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Old Saturday, November 07, 2009
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Lightbulb Need help in essay

please help me in essays. i want my essays to be checked thoroughly because i am extremely worried about my sentence structure. i shall be very grateful to you
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Old Saturday, November 07, 2009
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Originally Posted by magnum View Post
please help me in essays. i want my essays to be checked thoroughly because i am extremely worried about my sentence structure. i shall be very grateful to you
@ magnum

You can have great opportunity to seek help from our seniors and juniors members. Essay writing is really a very tricky job but practice makes you perfect day by day. Where is your first effort for essay?? I hav'nt found?

I am waiting for first flight from your side.

"Everything we learn, we learn by doing"
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Old Saturday, November 07, 2009
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Post my first essay

here sir i have pasted my essay please give me its feedback n more topics to write on


Historical background of Pakistani culture
Islamic values
Social culture
Lavish living and lavish customs in Pakistan
Fairs and festival
Impacts of contamination
Examples of other societies
Causes of contamination
• Illiteracy
• Globalization
• Media war
• Education
• Wake up call
• Renaissance of Islamic values
Sir Edward Burnett Taylor 1870 expresses culture as
“Culture is a complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, arts, moral laws, customs and other capability and habits acquired by a man as a number of a society.”
This means that Culture is the set of “inherited” beliefs, attitudes, and moral strictures that people uses to distinguish outsiders, to understand themselves and to communicate with each other. Every great nation enjoys its own culture. Similarly, Pakistani culture is very distinct due to its Islamic nature and rich background. Word contamination refers to the act of making something injurious or inappropriate. Now Pakistan’s divers’ culture is being contaminated because of the increased influence of Western culture especially among the affluent, which have easy access to Western products, television, media, and food also the influence of Hindu culture and traditions is vastly evident in so many occasions and festivals.

Historically Pakistan's culture is very diverse. This stems from the fact that what is now Pakistan has in the past been invaded and occupied by many different peoples, including White Huns, Persians, Arabs, Turks, Mongols and various Eurasian groups. Unfortunately Pakistani culture is a mixed brew of 3 different influences 1. The Arab Islamic influence, which in reality evolved from Arab tribal culture, and the Islamic belief system. 2. The Hindu Indian culture, which is quite evident in the daily life system and in fact, to a great extent has also influenced Pakistani socio-religious practices. 3. Lastly, the large remnant of the British slavery of the sub-continent always rears up its ugly head in everyday life and especially in the area of language. So the culture of Pakistan is a blend of various factors. There are differences in culture among the different ethnic groups in matters such as dress, food, and religion, especially where indigenous pre-Islamic customs differ from Islamic practices.

