympathy from the general public.

Throughout history, lower classes and many minorities have suffered because those in power considered them to be an affliction on society.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Affluence

a situation in which one has a great amount of wealth

Use Affluence in a sentence

When the economy crashed, many people of affluence became poor.

The chauffeur-driven Mercedes announced the womanís affluence.

When Mattís parents used their affluence to build the school's new facility, Matt was quickly admitted to the college.

Gail credits her early retirement and affluence to working hard and saving carefully.

Since James is an arrogant young man who comes from a wealthy family, he often brags about his familyís affluence.

A sign of the manís affluence was his valuable art collection.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Affront

to do or say something that shows a lack of respect

Use Affront in a sentence

The crooked cop is an affront to all that is good about law enforcement.

By not bowing to the queen, you have shown an affront to the entire royal family.

The monks considered the loud party next door to be an affront to their religious beliefs.

Because the old man considers children walking through his yard to be a personal affront, he often calls the police during the summer months.

Many people find the idea of building a mall over an abandoned cemetery to be an affront to the dead and their families.

Before the judge sentenced the teenage killer, he told him his heinous actions were an affront to all civilized people.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Afoot

in action

Use Afoot in a sentence

As the suspicious dictator looked around the room at his advisers, he felt as though treachery was afoot.

It seems as though changes are always afoot in the airline industry.

When the city suddenly took an interest in our neglected neighborhood, we knew there were changes afoot in our part of town.

Only a few people knew the actress had plans afoot to leave her abusive husband.

For safety reasons, the government does not tell the public when there are international rescue missions afoot.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Aforementioned

regarding someone or something spoken about previously

Use Aforementioned in a sentence

Any of the aforementioned applicants will make great company employees.

Before any of the aforementioned performers take the stage, the judges will decide which individual will leave the contest tonight.

Based on the aforementioned restaurantís low health department score, I will not be dining there again.

None of the aforementioned candidates are worthy of becoming governor of our state.

Because all of the aforementioned appetizers sound so delicious, it is hard for me to choose only one dish.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Afterthought

something you think of or mention later because it was not included beforehand

Use Afterthought in a sentence

Often considered as an afterthought, Nick realized that he was not valued by the basketball team.

After I dropped off Hillaryís present, I had an afterthought that I forgot to add a note.

Although there was a time that our government was concerned about crime, now it seems as if it is merely an afterthought.

If you consider cost control as an afterthought, you will never turn a profit.

The corporation was founded as something of an afterthought, without much thought about its creation.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Agape


Use Agape in a sentence

Before you eat oysters, clams, or mussels, always check to be sure that the shells are firmly closed and not even a little bit agape.

When I first saw the sunset in the Grand Canyon, I could only stand staring with my mouth agape.

Even though the tornado left us standing agape in the midst of all our ruined possessions, we couldnít help feeling a huge sense of gratitude that none of us had been hurt.

I didnít realize how hurtful my words had been until I saw Sherrieís expression, agape with shock.

With its staring, glassy eye and its mouth agape, Penny couldnít bear to look at the trout on her plate, much less eat it.

We watched in dread as the toddler, face crimson and mouth agape, geared up for a colossal tantrum.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Agenda

a list of matters to be discussed at a meeting

Use Agenda in a sentence

Without a clear agenda for what is to be accomplished I feel that the meeting will be a waste of time.

Michael first clarified what the agenda for the meeting would be before the CEO rose to speak.

Although we did not have a chance to discuss the issue with production, it is still on the agenda.

Frank entered the discussion trying to push his own agenda, but we insisted that he stick to the list of matters that we had agreed to talk about beforehand.

Although the issue of payroll was not on the agenda, we agreed to discuss it because of how important it was.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Agglomeration

a collection or mass of things

Use Agglomeration in a sentence

The mayor has an agglomeration of complaints against him, which is why he may not be in office much longer.

The woman with the largest agglomeration of cats in town was called ďThe Crazy Cat Lady.Ē

No one had seen an agglomeration of candles like the ones that took up a whole room in Mrs. Craleyís home.

No one could make sense of the agglomeration of files Mr. Roberts left behind when he passed away.

Toy collectors have the most amazing agglomeration of things in their collections.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Agglomeration

a collection or mass of things

Use Agglomeration in a sentence

The mayor has an agglomeration of complaints against him, which is why he may not be in office much longer.

