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Default Essay Writting Made Easy Formula,Plus, All The 10 Essays Of CE-2019 Attempted.

"Writing Essay" in competitive exams like CSS, is considered an arduous task. However the task of 'Writing Essay" in the posed paper is to find out creativity - more than finding out the cramming capacity of a candidate. Which most of the candidates mistakenly consider that it is to this paper is to find out and prove, what is in his/her data storage of the brain. And then they suffer from adverse results at the declaration of essay paper's results - sabotaging other papers. So observe more and cram less during the preparation for the essay paper.
For "Writing Essay", about any title of the essay paper, taking the following rules into heed are inevitable. May be these rules will not work for all of the candidates, I mean those candidates who are the real crammers of for CE Essay paper also. However these rules can sparkle the eyes of those candidates, who want to deal the essay paper with absolute fairness and creativity - to make their paper fetch them good digits in the result of their essay paper.

Here, I offer a combination of these rules based on 6 C's. It is a lot " Simple to write essays creatively. " Also remember that professional essay writers use to write creatively. They rarely use data stuff - which is crammed for CSS essay paper traditionally by the CE-Competitors. Which I consider definitely wrong in all. Actually you need to learn and practice writing essaysssss..... diligently , for which I consider this formula as a backup to make you pave your way through the essay paper of CE.. Seconded by the posts of ten Essays of CE-2019 , of CSS, in this place.

Rule#1. Consideration - Alertness

Each and every provided "Title" in an essay paper has it's own specific interpretation, ( so interpret it to the point - by understanding the terms in it's concept and context, about which a rare confusion do the candidates face). This interpretation of the posed titles in an essay paper is based, especially on it's own related problems, related threats, related challenges, related evidences, etc, related solutions, and finally related conclusions. In this way you will understand the nature of the given titles in an essay paper.

Process your mind over the provided titles and select the title, about which you feel , you can have more enjoyment - as compared to other titles - during writing-hood.
From the "enjoyment" during writing about an intended essay title by a candidate, I mean' actually and basically "The Joy Of Writing The Essay ". The joy which will open up your mind to jot down blatantly and profoundly, and will set you in the right rhythm of writing - after you build some anticipation at the start and step ahead

Rule#2. Creativity - Originality

The intention behind essay titles in an essay paper is to knock, call and converse with your creativity - with a dye of some data , you need to add. So avoid the Quotations of other popular personages, as this gives you an extra edge to start writing the essay creatively by expose yourself with pitching a creative Introduction, and try to stay creative all along the essay reaching to submit conclusion of a concerned essay.

The title about which you feel that you can come up with easiness - after analyzing the selected title - start ' writing about that title.

Add "data" to your "creative writing" - instead of adding "creativity" to the "sum of the data". Which the competitive Exam,s Candidates of CSS usually and sluggishly think important to put ( as much huge sum of the data as they can add) from their minds on the sheets of the answer book.

Rule#3. Context - Framework

Deal with writing about a selected title in a conducive context creatively, for which the essay titles are pitched by the paper-makers - to know your know-how that how you give a scope to a selected title for writing essay. If the title and the context in which you put the title are contradictory with each other, then obviously the result of your essay paper affecting your whole strive for other papers will be in contrast with you. You need to pass yourself by thinking of the title as a mix of some terms, and then go ahead with your creative writing in the questioned context, rightly.

However, Stop getting out of the context for the selected title ' whence you feel and find that your stance is moving off the track - during writing the essay in context.

Rule#4. Continuation - Flow

Avoid violating the Natural Context of the title of your essay, (you will have selected for writing) leading to not becoming a subject to the checker, of your essay paper, to punish you ruthlessly for not been and being sincere with that topic.

Starting from the introduction, background and rearing of the title , unfold the creative context with some dye of data, on the pages of the answer book. The creativity about which you will have made up your mind in a limited span of time at the start of your paper collection.

However, staying inside the margins of the topic is crucial - which is right criterion for the context of the selected topic. Here, keeping the tenderness of the title alive by posing some related thrilling problems, related thrilling challenges, related thrilling threats, and related thrilling evidences, (etc) related thrilling, are episodically vital - (depending on the variance of a title from other given titles in essay paper). Which needs to have some dye of data , as a reference(s) of evidences.

Rule#5. Construct - Heal

Control and set Okay the problematic unfolded title in an artistic way now. The problems / threats which you can control and heal with creativity, put a scheme of construction to them, by jotting down the correct and in context suggestions/ measures/ solutions to show and prove in your first paper of CSS to the checker of your written essay that you can lead as a leader.

Here again, it is worth-mentioning that the "text stuff" you will have crammed , is less important as compared to proving your creativity of healing power. The creativity, which is proposing a correct treatment to the call and knock of the "brought-in-context" topic of the essay paper, by you.

Rule#6. Conclude - Abstract

Giving an abstract to the essay at the end of writing essay in "Importantly Vital'. Which must be like an outright theoretical produce of the essay. This abstract has different forms, like ;

a) Generally, there use to be mostly a reciprocity in the given titles of the essay paper. For which, in conclusion you have to summarize what went through the course of your written essay. You need to summarize in a few impressive lines the reciprocity you established between the Introduction and Conclusion by of your written essay OR In other words summarizing the topic you stretched in between the Fore Lines and Abstraction of your written essay.,

e.g Truth Is Lived, Not Taught. ( CE 2019 )

Conclusion ( Example #1 ) ;
Living The Truth, is like an unwritten certificate for living a life of success - like a profession. Same like a person who violates at some point(s) of his/her career, when people do not live the truth, Then It has unwanted and adverse repercussions. Which make the violators suffer.

However, Living The Truth, And Teaching The Truth - are at the opposite poles to each other. As Truth is a life long experience ( Collection of Sub-Experiences In Life) , with each and every person of the whole Humanity, to Live Personally.

b) You manifest in conclusion that you have proved a given title of the essay with either of the two options in the title posed to you in question paper. Which means that you agree or disagree with an aspect given in a title.

e.g. Expanding Information Technology, A Curse Or Blessing . (CE 2019)

Conclusion (Example #2):
Expanding Information Technology, is a blessing (and not a curse) for the Modern Era. The vices and social spoilage caused by the Global Villagers, should not be counted because of the Expanding Information Technology usage - when they themselves misuse the IT.

However, if such vices do exist in society(s) and cause social spoilage and mental abortion, posing risk to the relative Civilizational and Cultural Values, Then these vices must be dealt with and healed by the measures given in the "Measures To Adopt-Apply....", portion of this essay - to maintain the integrity of the relative regional Civilizational and Cultural Values.

c) OR, then you hammer out what you unfolded and then healingly folded during your writing for a single term "Heading" of an essay. e.g. Unemployment, Illiteracy etc. Mostly in PMS & PCS Exams.

d) etc

e) etc..........

I Request For Making This Thread Sticky, If Possible, As I consider This Thread Helpful....!

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill
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Default CE-2019, CSS Essay #1 : Let There Be More Light At The Corridors Of Worship Places

1. Fore Lines (Introduction)

Worship means to show submission to the Will of God. The worshipers of different religions have their own specific ways to show that submission to the Will Of God. Out of which only the worshipers of the religion of Islam are genuinely right, especially Sunni Muslims, beyond any doubt. And the rest of the worshipers of other religions who have their own different ways of worship are considered wrong in Islam - as it is the most updated religion of the world.

If we take the examples of other religions and their followers , we will come up to the conclusion that they with their ways of worship are not right and that is the reason that they are unhappy and uncomfortable with their lives. The reason is that it is only the first kalma of the most updated religion " Islam " which offer such a satisfaction and comfort - that the followers of other religions are berieved of, and are passionate for. As it is only the religion of Islam which sets forth the spirit of its true followers in the right tone by saturating their faith.

The purpose of worship is to submit to the Will Of God. With the conception of which it is believed that it is Only God who have created you and He is your Cherisher. He is the One who can provide the real refuge to you from the current disturbed and turmoiled life around the world. The One "Who" you can find to have a prominent stance in your life. The One who can provide you the satisfaction and put you on the path of happiness and prosperity in this disturbed earth - starting from the corridors of the worship places.

2. "Misconceptions Of The Unaware Humanity About The Worship Places".

(Add Details)
2.1- Unaware Humanity Consider Worship Places And Its Corridors As preaching Centers Of Fundamentalism.

