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Old Tuesday, January 17, 2017
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Post Seniors please grade my comprehension attempt css-2013

Q.3 Read the following passage and answer the question that follow. Use your own language. (20)

The civilization of China, as everyone knows, is based upon the teaching of Confucius, who flourished five hundred years before Christ. Like the Greeks and Romans, he did not think of human society as naturally progressive; on the contrary, he believed that in remote antiquity rulers had been wise, and the people had been happy to a degree which the degenerate present could admire but hardly achieve. This, of course, was a delusion. But the practical result was that Confucius, like other teachers of antiquity, aimed at creating a stable society, maintaining a certain level of excellence, but not always striving after new successes. In this he was more successful than any other men who ever lived. His personality has been stamped on Chinese civilization from his day to our own. During his lifetime the Chinese occupied only a small part of present-day China, and were divided into a number of warring states. During the next three hundred years they established themselves throughout what is now China proper, and founded an empire exceeding in territory and population any other that existed until the last fifty years. In spite of barbarian invasions, Mongol and Manchu dynasties, and occasional longer or shorter periods of chaos and civil war, the Confucian system survived, bringing with it art and literature and a civilized way of life. A system which has had this extra ordinary power of survival must have great merits, and certainly deserves our respect and consideration. It is not a religion, as we understand the word, because it is not associated with the supernatural or with mystical beliefs. It is a purely ethical system, but its ethics, unlike those of Christianity, are not too exalted for ordinary men to practice. In essence, what Confucius teaches is something very like the old-fashioned ideal of a ‘gentleman’ as it existed in the eighteenth century. One of his sayings will illustrate this: ' the true gentleman is never contentious ... he courteously salutes his opponents before taking up his position ... so that even when competing he remains a true gentleman'.


1. Why do you think the author calls Confucius' belief about the progress of human society as a delusion?
Author called Confucius belief about the progress of society as a delusion because he does not agree that present human society can be as progressive as primitive rulers were.
2. How did Confucius' though affect China to develop into a stable and 'Proper' China?
Confucius thought affected china to develop into a stable and prosperous China by giving a complete ethical values system which helped china to survive during worse era of chaos and wars.
3. Why does the author think that Confucian system deserves respect and admiration?
Author thought that Confucian system deserves respect and admiration because of its remarkable capability of survival during periods of turmoil and civil disorder.

4. Why does the author call Confucian system a purely ethical system and not a religion?
Author called Confucian system a pure ethical system and not a religious due to its disassociation and dissimilarity with religious beliefs and association with practical ethical values.
5. Briefly argue whether you agree or disagree to Confucius' ideal of a gentleman?
I agree to Confucius ideal of a gentleman, because it helps in establishing good social approach and peaceful living being. Furthermore it also helped china to be more stable and civilized.
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Old Friday, December 13, 2019
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I think your answers are accurate and effective

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Old Saturday, December 14, 2019
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You have understood the comprehension well. And you've put it into words efficiently. However, avoid using single long sentences. Break your long sentence into two sentences. Your usage of 'agree to', 'author called' & 'Confucius thought' is incorrect. It is 'agree with', 'The author calls' & 'Confucius' thought or Confucius views/teachings' etc.

Also, a big indicator of a good comprehension attempt is to avoid copy pasting the expressions and words of the passage. Use alternative words and expressions. This is because the answers are worth 4 marks each and your personal input is required.
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