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Old Sunday, March 02, 2008
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Default Essay made easy!

Salam to all members and CSS aspirants. Essay paper is consdered to be the most difficult to pass by almost all the candidates of competitive exams. I also used to consider it the most difficult task but after having passed CSS essay thrice i have concluded that it is not the Correct and impressive english which help in passing the essay paper but a little bit knowledge and a proper and clear method of writing your ideas is the most important requirement to pass the essay paper. Remember, very impressive style of writing and correct english without any grammatical misake can contribute to give you high marks in essay paper but can't give you a sureity that u can pass it.
I am going to write down the outlines which i prepared b4 i attempted for essay papers in 2005,2006,2007
in css 2005 i wrote an essay on Persecuted Poor Women
and i got 42 marks in it.

my outline was as follows

Introduction:.....note(first i prepare the outline and then i write introduction on the back page of answersheet.My introduction includes the summary of what i m going to write in my essay....for example the introduction of the following essay would be as follows1....

Womomen like men are an important entity of the society but unlike men they are not treated and respected in the way the deserve.. We see their persecution at the hands of their family members and also at different levels of the society.They are harshly treated, sexually molested,abused, given no status in society, no importance in family affairs and given no share in inheritence and decision making.Instances of such treatment are more common in underdeveloped world which is because of prevalence of different social ills like feudalism,poverty ,illitracy and anti-women social attitude. Impact of such things is materialized in seeing such countries havin an international tarnished image with unprecedented level of underdevelopment. This sorry state of affairs requires prompt efforts to address this problem so that women can enjoy the equal social status which men are enjoying. )

Causes of persecution of women

1-Feudal setup:
2-Tribal culture:
3-Parallel judicial system:
6-Patriarchal society:
7-Economic dependence of women on other family members
8-Weak law and order appartus
9-Non adherence to islamic values and traditions
10-Prevalence of laws and rules which are against women
11-Less focus on female education

1-Underdevelopment of a country
2-Tarnished international image3
3-Negative impact on future generation

How to address the problem(inverse all causes to make them solutions)like....

1-land reforms to end feudalism
2-Poverty alleviation
4-end to parallel judicial system
5-women economic empowerment
6-strong adherence to islamic traditions
7-repealing the laws which are against women
8-focused female education


By adopting above mentioned measures we can reduce the persecution of women and can give them a social status which is equalent to that of men. But for this purpose the efforts should be concerted and result oriented and should be at all levels which is not an impossible thing. Elevated social status of women will give good name to such countries and would also result in their economic development and prosperity because of the contribution of women
in economic life where they would feel themselves protrcted,respected and well treated.....

outline of other essays would be writtn shortly...
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Old Wednesday, March 05, 2008
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Salam..I was not expecting such encouraging responce for my such little effort to help the CSS aspirants.Anyhow it makes me elated. Today i am going to write how i dealt with the essays of year 2006.That time i opted for Foreigh Direct Investment in Pakistan. Here i again followed my previous method of first writing the outline of the essay and then writing the introduction containing the summary of what i am going to write in my essay on the last page of answer sheet and then refining the introduction and pasting it on the front page from where i was to start the essay. That time i got 40 marks in it.....Outline along with the structure of my essay was as follows:
(I have not studied economy throughout my educational career. My knowledge in based only on what i read from newspapers. If there is any mistake that is not to misguide anyone... just to guide others i have reproduced it here in this forum....My essay would reflect what what minimum actually FPSC demands in an essay)......

Introduction(I wrote at the end after preparing the outline)

Foreign Direct Investment in a country is an important factor in enhancing its economic growth.It reflects the economic potential and grading of that country in the eyes of international community in economic terms. Pakistan owing to its geographic location and economic performance during the last few years is being considered as a potential destinition within world communities for foreigh direct investment. As a result it has attracted FDI in defferent sectors like telecom which has not only proved fruitful for the investors but also for the consumers because of the creation of competition within the different telecom companies. But still Pakistan is not utilising its potential up to its maximum level as there are a number of factors which are discouraging the investors to come and invest here. For full utilisation of its potential at the hands of foreigh investors and for making more econoic gains such hicups should be addressed on priority bases. It will result not only in ehancing the economic development and prosperity of our beloved country but also help to improve our inernational image in economic considerations.