Pakistani culture is actually a part if the contemporary Islamic civilization which draws its values and traditions from Islam and rich Islamic History.
Majority of population comprises of Muslims and believe in one Allah, brotherhood, equality and social justice etc. Islam is a religion of peace and patience but some anti-Pakistan movements i.e. jihad organizations are engaged in teaching wrong concepts of Islam and holly war as well as portraying false image of country as a terrorist state.
The roots of social culture of Pakistan are based on the Islamic faith, the direct translation of Pakistan's name means Land of (the) Pure, implying spiritual purity. This spirituality therefore, is contaminated from strict cultural taboos to a liberal society. For example Public displays of affection, even by married couples are restricted. This however now find in various places and amongst various ethnic groups. The extensive use of mobile phones by youngsters has ruined their healthy minds and the free night calls encourages male female friendship and discourages academic level, they are unable to think in a positive way young generation is now left with irrational thinking. Internet users have easy access to any kind of website good or bad. Instead of educating themselves younger people are deteriorating their minds.
Lavish living and lavish customs are now in practice. People are so status conscious. Earlier people believe in simple living and high thinking but now people feels proud to have high living and simple thinking. Mobile is a status symbol but now every one from a kid to a sweeper has it. The increasing customs of marriage especially at ‘Mehindi’ people spend a lot on exclusive stage decoration, a range of continental dishes, expensive dresses of bride and groom and are still adding more and more as a status symbol. Now people are suffering from V.I.P cancer. This is evident in new trendes towards shisha. In our childhood we used to spend our summer holidays with grand parents in Punjab. There was a custom there to smoke hookah, which we never saw in Karachi. Now ‘Shisha-smoking’ the favorite pastime for Pakistan's youth and the latest fashion trend among youngsters. Children below 18 who can’t directly buy cigarettes off the shelf, throng the ‘Shisha Houses’ spread across Islamabad to have a puff or two Mocking sheesha is the latest craze among the hip young crowd. Cafes which offer sheesha are the latest ‘in’ thing and draw big consumers because of the novelty of their ware. Youngsters can be spotted hanging around these places, cooling their heels by inhaling the tobacco-laced smoke through fancy sheeshas.. Sale of cigarettes or other tobacco items to youngsters below 18 is banned in Pakistan Various ‘Shisha’ outlets openly violating the state laws that bar the sale of tobacco to youngsters below the age of 18, can be seen at shisha bars. Shisha smoking was more prevalent among the high socio economic group, which might be because of the cost, accessibility and availability. ‘Shisha’ means “flavoured water pipe smoking”. Shisha offers a mixture of crude types of tobacco fermented with molasses and fruits and the sweet odour of fruits conceals the natural smell of tobacco’s tar and nicotine. Additional dangers not encountered with cigarette smoking are infectious diseases resulting from pipe sharing and the frequent addition of alcohol or psychoactive drugs to the tobacco. But according to students shisha smoking is more than a fashion and ‘in fact a status symbol for this generation “It leaves an impression on my friends, I am versatile”
Pakistani culture is rich in literature of Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, Barohi and Kashmiri languages. Now a day’s Urdu literature is in its declining phase. This is evident in declining reading habits of people, for example reading journals, digests; weekly magazines are now no more in fashion and are replaced by only few articles and internet. Other than that the piece of literature now find is not sound at all.
Language; Pakistani society is largely multilingual; Urdu is the only official language of Pakistan. Although English language is generally used instead of Urdu in this regard, English is the lingua franca of the Pakistani elite and most of the government ministries. If an individual can speak with an even somewhat of a British English accent, he or she is considered educated and somewhat superior! Unfortunately we have adopted English from the day first not Urdu.
Dress: The national dress of Pakistan is Shalwar Qameez for both men and women. The dress is believed to be an amalgamation of the dresses worn by the ancient Turks, Persians and Afghans who have left their impression on the people and culture of Pakistan. With the passage of time pair of trousers and short shirts have takes place instead of shalwar qmeez. Women follow new trends in dress usually they go for sleeveless shirt no more dupatta or some times scarf. Girls have stopped wearing full clothes. Exposing arms, bare skin is no more a no go area, infact they try to expose themselves as much as they can. Girls have forgotten modesty.
Food in Daily Life at least 95 percent of the Pakistani population is Muslim, there are two food customs that are followed almost universally. One is that Muslims do not eat pork (therefore beef, chicken, lamb, and fish are the basic foods), and the other is that during the month of Ramadan, fasting is a daily activity. Wheat and flour products are considered mainstays of the daily diet, and the use of pickles, chutneys, preserves, and sauces along with curried meats, seafood, vegetables, and lentils Green tea is the typical drink served at all meals. Hotel ling was not there for last few decades but now it’s in fashion. Also traditional dishes are replaced by pizzas, donuts, sharwarma and a lot of other fast foods. Increasing globalization has increased the influence of Western, Arabian and Italian cuisine in Pakistan such as K.F.C, MacDonald’s, Dunkin Doughnuts, Al Nakhal, Italian oven, etc. Moreover Consumption of alcoholic beverages by Muslims is officially illegal in Pakistan. Only non-Muslim Pakistanis and non-Muslim foreigners are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages (receiving government issued license).
Despite all the restrictions, there are reports that underground alcoholic activities exist and have thrived ever since the law banning Alcohol consumption was passed in the late 70's.
The holy festivals like shab-e-miraj, shab-e-barat, Eid ul-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, eid millaad un nabi, muharram (Ashura) now have their social and commercial side rather than spiritual side. Eid milaad-un-nabi is celebrated in order to show off status, for the sake of social gathering and it can be called a religious kitty party. Muharrm now turned towards commercial side as shia sect has sensitized their mourning like Hindu’s celebrating their festivals of their Gods and Goddesses same in a way shia sect decorate their ‘alam’ ‘tazia’s’ and ‘horses’ of Hazrat imam Hassan and Hussain. The influence of Hindu culture and traditions is vastly evident in Basant. Pre-Islamic Punjabi festival is known as Jashn-e-Baharan also referred to as Basant. Moreover Valentines Day, mother’s day, father’s days are celebrated with full enthusiasm and is being imposed on us as a part of our culture as if we would be lost without them. Especially Valentines Day is the most popular event in young generation.
Perhaps the most popular sport in Pakistan is cricket, and large amounts of Pakistanis gather around TV sets to watch the Pakistani team play in World competitions, especially against Pakistan's rival India.
Now children are interested in playing games on computer and new generation is on destructive side.