2.2- Unaware Humanity Abort Mentally And Are Less Confident To Have A Compliance With The Rules Of The Most Updated Religion Of World, " Islam".

2.3- Unaware Humanity Consider The Worship Places And Its Corridors More Terrifying As Much As They Can Think...Because Of Terrifying Them By Imbalanced Ulemas With Posing Islam As A Strictly Rulistic Religion.

2.4- Unaware Humanity is Aloof From The Worship Places And Its Corridors Because Of Being Unaware From The Realism Of Islam.

3. "The Problems-filled-Space Between The Distant Unaware Humanity, And The Worship Places And It's Corridors"

( Add Details)
3.1- The Unhappy Soul and Emerged as well as Emerging Spiritual Evils In Society.

3.2- Depressed Mentality And Propelled Disturbance Across The Earth.

3.3- Careless And Abandoned Physique And Problems Of An Unhealthy Life And The Concerned Maladies.

4. "Establishing The Bond Between The Unaware Humanity And The Corridors Of Worship Places."

(Add Details)
4.1- Explaining Islam As The Most Lucid Religion Of The World - In Terms Of It's Validity And Clarity About The Care Of Humanity.

4.2- Clarifying The Concept Of Jihad , Which Is Lawfull - Whence It Is Against Oppression.

4.3- Islam Sets The Humanity On A Straight Path - There Are Crystal Clear Rules for a beautiful life In Islam. i.e Rewards for the good doers and punishment for the wrong doers - Both In This world and in the Hereafter.

4.4- Posing Islam As The Most Simple, Outstanding, Attractive, And God-pleasing Religion Of The World - In Terms of posing It As The Most Updated Religion Of The World.

4.5- Posing Islam As The Most Real Religion Of The World As Much As It Can Be Posed - On The Basis Of Explaining The Rules Of Simplifying Human Life - Which Are Best Upheld By The Pure Religion Of Islam Than In Any Other Religion's Worship Places.

5. Conclusion

The Corridors Of Worship Places are to attract unaware humanity towards Islamic learning. The Corridors of Worship Places Of Islam are where life needs to be simplified on the basis of the above suggestions and the like, to those who are thinking such worship places as preaching centers Of turmoil and extremism.

No one hates Life of their own. And the realistic teachings of Islam are not against human life. Which has been obviously proved from the factual rule - that The Religion Of Islam has reward for those who the good doers, and has punishment for those who are the wrong doers . A rule which is frequently discussed at the Worship Places by wise and really learned Ulemas to attract people towards it's corridors.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill
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Default CE-2019, CSS Essay #2. New War Fronts Lie In The Economic Zones

1. Fore Lines (Introduction)

Economy of a state is the essence of it's State Machinery - both in developed and in underdeveloped countries. However this essence can also become fragile due to some factors. Out of which the struggle against the war fronts, serve as a blockade and a wall of confrontation between the economic sphere and self- sufficiency of a state - either developed or underdeveloped.

World Wide, almost all the countries face inevitable problems in their economic spheres. Out of such inevitable problems, which put the economy of a country in the backseat, war fronts is biggest challenge. However, economic zones are not just limited to the National Level. International monetary market also has it's own economic zone - chiefly linked with the World Bank. Both the National and International economic zones are dealing with current new war fronts.

2. "Economic Zones And The War Fronts, At National Level i.e At Pakistan's Standard"

The sufferings of The Economic Zone of Pakistan from the war fronts, doesn't solemnly mean that it is just regional geographyical, geopolitical disputes and fundamentalism that the economy of this State is suffering from. Along with those regional geographical , geopolitical disputes and fundamentalism, other challenges also do serve as blockages and war fronts to put a halt to the economic zone of Pakistan. And because of the suffering of our national economic zone from such challenges, which downgrade and collapse the economy, these challenges should also be considered as war fronts , because our economy has to struggle and fight with these challenges, also.

(add details here)
2.1. Fundamentalism and Extremism at different regions of the country of Pakistan.

2.2. Helpless Youth' ( who become victims of negative influence of society and burden for the state) ' And Careless Ministry Of Youth Affairs.

2.3. Politicians Who Extract Huge Sums From The Economic Sphere Of This State.

2.4. Struggling and Draining Economy To Heal National Issues And National Maladies ( a lot but write some , those which you give priority to )

3. " Economic Zones And The War Fronts, At International Level i.e At The Standard Of The World"

Same like weapon oriented confrontations as war fronts laying in the economic zone at the National Level of Pakistan , International Economic Zone is also suffering from the war fronts of the same nature.

(add details here)
3.1. The Issue Of International Extremism and The Stance Of United Nation For The Affected States.

3.2. International Disputes And Their Impact on the World Bank.

3.3. World Bank And Bankruptcy.

3.4. Underdeveloped Countries Using their Collapsed Economies To Struggle against geographical and geopolitical disputes.

4. "Secondary Problems Created By War Fronts Laying In The Economic Zones"

(add details here)
4.1. Collapsed Economy And Bankruptcy.

4.2. Weakened State Machinery

4.3. Low Life's Standards And Spoiled Citizenry.

4.4. Hopeless Victory Against War Fronts Laying In The Economic Zones.

5. "Getting Over The New War Fronts Laying In The Economic Zones, And Moving Beyond These Challenges To Pursue Our Future Of Prosperity"

(Add details here)
5.1. Combating Fundamentalism and Extremism - Both At National and International Level is Crucial. ( A lot of options can be used here to combat extremism )

5.2. Educating The Youth To Engender and Collect Human Resource and State Workers.

5.3. Protecting The Economic Zones , Both National And International, From Corrupt Drainers , To Sustain The Economies.

5.4. Formulating An Economic Policy For The Economic Zones, And Strictly Adhering To It, To Knock off War Fronts, Minimize Bankruptcy, And become Independent Of World Bank And IMF.

5.5. Resolving The Geographical and geopolitical disputes to minimize The5. futile loss of overheads - especially in underdeveloped countries.

5.6. Improving State Machinery by improving it's department's, it's life's standards, and equipping talent to get set on the right route of development and prosperity.

6. Conclusion

It is clear that whether a person or a group of people adopt a track of earning, it will be either licit or illicit.

The Economic Zones give an essence to the state machinery of states. However , fiscal policy rules always can not do the same. As such rules are denied mostly.

Unfortunately, the economic zones which been faced with the aforementioned war fronts, got weakened and collapsed - seeking the recovery of impenetrable economies to play the role of restoring and refreshing the essence of state machinery(s) around the world ( National plus International) Which is achievable after the application of suggestions quoted about.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill
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Default CE-2019, CSS, Essay #3. Urdu Literature And Progressive Movements

1. Fore Lines (Introduction)

Language of a region, province, and/or state/country blows a soul into it's development and progress. Each geographical avenue has it's own specific language. Same like this, Urdu is the National Language of Pakistan - spoken , expressed and taught around the country.

Actually, it is the language of a region, province, and/or State/Country , upon which the advancement of progressive movements are dependent.

Other, languages of the concerned provinces are also spoken in their respective provinces of Pakistan. Like Pashto In KPK, Punjabi in Punjab, Sindhi in Sindh, and Balochi in Balochistan. Along with the official language , Which is English. However, Conventional Progressive, when related to a combined movement of all the provinces of state of Pakistan, need to be geared and maintained in Urdu language.

2. "Evidences Of Urdu Literature As A Tool For Progressive Movements"

In most of the progressive movements across the country of Pakistan, Urdu Literature serve as a back bone for successful movements. Which has some evidences given below;

(Add Details)
2.1- Back In The History Of Pakistan' Allama Iqbal Propelled Pakistan Movement With His Poetry.

2.2- The New Culture Of Poetry And Inland Progress and Prosperity Oriented Movements.

2.3- The Culture Of Writing Descriptive Urdu Books, Urdu Novels, Urdu Magazines, and Urdu Newspapers, And National Progressive Movements

2.4- The Culture Of Urdu Dramas, Urdu Television Shows, Urdu News, And It's Role In Promoting Peace oriented Progressive Movements.

2.5- Urdu Literature At Educational Institutes And Engendering Passion Among Educants For Promoting Progressive Movements.

3. "Potential Restrictions In Anew Progressive Movements And Urdu Literature"

However, all of the progressive movements do'nt turn out successful, because some potential restrictions. Such restrictions don't let the progressive movements to reach their destination successfully. Out of such restrictions the most obvious are;

(Add Details)
3.1- The Ambiguous Preference To English Over Urdu Literature.