What potential Pakistan is having for foreign investors.
1-Emerging economy
....high GDP growth rate 8.4%(04-05),6.4%(03-04) ... Average GDP growth rate of last few years shows a stability in economy....high per capita income 736$-847$( rith now i dont remember the exact figure there may be a mistake regarding it) ...shows a huge demand for products as high purchasing power is prevalent here

2-Excellent geographic location
...situated at crossroards of S.A, C.A,M.E....products can be traded in other countries....huge demand there ..... market opportunities can be exploited here ...Gawadar port..

3- Safta.....opening up of economies....

Things not favouring FDI in pakistan(factors discouraging FDI)

1-Political instability(foreign investor take 3 to 4 years to make plan for investment and in Pakistan...uncertanity about political stability.. )
2-Power shortage
3-Water shortahe
4-Unskilled labour
5-Taxation laws......(Federal,provincial and local laws of taxation discourage Foreign investor)
6-Delayed Justice (F.I has to wait for years in cas of any dispute regarding his stakes)
7-Number of holidays (Strikes, unjustified holidays)
8-Terrorism,volatile law and order condition
9-Smuggling..(F.I buy highly taxed items while their local counterparts buy them from smugglers)
10-Deteriorated infrastrcture
11-coruption in govt. offices...where F.I interact
12-cost of business(high estate prices, high electricity rate)
13-Estranged relations with India(unsuccessful SAFTA).....Kashmir (Flash point)
14-Instability and spill over effect of Afghanistan problem (volatile FATA....(whole country is affected and under the threat of terrorism))

Impact of discouraging factors
1-Enhancing underdevelopment
2-Inflation(high purchasing capacity,shortage of demanded goods and thus inflation)...high imports
3-unemploymet leads to
4-Natural resources would remain unexplioted...(Gold,Coal, Copper and Other precious metals, energy resources....)

how to Attract more FDI in Pakistan(inverse the causes to make the solutions)

1-Political stability(democracy)
2-End to terrorim
3-Dams for power and water shortage.....
4-technical education to produce skilled manpower
5-reduction in taxation laws.....facilitated taxation procedure....
6-Speedy justice.....judicial reforms...


Foreign investment enhances the economic activity which leads to the economic growth of a country and Pakistan has a huge potential to get a lot of benefits out of it. There are a number of sectors like agriculture, dairy products, mining including the exploitation of natural resources and energy resources where the sought investment may result in huge amount of economic gains and alleviation of a number of social ills. But the need of the hour is to address above mentioned issues and hurdles so that our country could be eyed as a potential destition 4 investment and for this purpose a result oriented approach with highly dedicated efforts in an abrupt way is required.
(17pages without writing otline)
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Some evergreen essays.

1-Education(higher,engineering,general,y so important,y so deteriorated situation,y so bad examination system,impact,remedies,)

2-Poverty alleviation(causes of it affects the society...steps taken to alleviate it....y not so success...needed strategies)

3-Gender Discrimination/Persecuted poor women/women rights situation in pakistan...(How women are persecuted, levels where their rights are volated, causes, impact on society ,on economy,on country's outlook, remedies)
4-Nuclearization bad or gud(why countries want to beome nuclear,benefit of bein neuclear, stigmas attached of being nuclear..or its bad impacts,..suggestion to avoid destructive nuclearization and use it for peaceful and beneficial purposes )
5-Economic development(based on Foreign investment,good image of the country,utilization of raw mterial in productive way with progressive and talented human resourse...hurdles in economic development,,,remedies)

6-Islam and west(different faces of friction (Fundamentalism,Extremism,war on terror),...causes of friction, it is affecting the world at large...remedies..
7-Enrgy and water crisis.

