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Old Sunday, April 29, 2012
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Default Illusion of democracy in Pakistan...please check my efforts

Illusion of democracy in Pakistan


History of feudalism
After 1947
Repercussion of feudalism
Tribal system
Rigged elections
Poor governance
Lack of implementation of ideology of Pakistan
Lack of sense of national integration
Inconsistent Long term policies
Geopolitical location of Pakistan


Implementation of ideology of Pakistan
Process to weaken the land lords and feudal culture
Good governance in all institutions
Friendly foreign policy
Long term policies
Devolution of Power
Positive role of media and social networks
Japan democratic setup suitable for Pakistan

Illusion of democracy in Pakistan

World experienced various forms of governance such as monarchy, oligarchy, military or civil dictatorship and other similar forms of government. These all systems of governments have failed. After the failure of all these systems a successful alternative system came out that’s called democracy. The underpinnings of democracy are fair elections, voting right for everyone, people can elect their representatives. These representatives are also accountable to the common man. Actual democracy can only flourished if all of its characteristics present at a time. But if any democratic system is lacking any one of its basic characteristic then pure democracy can never b established. In Pakistan the dilemma is that instead of lacking any one component of democracy here almost all the essentials of democracy are absent. Pakistan is not only lacking in outer trappings of democracy but also lacking its substance. Substance of democracy is the factor that distinguishes democracy from other forms of government that is to secure the maximum good of the maximum numbers. There are numerous hurdles in the way of democracy that made democracy as an illusion in Pakistan such as feudal system, geopolitical position, lack of fair elections, poor governance and absence of rule of law are some of them and these need immense measures to establish democracy with its substance.

Feudalism is a major hurdle in the way of democratic setup. According to historian Marc Bloch, feudalism was a warrior aristocracy bound by the vassalages. The lord of Europe was a noble who held land and used to give possession to their favorite ones called vassals. These vassals started increasing their power by having their police, prison and price. Ultimately they started ruling the society and became feudal lords who controlled will of people by power. Feudalism in Pakistan is also the fruit of British feudalism. After assuming power in sub continent British government gave big lands to somewhat powerful people of Sindh, Panjab, Balochistan and khebur pakhtoon khawa. By doing this British wanted to increase its power and gain support of big families of all areas.
After 1947 when Pakistan suffered two miseries of death of two great democratic leaders Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Liaqat Ali khan the power of Muslim league went into the hands of feudal of Pakistan. These feudal started establishing their corrupt system of governance for getting their personnel interests? When their corruption touched its dirty peak then power hungry military leaders stepped in to remove the corrupt politicians. Once they usurped power they forgot their purpose of toppling the civilian governments and started doings all wrong means to be remain in power. The corrupt dictatorship of civil and military has continues chain until recent past.

This ongoing war of power in society confused the common masses that who is the real rulers on them politicians, Beaurocrats, executives, military or land lords. These brutal dictators deteriorated the whole fabric of true democracy that cultivated seeds of communism in society. The wretched man is exploited by these corrupt Lords uncountable times that forced her to convert himself in extreme bent of political motivated Islamist groups. Who used them for the hidden political motives and ensured poor one justice in next world.

Subsequently, Pakistan system of governance never showed serious efforts to establish rule of law. Rule of law that provides security to common man and ensures accountability of all corrupt fishes. But in real the clutches of tribal informal system is free to throughout the young pregnant woman in front of hungry dogs, to break the legs of an old teacher, to gang rape a woman and moves her naked in whole village followed by uncountable and inexpressible heart breaking stories of tribal justice. But the rulers of this state not only become silent watcher of these cruelties but also give hidden support to these lords. The purpose of their backing is to get support of these lords next time in elections. Masses badly harassed by these criminalities and they restrict their free to the will of these lords and give vote as per the wish of these criminal lords.

Furthermore, rigged election is also a phenomenon to make democracy hypocrisy. Elections in Pakistan are in fact not for electing public representatives but for selecting powerful wealthy land lords in rural areas and industrial lords from urban areas. In all democracies in the world money does use for the election campaigns but all the candidates are bound to spend under the prescribed limits of law. It is also mandatory for the candidates that they should mention their sources of funds for the campaigns. In Pakistan there is also law available for limiting the expenditure on elections campaigns and for judging the sources of funds used for the elections wars. According Pakistani’s constitution Limit of expenditure on elections campaign is fifteen lacks but our riches of black and white funds spend more than 15 times of the fixed limit of 15 lacks. It is also compulsory for candidates to submit their assets and liabilities documents to elections commission. Despite of law politicians of Pakistan never bother to disclose their actual assets and liabilities that show transparency of sources of funds. So black money is excessively used for fighting elections campaigns and once they elected they will get their money back at the rate of more than thousands percent of interest.