The woman with the largest agglomeration of cats in town was called ďThe Crazy Cat Lady.Ē

No one had seen an agglomeration of candles like the ones that took up a whole room in Mrs. Craleyís home.

No one could make sense of the agglomeration of files Mr. Roberts left behind when he passed away.

Toy collectors have the most amazing agglomeration of things in their collections.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Agglomeration

a collection or mass of things

Use Agglomeration in a sentence

The mayor has an agglomeration of complaints against him, which is why he may not be in office much longer.

The woman with the largest agglomeration of cats in town was called ďThe Crazy Cat Lady.Ē

No one had seen an agglomeration of candles like the ones that took up a whole room in Mrs. Craleyís home.

No one could make sense of the agglomeration of files Mr. Roberts left behind when he passed away.

Toy collectors have the most amazing agglomeration of things in their collections.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Aggrandize

make great or greater in power, rank, honor, or wealth; increase

Use Aggrandize in a sentence

I attempted to aggrandize the CEOís high status in the company to sweet talk him into signing off on the deal.

Jack is a philanthropist who only supports causes that aggrandize him in the eyes of the world.

I hate listening to that snobbish radio talk show host self-aggrandize.

My uncle claims that those that aggrandize their status in the eyes of others end up losing whatever it is that they have.

The king uses every opportunity to aggrandize his family, making them into saints.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Aggrandizement

an increase in power, importance, or reputation that is undeserved

Use Aggrandizement in a sentence

Suzan suggests that aggrandizement of oneís self-worth may be a desperate attempt to boost oneís low self-esteem.

The aggrandizement of Simonís wealth is so off-putting, especially since he inherited it with no effort of his own.

Our CEOís aggrandizement of the reputation of our company is done to attract investors, not to pat himself on the back.

The aggrandizement of the companyís product in its advertising was ineffective because of the perceived self-interest.

Listening to the politician brag about his reputation, it was clear to everyone that he was full of self-aggrandizement.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Aggravate

to make worse, or more severe

Use Aggravate in a sentence

I left the party early so the noise would not aggravate my headache.

His reactions to unpleasant situations tended to aggravate everyoneís nerves.

The lemon wedge would aggravate my papercut, so I put on a bandage.

Not wanting to aggravate my father, I decided not to give him my report card.

We put out the bonfire so the wind would not aggravate the flames.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Aggregate

to place into a category or cluster

Use Aggregate in a sentence

Schools often use test scores to aggregate students into classes based on intelligence.

As a mail processor, I aggregate mail according to its destination.

The mobile game calls upon users to aggregate balls by color in order to save baby pandas.

During the singing competition, the producers will aggregate singers into groups based on gender and age.

The fire drill shows our ability to aggregate in preselected destinations during an emergency.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Aghast

shocked or surprised in an upsetting way

Use Aghast in a sentence

The teacher was aghast at the large number of students who failed the easy test.

When the magician did his disappearing trick, the speechless audience was aghast.

Helen was aghast when she found the illegal drugs buried in her backyard.

As the car moved rapidly towards me, I was aghast and could not move to safety.

After Jenna learned her mother had spent her entire college fund, she became aghast and angry.

Although I was aghast at the sight of the bloodied body in my house, I still managed to call the police.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Agile

able to move fast and easily

Use Agile in a sentence

Because he practiced parkour, he was an extremely agile athlete.

He was difficult to chase through the crowd due to his agile movements.

The agile runner was able to avoid stumbling over the rock on the running path.

Since the thief was so agile, it made it difficult to track his movements.

The director was looking for agile stage hands who could move quickly on and off the stage for scene changes.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Agility

nimbleness and quickness of motion, both physically and figuratively

Use Agility in a sentence

The coach was amazed at Jimís agility on the court, especially the way he switches direction without pause.

Grandpa displays remarkable agility for a ninety-year-old man when he walks around without a cane.

Professional chess players display amazing mental agility to be able to think rapidly and creatively while under such pressure.

While Sarah claims to possess creativity and agility, her husband believes that she is mentally slow and averse to change.

In Africa we got an up-close view of the swiftness and agility of the cheetah, with its explosive bursts of speed.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Agitate

to disturb or upset

Use Agitate in a sentence

Barking at the dog will only agitate him further.

Because my son is a troublemaker, he likes to agitate his younger sister by hiding her dolls.