Watch NEWS NIGHT at PTV everyday especially alomst 3 months before the commencement of exams. Discussions at NEWS NIGHT gives a bright ,positive and progressive image of everything unlike the discussions on other private channels. It makes your mind positive and clear you about the current situations. As a result you become critical along wih solutions in your mind regarding different contemporary problems with special reference to Pakistan.

For Example

In 2004... the topic of essay on Pluralistic vision of Islam was taken from the address of President Pervaiz Musharaf which was telecasted 3 or 4 days before the commenement of CSS exams.

In 2005... Women issues had been the main topic of discussion in NEWS NIGHT. As a result we saw an essay "Persecuted poor women" in the paper

In 2006.. Foreign investment was the main topic of discussion on NEWS NIGHT. Our ex-Primeminister was dicussed while he was on his tour to different countries to project Pakistan as a good destinition for foreign investment.This thing was discussed very frequently and President Pervaiz Mushraf had also been seen addressing at different ountries to ask them to invest in Pakistan...and we know one of the essay in 2006 was on "Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistaan"

1n 2007.. The most frequently discussed topic was the situation of women in Pakistan.Long discussion were arranged on WOMEN PROTECTION BILL 2006 in order to give an impression that government is doing more than enough to protect women rights situation..and we saw in css 2007 there was an essay on "Women rights situation in Pakistan"...

....... All such observations are based on my personal experience and i have shared them in order to clear the CSS aspirants about their preparation.... Best of luck to all.
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Default Steps in writing the essay

Steps in Writing the Essay

1. Choosing the topic

2 .Brainstorming

3. Doing research

4. Outline

5. Introduction

6. Thesis statement

7. Body

8. Conclusion

9. Editing and proofreading

Choosing the topic.

Before you start writing your essay you should decide what you are going to discuss in your paper. It does not matter whether you have several topics to choose from or have your own, the topic should have something to excite your interest.

This way you will make the writing process pleasant and enjoyable. For a start you may acquaint yourself with several readings to find out if the topic is interesting and to see the amount of the material available on this subject.

The scope of the topic is one of the most widespread problems for every student who starts writing an essay paper. Many students regard such general words as "love", "hate", or" peace" and "world" as topics. So, as the result they compose a vague essay imbedded with platitudes and generalities, of no interest both to the reader and the tutor.

Once you have come up with some general idea, you should narrow the subject. It will you reduce the time spent on writing your paper as well as enormously improve its quality.

First, you should think how you can narrow your topic, make it more specific, divide it one several smaller topics. For example, if you would like to write an article on "cats", you might ask several question s on this topic, such as:

The cats

Should I describe some specific specimen of cats, or the description of cats in general would be sufficient?

What type of cats I would like to write about? Abyssinian? Oriental? Siberian?

What qualities of cats should be investigated and what types of their behavior should be accessed?

Second, there is a contradiction: though the topic should be limited, do not overdo it.

An extremely narrowed topic can not make effective and efficient presentation.

Your topic may be organized as the following:

The subject investigated: The cats.

The specific topic of the investigation:

Problems with the basic health care for cats.


Brainstorming is an effective and efficient activity to generate new ideas, thoughts that eventually lead to the solutions of several problems at a time. Brainstorming can be performed in groups or you can do it on you own. Start brainstorming session, when you are refreshed and relaxed to produce ingenious, original and creative ideas. Sit at the table and write down as many ideas on this subject as possible - do not be afraid to sound silly, write everything that occurs to you.

The next step is to bind your ideas and to assemble them into several topics, which require more careful investigation. Then jettison all other ideas, especially strange or irrelevant ones. Once you have finished this process you will see that you have come up with the idea which can serve as the starting point for the essay.

The following is more detailed process:

1. Come up with the existing problem that should be investigated. For many people, the problem has some negative meaning. But here, you should present some facts that should be explored; it does not mean that they have to be negative ones. For example: "The efficiency of Basic Health Care for Cats".

