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Nonchalant is a jewel in the roughNonchalant is a jewel in the roughNonchalant is a jewel in the rough
Default List of One-word-substitution

To write precisely and to the point is very important in English Precis paper. If one precise word is available for a long sentence or phrase, try using it, and for this you have to practice writing. For the beginners, here is a list of One word Substitution, hope it will be of some help

One Word Substitution

1. One who is out to subvert a government Anarchist
2. One who is recovering from illness Convalescent
3. One who is all powerful Omnipotent
4. One who is present everywhere Omnipresent
5. One who knows everything Omniscient
6. One who is easily deceived Gullible
7. One who does not make mistakes Infallible
8. One who can do anything for money Mercenary
9. One who has no money Pauper
10. One who changes sides Turncoat
11. One who works for free Volunteer
12. One who loves books Bibliophile
13. One who can speak two languages Bilingual
14. One who loves mankind Philanthropist
15. One who hates mankind Misanthrope
16. One who looks on the bright side of things Optimist
17. One who looks on the dark side of things Pessimist
18. One who doubts the existence of god Agnostic
19. One who pretends to be what he is not Hypocrite
20. One incapable of being tired Indefatigable
21. One who helps others Good Samaritan
22. One who copies from other writers Plagiarist
23. One who hates women Misogynist
24. One who knows many languages Polyglot
25. One who is fond of sensuous pleasures Epicure
26. One who thinks only of himself Egoist
27. One who thinks only of welfare of women Feminist.
28. One who is indifferent to pleasure or pain Stoic
29. One who is quite like a woman Effeminate
30. One who has strange habits Eccentric
31. One who speaks less Reticent
32. One who goes on foot Pedestrian
33. One who believes in fate Fatalist
34. One who dies without a Will Intestate
35. One who always thinks himself to be ill Valetudinarian
36. A Government by the people Democracy
37. A Government by a king or queen Monarchy
38. A Government by the officials Bureaucracy
39. A Government by the rich Plutocracy
40. A Government by the few Oligarchy
41. A Government by the Nobles Aristocracy
42. A Government by one Autocracy
43. Rule by the mob Mobocracy
44. That through which light can pass Transparent
45. That through which light cannot pass Opaque
46. That through which light can partly pass Translucent
47. A sentence whose meaning is unclear Ambiguous
48. A place where orphans live Orphanage
49. That which cannot be described Indescribable
50. That which cannot be imitated Inimitable
51. That which cannot be avoided Inevitable
52. A position for which no salary is paid Honorary
53. That which cannot be defended Indefensible
54. Practice of having several wives Polygamy
55. Practice of having several husbands Polyandry
56. Practice of having one wife or husband Monogamy
57. Practice of having two wives or husbands Bigamy
58. That which is not likely to happen Improbable
59. People living at the same time Contemporaries
60. A book published after the death of its author Posthumous
61. A book written by an unknown author Anonymous
62. A life history written by oneself Autobiography
63. A life history written by somebody else Biography
64. People who work together Colleagues
65. One who eats too much Glutton
66. That which cannot be satisfied Insatiable
67. One who questions everything Cynic
68. A flesh eating animal Carnivorous
69. A grass eating animal Herbivorous
70. One who lives in a foreign country Immigrant
71. To transfer one's authority to another Delegate
72. One who is a newcomer Neophyte
73. That which is lawful Legal
74. That which is against law Illegal
75. One who is unmarried Celibate
76. A game in which no one wins Draw
77. A study of man Anthropology
78. A study of races Ethnology
79. A study of the body Physiology
80. A study of animals Zoology
81. A study of birds Ornithology
82. A study of ancient things Archaeology
83. A study of derivation of words Etymology
84. Murder of a human being Homicide
85. Murder of a father Patricide
86. Murder of a mother Matricide
87. Murder of an brother Fratricide
88. Murder of an infant Infanticide
89. Murder of self Suicide
90. Murder of the king Regicide

