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Old Thursday, July 24, 2014
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umer ahmad is on a distinguished road

I would beg to differ wd you. the topic doesn't want us to explain the factors which make a nation great, rather, it asks us to explain the strategies of non-confrontation of great nations which lead them to achieve their objectives without fighting.
we need not to go astray in things like nations become great not cux f wars rather the factors you mentioned
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Old Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Originally Posted by hamza786 View Post
I attempted "Women Sportsperson as New Ambassador of Soft Image of Pakistan"
1- Introduction
2- Importance of soft image of any country in the modern world
3- Prevailing image of Pakistan in the world
4- Causes of unsatisfactory image of Pakistan
a- False interpretation of Islamic laws regarding women
b- Feudalism
c- Illiteracy
d- Discouragement to women to participate in sports
5- Islam encourage the participation of women in every field of life
6- Islam allows women to participate in sports as Hazrat Aysha made race with Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)
7- Women sportsperson are a good tool to develop soft image of Pakistan
a- Women sportsperson will remove misconception about Islam in western world
b- Women sportsperson will remove misconception about Pakistan
c- Women sportsperson will show the modernization in the Pakistani society
8- Soft image is very important for the development of the country
a- World is going to globalization so soft image attracts countries to come to invest
b- World organisations will come to Pakistan to enhance women status in Pakistan
c- Foreign investment will increase
d- Tour industry will boost up
e- Pakistan will serve as a source of Islamic preaching
10- Conclusion

Please evaluate my essay as i thought that this essay would be attempted by least number of candidate and argument in the favor of this topic is the policy of Pakistan and civil services.
Dear a very good and well balanced essay. My prayers with you.
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Old Thursday, July 24, 2014
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saadiii is on a distinguished road
Default Literature as a great cultural artifact

Literature as a great cultural artifact

1. What is Literature?
1.1 Different forms of literature
1.1.1 Poetry
1.1.2 Drama
1.1.3 Novel
1.1.4 Short Stories
2. What is Culture?
2.1 Factors which contribute to the formation of culture
2.2 culture varies from place to place
3. Literature and Culture
3.1 Why does a writer write? (influence of his surroundings, society, people’s behavior which shape culture)
3.2 effect of social conditions on writer's writings
3.3 writers get influenced by the happenings in their surroundings
3.4 ways of studying literature (to know about the social conditions at the time when writer wrote)
3.5 literary theories laying emphasis upon studying social conditions of the age when any literature is produced
3.6 why do we still remember those civilizations which existed centuries ago
3.7 Greek Literature as a portrayal of Greek culture
3.7.1 examples of Homer's writings, Oedipus plays ets
3.8 English Literature as a portrayal of English Culture
3.8.1 examples of Shakespeare's plays, Jane Austine, Arthur Miller, Joseph Cornard
3.9 Urdu literature as a portrayal of Urdu Culture
3.9.1 Examples
3.10 Punjabi literature as a portrayal of Punjab's culture
3.10.1 Examples
4. Literary movements as an effort to preserve native culture
4.1 Romanticism
4.2 Different movements in Urdu Literature
5. Conclusion
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Old Sunday, August 03, 2014
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m kamal 999 is on a distinguished road
Question outlineeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Literature as a great cultural artifact
• What is culture
• Determinants of culture
a. Food
b. Dress
c. Literature
c.1 What is literature
c.1.1 Poetry
c.1.2 Prose
c.2 Why literature so important to culture
• Mirror of society
• Preseverve nation identity
• Tool of revolution
• Bring reforms in society
• A path of success for youth
• literatures represent cultures
• Pashto literature
• Balochi literature
• Punjabi literature
• Sindhi literature
 Urdu literature
 Dastaangoi (epics)
 Tazkiras
 Poetry
 Sonnets
 Novels
 Rahman Abbas
 Famous novels
 Short stories (afsanah nigari)
 Drama
 Literary movements
 Progressive Writers Movement
 Modernism
 Halqa e Arbab e Zauq
o Post-modernism
o Independent writers
 Theatre of the Absurd
Role of literature in present scenario
 Peace loving culture
 Islamic values
 Traditional cuisines sports and dresses
Impact of culture on society
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Old Sunday, August 03, 2014
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the game is on a distinguished road
Default here is mine...