2. Present it clearly, so that every person who reads it- understands what you intend to say.

3. Discover as many solutions and answers to the problem as possible. Do not be too shy - you should write down all solutions you have thought of, even if they seem bizarre to you.

4. Select several (approximately five or six) ideas you like best. Select several (approximately five or six) ideas you like best. Set several criteria that give the best answer to the problem. Criteria may start with the word" must" or "should".

5. Score every idea (from one to five for example), depending on how well it corresponds to the criterion. Once all ideas have been scored, sum up the points.

The idea with the highest score is actually the best one. Nevertheless, keep notes of all the ideas, because even the best idea might not be workable in the future.

If you still can not find the right topic, consult your tutor, he/she might be able to help you.

Doing research.

For most students the word� research �means surfing the Internet in search of any relevant to their topic data. Such approach does not work for good academic writing. First, because the internet does not control the quality of information appearing on your screen. Second (more important), in most cases the search engine will not lead you to the right type of information. So, how can you make the best of your research? Read the following tips that will help you to research efficiently. The research process involves four steps:

1. Find background information of your subject. Once you�ve defined the topic of your writing, use references from the list of the recommended literature to spot background information of your subject. First do some preliminary reading of general reference material, like an encyclopedia, dictionary, or other reference source.

2. Plan and search. Where can I find information on my topic?

In books or government documents ( use the library catalogue to find out what books and documents are available )
In periodicals (look up an article index to know what articles have been published.)
On the Internet.
This stage suggests processing a lot of information and finding the material pertinent to your subject. So you will have to do extensive reading of the sources you come across. Not to be tired and bored by looking through tons of information use the formula of �SQ3R�: Survey, Question, Read, Recall, Review.

Survey � find the relevant sources of information. When you evaluate this or that book or article, pay attention to: date of publication (you are not writing memoirs), contents and index page; preface, first and last paragraphs.

Question- before starting to read, ask yourself what you expect to find out from this book( article). It will systematize your reading as you proceed.

Read � The purpose of your reading is to find the vivid and powerful arguments to support your idea in the shortest possible time. Using the following reading techniques you will get the most of the material you have read:

Skimming the contents you get its general idea.
Scanning allows you find the material you need.
Doing search reading you concentrate on the meaning of the specific terms.
Perusing the text you should note down the information you are going to use in your essay.
Reading may turn out to be a tiring and monotonous pastime for you. To refresh your mind take regular breaks off. Your reading should be conscious. Make sure you understand every idea presented in the book (article).
As you are researching compile a working bibliography (running list of the material you read), later it will serve as a basis for your list of Works Cited.

3. Evaluate the information you have found. The quality of your paper depends on the sources you have used for it. That is why you should be able to differentiate between the authoritative and trivial information. All the sources of information are divided into two large categories: online or printed materials. As you evaluate the sources, mind the following:

Magazines and newspapers are meant for general public rather than for academic purposes. Do not support a significant argument or idea of your essay only with a fact originated from the magazines as the data here is often invalid and subjective.

Journal articles usually focus on research and experiment results and discuss latest innovations in science as well as controversial issues in science. Moreover they are peer-reviewed and carefully edited. Such approach guarantees reliability and objectiveness of the information you are going to include into your essay.

The Internet gives a more superficial look at the problem than the printed editions, without the deep insight into the problem as in the printed academic sources. But using organized subject directories, particularly those assembled by professors and academic librarians you can come across useful information. Subject directories are built by hand and usually contain only links screened for quality and value.

4. Identify and include the most vivid and convincing facts and evidence into your writing. Do not fail to note down the source of every quote you are going to include in your essay when you are still exploring the information.

Essay outline.

The outline of the essay is the body of your paper. It can be presented either in the form of diagram or in the point form. The point form gives you opportunity to evaluate the order of presentation of the main ideas, to attest the logic of your presentation and to spot down gaps or facts that are irrelevant for your assignment.