The protestors outside city hall hoped they were yelling loud enough to agitate the close-minded mayor.

If you agitate the scared cat, it will probably scratch you.

My husband knows failing to put the toilet seat down is a quick way to agitate me.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Agitated

upset; disturbed

Use Agitated in a sentence

Barbara felt agitated when her husband did not pick up his phone, especially since she had been calling all day.

An agitated fan started cursing from the stands as his team made one bad play after another.

The prison warden became alarmed when he noticed the agitated look on the prisoners faces, which made him believe that something was not quite right.

The waters became more and more agitated as the storm progressed, making the men fear that their boat would sink.

Steve grew visibly agitated as the interviewer kept on posing personal questions about his family and his health.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Agnostic

unsure about the existence of a god or holy being

Use Agnostic in a sentence

After my husband became agnostic, he stopped going to church because of his doubt about god's existence.

Jillís agnostic beliefs had her wondering if there was a deity who guided her life.

If you are skeptical of your religion, you might have become agnostic.

John knew he was too agnostic to dedicate his life to the church when he started to doubt the reality of Christ.

As a priest, my Uncle William has never had an agnostic experience that caused him to question his faith.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Agog

filled with anticipation and excitement

Use Agog in a sentence

The little kids were agog as they waited for Santa Claus to arrive.

On the way to the concert hall, the teen girls were agog at the thought of seeing their favorite singer.

Fans of the movie series are agog about the upcoming release of the new film.

From the sidewalk, the well-wishers were agog as they waited for the royal couple to leave the church.

Hollywood is agog after hearing the nominations for the biggest movie awards of the year.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Agonize

to endure a great deal of distress

Use Agonize in a sentence

After resigning from my job, I started to agonize over my decision.

My mother has an obsessive compulsive disorder and will agonize about things being out of place.

To have a healthy mindset, you should not agonize over your decisions.

Most new parents agonize over leaving their baby for the first time.

Since I am determined to lose weight before the summer, I agonize over every bite I eat.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Agonizing

distressing; painful

Use Agonizing in a sentence

The pain of breaking my femur was agonizing.

Completing the four-hour test was an agonizing mental feat.

It was a long and agonizing journey to climb Mount Everest.

Because I hadnít exercised in a long while, the routine was agonizing to get through.

After the death of my father, I went through the most agonizing journey of my life.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Agony

intense pain or suffering

Use Agony in a sentence

When my brother died, I was in emotional agony for months.

The wounded police officer who was shot five times is in agony.

From the womanís pained expression, it was obvious she was in agony.

Danielleís agony is temporary and will end as soon as she finds a new boyfriend.

Rather than let the injured dog suffer in agony, the vet decided to put it to sleep.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Agrarian

associated with land cultivation

Use Agrarian in a sentence

An agrarian college prepares men and women for careers in land cultivation.

Because Rich has an agrarian background, he knows a great deal about creating healthy soil.

There are some religious sects who believe in an agrarian way of life and obtain all of their necessities from the land.

In the agrarian industry, the farmers nurture the land because it is the source of their incomes.

When the factories closed, many people in our town went back to working in agrarian fields like farming.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Agriculture

the discipline of farming

Use Agriculture in a sentence

The state manages a department of agriculture which provides support to farmers.

If the drought doesnít end soon, itíll have a negative impact on the lives of people who depend upon agriculture as their livelihoods.

More and more people are leaving farming and agriculture behind to work in manufacturing plants.

Since Todd enjoyed growing his own food as a child, he decided to major in agriculture at the state university.

The collegeís school of agriculture has created a nutrient which makes it easier to grow crops in the desert.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Ailing

not feeling well

Use Ailing in a sentence

We do not expect my ailing grandfather to live much longer.

Because I was ailing, I took a sick day and stayed home from work.

The ailing dog refused to eat his food.

When Fredís ailing wife became bedridden, he took a leave of absence to care for her.

The ailing woman needed a wheelchair to get around her home.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Ailment

a condition that affects a personís mental or physical wellbeing

Use Ailment in a sentence

Unfortunately, the stomach ailment causes vomiting and chronic diarrhea.

Recent celebrity suicides have highlighted depression as an actual ailment.

Even after several diagnostic tests, the physician could not identify the cause of Lanceís ailment.

Fever and nausea are two symptoms that frequently accompany the ailment.