Similarly, Bradri system, bogus votes and pressure groups steel the will of people and corrupt politicians get power again and again. This power playing breached the trust of the many voters and the stopped exercising their voting rights. As in 2008 less than 60% of the voters casted their votes which are lower than rate of votes in neighbors Iran despite of its monarchic system. If this trend established its roots then credibility of elected politicians is comes under the question mark.

In addition to that poor governance is also a major cause of failure in Pakistan. Almost all the institutions are not working properly, fairly and under their jurisdictions. Parliament is the supreme body of the state and it has the responsibility of making the constitution. Unfortunately many Pakistani parliamentarians not bother to ask a single question in the parliament nor did they ever raise any point in the session. But yes they do play politics in cafeteria and enjoy gossips with friends at the cost of pains of people. Judiciary is second essential pillar of state which is now playing a good role to strengthen the democratic setup in Pakistan. But in past judiciary also has black lines in its history for instance PCO judges and NRO ordinance. Third essential pillar is executive that has responsibility of implementation of law. Irrespective of their responsibilities they only worked as a tool in the hands of politicians who used them for doing all their unlawful acts. Media is the fourth pillar of state and has great responsibility to educate the masses. Although media is playing a strong role Pakistan for safeguarding the democracy but apart from their healthy programs they also on air the unhealthy power play and blame game of corrupt politicians. These fruitless discussions not only having any positive impact on the masses but also produce hopelessness and confusion among the masses. Further, Democracy always needs a friendly opposition that supports all the productive plans of ruling party. In Pakistan opposition is always busy in leg pulling, in playing the blame game and in criticizing the rolling party.

Adding to it, another missing nutrition for the roots of democracy is lack of implementation of ideology of Pakistan. It is crystal clear that Pakistan is not made only for Punjabi or Sindhi or Blochi or Pathan in fact it is made by the Muslims of sub continent for the Muslims of subcontinent. Therefore Islam is the only source of ideology of Pakistan that mobilized the Muslims towards Pakistan and it can only be the source of unity in Pakistanis to live brotherly in their Pakistan. But after partition selfish interest groups sized the ideology of Pakistan to flourish in the minds and hearts of Pakistanis for getting success in their divide and rule policy.
Many people links illiteracy to the failure of democracy in Pakistan. In actual this does not do so because an illiterate person is well aware of the right and wrong decisions regarding his family. If he has total freedom of will then he definitely takes the right decision while electing his representative. But even in the case of freedom of will there is always need of morality, honesty and brotherhood. If a person has these qualities then even if he is an illiterate he has ability to take right decision not only for him but for all other country fellows. These all qualities are the products of sense of national integration. If a nation is suffering from absence of national integration then the word nation is not suitable for that nation. Pakistan is the outcome of national integration of all Pakistanis but latter on many injustices produced sense of racism, provincialism, and sectarianism instead of national integration.
Moreover, Pakistan is a developing state and every developing state needs long term policies to sustain the development of the country. But in Pakistan politicians are not strong enough to withstand the pressure of strong media and masses. When they faced pressure on any of their policy they immediately change that policy irrespective of its productive and nonproductive nature. The lack of continuity of long term policies not only stopped the development of the developing state but also damage the roots of democracy.

Like wise, geopolitical and geo economical location of Pakistan is also making it an epicenter of interests of many big giants. Pakistan is the center of south west Asia, gate way to central Asia and near the Caspian Sea. Although Pakistan located at the heart place of Asia but due to disturbed neighbors, foreign influence, interests of big powers and animosities of different states in this region made Pakistan a field of war all the times. The sense of insecurity made Pakistan a security state and Pakistan foreign policy as security centric policy. On one hand this approach of foreign policy made Pakistan a puppet in the hands of foreign powers and on other hand loses various opportunities of trade with neighbors such as India.

Although democracy in Pakistan is lacking its substance due to above hurdles in the way of democratic setup. But all above hurdles in the way of democracy can be removed by genuine efforts and by real will of the people. Some of the measures to establish the roots of democracy in Pakistan society are discussed below.

First, the fabric of Pakistani society is composed by various ethnic groups, different cultures and different languages. The one common thing in among all races is religion Islam that gave birth to ideology of Pakistan. By implementing this common factor all the Pakistani can be unite again as in they were united for the struggle of Pakistan. In this way we can handle all our internal threats and move Pakistan towards the prosperity.

Second, feudal and land lords culture need to be weaken for making democracy strong. As it is clear that democracy and feudalism can never be exist together. In order to weaken the system of feudal and land lords new land reforms are inevitable. As in the case of India that has much more land lords autocracy after partition but by introducing land reforms they successfully weaken the hold of land lords and empowered the common man for exercising his free in elections. Therefore India is now standing at the rank of second biggest democracy in the world after US.

