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Old Sunday, November 05, 2006
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Default compile

hi i m sorry i m teasing u ppl so much after reading snobbish post i m thinking to move to the other side but plz hav a look on this material i hav gathered it frm diff places so compile it if u find it to b a gud material for a debate or else i ll move to the snobbish 1 thanku impossibel and snobbish for all ur help

Although history mentions a lot about male leaders and only a few about women, it doesn't mean

that women have not made a difference. Florence Nightingale, Princess Diana and Mother

Theresa are a few of the women who have shaped our history.

we are the emotional type. However, being emotional does not mean weakness. The same way a

man who does not show his emotions is strong.

We don't really have to debate on who's stronger but I was just struck by my readings of the book,

"The Way," written by St. Josemaria Escriva (founder of Opus Dei). He wrote in point 982:

"Woman is stronger than man and more faithful in the hour of trial..." That, I personally believe.

In Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ," the power of women is depicted. In the death of

Jesus, His mother was with Him. Her strength was shown by "being there." Her presence,

acceptance and humility made her exemplary.

i believe that a woman also shows her strength in being a mother. Remember, when we were

younger? On our first day of school, our mothers joined us. If someone teased us, we would run to

the loving embrace of our mothers for protection.

Not only that, even in our sleeping position, we manifest our need for our mothers. Sleeping with

two or more pillows, psychologists explain, shows that we want to have something to hold on.

This is our security, a manifestation of our needs for that motherly strength.

For couples whose about to be married, their mothers also have an impact on their decision to

embark on a married life. The mother will never be replaced by the wife or the husband.

Furthermore, psychologists also say that when we were still in a fetal position in our mothers'

wombs, we were comfortable and secured. Our heartbeats then were connected to our mother's.

Nothing can be as great as being a woman and a mother. Indeed, motherhood makes a woman

stronger than man
then why did neapolean said give me good mothers i wil lgive u a good nation he could also ask

for good fathers

Venus Williams, left, and her sister, Serena, are as much celebrities as tennis players Martina

Hingis, Jennifer Capriati and Anna Kournikova

The human race wouldn't survive without women

No way, we women are so underappreciated! everyone thinks that the world is such fair and equal

place, but women still aren't getting a fair deal! women still aren't recieving equal pay or respect.

people are still so Victorian in their views and many men say that they don't agree with the saying

"a womans place is in the home" and yet they expect their female partners to do all the

housework and care for the kids and organise a meal while the woman is trying to hold down a


Most women are more hard working than most men.
Amother will make more sacrifices for you than a father.

One of the richest people in India is a lady by name Kiran Mazumdar who is also the owner of

Biocon India.

My teachers are women and I cant imagine what sort of education I would have got without them.

They have always guided me in every possible manner and some of them gone out of their way to

support me and many other students. My mother has always been there for me and has made

sure that I donot suffer from lack of anything and it is she who has made me what I am today. My

mother and my aunt are the ones who have kept my family together. These people are women

The fact of the matter is without women out lives both in the society and within our family would

have been miserable

In 16th century, Mughal era gave a new dimension and unique aspect to woman in the East. A

new cultural revolution took the Indian sub-continent by storm. Woman emerged as Queen

"Mumtaaz Mehal, Anaar Kali, Chaand bibi, and Noor Jahaan". Woman became a centre of

traditions, nucleus of the poetry, a salient feature of the culture. Poets used examples of beautiful

things like Moon, flowers, roses and stars, just to describe her beauty.

Father of Urdu,Ameer Khusro, for the first time, introduced feminine aspects in poetry with

symbolic representation of natural beauty like rain, colours and flowers. At the same time, he

used great terms related with cultural, traditional and familial aspects of woman,while keeping in

mind, religious limits too. She was so vulnerable and yet so protected with her typical armour of

shyness. In 16th and 17th Centuries, when women in Europe had no identity, no prominent

existence. Eastern Women were exploring themselves in a particular part, which is known as,


A woman becomes complete when she becomes a mother. Enjoying her power of creativity and

grade of superiority over " man " and even heavens she experiences those precious feelings and

senses, which nature gives only to woman. There is no doubt that as a mother, she is superior to

Man and is the nucleus of her family !