Popular media is also included in country’s culture. Traditionally, the government-owned Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) has been the dominant media player in Pakistan. However, the past decade has seen emergence of several private TV channel. It is a fact that private entertainment channels are slowly killing our culture.They copy Indian soap operas to increase viewer ship. Dramas are promoting infidelity, treachery. The concept of family entertainment has totally vanished. There was a time when we saw dramas like dasht, dhuwan, alpha bravo charlie etc. on PTV. Watching such fine productions now seems to be a dream. In the name of entertainment private channels are promoting a westernised society thus killing our own identity. People are becoming more materialistic and family values are being forgotten.There has been a change in our comedy programmes shown at various channels these days. Now they seemed more influenced by the western and Indian origin programs. Where are our norms gone which we established through programs like Fifty Fifty, tot batot, Show time, Studio 2, Moeen Akhtar Show, Zia Mohaeeul din Show etc. with a clear message in these of our religious, social and cultural norms and a very clean comedy style. Now we have taken a 360 degree twist, dress codes are vulgar which we now depict as modern fashion and styling and script is absolute pathetic and message less. Youth is getting spoiled and are learning to show disrespect to their parents and seniors, women is made a sex symbol and is being used as such even in serious talk shows. We are destroying our kids personalities with programs which could let them idealize dancing heroes and heroines as their ideals massive chain reaction has started to destroy over all personality of our kids who have to run this country in an other 10-15 years and medias role in keeping the youth on the right track is more than ever needed now.
The most typical part of entertainment is Pakistani cinema known as "Lollywood" as it is based in Lahore, producing over forty feature-length films a year. As uneducated and untrained people, feudal lords and black money holders are basically king of Lollywood. They made movies of their own choice as well as they are happy in converting black money in to white. The number of films produced per year also declined because they are promoting Gujar-culture and also due to several other factors including the wide spread use of DVD players and cable TV network. Since even most patriotic Pakistanis like to watch Indian movies over their own so despite tense relations with India, Indian movies are popular in Pakistan. Ironically, Indian films are illegal, officially but they can easily be found across Pakistan.
Today, Lollywood has totally collapsed and once busy film producing studios have been turned into more profitable business ventures. Most of cinema houses too have been turned into commercial business plazas. Now Cinepax is targeting the larger cities of Pakistan: Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Multan, and Hyderabad. Cinepax screens Hollywood films and bollywood films within a month of their international release dates. Cinepax will also screen the best of international and Pakistani cinema.
Music is also very popular in Pakistan, and ranges from traditional styles (such as Qawwali) to more modern groups that try to fuse traditional Pakistani music with western music. Folk music remains only in the villages and some marriage parties.
Pakistan has different types of cultures, as well as Pakistan has different weather which is most beautiful, we have all weathers of the world here in Pakistan, so we can have different cultures as well, we can enjoy all weather here. Due o global warming and recent wars against terrorism increases the temperature in summers and eventually less rain fall which sometimes damages the crops.
The impact of culture on any society is tremendous.The solid system of human values that has been functioning for centuries has the depth of human involvement in culture; culture provides us with generally accepted truths in depth and abundance of experience. Art, beauty, freedom, tragedy, democracy, and individualism are finding in deeply human content. The actualization and explicit definition of national cultural identity is considered the ability to comprehend the peculiarities of a national culture and its distinction from the peculiarities of other cultures. This ability guides us to a comprehension of what type of cultural synthesis a nation has created. The classical model of beauty, presented as something that has its own tasteful and harmonious image, as something that should be, at least partially, a harmoniously structured object. Beauty and aesthetics are presented as a paradigm.

