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Old Saturday, August 14, 2010
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Nek Muhammad is a jewel in the roughNek Muhammad is a jewel in the roughNek Muhammad is a jewel in the rough
Arrow Vocabulary Word List for Independence Day

A) Ablaze, Activities, Admiration, Advantages, Alliance, Ancestors, Anniversary, Anthem, Appetizer, Appreciation, Ardent, Attachments, Attitude

B) Backyard, Ball game, Band, Bang, Banners, Battlefield, Belonging, Birth, Blast, Blessings, Blue, Boisterous, Boom

C) Camping, Cavalcade, Celebrate, Celebration, Charming, Checkered table cloths, Citizen(s), Citizenship, Civic, Commemorate, Common, Communication, Companionship, Concentration, Constitution, Cooperation, Coordinate, Corps, Country, Countryside, Crackle, Crescendo, Crowds, Culture

D) Dash, Dazzling, Declaration, Decoration, Defense, Delicious, Democracy, Dessert, Detonate, Detonation, Devotion, Dignitaries, Dignity, Dramatic, Duty
E) Ebullient, Embellishments, Emotional, Encounter, Endure, Energy, Entertainment, Equality, Equine, Exchanges, Expectations, Explode, Explosion

F) Fabulous, Fair, Family, Fanciful, Fascination, Fatherland, Feast, Feeling, Festival, Festivity, Firecracker(s), Fireworks, Fizzle, Flag, Foil, Folks, Food, Foolishness, Forefather, Forever, Free, Freedom, Friends, Friendship, Frivolity, Fun

G) Games, Gardens, Gatherings, Glitter, Glory, Goal(s), Good name, Grandeur, Grill, Groups
H) Habitual, Haste, Heat, Herald, Heritage, Hero, History, Holiday, Home, Homeland, Hoopla, Hooray, Hope(s), Horses, Hospitality, Humble, Humidity

I) Ideal(s), Illusions, Imagery, Imagination, Immortality, Importance, Inalienable, Independence, Indulgence, Informative, Insight, Inspiration, Integral

J) Jeans, Join, Joy, Joyful, Joyous, Jubilation, Judging,
K) Keen, Kin, Kindness.
L) Laughter, Legendary, Liberation, Liberty, Life, Loiter, Love, Loyalty
M) March, Memorial, Memories, Merriment, Merrymaking, Military, Music, Musical, Mutual

N) Nation, National, Native, Nibble, Nonsense
O) Occasion, Official(s), Old Glory, Oneness, Opportunities, Opportunity, Outdoors, Outing, Overwhelming
P) Parade, Participation, Parties, Passionate, Patriot, Patriotic, Patriotism, Perennial, Pickles, Picnic, Pinwheels, Plethora, Pomp, Pool, Pop, Potatoes, Preparations, Preservation, Preserve, Pride, Public service, Pyrotechnics
Q) Quaint, Quality, Quantity, Questions, Quick, Quiet

R) Rambling, Recreation, Red, Refreshment, Rejoicing, Relatives, Relaxation, Remembrance, Republic, Reputation, Responsibility, Restful, Revelry, Rights, Rituals, Rocket

S) Sacrifices, Safety, Sausages, Service, Sharing, Shindig, Shows, Shrieking, Shrine, Sizzle, Slices, Slogan, Snap, Solemn, Special, Speeches, Sports, Stars, States, Storyteller, Streamers, Stripes, Stroll, Stunning, Summer, Sunburn, Super-patriot, Support, Surprise, Swimming, Symbol, Symbolism

T) Taffy, Tea, Territory, Toasting, Traditions, Tribute, Truths
U) Unbelievable, Unify, Union, Unique, Unite, United States, Universal
V) Vacation, Valiant, Valor, Values, Vegetables, Versatile, Veteran, Victory, Views, Vision, Visionary, Vital, Vivacious
W) Wave, Waving, Weekend, Welfare, Whistle, White, Widespread, Willingness, Wisdom
"There is voice that doesn't use words listen"
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Old Sunday, January 02, 2011
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Nek Muhammad is a jewel in the roughNek Muhammad is a jewel in the roughNek Muhammad is a jewel in the rough
Arrow Vocabulary Word List for Descriptive adjectives -

A) Able, Abundant, Accepting, Accommodating, Active, Addictive, Adequate, Aggressive, Amazing, Amiable, Amicable, Amusing, Antagonistic, Anxious, Anxious, Apathetic, Aquatic, Arrogant, Articulate, Artistic, Attentive, Attractive, Authoritative, Awesome.