91. To free somebody from all blame Exonerate
92. To write under a different name Pseudonym
93. A thing no longer in use Obsolete
94. A handwriting that cannot be read Illegible
95. Words written on the tomb of a person Epitaph
96. One who is greedy for money Avaricious
97. Something that cannot be imitated Inimitable
98. One who doesn't know how to read and write Illiterate
99. A person's peculiar habit Idiosyncrasy
100. An animal who preys on other animals Predator
101. Violating the sanctity of a church Sacrilege
102. One who can throw his voice Ventriloquist

P.S: For learning new words and adding those to your vocabulary, do regularly read quality newspapers, and while reading, you come across a new word, don't avoid it, look up for its meaning in the dictionary and then try using it in sentences...

nahin nigah main manzil to justaju hi sahi
nahin wisaal mayassar to arzu hi sahi
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Nonchalant is a jewel in the roughNonchalant is a jewel in the roughNonchalant is a jewel in the rough

here are some more useful link for this:
nahin nigah main manzil to justaju hi sahi
nahin wisaal mayassar to arzu hi sahi
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Old Wednesday, October 21, 2009
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Nonchalant is a jewel in the roughNonchalant is a jewel in the roughNonchalant is a jewel in the rough
Default 100 terms

All 100 terms

not normal abnormal
put an end to abolish
go with accompany
succeed in doing accomplish
take as one's own adopt
by oneself alone
once a year annually
become invisible appear
express approval by clapping applaud
loud enough to be heard audible
keep oneself away from avoid
at the back of behind
not sharp blunt
period of 100 years century
low in cost or value cheap
comfort in time of sorrow console
never ending continually
without interval continuous
move on hands and knees crawl
lame person cripple
period of 10 years decade
move up one's mind decide
go out of sight or existence disappear
find out discover
far away distant
long spell of dry weather drought
suitable for eating edible
qualified to be chosen eligible
leave one country and go to settle in another emigrate
put up with endure
way in entrance
time that has no limit eternity
way out exit
show clearly the meaning of explain
send goods to another country for sales export
extreme scarcity of food famine
able to bend easily without breaking flexible
go or come after follow
period of two weeks fortnight
easily broken fragile
physically weak frail
small articles of dress, sewing-goods, etc haberdashery
suitable for living in habitable
an animal's or plant's natural environment habitat
doing something constantly habitual
argue about price of goods haggle
suffering from a mental or physical disability handicapped
spend the winter in sleep hibernate
push roughly hustle
who or what a person is identity
doing no work or lazy idle
not clear enough to be readable illegible
unable to read or write illiterate
light up illuminate
make clear by examples or pictures illustrate
without any delay immediately
come into a foreign country as a permanent resident immigrate
living forever immortal
become better improve
incapable of being wrong infallible
not guilty innocent
cannot be conquered invincible
cannot be seen invisible
cannot be repaired irreparable
unable to walk normally lame
person who is insane or very foolish lunatic
dumb person mute
person living next door neighbour
well-known in an unfavourable way notorious
happening from time to time occasionally
person who takes a hopeful views of things optimist
father and mother parents
person walking in a street pedestrian
person who takes a gloomy views of things pessimist
science and art of government politics
liked by many people popular
put off until a later time postpone
on time punctual
four-legged animal quadruped
with little or no sound quiet
again and again repeatedly
come or go back return
make known reveal
turn round revolve
make along piercing cry or sound scream
loud cry shout
in a short time soon
person who watches a show or game or incident spectator
not fresh stale
look long and steadily stare
remain alive or in existence survive
go from one place to another travel
able to be seen through transparent
not occupied uninhabited
of no use useless
surrounding district vicinity
once a week weekly
speak softly whisper
young person youth
group of people who watch a show audience
nahin nigah main manzil to justaju hi sahi
nahin wisaal mayassar to arzu hi sahi
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Thumbs up One Word Substitution