3.2- Lack Of New Urdu Literature Talent To Propel Progressive Movements.

3.3- Lack Of Ideologies For Creating and Promoting Progressive Movements.

3.4- Focusing On Provincial Issues Solmnely, And Not Focusing On National Prosperity Which is An Obvious Restriction In Resolving National Issues. Urdu Is Not Always Used In Provincial Progressive Movements.

4. " Suggestions To Promote Urdu Literature And Progressive Movements"

Each country around the world has it's own standards of life. These standards are either provided by the state as rights or then these standards are aquired as previliges by a particular faction of the citizens.

In the same way, where their is a need of progressive movements in Pakistan the following suggestions can work in a fashionable way to advance the call of a progressive movement especially supported by Urdu literature.

(Add Details)
4.1- Scanning and Zooming Out Talented Urdu Poets And Their Poetry . And then Using Their Encouraging Poetry For Progressive Movements In Our Country.

4.2- Encouraging Prose Writers to get Accomplished In Having An Equivalent Share, In Progressive Movements, To The Poets.

4.3- Supporting The Print and Electronic Media To Encourage And Promote Progressive Movements For The Prosperity Of This State.

4.4- Giving Equal Importance To Urdu Like English As An Official Language - To Help The Public Understand Their Problems And Make Them Able To Raise Their Voice For Their Rights At The National Level.

4.5- Making The Subject Of Urdu Compulsory At The Educational Institutes To Show It's Importance To The Educants As Their National Language - And Utilize It For National Progressive Movements.

4.6- Instilling A Sense Of National Concerns In The Citizens Is Important To Raise Their Voice In Progressive Movements.

5. " Benefits Of Urdu Literature In Progressive Movements"

5.1- Urdu Literature Find dynamism during progressive movements. Both the Urdu Literature And Progressive Movements are interrelated. Here, the Urdu Literature shows the originality of the progressive movements of our country. So Urdu Literature propel and present the call of progressive movements both on the National and International platform.

5.2- Urdu Literature expose the unity and peaceful existence among the people who raise the voice of a progressive movement - both at the National and international level. This exposition is realizing the fact that such a united and peacfull combination of the adherents of a progressive movement can not be discouraged by the opposing forces. Here, these adherents can raise the voice of a progressive movement for their rights both on the National and International fronts.

5.3- Progressive Movements based, on Urdu Literature, carve the road towards peaceful existence among the adherents of a progressive movement and those who are violent and rebels. These violators and rebels also learn, and get into the circle of life of the adherents of progressive movements. And thence the struggle for national rights become combined maxim. Also such a chapter of struggle for survival in history leave lessons to the future generations. Who, then, live in a prosperous arena of struggle, competition, freedom and reaching the peaks of success to live according to the beautiful standards of life.

6. Conclusions.

Progressive Movements and it's leaders work towards the achievement of certain goals. All intended to establish the desired standards of life.

In Pakistan, such Progressive Movements have almost always been successful - when their adherents explored their respective rights genuinely. However, when the Urdu Literature backed up such Progressive Movements the concerned maxims became more natural and realistic. Where the motives of the progressive movements got accomplished and successful.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill
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soft rock is on a distinguished road
Default CE-2019, CSS, Essay #4; Art For Peace.

1. Fore Lines ( Introduction ) Complete Essay

Peace - The most fundamental requisite of life. The existence of which keep human life and humanity in balance. Provided by the fact that it is a rout of human existence through which humanity engineer life experiences in a safe and sound manner. Unless and until there is no peace in a society humanity can not be cultured to experience life to the fullest.

Peacfull existence is the authenticity of country wide development. It is the need upon which country men and women depend for a potential living. The arena where the capacities of people from the different regions of a state need to be manifested. This manifestation clarifies the confusion between a state and it's residents and establishes a touch of trust between the citizens and State affairs for a successful life.

Also, Peacfull existence put the values of human life in order and eradicate the enervations. Giving shape to ethics - which contributes to sustain prosperity at the National Level. This country wide peacfull existence is what pose it's nation peacefully on the International front also.

2. "Existence Of Peace And Standards Of Life In A Peacefull State"

The standards of life are either provided by the States to the citizens, or then they are earned by the citizens themselves. These standards when provided by the State to the majority, serve more like rights of the citizens. However if a small or a specific proportion of the citizens earn'em themselves. Then I term these standards as "preivileges". Also some standards provided by the state to a specific proportion of citizen come in the corpus of either rights or privilege, depending on the exemplary circumstances.

2.1. Basic Health Services, facilitating talented doctor with attractive salaries and a schedule based check over the doctors duties, and free medicines provided at public hospitals. All does exist in a peaceful State, where more is laid down on the health services, creating no opportunities for and/or stopping the medical official and people from protests.

2.2. Proper Educational Routines - provision of peaceful schools, colleges, and universities. Where the Educants avail education and get trained for the life both inside and outside of the educational centers. All to provide no opportunities for the students to go for strikes or protests ( As there use to be political ambiance at the educational centers, also ). And to focus on the educational domain peacefully. Which is a proof-road of success for successful students because of peace around the world. Hence , here a scattered attention of the educators and governments is inevitably and utmost important to learn from such peacfull and successful educational routines.

2.3. Appropriate career opportunities - As much as the economy of a state is strong, there use to be more and more opportunities for economic prosperity. Out of such an enriched economic prospering sustainity, providing appropriate career opportunities is not any big task for the government. As this is one of the specifications of a peaceful State.

2.4. Fair dealing with citizens in governmental domains like abiding by the contract of political administration when peace is there, dealing the citizens with fairness and justice , as far as the rights of the people are concerned in sphere of judiciary, when peace is there, and adapting the measures of the economic policy to stand by with crippling citizens. When peace is there.

2.5. Recreational Facilities - Visiting Parks, meusiems , Zoos , going on hikes, picnic, and other forms of recreational outings - prove a state peacefull, also.

2.6. Freedom and Embracing Life Genuinely - Peacefully liberal and passionate interest in life involve individuals to shine through the medium of peace in a state.

3. "Reasons That Washed Out Peace From The Peaceful Earth"

3.1- Foreign Involvement In Domestic Affairs - Despite of the fact that The integrity of the States must be cared and respected. Such indulgence is mostly because of the weakened ecocomy.

3.2- Poor law and order situation. - Rules set the state on the right terms by putting it on the right track. However the internally derailed weak machinery of the states need to be re-organized.

3.3- Sensationalism through print and electronic media. Which put up the issues of both state(s) and it's citizens, after manipulating them to their choice, and then present them to the readers and viewers according to the Will of media workers there in, without noticing it's after-effects.

3.4- Unemployed Youth lusting jobs - common perception among people speak of " money " like more important than breathing. Youth get qualified, tolerate educational expenses, earn degrees, and at time of entering job market the get crippled, because of not having jobs. Wherefore they become student-turned-voilater.

3.5- Incognito Dignitaries - Being a dignitary, does not only mean to occupy the chair. More than occupying the chair the responsibility of such positions is far reaching. Almost, All the official of this State only aim to occupy the chair, tend to earn under the table, and encourage the violators.

4. "Obstacles In The Path Of Restoring Country Wide Peaceful Standards"

4.1- Weakened State Machinery - Lack of capabilities to hammer out the turmoil and restore the standards of life, due to multiple factor, . Like witless officials, less human resources, lack of the enough natural resources and their mismanagement.1

4.2- Illiteracy - Knowledge is a compulsion to understand life. However those who are lagging behind can neither help themselves nor they can be as much useful for the state as they should be. Which obviously is a difficult challenge for the state to make them knowledgeable and useful for the state. Such illiterate majority of the poor hackers, will do anything ( for earning ) which is illicit to sustain their lives.

4.3- Bad Governance - Not Understanding The skills of managment to lead the state affairs is most prominent obstacle to restore the life standards. All the dignitaries must have a grand share in reproducing peace across the earth.

4.4- Mentally Turmoiled Citizens - Same like citizens with inner peace., who can contribute to the outer peace of their state - ctizens suffering from inner turmoil has a lot of share in the widespread outer turmoil. Restoring peaceful standards of life is more than like a challenge for the state(s), where there is a trend of bad governance.