B) Barren, Benevolent, Biodegradable, Blase, Bold, Bonding, Boorish, Bountiful, Braggart, Brave, Brilliant, Buoyancy, Busy, Buzz

C) Callow, Captious, CARING, Celestial, Charm, Chaste, Cheat, Cheerful, Churlish, Civil, Clean, Clever, Coastal, Cold, Colossal, Combustible, Comfortable, Commercial, Communicative, Compact, Competitive, Compulsive, Confident, Conflicted, Congenial, Conscientious, Conservative, Considerate, Conspicuous, Contemptible, Contiguous, COOPERATIVE, Cordial, COURAGEOUS, Courteous, Covetous, Creative, Critical, Critical, Crucial, Crude, Culpable, Curious, Current, Curt, Cynical

D) Decent, Decorous, Defensive, Deferential, Deft, Dejected, Delightful, Demeaning, Demise, Dependable, Deplorable, Depressed, Destructive, Devious, Devoted, Dictatorial, Diligent, Diminutive, Diplomatic, Discreet, Disdainful, Dishonesty, Dishonorable, Disposable, Disrespectful, Distracted, Docile, Downcast, Dynamic, Dynamic

E) Earnest, Earthy, Ecological, Efficient, Egotistical, Electrifying, Elitist, Empathetic, Endangered, Endemic, Energetic, Enigmatic, Enthusiastic, Esteemed, Estimable, Ethical, Euphoric, Evergreen, Exclusive, Expectant, Explosive, Exquisite, Extravagant, Extrovert, Exuberant

F) FAIR, Faithful, Fallow, Falseness, Famous, Fancy, Ferocious, Fertile, Fervent, Fervid, Fibrous, Fierce, Flexible, Focused, Forgiving, Forlorn, Frailty
G) Generous, Genial, Genteel, Gentle, Genuine, Gifted, Gigantic, Glib, Gloomy, Good, Gorgeous, Grace, Gracious, Grand, Grateful, Gravity, Green, Grouchy, Guilty, Guilty, Gusty
H) Happy, Hard-hearted, Healing, Heedless, Helpfulness, Heroic, HONEST, Honorable, Hopeful, Hostile, Humane, Humble, Humorous, Hygienic, Hysterical
I) Idealistic, Idolize, Ignoble, Ignorant, Ill-tempered, Impartial, Impolite, Improper, Imprudent, Impudent, Indecent, Indecorous, Indifference, Indigenous, Industrious, Ingenuous, Innocent, Innovative, Insightful, Insolent, Inspirational, Instructive, Insulting, Intense, Intense, Intense, Intolerant, Introvert, Intuitive, Inventive, Investigative, Irascible, Irresponsible

J) Jaundiced, Jealous, Jealous, Jocular, Jolly, Jovial, Joyful, Jubilant, Just, Juvenile
K) Keen, Kind, Kindred, Knowledgeable
L) Liberal, Listener, Loathsome, Loving, LOYAL
M) Magical, Magnificence, Magnificent, Malevolent, Malicious, Mammoth, Manipulative, Marine, Mastery, Meddling, Meritorious, Meticulous, Migratory, Minuscule, Miserable, Mistrustful, Modest, Moral, Mysterious

N) Naive, Nascent, Native, Natural, Natural, Nature, Needy, Nefarious, Negative, Neglected, Neglectful, Negligent, Nice, Noble, Notorious
O) Obedient, Observant, Open, Open-minded, Opinionated, Oppressive, Orderly, Oriented, Original, Outrageous, Outspoken

P) Parasitic, Partial, Passionate, Patient, Perceptive, Personable, Personal, Petulant, Pleasant, Poise, Polite, Pollutant, Popular, Popular, Powerful, Prejudicial, Preposterous, Pretentious, Prideful, Principled, Pristine, Prompt, Proper, PUNCTUAL, Purposeful

Q) Quaint, Quarrelsome, Quick, Quiet, Quiet, Quirky
R) Radioactive, Rancorous, Rational, Reasonable, Reckless, Refined, Reflective, RELIANT, Remarkable, Remorseful, Renewable, Reproductive, Repugnant, Resilient, Resilient, Resolute, Resourceful, Respectful, Responsible, Responsive, Restorative, Reverent, Rotting, Rude, Ruthless