1. Willful setting on fire of anotherís other house or similar property or oneís own when insured. Arson
2. The story of oneís own life. Autobiography
3. A place of refuge for criminals or debtors Asylum
4. An assembly of listeners Audience
5. One who plays game for pleasure and not as a profession. Amateur
6. A letter, document or poem of which the writer is unknown. Anonymous
7. Medicine given to counteract poison Antidote
8. An absolute government by one man. Autocracy
9. That which can be absorbed into the system. Assimilable
10. A person who advocates absence of government, disorder and confusion. Anarchist
11. A tank for keeping live aquatic plants or animals Aquarian
12. Liable to be called to account Answerable
13. A diplomatic minister of the highest order sent by one sovereign power to another. Ambassador
14. The gaseous envelope that surrounds the earth. Atmosphere
15. A man who does not believe in the existence of God. Atheist
16. The people found in a country at the time of the earliest known settlement. Aborigines
17. Anything that counteracts putrefaction. Antiseptic
18. One who aims to compass holiness through self-mortification. Ascetic
19. Deviation from the common rule. Anomaly
20. To renounce formally the dignity of the crown or office. Abdicate
21. To do away with a rule Abrogate
22. To make like to or to absorb in the system. Assimilate
23. To turn friends into enemies Alienate
24. To increase the gravity of an offence Aggravate
25. To bolt out of existence Annihilate
26. To increase the speed of Accelerate
27. Able to use left hand as well as right Ambidextrous
28. Uncertainty of meaning Ambiguity
29. A general pardon granted by the government to political offenders. Amnesty
30. One who cannot see Blind
31. One who breaks or fails in business. An insolvent debtor. Bankrupt
32. Liable to be easily broken Brittle
33. A system of government centralized in graded series of officials. Bureaucracy
34. The act of talking impiously about sacred things. Blasphemy
35. One blindly and obstinately devoted to a particular creed or party. Bigot
36. A lover of books, especially a collector of rare books Bibliophile
37. A person of fair complexion and light auburn-colored hair Blond
38. A woman of fair complexion and light auburn-colored hair Blonde
39. A woman with dark skin and brown hair Brunette
40. The crime or the state of having two husbands at a time. Bigamy
41. The crime or the state of having two wives at a time. Polygamy
42. A door in the back part of a building. Secret means of approach. Back-door
43. The science of vegetable life Botany
44. Speaking two languages Bilingual
45. Persons belonging to the same time Contemporaries
46. A list of the names of books Catalogue
47. A person recovering from sickness Convalescent
48. One studied in textual criticism Critic
49. Too ready to believe Credulous
50. A person or heart insensible to kind thoughts of sympathetic feelings. Callus
51. Sufficiency of means for living; ability for a task. Competence
52. Men who work in the same institution. Colleagues
53. (Person) free from local or national prejudices. Cosmopolitan
54. The state of being unmarried Celibacy
55. Use of many words where few would do. A roundabout way of speaking. Circumlocution
56. Forcibly restrain or impel (person) into quiet, obedience, or any course. Coerce
57. Belonging to one from birth Congenital
58. To burn with hot iron or caustic Cauterize
59. To accuse falsely Calumniate
60. One averse to change or progress Conservative
61. One who cannot hear Deaf
62. One who cannot speak Dumb
63. A language that is no long spoken Dead
64. A match in which neither party wins. Drawn
65. A place where medicines are dispensed especially to the poor, gratis. Dispensary
66. Government by the people Democracy
67. An animal that is kept by or living with man. Domestic
68. The quantity drunk at a time. Draught
69. Want of rain or of water Drought
70. The extent of bishopís jurisdiction Diocese
71. Childishness of old age. Dotage
72. To think carefully about a matter. To weigh well in oneís mind. Deliberate
73. To deprive a thing of its sacred character. Desecrate
74. To express disapproval of. Deprecate
75. To lower he worth of Depreciate
