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Old Sunday, March 24, 2013
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Default Modern day communication via social networks

In Essay Paper CSS-2013, "Does modern day communication via social networks put an end of true and sincere relationships" was copied from a website namely Private Writing. I've found some material on this topic online and source is quoted below. Hopefully it will help for self-evaluation because examiner will also check online for solutions.

Social Networking and Relationships The Question: Does modern day communication via social networks put an end to true and sincere relationships? The most common problems that wreak havoc when real-life relationships play out on social media sites: "Anyone involved in a committed adult relationship should be willing to be public about that status on Facebook. Of course there are a few exceptions to the rule, but if your partner refuses to disclose your relationship in his or her social networking life, it's probably a red flag." Full disclosure: "It goes without saying that you and your partner should be friends on social media sites. If your mate doesn't let you see everything his online friends can see, you should be suspicious. If a trust issue has come up and your relationship is potentially on the line, both partners should be willing to share e-mails, Facebook and text messages to provide reassurance." Trust: "It's flattering when an old flame seeks you out online and sends notes or pictures. It's tempting to reach out to former partners, especially if your life or relationship is in a rut.

But this kind of interaction will only distract, distance and potentially damage your real-life situation. Reminiscing briefly is pleasant, but that should be as far as it goes." The Past: "In the heat of an angry moment, it's tempting to vent online. But does the world really need to know that he forgot your birthday or she talked your head off during the big game? Be smart about what you post for public consumption. Call a friend to unload instead. Disrespecting your partner in public is never healthy for a relationship." Too Much Information: "You'd think we would have all learned by now that whatever we post, tweet or e-mail is permanently recorded even if messages are deleted, the account is closed or the hard drive is wiped clean. None of us knows when our online activity may come under scrutiny just ask anyone involved in a contentious divorce. Keep your online activity conflict- and drama-free." It's permanent There's a Facebook page called "I wonder how many relationships Facebook ruins every year" with over 100,000 "Likes. Fact: Lauren Luzier Paula Franco Daur Dudko Social networking sites can really be a good way to communicate with your friends or romantic partner, but if there are jealousy issues it can lead to plenty of arguments were you may not be able to tell through true emotions online. The best way to avoid all these problems is to not let everyone know about your business.

A relationship should only be kept between people. Don’t isolate yourself from everyone, but don’t let everyone know about all your business. 4 Ways Social Networking is Changing Relationships 1. Allows you to connect with more people People can have access to many more ideas and resources Find the best information to solve our particular business issues It becomes easy to approach someone you’d like to meet 2. Makes it Easy to Overestimate Levels of Intimacy People can become so seduced by the ease of connecting with others online that they begin to think that these relationships are more intense, more committed and more complete than they really are. People take a risk of alienating the people who populate their daily lives in pursuit of intimacy with their online friends

3. You’re More Susceptible to the Social Media Contagion Effect This means if someone in your online social network is angry, lonely, or hostile, and takes it out on you, you’re more likely to ‘transmit’ this mood yourself. This means that even though you may never have met this person or interacted with them in real life, their “bad behavior” can still influence yours. 4. Comparing Yourself with Others People can start feeling some pressure to demonstrate a certain persona, as we know that people are always watching us Successes can feel diminished and failures amplified Think About this What would you do if you were in a relationship and your boyfriend / girlfriend would not make it "facebook official"? Should you be friends with your parents and / or family on social networking sites? Or is that invasion of privacy? Would they find something they would not like?

Is it hard to tell someones emotions online? How do you know when someone is being serious? Can people become addicted to social networking sites? In your opinion does social networking put an end to true relationships? Main points: Friends: Feelings can be hurt if conversion are public seen Emotions hard to understand, can lead to argument Humiliation Committed Relationships: Jealousy Past regrets Trust issues Public fights / updating relationship status too much Family: Neglect Offended Finding out information through social networks Parents feel they should be connect to child Thesis: Thank you for your time

Sources: How important is it for you to update your relation status on fb when you start dating? Do / would you look through likes, posts, etc of your loved one? What would your reaction be if you saw a "like" by your girlfriend or boyfriend on an old picture of him / her hugging their ex while you are still dating? Would you become more cautions on what you post / like when in a relationship? How important is it for you to check if your partner does not have anything provocative on their fb?
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Old Friday, March 29, 2013
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though this topic has been copied but it is the social issue these days...
and the material u have quoted is not ristricted to this any one can have alot to write according to their own perception

it is s strong and imporpant topic...these social networking sites are now affecting the relationships....

it is upto the writter how he/she attepmt it...
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khan Shaheer (Friday, March 29, 2013)
Old Friday, March 29, 2013
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Article focuses on the specific relation among couples !
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khan Shaheer (Friday, March 29, 2013)
Old Friday, March 29, 2013
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It's an argumentative topic allowing a wide perspective for essay. Now it depends on examiner that how he'll percept about different writings of students on this topic.
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Old Tuesday, April 02, 2013
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Topic: Modern communication via social networks puts an end to true and sincere relationahip1. Introduction2. Kinds of social networks*3. Success and failures of social networks in developing true and sincere relationships in 1st world 4. Failure of social networks in developing sincere and true relationships in Pakistan and third world5. ReasonsA. Cultural valuesB. Social valuesC. Caste systemD. Time passing objectivesE. Lack of information sharingF. Class differenceG. Secterian divide H. Label of terrorism (while making relationships with western commons)I. Lack of mutual understanding6. Suggestions*7. Conclusion
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