Third, democracy is a building that needs strong pillars to stand such as parliament, judiciary, executive, media and some other stakeholders for instance opposition and election commission. If all these institutions work fairly, properly and under their jurisdiction then clash of power can never be happened and democracy stand on strong footings. Similarly, if election commission ensures fair and unbiased elections then voter’s turnout will increase consistently. People will participate in elections not for selecting corrupt people but for electing their true representatives. Laws already exist but they are waiting for the implementation. Therefore it is the duty of all institutions of state that they should work according to law.

Fourth, foreign policy is a tool to make healthy and friendly relations with all the states rather a tool to defend the country irrationally. If Pakistan foreign policy is not merely a dictation of military and other security agencies and have a pure political approach to go for political interests then Pakistan can easily become a front line friendly state in south Asia. This political wise approach of Pakistan foreign policy is not only save Pakistan from the powerful exploiting hands but also open the doors of trade with all neighbors like India.

Fifth, long term policies needs consistent work done rather sudden shift of policies in short term. All the developing states need continuity in the progressive plans and policies that lead the state towards growth. More over laws need implementation for making all corrupt and big fishes including corrupt politicians, executives and military Generals accountable in the court of justice. Policies are also needed for curtailing ongoing clashes of sectarianism and extreme bent of Islamists groups. In order to establish a peaceful and brotherhood society it is the need of hour that a more moderate approach of Islam should be preached by all the scholars of present sects that enable all Muslims to live with love and peace. If all Muslims know the true teachings of Islam and start tolerating each other by keeping their individual believe with them salves rather imposing it on other sects. By doing this can save their salves from the political motivated so called Islamist groups.

Sixth, for making people more powerful it is important to make fair system of devolution of power. The system strengthens the common man and weakens the monopoly of big political parties. Although two dictators General Ayub and General Musharaf started basic democracy and local government system respectively but these system have hidden political motives of these dictators. It is important that system of devolution of power should be come only and only for the welfare of the common man.

Seventh, media and social networks are now making their own land structures. Media is hidden ruling hand of this era. It has power to make a Villon hero and hero Villon. Keeping its importance and power in mind media needs to act more responsibly. In past media suffered various political made hurdles but now media is free up to great extent. Therefore media can play an immensely strong role to establish true democracy in Pakistan. Furthermore, social media is also giving a platform to the young users for taking part in day to day politics. So media and social networks can be utilized for moving the masses for the establishment of democracy. For instance the Egyptian revolution came through the face book.

Last but not least, democratic system of Japan is more suitable. Pakistan’s history is presenting much distorted picture of democracy. It is because when ever politicians get the power they made new records of corruption in starting years of their tenure as a result for overthrowing these corrupt politicians power hungry Generals usurp the power. Although this parliament is longest surviving parliament of history but a common man define it as most corrupt, most exploiting, poverty driven, criminal driven and most unfriendly government. Because a hungry man has nothing to do with democracy or dictatorship as long as he is striving for food. First he needs his means of survival then he can think about any government setup. Therefore it is highly recommended that prime minister should be elected for two years tenure and half of the parliament also elected after every two years having four years tenure for all parliamentarians. In this way neither corrupt politicians will get too much time for looting and plundering the national resources nor do military Generals get chance to usurp power.

In nut shell Pakistan is a country that experienced both corrupt democracies and corrupt dictatorships. These better experiences enable Pakistan to diagnose the symptoms of distorted democracies. These symptoms are the real hurdles in the way of real setup democracy. Only strong will of masses and fair politicians can overcome the hurdles in the way of democracy. For the real democratic setup fair elections, implementation of rule of law, appropriate workings of all institutions and national integration are essential elements.
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Old Tuesday, May 15, 2012
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I need some more important points to improve this essay from seniors.
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Old Tuesday, May 15, 2012
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Although I am not a senior nor a very professional hand at Essay writing but here are some suggestions from my side.
it is a nice effort but you may consider improving structure of few sentence to make them more lucid and succinct, fore example:
"These all systems of governments have failed." keeping the context of your writing in mind i figure you wanted to say that "All these system of governance have failed." (by the way, what do you exactly mean by failed? )

The underpinnings of democracy are fair elections, voting right for everyone, and people can elect their representatives.

Actual democracy can only flourished if all of its characteristics are present at a time.

There are numerous hurdles in the way of democracy that made democracy as an illusion in Pakistan such as feudal system, geopolitical position, lack of fair elections, poor governance and absence of rule of law are some of them and these need immense measures to establish democracy with its substance. (would be nice if you cut this sentence short )
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