76. To depart from the main subject temporarily in speech or writing Digress
77. To speak ill of Defame
78. Skill in managing international relations Diplomacy
79. Fit to be eaten Edible
80. More like a woman than like a man Effeminate
81. (Spoken) without preparation. Extempore
82. A man who thinks of the freeing of the lower classes from their disabilities. An advocate of the emancipation of slave. Emancipationist
83. One who thinks and speaks too much of himself Egoist or Egotist.
84. One given to sensual enjoyment. One who is choice and dainty in eating and drinking. Epicure
85. The science that treats of the origin and history of words. Etymology.
86. To make compete atonement for (oneís sins) Expiate
87. (Branch of government) concerned with executing laws, decrees and sentences Executive
88. A feeling of weariness or disgust from satiety; Mental wariness from lack of occupation or interest. Ennui
89. To unearth by digging Excavate
90. To make lucid or clear Elucidate
91. Stated in detail Explicit
92. Able to produce the result intended Efficacious
93. A disease affecting a number of persons simultaneously, in such manner as to show a distinct connection with certain localities. Endemic
94. To free (a person) from the burden of blame. Exonerate
95. One who rides on horseback. Equestrian.
96. To work out (a plan) in all its details. Elaborate
97. To lay stress upon (word in speaking) Emphasize
98. To clear from the charge of a fault or crime. Exculpate
99. Words inscribed on the tomb of a person. A commemorative inscription on a tombstone or monument. Epitaph
100. (A man) of unusual habits. Not conforming to the common rules. Eccentric
101. To pull out by the roots Eradicate
102. Purify (book etc.) by removing objectionable matter. Expurgate.
103. Capable of double meaning. Equivocal
104. A disease or accident that ends in death Fatal
105. A man with a good reputation. Famous
106. A person excessively enthusiastic especially on religious matters. Fanatic.
107. A man interested in the welfare of woman. Feminist
108. To bring to nothing Frustrate
109. One who believes in the doctrine that events are subject to fate and happen by unavoidable necessity? Fatalist.
110. Disinfect or purify with fumes Fumigate
111. A native of another country Foreigner
112. A person given to much talking Garrulous
113. (Substance) having power to destroy (especially disease-germs) Germicide.
114. The deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group. Genocide
115. Completely or approximately universal, including or affecting all or nearly all parts. General
116. One who sets glass in window-frames Glazier
117. A day of gaiety and festivity Gala-day
118. Done or given for nothing. Gratuitous
119. Where merchandised are stored. Godown
120. Organized priesthood in successive grades; priestly government. Hierarchy
121. Writer of a history, especially official historian of a court. Historiographer.
122. Work for which no salary is paid. Honorary
123. One who kills a human being. Killing of a human being. Homicide.
124. Belonging to an enemy. Showing enmity. Hostile.
125. One skilled in hygiene Hygienist
126. One who cannot be selected under the rules. Ineligible.
127. One who cannot read or write Illiterate
128. One who cannot pay his debts. Insolvent.
129. One who is incapable of making a mistake. Infallible
130. One who does not get tired. That cannot be fatigued or wearied out. Indefatigable
131. That which cannot be read. Illegible
132. That which cannot be bounded. Illimitable
133. That which cannot be described. Ineffable
134. That which cannot be heard. Inaudible
135. That which cannot be done. Impossible
136. That which cannot be seen. Invisible
137. That which cannot be endured. Intolerable
138. That which cannot be blotted out or effaced Indelible
139. That which cannot be understood Incomprehensible
140. That which cannot be corrected Incorrigible
141. That which cannot be separated Inseparable
142. That which cannot be surmounted or overcome. Insuperable
143. That which cannot be communicated Incommunicable
144. That which cannot be believed. Incredible
145. That which cannot be exhausted Inexhaustible
146. That which cannot be solved Insoluble
147. That which cannot be repaired Irreparable