Nature has kept a specific feeling of comfort, protection and affection between a mother and a

child. This bond between her and her children prevents her offsprings from many social , medical,

and psychological drawbacks. According to the latest report of WHO , those children who pass

their childhood while their mothers are with them at home , are more self confident and relatively

have less risk of scaring of nightmares during sleep. Also according to confirmed Paediatric

studies , "working mother" or a "Job-less father" are a definite risk factors for child malnutrition

and emotional instability. It's truly said that the Future destiny of the child is always the work of

the mother.

She is the symbol of respect for the whole family. A precious gift of Allah to the whole household.

To a father waxing old nothing is dearer than a daughter. Sons have spirits of higher pitch but less

inclined to sweet, endaring fondness " Daughters are the blessings of God. Sweet, cute angels.

Daughter is some one so precious that our dear holy Prophet ( peace be upon him ) had his first

offspring as a holy daughter. " He smoothed her hair back.
" So it's actually an honour to be blessed with a daughter. " He told her gently.

She is a cause of affection and sacrifice. As a sister, she creates the feelings of holy, respectful

and modest emotions for family, collectively known as ' Ghairat ' in Pakistan


Women value love, communication, beauty and relationships.
A woman's sense of self is defined through their feelings and the quality of their relationships.

They spend much time supporting, nurturing and helping each other. They experience fulfillment

through sharing and relating.
Personal expression, in clothes and feelings, is very important. Communication is important.

Talking, sharing and relating is how a woman feels good about herself.
For women, offering help is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength; it is a sign of caring to

give support.
Women are very concerned about issues relating to physical attractiveness; changes in this area

can be as difficult for women as changes in a man's financial status.
When men are preoccupied with work or money, women interpret it as rejection.

God has made them physically weak, but in practicality they are more powerful than men. Just

look at how they make men dance!

Seriously though, it's up to women to make or break a home. They are the harnessing power

within a family. Whether they choose to use it in a good or bad manner is up to them.

Well I believe that its up to a woman to make herself weak or strong and its really have nothing to

do with which part of the world we are in and what religion we follow for example how about

muslim women of iran who fought war along side their male counterparts or how about pakistani

women like mukhtara mai who lived in rular area and had courage to stand for her right and if we

talk of women in general not muslim or pakistani we have loads of example to quote.

But if I have to be specific about pakistani females (excluding the exeptions) we are either brought

up to braod mindedly that in terms of taking leads we forget our defined limits or too naroow

mindedly that we dont feel safe to talk about even our basic rights both in terms of religion and as

part of society.
No nation can rise to the height of glory unless your women are side by side with you; we are

victims of evil customs. It is a crime against humanity that our women are shut up within the four

walls of the houses as prisoners. There is no sanction anywhere for the deplorable condition in

which our women have to live."
Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah (Father of Nation), 1944

Discrimination against women is observed throughout the world, especially in third world

countries. Pakistan is no exception in this regard. As Muslims, we are proud of Islam, that gives

women the most respect than any other religion, but on the contrary we can see some people

practicing few shameful acts on the name of tradition and culture which deprived women from

having their basic rights and down grade and dehumanized them.

The desi society has a strange behavior towards women. As on one side, women are considered

to be the foundation of the strong family system or a homemaker that is the nation proud of, but

on the other side we observe a woman never dealt as a human. The condition of women in

Pakistan depends mostly on geographical conditions and social status. There is a vast difference

in attitude of women, and their behavior, in rural and urban areas. Women living in urban areas had

greater opportunities in higher education and good career than a woman who lives in a rural

locality, as only she can have is primary education and then getting married and have children.

The same distinction is between the woman from a lower class, middle class and upper class.

