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Old Monday, October 01, 2007
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khilji1979 is on a distinguished road
Default ten difficult words with their meanings

i m going to start this thread to overcome the difficulty that most of the aspirant face in composition paper.this difficulty is with regard to words with their meanings.
i will try to post minimum five and maximum 10 words or may be more than the number mentioned all depends on my leisure.

1. nowt.......means nothing


3. primordial......primeval....existing from the begining.

4. torpor...torpid...lack of energy enthusiasm. make sth full again by replacing what has been used..
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Old Tuesday, October 02, 2007
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khilji1979 is on a distinguished road

1:Penchant; special liking for something……she has penchant for cartoons and dolls.

2:Sully; to spoil or lower the value of something ….by cheating they sullied the good name of their country.

3:doddering; a person who is unable to walk properly because of old age or weakness.

4:dogged; showing determination ;and not giving up easily….. abdul rasheed ghazi who was killed in operation, was dogged.

5:goon; a criminal who is paid to frighten or injure people. ……..goon was finally arrested and put behind the bar.

6:divulge ; to reveal; to give information that is supposed to be kept secret………the police refused to divulged the identity of the suspect.

7:delve; to serach for sth inside a bag or container:……………..she delved in abag for a pen.

8:betwixt:between: in middle position ; neither one thing nor the other .

9:turbid: of liquid with dirt and mud so that you can not see through.

10: recto; the pageon the right side of an open book…. Opposite…of recto is verso ….which means left side of the page of an open book.

Test of the words ;

1:penchant; 2:Sully; 3:doddering; 4:dogged; 5:goon; 6:divulge ; 7:delve; 8:betwixt9:turbid: 10
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Old Wednesday, October 03, 2007
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khilji1979 is on a distinguished road

Test ur vocabulary.

Crotchety:Venal: Contusion:
Conundrum: Conjugal: Contrite:
Cower: Hubris:diatribe:dumbfounded: Mayhem: Polemic: Plaudits:
Gobsmacked:denizen: irruption:effluent:affluent:
Rancour: egregious

bad-tempered,easily made angry.

prepared to do dishonest things in return for money.
Venal journalist/poltician.

injury to any part of body without breaking the skin. (synonym) bruise

1:a problem or question that is very difficult to solve .
2:a question that is asked for fun and usually involving some tricks, (synonym) riddle.

relating to marriage or sexual relationship.

Conjugal rights ,conjugal relationship


very sorry for sth bad that you have done. Synonym. penitent


to move backward or bend low because of fear.

People cowered when gun went off.

an attitude which causes one’s decline/death because one is too proud and disregards warning from time to time, given to him.

A long angry speech or piece of writing attacking or criticising sb/sth .

He launched a bitter diatribe against the young generation.

unable to speak because of surprise or fear.

He was completely dumbfounded by the news.

confusion or fear usually,caused by violent behaviour or some sudden shocking event.
There was absolute mayhem when everyone was trying to get at once.


a piece of writing that strongly argues for or against sb/sth

his speech was memorable more for its polemic rather than substance.

praise and approval.

His work won him plauditsfrom his critics.

14: gobsmacked:

so surprised that u do not know what to say or do.
He was gobsmacked by the news.

waste material discharged by factories.

having a lot of money and a good standard of living .

affluent western countries , a very affluent neighbourhood

extremely bad .

feeling of hatred and a desire to hurt other because u think that they have done sth unfair to you.

sudden and violent entry of sb /sth.


of person,plant,and animal that live, grow and is found in a particular place.

Polar bear denizen of arctic ocean, kangroo denizen of australia.

these words before reproduction have been memorised by the publisher himself, and meticulously prepared for the aspirants any suggestion regarding this thread of vocabulary, would be highly welcomed.
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Old Sunday, October 07, 2007
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khilji1979 is on a distinguished road
Default Ten difficult words from E and F with their meanings:

1.effete, 2.euphoria,3.exultation,4.extol,5.embed,
6.façade,7.forte, 8.fret,9.fracas,10.foray,

weak, without power once it had.
If 58 (2 B) is repealed, the president would be effete one.


Feeling of extreme happiness,and excitement that usually lasts for a very short time.

great Pride or happiness because of sth exciting has happened.

To praise sb/sth highly
Doctors often extol the virtues of eating less fat.
She was extolled as genius.


To fix sth firmly into a substance or solid object.
An operation to remove glass that was embeded in his leg.
The bullet embeded itself in wall.
These attitude are deeply embeded in our society.


the front part of a building.
The appearance of a person.

a thing that a person is particularly good at.
Singing a song is not my forte.


To become worried or unhappy and not able to relax.

Fretting about it won’t help.


A noisy argument or fight usually involving several people.

A fracas between the supportes of two teams

A sudden attack launch by group of soldiers.

A foray by military into the occupied territory.
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Old Thursday, October 11, 2007
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mashal khan will become famous soon enough

Thanx Friend,
I Am Really Getting Benifit Of It,i Am Looking Forward For More Certain Difficult Words
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Old Friday, October 12, 2007
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khilji1979 is on a distinguished road

Test ur vocabulary:

1.Amble: 2.Bluster:3.Cascade: 4.Disparage: 5.Eerie:

6.Nimble: 7.Oracle: 8.Prevaricate: 9.Pry: 10.Quash:

11.Ruffle: 12.Wither:13.saunter


To walk at a slow relaxed speed.


To talk in aggressive or threatening way,but with little effect.
I was not affected by his bluster.

A large amount of water Falling or pouring down.
A cascade of rain water.

Large number of things falling or coming quickly at the same time.
He crashed to the ground in a cascade of oil cans.

A large number of sth hanging down.
A cascade of blonde hair down the shoulder.

(verb).to flow downwards in large amounts.
The rain water cascaded down the mountainside.


To suggest that sb/sth is not valuable or imporatant.

I did not mean to disparage your achievements.


Strange,mysterios and frightening.

I found the silence under water really eerie.

(1).Able to move quickly and easily.
For this job,a man with nimble finger is required.
She was nimble on her feet.
(2).(of mind)Able to understand and think quickly.

A person or book that gives u valuable information.
He is oracle on European history.


To avoid giving direct answer to a question in order to to hide the truth.

Stop prevaricating and come to the point.


To find out about other people’s private lives in a way that is annoying or rude.

I m sick of ur prying into my personal life.


To take action to stop sth from continuing.

The rumors were quashed immediately.


(1)To disturb the smooth surface of sth,so that it is not even.

The bird ruffled its feather.
She ruffled his hair affectionately.

(2) to make sb annoyed ,worried,or upset.
Nothing ever seems to ruffle him.
He never gets ruffled, even under pressure.
The question obviously ruffled him.


To walk slow and in relaxed manner.(synonymous)amble.


plant or sth withers if it dries up and dies.

Plant withered due to lack of water.
(2) to become less or weaker before it disappears completely.
All our hopes just withered away.

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