The typical outline should comprise:

The statement of your thesis.

The most important points of your argument

Sub-points of your topic.

The evidence for each topic of the argument.

For example in our case with the topic: "The Basic Health Care for cats�- we discuss if the medicine prescribed for humans might help in the treatment of cats.

Once you have completed the investigation of your topic and have conducted all necessary research you have discovered that it is not possible to come up with a definite answer to this question. Your thesis might be that "It is not possible to estimate the benefit of the human medicine for cats since very few evidence is available".

Essay introduction.

Some people can not apprehend the aim of the introduction. They claim it is not worth writing something you intend to describe later on in your paper. Yes, it is an open secret that a work of fiction does not have any introduction telling what is going to happen in the main part of the book. But an essay is not fiction.

It is a detailed study of some facts or ideas that should be explored. Since all major parts of the essay are built on the thesis, it is indispensable for the researcher to acquaint the reader with the thesis and reveal its significance and its relevance and meaning.

The introduction should be grabbing and impressive to induce the reader to read further on. If the introduction is dull and mediocre the reader will not proceed.

Present your introduction in a clear, precise and interesting way. Convince your reader that your essay is worth reading.

Thesis statement.

All papers that highlight controversial issues should comprise a thesis: a statement that serves as the premise in the argument. Once you have come up with the topic, the thesis should reveal your point of view on the subject and the problem. Your point of view should be supported with reliable evidence. In the process of developing the thesis, timing is one of the most crucial factors- so develop your thesis at the very beginning of the essay writing process.

The thesis should guide in the course of writing; certainly you will acquire new information and ideas as you go along but the thesis should serve you as one of the starting points.

To formulate the thesis you should reconsider it several times and make some preliminary readings and participate in the discussion of the problem. It is necessary to ask several questions on the problem and prepare several answers. Concentrate on the central issue, cynosure of the investigated problem. Thesis is your answer to the main question.

Once you have formulated the thesis, convert it into a brief statement. The thesis statement is put into the essay introduction and it should reveal your point of view on the matter, or position you intend to support in your paper. A well-formulated thesis is vital for your assignment - it is the central part of your essay - all other parts of the essays are built on the basis of a strong thesis.

A good thesis should neither be very long nor too short. One of the most widespread mistakes that the students make in organizing their essays is the simplification of the thesis (making statement that is well-known, banal or obvious).

For example:

The topic: "The Basic healthcare for cats". The oversimplification of the thesis: "Basic healthcare for cats is vital for these animals".

The thesis that is too broad:

"Basic health care for cats should comprise several services". (The writer might wind up with the enumeration of the health care services that should be provided, thus making the paper boring to read).

More perfected thesis:

"There is controversy as to whether human medicines are effective in treatment of cats".


Essay body is the main part of your writing where you present your thoughts and evidence. Each body paragraph introduces a new idea, for example if you have developed five ideas in your thesis you should present five paragraphs in the body. You may begin by writing down one of your main ideas in the form of a sentence. Consider you start research on the following topic: "The Current Political Situation in Canada" you may start with the sentence: "The coming elections will undoubtedly come up with the new faces".

Your paragraph should include supporting evidence to back up your ideas. In the body of your essay you should show that you have examined, researched your topic and that your arguments are reasonable and reliable.

Each paragraph should have an identical structure:

Open it with a topic sentence bringing in the main idea of the paragraph.
Write down the supporting points for the idea. They will make your thoughts and assertions as much convincing as possible.
You may include some conclusive or summary sentence, though it is not obligatory.


Conclusion is the final part that summarizes your main points. It is the final part that summarizes your main points. You should not face any difficulties in this part, especially if you have had clear understanding of your thesis all way through. If you experience some difficulties in summing up your main points, then apparently you have not developed your thesis.