Because of a respiratory ailment, my Uncle Wyatt died at a very early age.

The drinking of contaminated water can cause a serious gastrointestinal ailment.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Aimlessly

without an aim, purpose or direction

Use Aimlessly in a sentence

I love to spend my weekends wandering aimlessly through the streets of Manhattan, checking out stores and shops that pique my interest.

Everyone laughed as we watched our newborn baby girl kick her feet aimlessly, as newborns tend to do.

Phil wandered aimlessly though life, with no clear ideas of where he was heading and what he wanted to accomplish.

The lost group of joggers wandered aimlessly, as they were hopelessly lost in the mountains.

Anna walked around aimlessly in her apartment, searching for something to occupy herself with on that long and dreary Sunday afternoon.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Aisle

a clear path between rows of seating

Use Aisle in a sentence

The bus ride home was so packed that anyone without a seat was forced to sit in the center aisle.

Brenda will not fly unless she is guaranteed an aisle seat, because she needs to be able to stand up and stretch without having to step over anyone.

I walked down the center aisle of the theater searching for Henry, but could not locate him because of how dark the room was.

The bride slowly made her way down the aisle bedecked in her flowing white gown, as three hundred people sat watching her every move.

The pilot stood in the aisle of the plane as he scanned every passenger, searching for a face that looked threatening.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Ajar

slightly opened

Use Ajar in a sentence

She left her bedroom door ajar, so I figured it was safe to enter.

Because the garage door was left ajar, a mouse entered our home.

Our toddler got into the cookies because we left the pantry ajar.

Our maid didnít have a key, so we left the backdoor ajar for her.

We saw the door was ajar and realized we were robbed.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Akimbo

with the hand on the hip and elbow turned outward

Use Akimbo in a sentence

Mom looked at the mess in my room, arms akimbo, and began yelling at the top of her lungs.

He glared at us with his arms akimbo and head held high as if he was our master.

When exercising, I keep my arms akimbo so that running on the treadmill will be little more difficult.

We sang with arms akimbo, swaying to and fro, much to the frustration of our choir leader.

The police ordered Jason to keep his arms akimbo and his feet spread apart while they performed a body search.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Akin

similar in nature

Use Akin in a sentence

For Elizabeth, divorcing her ninth husband was akin to throwing out old shoes and buying a new pair.

There are some people who believe asking for government assistance is akin to admitting one is a failure.

In Lisaís mind, the death of her beloved dog was akin to the death of a dear relative.

When the Oscar-winning actress checked into the hotel, she received treatment akin to the attention normally given to members of a royal family.

As a loving parent, Anne believes her childrenís artwork is akin to museum masterpieces.

To the nature lover, the sound of the birds chirping is akin to charming music.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Alacrity

liveliness and eagerness; cheerful readiness

Use Alacrity in a sentence

Having studied really hard last night, the student took the exam with alacrity.

The boy jumped up and down with alacrity as he inched closer to the candy store.

My alacrity for playing basketball with friends is much higher than writing a boring research paper.

Six innings in with a home-run, the baseball player swung the bat each time with alacrity.

Her alacrity to learn more about biology grew as she diligently studied the subject.

Because Jessica lacked alacrity in reading, her desire to finish the book diminished.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Alas

disappointingly; unfortunately

Use Alas in a sentence

Alas the reviews for Jaredís book were awful, and as such, the bookís sales were dismal.

Because the clouds have turned dark and threatening, alas we must cancel our picnic.

Alas my opponent was more experienced at the game so I lost the match.

While we hoped Denny would benefit from a tutorís help, alas he failed his graduation test.

Alas the car plant is having to close its doors because of the poor economy.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Albeit

even though; although

Use Albeit in a sentence

I am a huge fan of Madonnaís music, albeit I do not own any of her albums.

The movie, albeit rather brief in length, was quite engaging and starred my favorite actor.

The day, albeit a bit cloudy, was perfect for a barbecue.

Harold was already running late for his meeting, albeit it was only six oíclock.

My favorite football team won the game, albeit not by their usual lead.

Juan is a great worker, albeit he often arrives late to the office.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Alchemy

a kind of chemistry that is associated with changing something ordinary into something extraordinary

Use Alchemy in a sentence

In the story the fairy godmother used alchemy to turn the pumpkin into a fine carriage.

The forensic technologist will use alchemy to illuminate concealed blood stains.