5. "Rules For Re-establishing Peace On The Earth"

People around the world in different countries, are amid turmoil and tyranny. Citizens around the globe are craving and starving for breathing in a peaceful atmosphere. Since we have lost peace from our state(s). We are in need of commitment to fulfill that task again and re-establish peace on the earth with the following rules;

5.1- Making The state (s) machinery able to work faster and better than the past based on the talent of citizens and learning from the past experiences for amelioration.

5.2- Beating the print and electronic media to not make the citizens sensationalist, wherefore is a very thrilling risk to put citizens on the wrong course. Also, making the media work for clarifying the mental fog of citizens, by telling the exact stories. Which help the citizens avail mental safety and mental soundness.

5.3- Leading accountability trial procedures equal for each corrupt official, whether they are of high rank or lower, and put them on the subsequent penalty.

5.4- Eradicating social weaknesses like illiteracy, unemployment, corruption, poverty, poor law and order situation ... on basis of regular check over them.

5.5- Promoting a fair system for the selection of official dignitaries, to work fairly for the state (s),with fair burden of responsibility on them

All of these rules intend reaching towards the same goal, which is like painting the canvas of life with the colour of peace.

6. "Suggestive Measures For The Sustainability ( With Future Prospects ) Of Peace Across The Earth"

Just the attainment of peace is not enough. It can get derailed soon, as the endorsement of peace from the various aspects of State(s) is not a pledged certificate. It need some profound measures also. To be adopted and applied country (s) wide, for the sustainity of peace with future prospects , across the earth with the following suggested measures.

6.1- Adding the role of United Nations to the future of peace in different states . With regular check and choice of different aspects of these peacful state(s) to make peace the destination of such states.

6.2- Making turmoil an International issue, as it is, to make peace a dynamic medium intra-state and inter-states medium of successful life.

6.3- Describing the re-arrangement of peace on both the national and International platform is crucial. Also the dialogue with mentally turmoil men is the point in case. Wherefore such turmoil and tyrunny oriented men will learn how to value life, as they are negating it and want to embrace life on their own terms.

6.4- Utilizing the fourth pillar of the state " Media" on permanent basis to have coverage even of minor injustice around the globe is vital. As minor injustices lead to major injustice. Which set a carve a path for the violation of rules - i.e getting against the nature of human life.

6.5- Both National and International Conferences about peace should be held to filter the peace issues and strengthen the states across the world.

7. Conclusion

Peace is the most severe and hot issue across the whole world today - both in the developed and underdeveloped countries. The development of both of these types of countries solely depend on peace.

The above devised detailed "Art For Peace" , is if utilized as a procedure for the restoration of peace across the world , then peace can manifest it's originality.

If peace is restored around the world, the economy of states will get strengthened, life standards will get improved, and state machineries will operate according to the "Will" of the concerned citizens - paving the way for happiness, progress and prosperity.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill
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Default CE-2019, CSS, Essay #5. Truth Is Lived, Not Taught

1. Fore Lines (Introduction)

Truth means reality. During your personal life you encounter numerous experiences. It is the truth for you of your own life. No one else is concerned with teaching you that truth of encounters in your own life.

During your life you deal and adjust yourself with adversaries you face, and then you move beyond , learning tricks from those experiences. No one else is concerned with that reality. Because It is the truth of your own life to live with.

During your life you prove your reality , in one form or the other. No one else can occupy your life. Because this is the truth of your life, to live with.

During your life you strive to live phenomenally. Because this is the truth of your life. You can not make others to live such an extraordinary life.

2. "Your Truth Means The Reality Of Your Learning From The Experiences Of Your Own Life, It Is Not Something To Make Others Learn And Lead The Experiences Of Their Life"

What you can learn from what you face in your daily life, posed to you nature or by man, either in your favour or against you depends upon the maturity of your brain. which makes up the reality of your "truth". According to the "Theory Of Relativity" each and every person on the earth has his/her own normality level , related to their own mentality. Some may be sharp , some moderate, and others blunt in gaining from the experiences of their own life. Here, for all who want to learn promptly from the course of each daily experience , there is a need of back up experience, daily keen observation, keen focus and existing maturity. However, what common perception says, about you learning from your life's experiences can include;

(Add Some Detail)
2.1- Having As Much Experiences As You Can Have Of Your Own Reality ( The Truth Of You ), Makes You Believe In Nature As Much As You Can Dive In The Flow Of Your Life And Learning From There, As Compared To Others

2.2- Genuine Existence Among Others, Based On The Truth And The Joy It Has is Related To Your Life's Reality

2.3- Competing With Others - For Talent - Is Much More Better Experience Than Comparing Yourself With Others For Resources Which Come Naturally

2.4- Taking Responsibility Of What You Commit Personally or In Favor Of Or Against Others, Makes You A Mature Person.

2.5- Your Spirit, Which Is Dependent On The Values You Engender In Your Complexion Because Of Living A Real Life In Society, Gets Escalated ,

3. "Truth Is A Strategy Of Adjusting Yourself With Your Life's Encounters, It Is Not A Theory To Be Taught To Others For Describing Their Life Reputable"

(Add Some Detail)
3.1- Staying Optimistic Or Reaching The Level Of Optimism , Makes You Able To Cope With The Tasks Of Your Life In A Marvelous Way, As Compared To Others.

3.2- Benefits You Can Avail By Being An Optimist When Coping With The Various Tasks Of Your Life Depending On Your Own Maturity

3.3- Making The Static Events Operate In Your Life And Embracing Life With A New Look, Which Makes You A Potential Personality Among Those Who Are Close To You.

3.4- Cultivating More and More Self-Respect, Making Yourself A Prestigious Personality Among Others, Availing The Services Of Others, And Having A Prominent Place In Society

3.5- Offering Your Care To The Needies, Offering Help Where It Is A Requisite, And Respecting The Boundaries Of Concern With Others.

4. "Truth Is About Challenging Yourself To Live A Phenomenal Life - With Your Truth You Can Not Make Others To Live An Extraordinary Life".

(Add Some Detail)
4.1- Helping Yourself And Considering Yourself A Happy And Successful Person - As Money Is Not The Only Thing To Avail Happiness - Change Your Perspective About Life, If You Have Or Don't Have That Much Money As You Desire.

4.2- Human Is Not Perfect, Plus Others Can Try To Get Involved In Your Life Adversely, Still Reach And Live As Many Aspects Of Your Life As You Can - which Are Spirit Oriented, Mind Oriented And Physique Oriented.

4.3- Live Your Own Life According To Your Own Will, Give Priority To Urgent Tasks, Then The Less Important Tasks, And Then Live Or Leave Unimportant Tasks Of Your Life.

4.4- Save The Life Of Others In Different Ways By Being Different From Others And As A Real Man/Woman.

4.5- Become A Role Model For Others, To Make Others Lust You, Also Feel The Reality Of Importance Of Your Life For Yourself And For Others.

5. "Your Truth Adds Beauties To Your Life - Your Truth Cannot Decorate The Life Of Others".

(Add Some Detail)
5.1- Your Truthful Life Manifest The Reality Of Your Modeled Life On Others. It Adds An Actual Dye To The Flow Of Your Life's Experiences.

5.2- The Truth Of Good Experiences Never Die, Wherefore God Gets In Contact With You Unless You Violate Again, However God Is "Rahman and Raheem".

5.3- Truth Can Appear In Different Forms, Which Give A Boost To Both The Inner peace And Outer Peace. This Certify Booting Happiness Among The People.

5.4- Living The Truth Purifies Your Soul ( Good For Being Religious), Matures Your Mentality ( Good For Having Righteous Psyche), And Gives You Confidence ( Good For Being A Icon Of Success)

5.5- Living Rulistically From The Time You Start To Be Right and Real (Positively) In Your Life, Makes You Understand Life, Which Is A Promise Of You With Your Own Self To Succeed Here In This World And In The Hereafter.


Living The Truth, is like an unwritten certificate for living a life of success - like a profession. Same like a person who violates at some point(s) of his/her career, when people do not live the truth, Then It has unwanted and adverse repercussions. Which make the violators suffer.