Your final part, conclusion, should correspond to your first part-introduction. The main idea should be restated again (it should not be repeated or paraphrased in the same words). The conclusion should emphasize the issue of your discourse. Pay close attention to the main idea presented in the introduction. If the main idea has been changed or modified during the process of writing the essay, then you should reformulate your thesis in the introduction.

You may open your summary by reminding your thesis to the reader. First, you must look trough the different components of your essay. Then emphasize your thesis and convince your reader that you have made true and right assertions. In the introduction you have acquainted your reader with your idea, you should restate it, bearing in mind that the reader has already read the main part of the paper. You should not repeat the introduction too closely - you must remember the reader has already got your idea. Since the paragraph is conclusive you should present your thesis in its conclusive and most compelling form.

One of the best ways to present the effective conclusion is to explain how people can apply your solution to the bigger picture. The conclusion imbedded with platitudes and generalities may weaken the final part of your essay.

This conclusion of the essay "The Efficiency of the US Aid to AIDS in Africa" is an example how the thesis can be improved:

"Rather than use the AIDS epidemic as an opportunity to redress the under financing of African health services, USAID would seem to be pursuing its long-desired program goal of population control. The agency is insisting on the nature of AIDS as an STD, the heterosexual transmission of AIDS in Africa, and the importance of condom use to prevent HIV transmission. Of course condoms also prevent conception. Although USAID projects a 30 to 50 percent increase in child mortality as a result of the epidemic, it expects the population growth rate to decline by only I percent, because total fertility is so high in Africa (Harris 1990). USAID concludes, "Not only is this not the time to diminish family planning efforts, but instead such efforts could be redoubled . . ." (Merritt, Lyerly, and Thomas 1988: 127)"

The broadening of your conclusion does not mean that you should present there some new facts and materials you have not mentioned before. Your conclusion is your last say. So, develop a strong conclusion to make a lasting impression on the reader.

Editing and Proofreading.

"Writing is rewriting" D. Murray

Behind well-chosen words and cohesive structure of every elegant essay there are hours of conscientious and thoughtful editing. Editing is what differs good from poor writing and transforms a good essay into an excellent one.

Editing helps you to have a fresh and objective look at your essay and do away with its weak points.

Editing is a careful process of going through your essay paragraph by paragraph, sentence by sentence, word by word.

Proofreading and editing can seem an undertaking but if properly-organized they will turn out to be a simple task.

Take a break between writing and proofreading. You should have a clear mind and enough time to do a quality editing of your draft.

Follow these ten steps to conduct an effective editing:

1. Start editing your essay with the spellchecker and grammar checker option on your computer.

2. The next stage aims to check on the content of your writing. Print out the copy of your essay and edit it manually. Read the thesis and see if it:

is clear and easy to grasp?
reflects the content of the essay? If not, rewrite it.
3. Then go on to editing the introduction. Make sure that it is concise and adequately developed. It should be not just a statement of your intentions and opinion.

4. Check if each paragraph contains relevant information and is free of meaningless sentences. There should be transition sentences linking the paragraphs. Otherwise your writing will look jerky without a clear transition from one point into the next. Try reading backwards, a sentence at a time. You will be able to focus on the sentences, rather than on the content of your essay. Refine your sentences and make them smooth and clear. Get rid of too long sentences. Pay attention to the rhythm of your writing: vary sentence lengths and patterns.

5. The conclusion is the last thing the professors read and the first thing they remember. So make sure it is consistent with the structure of the essay and refers to the thesis statement.

6. Once you have edited the content of your essay, manually check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, as computer checkers sometimes cannot guarantee the absence of errors in your writing. Proofread for one type of error at a time. If commas are your weak point, look through your paper checking only that problem. Then proofread again for the next most frequent problem. Be especially attentive when checking your references. Make sure all the cited and paraphrased material is properly referenced.

7. Read your essay aloud. It will help you to see the difference between what you intended to write and what you actually wrote.

8. Ask somebody to read through your paper and offer suggestions for polishing it.

9. Use a word processor to perform one last spell and grammar check. If time permits, read through it once more before submitting it.