148. That which cannot be imitated Inimitable
149. That which cannot be reached or approached. Inaccessible
150. That which cannot be penetrated Impenetrable or Inscrutable
151. That which cannot be conquered Invincible
152. That which cannot be wounded Invulnerable
153. That which cannot be valued. Invaluable
154. That which cannot be dispensed with Indispensable
155. That which cannot be replaced. Irreplaceable
156. That which cannot be recalled or altered Irrevocable
157. That which cannot be taken by arms. Impregnable
158. That which cannot be put into practice Impracticable.
159. That which is prohibited by law. Illicit
160. That which is not to be repressed or restrained. Irrepressible
161. That which cannot be imitated. Inimitable
162. That which does not apply (to matter in hand) Irrelevant
163. Worship of idols Idolatry
164. A breaker of images. Iconoclast.
165. Incapable of being exhausted Inexhaustible
166. Liable to catch fire easily. Inflammable.
167. One who travels from place to place, especially a judge. Itinerant.
168. Murder of an infant after birth, especially with motherís consent. The murder of an infant. Infanticide.
169. A peculiarity of temperament or constitution. Idiosyncrasy.
170. To urge (a person to do something evil). Instigate.
171. Not subject to variation in different cases. Immutable.
172. To involve one in accusation. Incriminate
173. To make insertions in a book so as to give false impressions as to date, etc. Interpolate.
174. That which cannot be avoided. Inveigh
175. A place where scientific experiments are systematically carried on. Library.
176. A person skilled in foreign languages. Linguist
177. A person given to much talking. Loquacious.
178. One who advocates greater freedom in political institutions. Liberal
179. The first public speech made by a person. Maiden
180. A book or document written by hand. Manuscript.
181. A building used for storing and exhibition of objects illustrating antiquities, natural history, art etc. Museum
182. A public place for the purposes of buying and selling. Market
183. Birds moving from one place to another. Migratory
184. The murder or murderer of oneís own mother. Matricide.
185. A hater of marriage. Misogamist.
186. The practice of being married to one at a time. Monogamy
187. A hater of woman. Misogynist
188. A hater of mankind. Misanthrope
189. Hatred of reasoning or reasoned argument Histology
190. Metals that can be beaten out by hammering. Malleable
191. The civilian dress of one who wears a uniform on duty. Mufti
192. To reduce to the smallest possible proportions. Minimize
193. The daily morning service of the Church of England. Matin
194. A strict disciplinarian, especially in the army or navy. Martinet
195. Of the Middle ages. Mediaeval
196. A building in which dead bodies are kept for a time. Mortuary.
197. Tendency to lay stress on material aspects of objects. Materialism.
198. The land belonging to a nobleman. Manor
199. A soldier who fights for the sake of money Mercenary
200. A man with an evil reputation. Notorious
201. A laborer employed in excavating etc. for canals, railways, roads etc. Navvy
202. A medicine producing sleep. An addictive drug, such as opium, that reduces pain, alters mood and behavior, and usually induces sleep or stupor. Narcotics
203. Coining or using of new words; new coined word. Neologism
204. A person affected with nervous disorder (Drug) affecting nervous system. Neurotic
205. Undue favor from holder of patronage to his relatives. Nepotism
206. That which is open to objection. Objectionable.
207. One who is all powerful Omnipotent
208. One who knows everything. Omniscient
209. One who is present everywhere at the same time. Omnipresent
210. One who looks at the bright side of thing. Optimist
211. No longer in use. Obsolete
212. An institution for orphans education etc. Orphanage
213. Government by a small exclusive class Oligarchy
214. An eight-sided figure. Octagon
215. A person who is eight years old. Octogenarian
216. To exclude from society, favor, or common privileges. Ostracize
217. Government of rich people. Plutocracy
218. One who looks too much on the dark side of things. Pessimist.
219. One who is liked by the people. Popular
220. One who is born after the death of his father. Posthumous
