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Old Friday, June 22, 2007
Zahid Morio's Avatar
38th CTP (ITG)
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Zahid Morio is on a distinguished road
Default Critical analysis on my essay.........

Dear All
I atempted essay in CSS 2007 on the topic "Globalisation & Electronis Media".
The length of essay was about seventeen pages and hereunder I am giving its outlines. I would be glad enough if you give your critical analysis on it and how did you find it. Here is the outline:

Intro: Globalisation as a rising wave taking with itself the entire world, electronic media as the most important element in this entire phenomenon.

(1) Globalisation defined as a phenomenon in which the world is transformng into a global village.
(2) Electronic media defined in its various modes and forms.
(3) Effects of globalisation and role of electronic media :
(a) Social effects of globalisation and role of electronic media in it with reference to raising peoples living standards and defining new roles of society.
(b) Cultural effects of globalisation and electronic media with special reference to import and export of various cultures within and outside a country.
(c) Economic effects of globalisation interconnectedness-free flow of labour abd capital-abolition of tariffs and qoutas-SPS measures-international standards pertaing to industrial upgradation-role of MNCs and withering of soveriengty of nations.

Conclusion: Electronic media without globalisation is lame, globalisation without electronic media is blind.
Zahid Morio
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Old Saturday, June 23, 2007
Irfi's Avatar
38th CTP (PSP)
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Irfi will become famous soon enough

Dear Zahid,

U have palyed very safely.U stand good chances of passing Essay paper.

However,the method of outlines presenting here the antanomy of ur stuff leaves little space for critical analysis.It is very difficult to comment on such miser outlines.So u should redraw them with a bit more elaboration of points.

In Point (c) u have dealt with globalisation and its economic effects at length baring any touch on electronic media. This senses that u have gone wide the mark as the topic is (Globalisation and electronic media).So econnomic effects should have been discussed in framework of Electronic media.

May Allah bless u.
My prayers are with u and all those waiting for the result.

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Old Saturday, June 23, 2007
Zahid Morio's Avatar
38th CTP (ITG)
CSP Medal: Awarded to those Members of the forum who are serving CSP Officers - Issue reason: CE 2009 - Merit 185
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Larkana
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Zahid Morio is on a distinguished road

Dear Irfi
Globalisation itself is an economic phenomenon and as indicated by you that i've gone far and wide as regards the economic effect of this. Well it is true and in that point i have concentrated a bit lesser on the role of electronic media as regards to economic aspect of globalisation. As regards the outline.......well this is all i had written in the paper and elaborated these there. However the topic not being so much controversial might be inviting your less attraction. Anyways thanks for your views and i would appreciate your future views.

I would invite other candidiates who attempted the same topic and would be delighted to view thier outlines as well and views about my attempt.
Zahid Morio
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Old Sunday, June 24, 2007
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Sandhurst is on a distinguished road

The choice of essay was good but the outline as mentioned here does not convey much to the reader or the examiner. The points have been mentioned so briefly that the ideas or the views you have taken on particular issues are not coming out in your outline. I agree with Irfee's assessment that you have gone rather wide. You have to be careful and continue to link globalisation with eletronic media throughout your essay. Unfortunately paragraph c) did not have much relevance with the topic and this may yet prove your undoing.
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Old Sunday, June 24, 2007
35th Common
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engle is on a distinguished road

well..firstly,welcome to Zahid on his sharing the outlines of the essay he wrote in C-E 2007.
well dear . i also agree with the points shared by both irfee and Sandhurst.But,yet lets make it more eloberative.Since it
is not clear from ur outlines that how you have moulded the topic and have kept it more focused to central theme of the topic
. Therefore i raise some questions to be answered by you,thus paving the way for others to analyse your topic.

In my opinion , your intro ....though little vague but yet it can be safely concluded tht it has touched the essence of essay.Now, what has followed it is a substance where two opinion can prevail

Here are some questions:

Have you developed your paragraph (on the basis of your outline(1)) explaining wht is globalisation all about and how it has overlapped every thing in its perview.. and how the world has shrinked to mere village?.....Or...does your paragraph also include the material tht might shed a light on the role of elecltronic media in transferring the world into global village
or say it that it is influence of electronic media tht has ushered a new wave of globalisation?
(your outline no 2).( Electronic media defined in its various modes and forms.)....Does it not look tht you have dealt Electronic media and Globalization separatly in two separate paragraphs.Is it so ???and yes, may i let you brief here what are these modes and forms of electronic media....??
Point no 3...Effects of Globalisation on what?????? and role of electonic media in which perspective??
your point (a) nd (b)... well , apparently there seems to be no opinion abut it. I think you have done well here.

As for conclusion , here again you have an edge .So dear Zahid , your intro and coclusion, to me seems to be superb and you have given very catchy sentences interepreting the very theme of the essay.

and last question here. Can E-Commerce find any space in your essay??

My prayers are with you and with all the candidates who keep their fingers crossed for the result.Best of luck to All.

No body can take away from you what you are destined to get...
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fluent_20 (Sunday, March 14, 2010)
Old Friday, June 29, 2007
CSP Medal: Awarded to those Members of the forum who are serving CSP Officers - Issue reason: CSS 2007
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DuuA is an unknown quantity at this point

I would rather repeat those points which have been mentioned by the other members. There is not much where I can analyze the outline critically. It is not necessary for an essay to be controversial for critical analysis. But the thing is that it should be elaborative enough to give an in-depth idea about the contents.

Media is the instrument which is driving the world towards increasing global connectivity. If media is the tool, then the repercussion of using the tool is the globalization as a unitary process. (There are many other tools, media is one such tool). (We can discuss here whether without media, globalization was possible or is it an independent process). Its social aspects (how the societies have imported other social values, how this social change has accelerated the globalization phenomenon, what are its pro and cons, how cultural amalgamations have changed the traditions, example of societies, particularly tribes in Africa, that are unaware of the ongoing changes—all due to lack of media—a major source of awareness. Multiculturalism, cultural diversity), example of countries where media is not free like Iran, Singapore yet they have been affected by globalization---implies particular geographical proximities can have a deep impact regardless of media freedom. Technological advancement has made the media available to us with a greater convenience ---and thus globalization. Exploitation by the media and its adverse effects of global issues. How media manipulated Iraq quagmire and how things have changed in ME, region shakiness and insecurity, affecting global purview. Isolated events are non existent. Global values have been changed. (Diplomacy replaced honesty, national interests replaced truth, Double standards—e.g. in WTO, Global Warming, Meaning of democracy, Inferences and interventions in other states’ affairs—all very explicit in in the angle of globalization) Scandal-mongering, sensationalism, jingoism or other unethical or unprofessional practices of media due to the global competition. Media anthropology in the perspective of globalization.

Right now, I can only think about these points. Since you wanted me to participate in the thread that is the only reason I have given my points. (There was little room for analysis of your essay, though I guess you must have explained your points in a concise manner in exam, except the point c.)
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