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An amazing effort sir, nevertheless reading your experience of essay paper feel me a bit relax and i am at more ease now, you have make it look so simple, which is a kind of serious motivation, God bless you!
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Excellent way to learn essay writing.
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Originally Posted by aalishafi View Post
Excellent way to learn essay writing.
All please mark the following essay out of 100 and comment the deficiencies

(Gender Discrimination, Poor Pakistani Male, the unreported perspective)

The word Gender is mainly associated with both, male and the female counter parts but in Pakistan, the word gender discrimination is always linked with women- which seems a discrimination with the word gender itself. Pakistan is a country where anything related to a woman is not only sold and rated readily but also politicized very soon. Many of the NGOS are working here for women rights why there is none for protecting the men rights? Is there any NGO which is dedicated for men’s rights in Pakistan? Isn’t this a gender discrimination itself?
Most Pakistani women are enjoying the freedom that a women should have, they use social media and websites more than men, their cells are more pass word protected then the men and they are not demanded to necessarily reveal their password to male family members to keep an eye over them, as reported wrongly by some NGO related figures. they are working in every institution, they are teachers, doctors, office women, ministers and the queens of their homes (house wives), what else they are demanding from men by always living in complaining mode on the media about gender discrimination?

Not all but some so-called social activist women are always seen being reported and complaining about their rights in Pakistani society and always putting allegation on men holding them responsible for gender in- equality. The question is that where this equality goes when women take the privilege considering it right to sit on the seat vacated by the men in their respect?
Where this equality disappears when women break the line taking advantage of women-ship while standing in a queue paying the utility bills or in front of ATM machines?--- it does not happen in western world whose standards are fantasized by Pakistani women.
What’s the need of reserved federal and provincial quota for women despite having general quota for assembly member ships and all employments? Isn’t this all fall under the category of gender discrimination with Pakistani men?? There are several cases discriminating Pakistani men by women, who reported this discrimination about Pakistani men?
Like some Pakistani women, men are too victims of home violence. Many men have shot their self dead, due to always-complaining and demanding attitude of their wives. How many stories of women's such violence have been criticized in public or on media forums and hyped by international media? How many of us know that the Pakistani lady Sharmeen Obaid Chenoy did not pay the promised amount of money to the woman whom she casted to act in her documentary and won the Nobel prize? is Sharmeen also a man who deprived the poor woman from her promised money? Why Pakistani social lady activists or international NGOs did not report this story on media?--because an "honorable" lady was involved in this discrimination?...

Every now and then articles are seen in the newspapers regarding gender discrimination against women as these are highly rated inside the country and desired outside to defame the country internationally. Despite this, authors of such articles also grab the fame and attention to ladder their career. In fact females of Pakistan are very lucky that women as well as many males speak for their rights, its hard to find even a single woman who volunteer herself for the men rights in Pakistan- isn't it a gender discrimination too?..
True that females are exploited, they are harassed in universities and at work places, they are stared at, there social media pictures are manipulated------its very bad-------- but they are very few in numbers compared to shown in the articles. More over the women cases shown on media do not portray the real picture of the story. Hardly seen the reasons behind this exploitation are also revealed along such stories.
Women are sexually harassed , there are many cases where women are involved in seducing the teenager boys for extra marital engagements and using them for immoral purposes. Such cases are most times not reported by the victims or not hyped by the so called human activists or can’t catch the attraction of the society because in this case victim is not a woman... isn't it also a gender discrimination towards men?
Women exploit men with their beauty in interviews to get admission or employment and depriving a deserved male from his rights ...why no one has written an article about that? Isn’t it a gender discrimination with men?