The social mobility enjoyed by a woman from upper class is a dream a middle class woman can

have. Restriction on their mobility limits their opportunities. As there is an oriental fiction that

women do not work other than their domestic chores. As in general, work appears to be the

domain of men. However, this theory is evolving. Although lower class women do not face this

kind of restriction, most of them are responsible for bringing bread into their homes. They often

work as midwives, sweepers, and nannies or sell their homemade goods. Poor rural women

usually work in fields, transplanting rice, wheat and other crops, with their husbands, sometimes

own the fields but mostly they work for landlords of their area.
As a " Wife "

A good wife is heaven's best gift to man, his gem of many virtues, his casket of jewels; her voice is sweet music, her smiles his brightest day, her kiss the guardian of his innocence, her industry his surest wealth, her respect his cause of grace, her lips his faithful counsellors, her bosom the soft pillow of the cares. She is the good man's paradise, and the bad's first step to heaven, a treasure which, who wants, cannot be trusted to posterity, nor pay his own debts ; she's a golden sentence written by our Maker, which the angels may discourse of, only men know how to use, and none but devils violate. No doubt, a good wife binds earth to heaven.

When She becomes a " Career Woman "

She is judge, she is in police, she is an advocate, she is soldier, she is doctor. Majority of medical students of Pakistan comprises of females. She is journalist, pilot, business woman, she has even become Prime Minister here.
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Old Sunday, November 05, 2006
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@ Hirass

Good prolific work. Keep it up ping

@ Impossible

Yeah u r right. I think that I would have changed the statement from Fraility thy name is women to " Delicacy thy name is women", or may be to "Frivolity thy name is women".

Take care

Allah Hafiz
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Old Sunday, November 05, 2006
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Smile compile it up

hey guys thanks for liking it can you help me by giving it a shape of a debate thanks in advance
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Old Tuesday, June 12, 2007
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well it need little bit more

"You only live once, but if u work it right, once is enough."
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Old Saturday, June 30, 2007
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newbie_2007 is an unknown quantity at this point

a highly chauvinistic message!!!!....highly debatable....

Originally Posted by Yasir_Nasim

@ Snobbish

Dear u didnt mention the negative role of women social organizations which bring about the upheavels in the family matters and spoil the lives of many innocent brains. Also, u must have included the real place which Islam has appreciated for a woman i.e. in the home. Also highlight the role of a housewife which is the other part of the world and is the real paradigm for making a nation strong.

Last but not the least, "The hands which rock the cradle, rules the world"

I shall try to add more sometime else.

Take care

Allah Hafiz
the above message was in reply to this post..sorry new here so need to learn a few things as to how to post

Last edited by Aarwaa; Tuesday, October 28, 2008 at 02:57 AM.
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Old Wednesday, August 15, 2007
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SYED AAMIR ALI KAZMI is on a distinguished road

Please as the title is against the woman but matrial that friends are going to provide in positive sence. is it true we can do this things.
please reply me because this forum is our teacher and i am fully following this forum instead of using any other books. i have no time to read and search the material from the books. only net is my best source.
your quick response will be highly appriciable.

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Old Wednesday, August 15, 2007
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Default man can never do

a baby can be born without father but cant be borned without women this job man can never do . women can do as birth of jesus christ (pbuh)

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Old Sunday, August 19, 2007
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if taste vacablary is very poor whether essay will acceptable or not another thing is that whether any person is here who will check my essay for correction of material, spellings and some .....
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Old Monday, September 24, 2012
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thank u !!! ur material had helped me alot to ryt about the topic.....but there r some things i wanna ask 4rm u that don't u think that there are many things in that stuff which we can't include in an essay.... well.... again thank u!!! maheen
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Old Wednesday, November 12, 2014
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Originally Posted by I M Possible View Post
Go in favour of the statement frailty thy name is women. Others including me will provide u material.

What will be your points in favour , could you explain !!
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