However, Living The Truth, And Teaching The Truth - are at the opposite poles to each other. As Truth is a life long experience ( Collection of Sub-Experiences In Life) , with each and every person of the whole Humanity, to Live Personally.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill
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Default CE-2019, CSS, Essay #6: New Waves Of Feminism And Our Culture

1. Fore Lines (Introduction)

Feminism and our culture are at the opposite poles to each other. Feminism, Which claims to empower A woman is, actually, degrading her. While our culture upholds such natural values which provide chastity to women and keep them chaste and sacred, been loved by God. However abiding by such, Islmaic Cultural, values is crucial for the provision of this chastity and sacredness to women.

Feminism is for the european non-muslim women. Feminism is not for the Muslim women, across the whole world. Muslim women can not use feminism to utilize their body to earn money, according to the Islamic Cultural Values. Because, to fulfill the erotic fetish, Islamic culture has established the ceremony of Mariage.

Here, A question knocks the mind, that if Feminism is for the non-Muslim women, then how come the New Waves Of Feminism Reach The Muslim Countries (World) ' And Affect Our Culture.

2. "Reasons In-letting New Waves Of Feminism To The Muslim World, And Mixing It With Our Culture".

(Add Some Details)
2.1- Incoherent Parliamentarians Imitate The Developed Countries of The Europe and Are Less Understanding The Importance of Muslim Women. They Consider Feminism An Improvement life.

2.2- Elite Class, Readily Imitate There, Represent and Mix Here The New Waves of Feminism With Muslim Culture.

2.3- Media Portrays European Women Far -Forward and Much More Developed Than The Muslim Women.

2.4- Intellectual Scarcity and The Wrong Use Of Internet Makes Both The Man and Woman Tilt Towards Feminism - Which The Youth Terms As A Liberal Modern Era.

2.5- The Irresponsible Police Officials and The Un-Noticing Judicial Officials, About The Cases Of Eroticism, Is Another Key To Inlet and Promote Feminism In Our Culture (Of Islam).

3. "Impacts Of Feminism On Our Culture".

(Add Some Details)
3.1- Feminism Is The Spoilage Of Muslim Culture, The Spoilage Of Muslim Youth, And The Spoilage Of The Present And Future Of This Youth.

3.2- Feminism Makes The Muslim Scholars More And More Strict , By Being Late In Noticing The Impact Of Feminism On Our Islamic Culture - Which Subsequently Creates A Gap Between Muslims And Their Islamic Culture, Whence The Muslims Would Have Adopted Feministic Theme Of Life.

3.3- Feminism Makes It More Difficult To Get The Voice Of Islam To The Non-Muslims, Where The World Need The Religion Of Islam, Including Both The Humanity Of Muslims And Non-Muslims.

3.4- The Impact Of The New Waves Of Feminism, Is The Cause Of The Unhappiness Of God, His Condemnation And The Removal Of His Blessings.

3.5- One Of The Basic Factors Of Turmoil In The Present Day World, in Both The Muslim And Non- Muslim Countries Are The New Waves Of Faminism Our (Islamic) Culture.

4. " Secret Motives Of The European Non-Muslims Behind The New Waves Of Feminism Againts Our Culture".

(Adding Detail has no Need Down Here, So Okay)
4.1- Western Elite Officials, Want To Blend The New Waves Of Feminism Within Our Culture, To Have A High Hand In The World As Compared To Our Culture. For Example, West Plus Some East , Can Make Them Have A High Hand.

4.2- Western Elite Officials Claim The New Waves Of Feminism As A Part Of Liberalism For Our Culture. Wherefore, Our Excutives Without Any Hesitation Embrace This Sort Of Liberalism - Which Sets Islamic Culture On The Notch Of Decline.

4.3- Feminists Make The Sacredness Of Muslim Women A Target, To Set Islamic Culture On Decline, Starting From The Removal Of Veil From Muslim Women In Public Places In France - Where As The Protection Of Islamic Women Must Be According To The Islamic Culture.

4.4- As A Human Nature, Feminists Want Relief In Life. However The Non-Muslims Being Unaware Of Islam, Adopt Different Ways, Like They Adopted Feminism, To Empower Women. Which Is Naturally Wrong. And Is Against The Empowerment Of Women. Therefore, It Is Their Natural And A Passive Call Of Their Sub-Conscious Mind, On The Basis Of Human Nature, To The Islamic Scholarsand Ulemas, To Set Right Their Societies With Islamic Culture, Which Is Naturally The Only Correct Culture Wholesomely Across The Globe.

4.5- Feminists Doesn't Believe In The Hereafter, As The Followers Of Islamic Culture Do. So The Feminists Are Also Adding These Followers Of The Islamic Culture With Themselves To Stay merely Secular. In contrast, It's The Responsibility Of Muslim World To Pose Islamic Culture As A Course Of Success, Here In This World And In The Hereafter, Excluding Feminism.

5. " Measures To Knock Off The New Waves Of Feminism From Our Culture"

(Okay...! So No Need Of Adding Detail)
5.1- Increasing The literacy rate in the Muslim World Is Crucial. To Make The Citizens Educated and Intellectual. To Make Them Learn A Decent Character. And To Create A Sense Of Responsibilty In Them, For The Muslim State (s). So That They Could Vote To Hire Such Pro-Religion Parlimentarians, Who Could Resist The New Waves Of Feminism Against Our Culture.

5.2- The Dignity Of A Muslim Should Be Reserved As A Muslim. If Ever The Elite Class Muslims Get To Live In Developed European Countries. They Must Adhere To The Values Of Islamic Culture, And Should not Adopt and Imitate The New Waves Of Feminism. Plus, They Must Also Be Careful About There Life In The Hereafter.

5.3- It Is Not Any Development And Advancement In Life, For The Muslim Women, To Utilize Their Physique For Money Making. Behind Which It Is The Media, Which Is Responsible For Portraying The European Woman Better Than The Muslim Woman. Which Is Exactly Wrong And Opposite Of Each Other.

5.4- The Legacy Of The Official Responsibilities Must Be Maintained And The Current Police And Judicial Officails Must Be Careful and Sensitive About The Morale, Of All The Citizens, By Punishing Those Sinny citizens Harshly, Who Spoil The Citizenry In Muslim World With The New Waves Of Feminism.

5.5- The Dominance Of Islamic Culture Is The Most Severe Requirement Of The Modern World. However , It Is Not Far Reaching From The Muslim World To The Outside Non-Muslim World. Also, The States Where The Muslims Are In Minority, Islamophobia does also exist There. Hence, It Is The known and Important Need Of The Non-Muslims To Seek Islamic Cultural Values From The Muslim Scholars, Imams, And Missionaries etc, Who Are In The Shell Of Dormancy.

6. "Adopting Unique Suggestions To Enforce, To Protect Our Culture For The Future, From The New Waves Of Feminism".

(Here, It Is Also Needless To Add Detail)
6.1- Focusing On The Youth In The Intended Matter, Is Utmost Important. Both The Boys and Girls, Are The Future Generation Of Muslim World. They Should Be Educated Morally, Character Wise, And Religous Oriented. Although Each Boy And Each Girl Does'nt need A The Degree Of Islamic Madrassah. However, When They Are Educated In Such A Fashion As I Quoted. They Will Be The Role Models For Their Children And Being Against Feminism.

6.2- Adding The Factor Of Media Coverage To Feminism , To Alaways Cast Spotlight On The Cases Of The Adherents To Feminism Is Vital. As It Will Enjoin Upon The Citizens Of The Muslim World To Detest Feminism, Because Of Shame, And The Killing Of Their Reputation.

6.3- Instead Of Embracing The Feminist New Waves, And Adding These Waves To Our Culture, Is The Cause Of Condemnation From The Side God Against Those Who Are involved. Instead, We Must Have A Genuine Contact With God, To Shine Through In Our Life For The Upcoming Time.

6.4- No one Wants To Live In A Vulgar Society. Every one Loves To Live In A Society Where The Fragrance Of Chaste Women Become A Pivot. Around Which The Success, In Both Of The Worlds Here In This World and In The Hereafter, Of The Successful People, Revolve. This Success Is Chiefly Availed By Giving Rights To The Women According To The Values Of Islamic Culture. And Posing Islamic Women As An Icon Of Success To The World.