If there was a type of alchemy that could turn paper into gold, everyone on the planet would be rich.

The mentally ill patient believes the moonís alchemy frequently turns him into a werewolf.

According to legend, the wizard used alchemy to turn the peasantís inferior sword into a magical one.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Alcove

a small area that is secluded from a large space

Use Alcove in a sentence

The alcove above the living room is the perfect place for the kids to hang out and play videogames.

At night, the quiet alcove in the school library is the ideal location to study.

The little boy often hides in the secret alcove in his playroom.

For a romantic night, couples can dine in the private alcove of the main dining room.

The teenager and his girlfriend were caught kissing in the alcove of the gym.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Aleatory

random, dependent on luck or chance

Use Aleatory in a sentence

Rick laughs at anyone who spends money at the slot machines, because itís a purely aleatory game that has no intellectual component whatsoever.

Gambling is aleatory in nature because a payout occurs based on an event outside of one's control.

We insisted that the coin toss be completed five times in a row by five different people, ensuring that the results were completely aleatory and unpredictable.

Although the throw of a die is supposed to be entirely aleatory, Gregg seems to know how to spin sixes every time.

My opinion is that a truly aleatory situation is never possible, because everything is based on cause and effect which is anything but random.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Alfresco

outdoors, open to the atmosphere

Use Alfresco in a sentence

The park has a really nice restaurant where you can dine alfresco while watching the birds as they come pecking at your food.

The wedding was served alfresco, which turned out to be a bad idea when it started to rain late in the day.

Growing up, I dreamed of how awesome it would be to sleep alfresco while under a clear and star-studded sky.

Bob drives twenty miles every Sunday to visit a flea market where vendors hawk their wares in an alfresco setting, rain or shine.

We jumped into Charlieís Jeep Wrangler and drove into town for alfresco drinks under the hot sun.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Alias

an alternate name used by a person who wishes to keep his or her identity secret

Use Alias in a sentence

If youíre having a hard time locating Sarahís blog, try searching for it under her alias, Hannah Martin.

The undercover cop always used an alias when working a case.

When the singer checks into a hotel, she uses an alias so her fans canít find her room.

The criminal changed his name to an alias in order to elude the police.

For many years, a female writer was not taken seriously unless she used a male alias for publication.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Alibi

a reason or excuse why someone could not have done something

Use Alibi in a sentence

While the witness claims the suspect was at the murder scene, the suspectís alibi places him in another state.

Unfortunately Josephís alibi does not exclude him from being his ex-wifeís killer.

The ministerís friends were willing to lie in order to give him an alibi for the night of his brotherís murder.

Once Aprilís alibi was verified, the police had to release her.

The detective sought to find a hole in the convicted felonís alibi.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Alien

different from the norm or what is considered to be acceptable

Use Alien in a sentence

Everyone in the room disbelieved the manís story about being abducted by an alien from another planet.

Because researchers had never seen such a unique type of DNA, they believed the creature had to be alien in origin.

Jason did not follow proper dining etiquette so everyone at the table stared at him like he was an alien.

In the room filled with tuxedo-dressed billionaires, the homeless man stood out like an alien from another world.

The movie was about an alien who needed help to return to his home planet.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Alienate

to make an individual feel unwanted or removed from a group or relationship

Use Alienate in a sentence

Teachers will alienate their students if they talk down to them.

By highlighting his pro-abortion views during his speech, the politician managed to alienate his Christian supporters.

The restaurant owner hesitates to change his menu because he does not want to alienate his regular customers.

If the president does not agree to the prime ministerís terms, he will alienate one of the nationís strongest allies.

Ever controlling Janet started to alienate her son when he married a woman she despised.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Alight

to descend from something

Use Alight in a sentence

The birds will alight from the sky and then eat from the feeder.

When the carriage stops, the prince will alight and then assist his wife as she steps to the ground.

The handicapped woman will need assistance to alight from the plane.

As soon as the shipís passengers alight, the crew will begin to get off the vessel.

It was nice of my daughter to help the elderly man alight from the bus.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Alike

similar in a certain way

Use Alike in a sentence

Because my sister and I are identical twins, we are very much alike in appearance.

Boys and girls alike enjoy playing with the building blocks.

Although the two movies share the same title, they are not alike by any means.

The well-scripted cartoon appeals to adults and kids alike.