S) Sadness, Safe, Scornful, Scrumptious, Selfish, Sensible, Sensitive, Sharing, Simple, Sober, Solar, Solemn, Solitary, Soluble, Sour, Spatial, Special, Splendid, Splendid, Staunch, Staunch, Stern, Stunning, Successful, Sullen, Superb, Superior, Supportive, Surly, Suspicious, Sweet, Sympathetic

T) Tactful, Taint, Temperate, Temperate, Tenacious, Terrific, Testy, Thoughtful, Thoughtless, Tolerant, Towering, Toxic, Treacherous, Tropical, TRUSTWORTHY, Truthful

U) Ultimate, Ultimate, Uncivil, Uncouth, Undeveloped, Unethical, Unfair, Unique, Unique, United, Unity, Unmannerly, Unrefined, Unsavory, Unworthy, Uplifting, Upright, Uproot, Upstanding

V) Valiant, Veracious, Versatile, Vicious, Vigilant, Vigilant, Vigorous, Vile, Villainous, Virtuous, Visible, Visible, Vivacious, Vocal, Volatile, Volunteering, Vulnerable

W) Warm, Wary, Waspish, Watchful, Welcoming, Wicked, Wild, Willingness, Winning, Winsome, Wise, Wishy-washy, Wistful, Witty, Woeful, Wonderful, Worldwide, Worrier, Worthwhile, Worthy

Y) Yearning, Yielding, Yielding, Yourself, Youthful
Z) Zany, Zealot, Zealous, Zealous, Zero-tolerant
"There is voice that doesn't use words listen"
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Old Monday, May 30, 2011
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Nek Muhammad is a jewel in the roughNek Muhammad is a jewel in the roughNek Muhammad is a jewel in the rough
Arrow Vocabulary Word List for Government-Constitution

A) Acts, Administration, Adoption, Advantage, Advice, Advise, Advocate, Affiliation, Agenda, Agreement, Allocate, AMENDMENT, Article, Assist, Attitude, Authority, Authorization
B) Balance, Ballot, Basic, Belief, Bicameral, Bill of Rights, Bipartisan, Bipartisanship, Branch, Budget, Bureaucracy
C) Cabinet, Campaign, Candidate, Capital, Caucus, Check, Citizenship, Clause, Cloture, Committee, CONCEIVE, Concurrent, Conduct, Congress, Consent, Constituent, Constitution, Contribute, Contribution, Control, Cooperation, Council, Court, Courtesy, Crossover, Curtail
D) Debate, Debt, Decision, Deficit, Delay, Delegate, Democracy, Department, Detente, Direct, Doctrine, Domestic
E) Efficacy, Election, Electoral College, Enforce, Engage, Enterprise, ENUMERATE, Equality, ESTABLISH, Evidence, Exclusive, Executive Branch, Exemplify, Expire, Express
F) Faction, Federal, FEDERALISM, Filibuster, First Amendment, Founding Fathers
G) Gerrymandering, Goal, Government, Grant, Guilt
H) Honor
I) Ideals, Identification, Ideology, Illegal, Impact, Impeach, Implied, Impound, Inadmissible, Inalienable, Incumbent, Inefficiency, Influence, Inherent, Initiative, Insight, Interpretation, Interstate
J) Job, Joint, Judgment, Judicial
K) Keen
L) Lame duck, Law, Leader, Legal, LEGISLATIVE, Legislator, Legislature, Lobby, Lobbyist, Local
M) Machine, Major, Majority, Management, Maritime, Meeting, Member, Minority
N) Nation, National, Nominate
O) Official, Oligarchy, ORDAIN, Outcome, Override
P) Parties, Partisan, PERFECT, PERPETUATE, Petition, Philosophy, Policy, Political party, Poll, Popular, Population, POSTERITY, Power, Presidential, Prevent, Primary, Procedure, Process, Proper, Protection, Public, Public domain, Punishment, Purpose
Q) Quality, Quest
R) Range, RATIFICATION, Recall, Referendum, Representative, REPUBLIC, Requirement, Reserve, Responsibility, Restraint, Review, Reward, Rights, Rule safe seat
S) Search, SECURE, Security, Sedition, Seizure, Select, Separation, Share, Signature, SIMULTANEOUS, Speaker of the House, Special interest, Spending, Split, State, Status, Strict, Successful, Suffrage, Support, Supreme, System
T) Tax, Technique, Tension, Term, Threaten, Ticket, TRANQUILITY, Two-thirds, Tyranny
U) Unconstitutional, Unicameral, UNIQUENESS, Unity, Unpopular
V) Various, Veto, Violation, Vital, Vote
W) Ward, Wealth, Whip, Wide, Worthy
"There is voice that doesn't use words listen"
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Old Monday, June 13, 2011
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Nek Muhammad is a jewel in the roughNek Muhammad is a jewel in the roughNek Muhammad is a jewel in the rough
Arrow Vocabulary word list for Slavery