6.5- Instead Of Indulging In The New Waves Of Feminism And Putting These Waves On Top Of The Priority List To Lust, Which Makes Islamic Culture Hollow - Posing The Alternatives Of The Islamic Culture To The World, Which Are Naturally The Most Genuine Values On The Basis Of Purity, Like Wives Are Nurturers, Daughters Are Blessing (Rahmat), Sisters Are Supporters, Daughters Do Also The Same, And Mothers Are The Pray- Reservoirs, And A Cause Of Becoming Heavanian - If You Serve Yours. Then We Can Protect Not Only Our Culture From The New Waves Of Feminism, But Also Can Cast The Impression Of Islamic Culture Values Upon The Non-Muslim Culture Also. Thence It's up-to Them That They Adopt These Islamic Cultural Values Or Not. Because From The Islamic Point Of View, There is No Compulsion In Religion To Accept It ("Islam").

7. Conclusion.

Any Culture Across The Whole World Upholds the values and7. standards Of Life To Live With, There In. Like Islamic And European Culture, Do Have Their Own Values. Considered, Right By Their Adherents.

However It Is A Matter Of Obvious Fact That Some Of The Values Are Also Adopted From Foreign Cultures, In Case They Are Different Cultures.

However The Import Of These Values Must Have An Analysis Of The Benefits and The Drawbacks, Of These Values, For The adopters. Unless And Until These Values Are Not Supporting Life On The Bright Side. They Must Be Avoided, Like The New Waves Of Feminism Must Be Avoided.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill
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Default CE-2019, CSS, Essay #7. Democracy And Illiteracy Do Not Move Together.

1. Fore Liners ( Introduction )

Democracy Strives To Give Rights To Each Individual As A Native Of That Concerned Country. i.e Accepts Him/Her As A Citcizen.

Democracy When Fully Pitched Into A State... It Becomes Stronger With The Role Of Citizens.

Real Democracy /Or Democratic State Strives To Get Set In A Thrilling Bond With The Citizens Through Involving Them In State Affairs To Help Out The State In a Variety Of domains Because these are the citizens due to whom Democracy Finds a Homegrown Back up . ( Detailed In The Following Main Body Of This Essay ).
Main Body Of This Essay

Democracy upholds to respect citizens. And Involve them in the affairs of that State about which it is crucial to make the citizens literate. Otherwise without literate citizens democracy means nothing. As it is the spoilage of democratic States when there is use to have illiterate citizens, less or more, directly affecting the department's of that Democratic State, subsequently.

2. "Problems Created By Illiterate Citizens In A Democratic State".

( Add Details)
2.1. Turmoil Created Inside Out Of The Illiterate Citizens.

2.2. Staying Uneducated and taking negative influence of the society.

2.3. Tyranny Created By The Illiterate Citizenry.

2.4. Loss Of Social Status among The Illiterate Citizenry.

2.5. Not Understanding The Importance Of Personal Life And That Of Others.

2.6. Un-involvement In The Affairs Of The Concerned Democratic State And Not Focusing On Their Role In Their State's Machinery

3 . "Role Of Democratic State And Involving Citizens In The Democracy".

( Add Details )
3.1. Educating Citizens To Deal With The Inside Out Turmoil Of These Concerned Citizens.

3.2. Adding The Role Of Governmental Organizations To Educate The Citizens About The Awareness Of The Life Focus On It's Bright Side. As well NGO,s And Input Of Media.

3.3. Removing Turmoil From The Life Of Both The Literate Citizens By Providing Them Jobs, And The Illterate Citizens Through Involving Them In Professional Trainings And Professional Educations.

3.4. Role Of NGO,s And Putting Media On The Right Track To Educate Citizens About The Importance Of Social Status In A Democratic State

3.5. Spreading Awareness About The Importance Of Life And Helping Citizens To Deal With their Life's Problems In A Democratic State.

4. "Role Of The Citizens - Made Literate By A Democratic State - In The State Machinery'.

( Add Some Details )
4.1. Role Of The Lietrate Citizens In The Politics. Politicians And Voters... Both Needs To be literate...each voter should also be given a criterion of education to make them vote after that qualification, at least.

4.2. Role Of The Literate Citizens In Juducairy Of A Democratic State ...... Citizens Need To Be empowered Through Education To Speak out for their exact rights...Juducairy admins; must also be put in the right order to comply with the judiciary fundamentals.

4.3. Media , it's anchors, related members and the subject citizens need to be pitilessly educated to straighten the machinery by taking heed of each and every aspect of the have a firm democracy.

4.4. Forth pillar ...I don't remember of the state. However ....the.flow for this essay as per my episodic like this ....!

5. Conclusion.

Democracy as all know is actually to sustain the state machinery with a strong hold of literate citizens. However State of democracy is not always responsible for doing what the citizens should do themselves. All over the world educational institutions are established, the thing that is the pre-requisite is to get enrolled in them as a citizen and put in use these educational institutions for the purpose for which they are established. .Ii.e. Learning Knowledge From There. And then from there to you help out the democracy to have a hold in your inland state. As this is the bond between.the citizens and a Democratic State proving The fact that "Democracy And Illiteracy Do Not Move Together".

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill
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Default CE-2019, CSS, Essay #8. Sometimes We Don Not See, What We See (Me

1. Fore Lines ( Introduction ) Complete Essay/Behind The Scene

Sometimes on the basis of certain of secret motives, qualified hidden reasons, or key undisclosed future prospects a Move/Act/influence is posed and presented in a different form from those sacondary backing up motives, reasons and future hidden prospects. Same like most of the people who do not understand the Body Language.

Each person or a group of people or state(s) have the right of having their privacy as a need of human being. Which must be respected but conditionally. If this privacy is concerning a person or his/her faction, others must not try to penetrate. Then it Is right to do not see, what we see. While If it is a conventional concern then their must be no exclusion - in this conversational concern. And we must see, What we don't see.

2. "Proof-Providing Examples "Of Not Seeing, What We See , (I.e Examples Of The Play Behind The Scenes)".

2.1 - Violation Of certain rules - like turmoil in the form of extremism, Inland Poor Law and Order Situation in the form of Irresponsible Governance, And Not Helping to strenghthen The Ties With Important Foreign Countries.

2.2 - Islamic Religious Icons, Not Trying To Unite The Muslim Ummah - Not Preaching and Presenting Islam In A Proper Way to The World. And Indulging In Some Unacceptable Values From Other Cultures, and staying quiet about such unacceptable values.

2.3- International Muslim World Issues - like The Dispute Over Kashmir, Across Palestine, etc. The Muslim World Posing Their influence and stance about such issues is very fragile on the International Forum. Also the Muslim Citizens feel The Muslim World's leaders uninterested in such issues.

2.4- Social Evils,- Sensationalism Across The World Through Media, Spread In Technical Ways. Not Giving Career opportunities to the educated youth. This Unemployment helped by sensationalism created by media., Give Rise To Other Social Evils,

2.5- Weakened State Machinery - Making National Issues A Part Of Governmental Tenure. Not Resolving The National Problems And Not Improving The Standards Of Life For The Citizens.

3. "Analyzing Whether It's Right To " Do Not See, What We See" Or Wrong (i.e Whether Not Watching The Play Behind The Scenes Is Right Or Wrong) For Us"

3.1- Taking Interest Genuinely In Personal Life's Bright Moves is where is the start of The Righteousness. Only aware individuals take increasing interest with time in personal life. As it is the nature of human beings to have An Increasing Sense Of self-care, self-respect, and self-help etc. Which requires awareness. If one is aware how to live,Then it's pretty much easy to present himself/herself, to avoid social violators, along with those who encourage them, and practice the unique values of existence. And become A Role Model For Others. Then If Others Need Any Help, Help should be offered. So reaching the values of life, behind the scene of life, at personal level, With less values, is right.

3.2- Life Is Lived with Reality. Without having wanted information, people get static at mind. They cannot move ahead in life properly. Unless they avail the needed awareness and knowledge, feeding both mind and spirit. A good mind and an enriched soul is that Which has maximum quantity of purity, knowledge and information, with a good proportion of maturity, To Make a prominent place in society - to represent the concerned citizenry on both the national and international platforms, to undertake the responsibilities Of both Earth-oriented as well as Sipirit-oriented Aspects of life, And To become a Universal Personality. So reaching behind the scene of falsehood and unawareness, to purity, knowledge and reality is right, at mental and spirit level. To resolve problems of one's own personal circle, own social circe, and one's own nation circle and one's own world, with less or more participating role.