While the two men do look a lot alike, they are not related to each other.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Alimentary

of, or relating to food, nutrition or digestion

Use Alimentary in a sentence

The esophagus is considered part of the alimentary canal because it is one of the passageways for food.

We visited a country rich in alimentary resources, which is why we paid so little for our vegetables.

Max experienced inflammation in his alimentary system, causing him to vomit up his lunch.

Sue claims that because manís alimentary resources are so bountiful, there is no justifiable reason to hunt for kill.

I never cease to be amazed at how capable soil is of supplying so many varied alimentary substances.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Allay

to make quiet or calm

Use Allay in a sentence

A good teacher will work hard to allay the concerns of a new student.

Last night, I spent over an hour trying to allay my daughterís fears about the boogieman.

Jim hoped a doctorís diagnosis would allay his worry about the rash on his arm.

Even though the president has apologized for his lack of action during the crisis, his statement has done nothing to allay public anger.

The manís solid alibi helped to allay the detectiveís suspicions about him.

Hopefully, the companyís soaring stock price will allay the concerns of nervous stockholders.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Allegation

a claim or a statement saying someone has done something illegal or wrong, which is not necessarily based on facts

Use Allegation in a sentence

The professor made an allegation of cheating against his student.

An allegation came out that accused the politician of indecent behavior.

Because he wanted to dispel the allegation of drug use, the athlete hired a lawyer.

An anonymous individual made an allegation that accused the company of extortion.

Knowing that the allegation of stealing was about to be made public, they began to prepare for a trial.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Allege

to claim without evidence

Use Allege in a sentence

In the lawsuit, the parents allege the school system failed to protect their daughter from bullies.

How can you allege the airline injured your back when you have never been anywhere near an airport?

During the divorce proceedings, Jane will allege her husband mistreated her so she can get custody of her children.

The prosecutor will allege you were involved in your husbandís murder because of the large insurance settlement you received.

As I watched the politicianís commercial, I realized he was attempting to allege his opponent was a racist.

Now a number of women are trying to allege the wealthy actor sexually assaulted them.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Alleged

questionable; not confirmed

Use Alleged in a sentence

While the alleged suspect was arrested today, he still has to be tried in a court of law.

The police found explosive devices in the alleged terroristís home.

Even without evidence, the dictator is executing rebels for alleged acts of treason.

The alleged bank robbers were last seen riding in a white van with tinted windows.

To my surprise, my neighbor has been arrested for the alleged murder of his wife.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Allegedly

suspected of participating in something immoral or illegal

Use Allegedly in a sentence

According to the witness, the mailman allegedly broke into the womanís car.

The police are looking for Rick because he allegedly beat up his ex-girlfriend.

Because the teacher is under investigation for allegedly buying drugs, she has been suspended by the school district.

The driver of the red car allegedly veered out of his lane and caused the eight-car accident.

During the party, Brad allegedly stole money out of my motherís purse.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Allegiance

loyalty to some cause, nation or ruler

Use Allegiance in a sentence

Standing opposite the flag, I placed my right hand on my heart to recite the pledge of allegiance.

Maxís feelings of allegiance will always rest with England, because he was born there.

We took an oath of allegiance upon entering the military, and none of us plan on violating it.

Having lived in Denver for most of my adult life, the Broncos have now captured my allegiance.

Mark is a double agent whoís true allegiance is suspect.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Allegory

a representation or story in which personalities and incidents act as symbols depicting beliefs related to human beings or specific situations

Use Allegory in a sentence

Yesterday, Sister Agnes told us a religious allegory that explained why telling falsehoods is unacceptable.

The classic book is based on a famous allegory that describes the pitfalls of arrogance.

In the poem, the writer used an allegory to explain his personal feelings about love.

The novel is basically an allegory in which animals represent humans associated with corporate greed.

After we read the allegory in class, our teacher asked us to analyze its moral message.

================================================== ==============
Definition of Allele

an alternative pattern of a gene that results in a variation of a trait

Use Allele in a sentence

The dominant allele is the one that determines a physical characteristic or trait.

On the other hand, the recessive allele is always overshadowed by its dominant partner.

Jensen was born with blue eyes because each of his parents gave him a recessive allele for the trait.

Because Jillís parents both gave her the dominant allele for curly hair, she has a wavy hair texture.

Which allele is responsible for blonde hair, the recessive allele or the dominant allele?
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