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Argus Monday, March 07, 2005 10:08 AM

All about English (Precis & Composition)
[CENTER][B]All about English (Precis & Composition)

By Yahya Akhunzada, DMG officer

I start the discussion hereby

[B]A) Books to study
[/B][LIST=1][*]Exploring the world of English From Now onwards I will call it EWE[*] BA (English) Test papers specially if one can get of Punjab[*] University.[*] Direct Indirect made easy[*] Active passive made easy.[/LIST] [B]B) Expected Questions and way to prepare [/B]

[B]1.[/B] [B]Precise writing[/B]

My advise to First start with the rules given in EWE.

Sketch of rules that I followed:
[LIST=1][*] Counting words of the origional para given in paper[*] Deviding them by 3 and try to stick to the limit with a +- 5%.[*] Reading the para and finding its main idea (to locate the heading)[*] Finding key sentences and key words and then converting them into own words and sentences[*] Arranging them in for of a para.[/LIST] [B]NOTE: [/B]Exclude examples, adjectives, repetitions, facts and figures.

[CENTER][B]How to practice and get it prepared.[/B]

[B]1.[/B] First start with the solved example of EWE. Read the para and then read solution given, think on the solution and para and try to grasp how they are attempted.

[B]2[/B]. Then read the para one by one and try to solve it urself by the following method

1. try to collect important lines, words that u think should be the part of the solution. write them on the page. Give it three reading and each time try to collect the lines and words separately.

2. Now as u have read the para thrice write the basic theme of the para
in a line or two.

3. Now u have the rough work prepared, from that collect the most important lines and words which u think should be discussed in the solution.

4. Replace these lines in your own words and try to use other words with the same meanings without changing the meaning of the lines.

NOw write the solution, compare it with the given solution in EWE. Once you are gone through the solved examples, solve the unsolved and soon you will find a grip on the precise writing. Once you are gone through these paras then try to solve the paras of the previous papers. This needs a lot of practice.

[CENTER][B]How to solve the question [/B]

IN paper give para atleast three readings. Try to start ur paper with this question but on the rough page. give first reading and collect important lines and words. then leave it and solve the rest of the paper. After solving a question or two give this para a second reading and write the lines and words for the second time u will get new ideas and new lines

Leave it again and go for other questions. When u are done with all other questions then come to the para in the last and give it a third reading.

Collect important info for the third time and after that from the lines that u have collected at three differnet times give that a rading and from that u will get the idea what should be the solution and if u have time once solveit in the rough and then correct it to the best and reproduce it inthe neat space.

[B]Question 2: Comprehension [/B]

Same way to practice it. First try to attempt the Solved and then unsolved in the EWE. Once u practice precise writing u will automatically grasp this question but one thing is to be noted that in precise writing u cannot go out of the para and add from urself. IN comprehension u can do that. Or u will be required to grasp that para and add from urself as well.

Solving this question or reading the para needs that u must first read the question one by one. Read the question one and then start reading the para. Mark the portion in the para which is related to that question and helping inthe answer. Then read quesion 2 and find its relative lines. so on and so forth......

Question 3 Paragraph writing.[/B]

This is an essay type of question but u have to write a single para. The method is that u need to explain that line or proverb in a single para.

My sincere advise is to read different lines from different books and try to remember what that sentance, proverb or saying mean. Try to devide ur para in introduction, body and conclusion. Remain in the limits prescribed. Practice a few line at home.

the rest of the question are easy to solve as all that needs is practice. The technical questions are these three. For the rest read the affor mentioned books.

[B]Now how to attempt the paper on the whole. [/B]

Once u get the paper leave these three questions and read the rest of the paper. solve the objectives if u are sure on the question paper in the first reading. Try to read the paper in 10 mins.

Then come to precise and give it first reading....
Then go and solve the objective type questions. One or two
Then give precise a second reading
Then solve the other objective questions
After that solve the comprehension question.
After that Paragraph writing.
And lastly third reading to Question 1 and its solution. u must be left
with atleast 20 mins in solving this question.

One thing this paper needs alot of practice and regular practice. Try to give this paper one hour on daily basis.

Yahya Akunzada (thanx yahya lala)

05:06 PM (GMT +5)

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