If we take examples of other countries and their cultures we will find a few or no contamination in their culture but still progressing in a positive manner for example Chinese and Japanese culture both are no doubt well developed nations of the world. Even in this modern world they are restricted to their customs and traditions, which is visible in their life style e.g. Japanese home decor is mostly have the floor settings, similarly Chinese still eating with their chop sticks. The main part of their culture is that the sticks to their own language, even when U.S president visits their country they still uses their own language and have a translator to communicate with them. These nations are developing while flourishing their culture side by side through their representatives who are still in practice of their own taboos and customs. Also Islamic societies, not exclusively but perhaps to a greater extent than most other nations, are committed to an idea of the perfectibility of humans in societies, through moral education and imposition and enforcement of moral law based on the Quran.

Causes of this contamination include various factors. Most eminent among others is illiteracy in Pakistan. People thinks that if will modernize they will be labeled as developed nation on contrary if they loses their roots there will b chances of disintegration. This is also due to the extreme subjectivity of values of Pakistani people.
Globalization is another factor. Globalization, by definition, is the integration and democratization of the world's culture, economy, and infrastructure through transnational investment, rapid proliferation of communication and information technologies, and the impacts of free-market on local, regional and national economies.
In this globalize world, cities are becoming clones of each other, and people are converging into fake stereotypes; gone are the unique cities that carry so much history and culture in every corner, lost are the enriching cultural differences and specificity that make a society uniquely what it is. Restaurants serving this or that country’s traditional food are drowned out by the huge fast food chains, beautiful traditional clothing is lost between the new bulk-made looks created by the big brands, people look alike, eat alike and dress alike
Media war is another factor .Indian channels portray there culture as a colour full and full of norms and values.beside the fact that they themselves do not practice it but grabs the attention of their viewers, including Pakistani’s, who blindly follow their customs ant adpt their fashion. This is a mass brain washing of our youth and this is the biggest of threats to our existence than Talibanization, terrorism or enemies across the border and the world.
Increased terrorism ceased our culture to flourish in a healthy environment. People are reluctant to reform culture and save it because of depression and subjectivity in life. Instead of saving our cultural heritage we are deteriorating it.

Culture that we understood as something noble or in close touch with human ideals has fallen off the pedestal of something extraordinary into everyday vulgar and monotonous reality. Not only does traditional beauty cease to renew itself but it also loses its sense, because it does not express the feeling of man in this era.Pakistan’s culture is now a question of identity, losing one of the things that count the most: our identity, the uniqueness in us, that which makes us special and allows us to stand out from the crowd.

We are living in Pakistan where breaking laws is the norm. In addition, there is a scarcity of law-enforcing personnel. One shouldn’t expect everyone to stub out just because a regulation has been imposed. for example a public message for all is” Smoking is injurious to health” which is replaced from 1st July with” Protect children. Don’t let them breathe your smoke”. But this rule has been violating in sheeshe bar freely.