3.3- Human beings live In Human Societies With Each Other. They are concerned in life of each other, As they live together. Offering care, help and serving each other, creates an bond of trust and love. As A criterion of Living together and as an understood fact , It Is a common perception that people can not live alone. They need each other by sharing their sorrows and happinesses, Which gives mental relief and increase inner peace to face the life with some sort of accomplished mentality. So as far as the social life of people is concerned, they should enjoin upon each other some reciprocity, where it is needed. Hence, It Is right to go behind the scene of loneliness to reach at the avenue of relief and comfort by sharing the information of sorrows and happinesses, at the society level.

3.4- The state(s) must distribute the rights among the citizens equally. The state should resolve country wide problems and should make the state machinery problems-free. Also the state should listen to the voice raised by the citizens. Proving the fact that the citizens are not kept exclusive whence needed, and also the citizens must not keep themselves exclusive from each other per the possibilities. The example of United Nation can also be cited here to give appropriate attention to the issues of the world, to get them resolved for promoting peace across the world. Leading To fairness and equality in Human Societies. So it is right to reach your rights, behind the scene of unfairness and inequality, at the state(s) level.

Life is incomplete without knowledge. Knowledge makes the life easy. So where the knowledge or information about moves/acts/influences is needed, it must be acquire, to live simply and easy. However, when the cases of moves/acts/influences are exclusive, they must be kept exclusive. Also, respecting privacy is a factor, deciding the fact that you should stay aloof from/with such moves/acts/influences which are not concerning you or merely concerning you. Otherwise take interest, get involved, know what you need, share what you have to, and lead your life as you desire.

4. " Citing Possible Reasons On The Basis Of Which " We Do Not See, What We See ( i.e Referring Reasons Which Restrict Us From Reaching Behind The Scenes)".

4.1- At Personal Level - We Do Not observe ourselves in life. We Do Not focus on how we live our life. We go ahead in life without the observation of what we face, unconciously. And that is reason that we lack quality thinking. Therefore , when we face something adverse in life, we become obsessive with that adversity and turn to pessimism. Which drain the energy of mind and corrupts the focus , which somewhat we use for our benefits.I.e, As per this condition, Immaturity, Carelessness, and Proper Observation , are involved as reasons (factors) about seld-denial , Which restrict us from reaching behind the scene, to accept ourselves. Also , if a person can not accept himself/herself , how s/he can present, prove himself/herself and how s/he can be benificial for himself/herself and others.

4.2- At The Society Level - Among the citizens, we do not understand the ruthless killing of innocent men, children, and women, in one form or the other. Also we do not and can not try to interfere with what is the reality there in. Because of the fear of risk to ourselves, or the worry of risk from the judicial penalties, etc. However, there is an extreme requirement and need of each contemplative citizen to raise the voice and voter for peace both at the state level and at the International level to promote peace and tranquility i.e As per this condition, The Innocence , Low Wisdom, and Less Confidence are the factors or the reasons , about violence, Which Restrict Us From reaching behind the scene of turmoil to the tranquil standard of existence.

4.3- At The State Level - Limitations are put over the citizens, To keep the citizens away from the authoritative decisions of the government. Even the opposition in government does not understand the influences, of the government in power, and their motives. We ourselves do not understand the motives of such influences, also. i.e. As per this condition, Low Competency, Misconceptions, and Less Experience about State Affairs are involved as reasons (factors), Which Restrict Us From reaching behind the scene of influences, To discover the motives of the government in power, about such influences, Which can prove beneficial when disclosed

"5. Rights Of Both The Parties/Individuals - Those Who Maintain Their Privacy , And Those Who Are Concerned And Want To Reach Behind The Scene(s)". At The Society Level, And At The State Level.

5.1- Those Who want to maintain their privacy, their privacy should be respected by both the parties, involved party and those who consider themselves concerned. While the party which consider themselves concerned their opinion must be kept spared, also, when they raise their voice, and if they are really concerned their opinion must be considered, To have A sound system of fairness..

5.2- Their must be a fair system for distributing rights. When there is no need of keeping the things behind the scene by those who have the authority of distributing rights.The trust must not be tarnished. If the rights are distributed properly and if the concerned people who are at the receiving end are satisfied then there is no need to have any campaign for the given rights. Also the receptionists must have an encouraging attitude, which is the "Actual Right" of the providers of rights, so that the recievers are cared more, trust is valued and other rights are given too.

5.3- Everywhere and Anywhere , the most desired goal of any transaction, dealing, or a posed move must be peace, tranquility and harmony. There must be no place for selfishness. By being selfish you can not win over what you want, (or At least not properly). Each influence between any two parties or indviduals, agreeing or not agreeing over it, has it's own nature, which unless and until understood properly cannot lead to peace, tranquility and harmony. And as it is a common criterion that with rights ( as much as they are availed) come responsibilities, so both the involved parties must fulfill that responsibility of promoting peace, tranquility and harmony across the state(s) - by being bound in reciprocity.

6. "Tactics We Can Utilize "To See, What We Do Not See", ( i.e " Ways To Reach Behind The Scenes") When it Is Needed".

6.1- By using a third party to find out what are inside behind the scene, we can discover the secret motives for a better understanding of a posed move/act/influence. And the discovered reality behind the scene should be an open secret or an open reality, relatively.

6.2- Unless and until a scenario is fully judged as a context for a posed move/act/influence, it can not work better. To have a fruitfull result, nature of the whole context must be analyzed. Where the interested concerning parties in need, from both sides, can acquire benefits by discussing and sharing the mutual benefits.

6.3- To have a better reputation in a posed move/act/influence, can be added by the experience of better posing. Where it becomes a requirement for the posing party to share all, what is under the veil, with party not teaching behind the scene. This experience, of sharing reality behind the scene, can be useful for the next time, added by the morale heightened by the reputation

6.4- Problems solution have a requirement of intellect for the concerned problems. Added by the fact that man can never be perfect, and need intellectual help. So the posing parties, like parliamentarian for the solution of problems related to the state(s), can become accomplished by intellectual personages, ike column writers, religious intellectuals, and holistic media to suggest measures for the solution of state(s) problems, etc.

6.5- Mediators can deal with both the parties, I.e the party which pose the move/act/influence to put up it on the table talk, or the rack of justice to mediate concerns causing a jammed perception. This will lead to justice and an open ended happiness.

7. Conclusion.

Dealing with and reaching "behind the scene" scenarios requires a lot of effort. Whenever there is a lack of trust between the concerned party(s) and lack of awareness about the importance of posing an or a posed influence in a proper way, fruitful results can not be availed.

Some influences need to be posed like a rule, and need no details to become an open reality and must be kept as a secret or open secret. As such moves/acts/influences are applied like a barricade in certain turmoil realted contexts. However, in other conditions, to have a better environment "Allowing to see behind the scene is like adding gold to silver".

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill
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Default CE-2019, CSS, Essay #9. Expanding Information Technology, A Curse Or Blessing.

1. Fore Lines ( Introduction ) Complete Essay

One of the booting motives behind the Modern Era is Information Technology. Because of the Information Technology behind the Modern Era, the whole world has become a Global Village. However the contradictions among the different civilizations and cultures across the world are posing difficulties.

Based on the existence of Information Technology, Which has brought the civilizations and cultures of the world close to each other, the regional identities of the citizens of different state(s), have become less important. Which requires the citizens to heel the feet up, so that they can be distinguished from each other easily. This identity is crucial because each civilisation and culture has it's own values for the concerned people to live their lives with. However to keep up pace, with the Modern Era and it's main specification "Information Technology", which is also important, such people are considering the Information Technology Controversial, Which is a causing factor behind engendering more and more vices there in.

2. "Aims Of Generating And Utilization Of Information Technology For The Modern Era".

2.1- To Give A Proper Route To The Scientific Improvements In Modern Era, And To Make People Easily Access And Undertstand Such Scientific Improvements, to improve their life, With The Help Of Information Technology. ( Started With Television, and then Internet for communication).

2.2- To Deal With Business Transactions Easily Through The Use of Information Technology, Whether The Bussiness Is spread Inland Or It Is Spread Across The Country Borders. ( firstly Telephone and Internet, and Then, Fax machine and Mobile phone )

2.3- Universal Harmony Across The World. Basically Up-Fronted By The United Nations To The World To Promote Happy Existence For The People Across The World. ( Firstly Television, Then Internet, Now Other Concerned Connecting Devices Are Involved)

2.4- To Raise Life Related Issues From Different Parts Of The World In Order To Deal And Heal The Humanity, When They Suffer from the Issues Including Diseases, Starvation In Poor Countries, Providing Justice To The Needies, and Now Global Gangs are also a part of the intended point. (Telephone, Internet, Mobile Phone, Fax Machine, Mobile Phone).