Universe is running on cause and effect phenomena. No one reported that not only females, males are also exploited and manipulated by women. Women do stare but little less aggressively then some men do. Women considering staring a crime for men, why they themselves commit this crime and who will sing the song on the behalf of males? Crime is crime even it is done for a "little" while...
It is common in our society that after spending some years of combined study, promising for the life engagement and showing clear signs of emotional attachment, men as well as women flew away suddenly whenever get the better choice of life partner, leaving the other mourning for his life and this story remains unsung by media and the women rights fellows of Pakistan as a male cry does not has that much soothing impact as a woman's has... isn't it a gender discrimination with the males again??..

Never seen an article being praised, advising women the ways to avoid from such alleged exploitation referred towards the men. If women are advised to hide their bodies and avoid wearing tight clothes, women them self along with women right activists start protesting that its a gender discrimination, an attempt to refrain Pakistani women inside their homes and Pakistan is not a safe place for a working woman.

It will remain a wonder that how could a woman with an unveiled chest showing enhanced body curves, sticking jeans folded at the ends to show the half bared legs, extra tightening shirt with wide open lower neck, extra thin transparent dress revealing all the strips and their ties around, face full of make-up, open wavy hair, sticky distempered lips and painted nails can contribute in nation's progress? Or who made this all compulsory for a working woman of Pakistan? And how can such women put an allegation to men of being stared at? More over if a male begins to see a woman in that appearance, women begin to write articles that men stare at them and they are being harassed.
If one wants to becomes a show piece, show piece is to be examined deeply- why complaining then? ...

It is mostly seen that females who are reported as being harassed by the professor, often start the proceedings themselves, to approach him by getting his mobile number, frequently visiting his office to gossip for P.R and getting good grades in the exams- this is another cruel way how women exploit the men in Pakistan, treating them as for granted. Similarly some of the working women exploit their bosses with their beauty to get rapid promotions and privileges including leaving the offices earlier than the official timings.
above mentioned and much more type of men exploitation by women are never reported, this psychological exploitation against men is just like the women harassment----later is reported frequently, earlier is not bothered to consider, often----is this not a gender discrimination against men in our society?....
The people talking about gender equality, must remember that equality does not mean to share the privileges only, it then also demands to share the work, regardless the nature of the work. If men and women are equal then why not Pakistani women start working in steel mills walking here and there holding red hot iron rods in their hands? Why not Pakistani women seem unloading trucks at Pakistani streets? Why not they reap the crops, mend the shoes road side, brick the house walls, or open the gutter holes, while men do all these..........why not women right activists and renowned bloggers report this gender discrimination in Pakistan?
The fact is, Allah has created both men and women with different structures, based on their natural responsibilities and working capabilities. Men cannot be equal to women and women are not equal to men. Both have some gender based privileges and some drawback over each other. Bad culprits may be in each section, it does not mean to criticize the whole gender based on individual acts as normally seen from women side for the men on the topic of gender discrimination. So one should be happy with one’s own gender instead of blaming the other because it would be troublesome for both the genders otherwise, especially in Pakistan- because western world having so called gender equality, is badly missing their lost, family system....
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Default writing

Thanks for the tips. They're very useful. In addition, I suggest everybody to try also free writing. It helps to develop writing skills and to master structural penmanship. Such skill is also useful in stressful situations (especially when you have deadlines and you're doing it on the spot). After few tries, analyze your paper, mark structure and what should be highlighted and corrected.
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Hello everyone. I gave CSS-2017. This was my first attempt. Most of the students were giving their second attempt. During the 2 hours break before another exam, I got to know the same fact as stated here. All the people were saying that they scored 50, 45, 55, and so in their essay paper. They failed an optional, which is why they are appearing again. So the essay phobia lessened at the time thankfully. They assured me that the Essay should be meaningful, and well researched. The arguments should not clash, and must be logical. The fancy English will not help unless your essay is meaningful and you explain your point of view well. That is all needed for an essay.

Thank you for the great thread here.
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Default Dissertation writing services

What’s the trick? Instead of sitting down and writing an essay, from start to finish, as many students do, it’s much easy to do all of your research beforehand, placing each item into a basic outline.
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