We have to cure our culture only through educating people and making them aware of the importance of culture. Education towards the realization of cultural identity: According to J. Swift, the purpose of any quality education is "to empower the citizen to make conscious and articulated choices in the construction of his or her values by questioning and evaluating orthodoxies."18 This component of the abilities of citizens (the ability of making choices) lies also the inability to judge, to evaluate and construct his or her own cultural values ladder and the ability to create relations to existing cultural orthodoxies or values. The shaping of this ability in future citizens we shall call cultural education, conceived as education by means of cultural values and products. Also by teaching Multicultural education. "Multicultural education is a process destined to extend the scope of knowledge, to develop mutual understanding and fruitful relations among groups of various cultures. In an ideal situation it brings people to the understanding of various cultures as sources for their own education and respect for variety in local, national and international environments."
Why do we allow all Indian Channels to be allowed to shown and some of Indian programs being allowed to show on local TV channels. It is propaganda against us. It is time for Purification of our culture. Taking the example of Iran they more sticker in their presentations, as they have strict sensor board which does not allow illegal and immoral programmed on t.v channels and on internet websites. All we have to represent our official representatives themselves practicing national culture in front of world.
In order to, sterilize our culture this is wake up time for our nation as its a do or die situation, scenario is already not very good but with our efforts at all ends we could save our kids to reach a certain stage of demoralization and corruption, a point of return is very near and we are waiting for our government and NGOs to do it for us. They cant help us, we have to focus on our individual house hold and start correcting things from our own home rather than condemning the whole Nation and the system. Our youth is not bad by nature it only needs good level of guidance and support from us all, we can bring them on track but we need to do it on war footing basis.
A few more long marches needed to get us all to the point from where we started to be off track. Parents, teachers, scholars, media Giants, educational institutes, NGOs, welfare organizations, religious organizations, Armed forces, Private sector and every body should join hands to save our Islamic Identity which is the core to survive and to keep us intact as a Nation. Our leaders spend more time in criticizing each other and asking for charity of loans and aid from foreign world, they should take emergency steps to ensure our image of an independent Islamic state and to make our youth aware that we are the best nation in the world living in a country which was formed on Islamic Ideology.

Our survival is in adopting Islam in its true of forms that can support our survival in the modern world and above all make our youth proud to be Muslims first and then Pakistanis. Talk shows highlight further division of Pakistan these days, nothing of such nature should be discussed even. The basic rights health, education and trade should be given equally to all citizens of Pakistan and it should be with discrimination of race, gender, tribe or a provence. Every thing has to be decided on true merits according to our religion. What better system do we need other than Islam our religion has already given us but we still look to western econometrics, social security policies and legal and justice system. What a pity we have every solution to our problems written in a Holy Book called Quran which we often lock it our cupboards and not very often refer to it when we need help, on the contrary we call foreign consultants to tell us what to do after paying millions of dollars worth of tax payer’s money. As patriotic people this contamination has to be stopped and culture must be de contaminated.
In conclusion, from all above discussion one can conclude that the real peace is in simplicity and comfort as Islam teaches us. By implementing on above stated remedies we will drive away all these evils from Pakistan, its time to save our culture tradition and Pakistan from the clutches of western influence. We as Pakistani have to be proud of our ethnic culture and not to be proud of adopting and inspiring of others culture as a status symbol.
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Old Saturday, November 07, 2009
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Default Good effort

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Sir Edward Burnett Taylor 1870 expresses culture as
“Culture is a complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, arts, moral laws, customs and other capability and habits acquired by a man as a number of a society.”
Please, Never Ever define the topic to checker. If you will do this, The chances of your failure increases. According to very good English Professor.

كُلُّ نَفْسٍ ذَآئِقَةُ الْمَوْتِ - Every Soul Must Have The Taste Of Death
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Old Saturday, November 07, 2009
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thanks for your advice will you please let me know about my sentence structure and also how to start an essay if not defining it?
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