2.5- Muslim World Is Utilizing Information Technology In Modern Era, For The Spread Of Islamic Civilization and It's Culture To Beat The Western False Civilzation and Their Culture. Which Was One Of The Aims Of The West, Behind The Generation And Utilization Of The Information Technology.

3. "Pin-Pointing The Purposes Of Global Villagers About UtilizingThe Expanding Information Technology".

Random purpose related realities about the Global Villagers knock the mind when we focus on the utilization of the expanding information Technology by them. Plus, the IT traffic does not only mean those people who only use the Internet. Other sources of information are also used by the IT traffic. These sources along with internet include Fax Machine, Telephone, Television and Mobile Phone, As I mentioned in earlier topic. Same like Computer, Mobile Phone can also be used for internet media.

3.1- IT traffic keep themselves updated about their concerned fields, depending upon the criteria of updating each faction of the IT traffic. Like journalists, social activists, politicains, and economic IT traffic - whether officials or non officials. Media is also used for gaining updates by those Global Villagers who are against the harmony in society(s). Moreover, debauchery also spread because of IT, when The IT is misused.

3.2- IT traffic promote their campaigns with the help of using IT devices. Either these campaigns are religious, secular, social or voilent. The voice of each activist is raised by The IT masters to pitch it (voice) to the concerned associates, for appropriate dealing

3.3- IT traffic also include the crippled faction of the people across the world, who have their jeopardies in their life to be dealt with. Such people have rights not only on their own states, but by being the members of Humanity, they also deserve rights from the world communities , e.g. the United Nations, SAARC, ECR, ECO and the like organizations.

3.4- Across the world adjoined state(s) are becoming independent with time. Many states have become Independent with a great hand of IT, in putting up their demand of independence on the international platform, and healing them at their National Level.

3.5- IT masters get the suggestions, measures, and solutions from the Humanistic organizations, Scholars In Specialized Fields, and Human Rights promoters to the suffered faction of the IT traffic, to guide them and help them resolve possibly those problems of their life, which make them tend to get casted out of the flow of life.

4. "Positive Points In The Utilzation Of The Expanding Information Technology For The Global Villagers".

4.1- Giving A Trend To Almost Each and Every Positive Aspect of Life. Like prevailing the Trend of using sophisticated Information Technologies itself. Plus, promoting Materialistic Trends, like the trend of Fashion and Designing, which flashes a personality. And Non-Materialistic Trends, Which help facilitate a safe and sound mentality, like the trend of easily describing the psychological aspects of life. Also, the religious procedures and their descriptions is an example of the same category of trend, Which Makes the souls exulted.

4.2- The arena of polito - economic build-up for the global villagers has a very appropriate and cotextual use of the Information Technology, basically Internet useage. Economic procedures to boost the economy and deal with raising polito -economic problems are available there on the expanding Information Technology devices, facilitated by the polito - economic experts.

4.3- IT has a great role in disclosing the secret factors behind the undefined influences, To Make the IT Traffic understand the concerns related to their life. Such influences are related to either harmony or disharmony in society(s), Which straightly affect humanity.

4.4- Human life along with the scientific improvements is also related to the development of Art and Literature, boosted mainly by the use of IT. This development of Art and Literature represent the Civilzations and Cultures Of the people related to their concerned Regions/States.

4.5- IT is keeping up pace of the IT Traffic with Modern Era - related to both spiritual and worldly life. As The IT masters, on the basis of intellectuals pin-point the needed measures for problems solution, the needed rules for adhering to stay being progressive, and the needed prompt dealing strategies to deal with the threats probable in the life of IT Traffic, to heal themselves promptly and move ahead pace by pace with the Modern World.

5. "Negative Points In The Utilzation Of The Expanding Information Technology For The Global Villagers".

5.1- Selecting To Use IT for ruthless purposes is an open secret. This form of the usage of The IT is concerned with inland or across the borders gangs, who communicate with each other thtough IT to prevail terror with their plans of violence. Such gangsters do not regard the innocence of humanity, and turn the chapter of their life off.

5.2- Moral puncture inflict the youth's character and their spirit, which is because of watching the barstardized contents of IT. Such contents are added by newly made debaucheries, which not only affect such a faction visiting IT for immoral purposes, but also affect society(with unacceptable deeds) - which indulge in God's condemnation.

5.3- IT professionals present contents for recreation to all the "Age Groups" , especially the premature ones. Who (prematures) instead of being pruductive at that premature age, lust these recreational contents which set their time on the track of futility and loeferhood - which can mix up their life.

5.4- Information Technology (IT) is weak in giving high-hand to the global organizations responsible for sustaining the global scoiety (s), on the basis of peace , progress and prosperity. Which in turn make even the literate ones criminals and increase the ratio of crimes across the world. Global Villagers because of such a weak aspect of life suffer from such penalties, for which they get manipulated
by the IT.

5.5- Also the voice of voters is raised conditionally depending upon certain circumstances. The voice of these agitators speaks about the pitiless treatments, for which just and just Information Technolgy (IT) is the medium, which is responsible as a medium To get The voice ( about crippling life condtions) of such agitators to the responsible organizations and there in the concerned responsible dignitaries.

6. "Measures To Adopt-Apply , To Protect The Values Of Civilizations And Cultures Across The World, While Living Ahead With The Expanding Information Technology In Modern Era".

Although The Expanding Information Technology has negative points in it's Utilization for the Global Villagers, we can utilize the expanding IT with positive intentions by adopting and applying the following given measures to make ourselves move pace to pace with Modern Era, while upholding the integrity of our concerned Civilizations and Cultures.

6.1- IT and it's expansion is the main improvement in the current scientific era. By the use of which we will not only give a high-hand to the scientific improvements, but also, when we will incorporate these scientific improvements into our life, they will astonishingly make our life much more simplified, and make us go pace by pace with the Modern Era - which is the "Essence" behind inventing the Information Technology. Added by the fact that we must avoid the moral degrading contents available on the IT media, the screening of which bounce back to spoil the values of the IT Traffic's concerned civilizations and cultures.

6.2- IT Traffic needs to observe, analyze , understand and learn from the different life-related contents, given in specific concerned contexts, available through the IT, in such a way as to lead their life without harming their leisure time. This IT Traffic should use the IT as a catalyst to fasten the snail-pace learning from their life's experiences. Which is the main "Feature" of the Information Technology (IT), which keeps the values of Civilizations and Cultures intact, protected and vital.

6.3- IT Traffic must utilize the Information Technology, to push forward their voice against the unacceptable dominant foreign culture's norms offenses, during protests, railies, strikes of the related campaigns. This trend encourages more and more Civilzational and Cutural Campaigns, which is the "Capacity" of the IT to protect the values of the concerned Civilizations and Cultures of the IT Traffic.

6.4- Suggesting measures to the IT professionals, for protecting Civilizational and Cultural values, is another right optional measure. This can help protect the values of Civilizations and Cultures, which the IT professionals generally manage by filtering and removing the contents related to moral offense and protecting the intended values, which is the "Courtesy" of the Information Technology. Like YouTube was blocked recently, because of a religious reason.

6.5- Observing one's own Civilizational and Cultural Values, is the most functional option in this regard. Such an observational responsibility needs to be assigned by the concerned state(s), to the liable and desiring experts, with a competitive analysis of the Information Technology Media. This is the base for protecting the intended values, which is the "Inhibition" of the Information Technology (IT) breeding enervations, maintaining a balance between the relative Civilizational and Cultural Values and IT usage, To keep up pace with the Modern Era specified by the Expanding Information Technology.

7. Conclusion.

Expanding Information Technology, is a blessing (and not a curse) for the Modern Era. The vices and social spoilage caused by the Global Villagers, should not be counted because of the Expanding Information Technology usage - when they themselves misuse the IT.

However, if such vices do exist in society(s) and cause social spoilage and mental abortion, posing risk to the relative Civilizational and Cultural Values, Then these vices must be dealt with and healed by the measures given in the "Measures To Adopt-Apply....", portion of this essay - to maintain the integrity of the relative regional Civilzational and Cultural Values.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill
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