221. One who walks on foot. Pedestrian.
222. The murder or murderer of oneís own father Patricide
223. Common place remark, especially one solemnly delivered. Platitude
224. One who exerts himself for the well being of his fellow men. Philanthropist.
225. A lover of women. Phylogenies.
226. A universal remedy. Panacea
227. The practice of having more than one spouse. Polygamy
228. Readiness or inclination to fight Pugnacity
229. A plant or an animal living in or upon another and drawing nutriment direction from it. This is also used for a man who depends on others. Parasite.
230. A lover of learning. Philomath
231. Medical examination of a body made after death. Post-mortem
232. Property inherited from oneís father or ancestors. Patrimony
233. A writer who steels from the writings or ideas of another. Plagiarist.
234. One who is excessively pure or nice in the choice of words. Purist
235. To take for oneís own use money or property entrusted to oneís care. Peculate.
236. An allowance granted over and above the settled wages. Perquisites
237. One who, or that which, indicates the approach of an event. Precursor
238. A play or entertainment in dumb show. Pantomime
239. Marriage with many husbands. Polyandry
240. Rights of succession belonging to the eldest child. Primogeniture
241. The system of routine in government and other public offices. Red-tapism
242. The murderer of participator in the murder of a king. Regicide.
243. The sum paid to a man for a piece of work. Remuneration.
244. Person who rises in arms against, resists, or refuses allegiance to, the established government. Rebel
245. Reserved in speech. Reticent
246. Having reference to the past or enforcement from an earlier date. Retrospective
247. To restore to like. Reanimate.
248. A form of government with a monarch in which the supreme power is vested in representatives elected by the people. Republic
249. An office with salary but without work. Sinecure
250. Intentional self-slaughter Suicide
251. Occurring at the same time. Simultaneous
252. A hospital especially for convalescents or consumptive : a health station. Sanatorium
253. One who looks on especially at a show, game, etc. Spectator
254. One who speaks for others; representative. Spokesman
255. One who walks in his sleep Somnambulist.
256. One who talks in his sleep. Somniloquist.
257. A person who helps a stranger or helpless person in difficulties. Samaritan
258. One indifferent to pleasure or pain. Stoic
259. Profanation of a sacred place or thing: the breaking into a place of worship and stealing there from. Sacrilege
260. To destroy bacteria or other microorganisms. Sterilize.
261. A speech addressed to oneís self Soliloquy.
262. Attempt to escape censure or defeat n argument by evading the issue. Subterfuge.
263. To furnish with a subsidy, grant or regular allowance. Subsidize
264. Occur at the same time. Synchronize
265. To mark the skin with indelible patterns by pricking in coloring matter. Tattoo
266. To pursue time-serving policy. To yield to circumstances. Temporize.
267. All of one mind. Unanimous
268. To move like waves. Undulate
269. One long exercised in any service, especially in war. Veteran
270. One who uses to advocates a diet or vegetable foods, to the exclusion of meat. Vegetarian
271. Containing more words than are wanted. Verbose.
272. Of oneís own free will. Voluntary
273. Word for word. Verbatim
274. To move from side to side. Vacillate
275. (A person) of weak health. Valetudinarian
276. Act of speaking, or uttering sounds in such a manner that the voice appears to come from other source than the speaker. Ventriloquist.
277. To attempt to degrade by slander; to defame. Vilify.
278. Evening prayer in the Church of England. Vespers
279. One who may be sold or got for a price Venal
280. A fault that may be forgiven. Venial
281. A room or portable closet for robes or cloths. Wardrobe
282. Not tamed or cultivated. Wild
283. Impervious to water Water-proof
284. A place where birds, animals, etc. are kept. Zoo
285. The science of animal life. Zoology.

Source: preciswritingmadeeasy
"Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently." (Henry Ford)
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