A) Abolitionist, Abraham Lincoln, Absolute, Abuse, Act, Actions, Advocate, Aim, Animosity, Arguments, Arrests, Assassination, Assault, Atrocity, Attacker, Attention, Attitude, Authority
B) Beatings, Befall, Behavior, Betray, Blacks, Bonds, Brazen, Brutality, Burning
C) Captive, Capture, Care, Carpetbagger, Caution, Chaotic, Charges, Civil rights, Claims, Clandestine, Clothing, Commerce, Commit, Communication, Compromise, Compromised, Condemnation, Condescending, Conditions, Confederate, Confiscate, Conflict, Control, Cotton, Crime, Crisis, Crops, Crosses, Cruelty, Culture
D) Damage, Darkies, Dead, Death, Debilitating, Deceive, Deceptive, Defensive, Deference, Defy, Denial, Despair, Destroy, Die, Differ, Differences, Disadvantage, Disaster, Disband, Discrimination, Disease, Disgrace, Disgusting, Disillusion, Disjointed, Dismay, Disregard, Dissolve, Distasteful, Disturbing, Domestic, Drama, Dread, Dred Scott, Dutiful
E) Economy, Education, Emancipate, Enforce, Enslave, Episode, Exist, Experience
F) Failure, Families, Farming, Fear, Federal, Ferment, Fester, Field hand, Flattery, Flaw, Flogging, Flourish, Force, Free, Freedom, Frighten, Frightened, Fugitive
G) Gathering, Goal, God-Given, Government, Group, Guard
H) Harriet Tubman, Hate crime, Hateful, Hatred, Heat, Helpful, Helpless, Hiding, Horrific, Horror, Hostility, House slave, Household, Housing, Huddle, Hymns
I) Ignominy, Illegal, Impact, Incite, Indifference, Indigo, Informant, Inhumane, Injury, Injustice, Intrigue, Investigate, Issue
J) Jobs, Join, Jurisdiction, Justify
K) Kidnap, Killing
L) Labor, Laborer, Language, Lashing, Legal, Liar, Lincoln, Long hours, Loyalty, Lynch
M) Manumission, Mask, Mason Dixon line, Master, Mistakes, Mistress, Mistrust, Moral, Movement
N) Name, Nat Turner, Night, Numbers
O) Obedience, Obscene, Observe, Opinion, Opposition, Organize, Outbreak, Outcry, Outrage, Outwit, Overpower, Overrun, Owner, Ownership
P) Pain, Pessimism, Philosophy, Picking, Planting, Plot, Policed, Poor People, Population, Power, Powerful, Practice, Prejudice, Prevent, Prevention, Prey, Profits, Proslavery, Punishment, Purchase
Q) Quail, Quake, Queasy, Quell, Quiet
R) Racial, Radical, Rampage, Rations, Rebellion, Reconstruction, Regional, Regret, Rejoicing, Release, Relief, Religion, Report, Repressed, Require, Resistance, Reward, Rice, Ride, Right, Run, Run away
S) Sabotage, Sacrifice, Safety, Sale, Scalawag, Secrecy, Security, Seeking, Segregate, Segregation, Separation, Servant, Shatter, Shelter, Shipment, Ships, Skills, Slave, Society, Songs, South, Southern, Southerners, Spirit, Spiritual, Spread, States, Stereotype, Strength, Struggle, Subdue, Subject to, Sugar Plantations, Support, Suppression, Symbol
T) Tension, Terrify, Terror, Terrorize, Threaten, Tobacco, Toil, Tone, Torture, Treatment, Trigger, Turn against
U) Underground, Unlawful, Unnatural, Unpopular, Unwilling, Uproar
V) Victim, View, Violation, Violence, Violent, Visible, Visible, Vocalize
W) Wanton, Warning, Waste, Widespread, Witness, Workday, Working, Worry, Wrongs
"There is voice that doesn't use words listen"
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