1. Introduction.
2. What is literature?
3. Literature is divide into:
a) Poetry
b) Prose
4. Cultural artifact in poetry of:
a) Imr ul Qais
b) Zuhair bin abi Salma
c) Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai
d) Ahmed Shah Bukhari
5. Cultural artifact in prose writings of:
a) Khalil Jibran
b) Taha Hussain
c) Amr Jalil
d) Maxim Gorki
6. Advantages:
a) Familiarity with different cultures
b) Importance of culture
c) Dissemination of culture
7. suggestions:
a) Moral & financial support to poets & writers
b) Education
c) Public publication departments
d) Easy access to libraries.
8. Conclusion.
Patience ultimately leads to success.
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Old Thursday, October 16, 2014
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prince93 is on a distinguished road

hy brother... congrats for passing... tell me how you prepared essays.. what was ur strategy?
had you joined any academy for preparation?
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Old Sunday, October 19, 2014
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Default essay

i passed great nations essay,but my thoughts were quite different than all of you..
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Old Sunday, October 19, 2014
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nabilach is on a distinguished road
Default Kindly Give Critical Appraisal of My Outline

Only a Progressive Education at All Levels Can Ensure National Progress

Thesis statement: Progress depend upon education, Progressive education promotes progress automatically

What Progressive Education Does Include?

Modern socio-economic and psychological concepts
Techniques evoking empirical aptitude
Containing core ethical, cultural and moral values

What Does Progressive Education Get at all Levels?

Gains at elementary level
Awakening creativity
Promoting harmony and fraternity
Nurturing empirical aptitude

Gains at secondary level

Understanding of self and society
Awareness of rights and obligations
Character building on sound basis

Gains at graduate level

Highly skilled and productive human capital
A fully awared and responsible nation

What Gains of Progressive Education Lead the Nation to Progress?

Growing economy
A vibrant and responsible society
National integration and unity
Equality and fraternity
Technological and industrial advancement

An Analysis of Ali Garh's Progressive Education and the Resultant Progress

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imranazeem (Saturday, November 08, 2014)
Old Saturday, November 08, 2014
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Saba Ghazali is on a distinguished road
Post Nice Outline

Can you tell me about the criteria of word limit When we Write in Exam?
Originally Posted by Bilal Hassan View Post
Can Meaning be fixed?

1) Introduction
  • a) Meaning: Possibility of everything having single Meaning
  • b) Can things be known as one entity to all Humans?
  • c) Thesis statement: It is not possible to fix the meaning.

2) Why it is not possible to fix the meaning of everything?
  • a) Human perception of things varies from person to person (Subjective Idealism of Berkeley) (Half filled glass example)
  • b) The appearance of things takes shape in mind and every mind is different
  • c) Ambiguities of Language is a hurdle in fixing the meaning
  • d) Different context creates different meanings
  • e) Every person translates things according to his biases
  • f) Things are always in evolution so attributing one meaning is difficult

3) Conclusion
  • a) Neither things nor perceiving minds are constant and same
  • b) It is not possible to fix the meaning.
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Old Monday, March 30, 2015
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Antalpur is on a distinguished road

Originally Posted by Bilal Hassan View Post
Great Nations win without fighting

1: Introduction
  • a: Meaning: Victory without violence
  • b: Peaceful Revolutions is true victory
2: Examples of Nations that become great without fighting
  • a: Japan, an archetype of successful nation without fighting after annihilation of WW II
  • b: China, sleeping giant, next superpower and economic heavyweight
  • c: Malaysia, not war but vision is road to success
  • d: Singapore, Placid yet great nation
  • e: Switzerland, being best is being nonchalant

3: What exactly is a victory?
  • a: Peace itself is a great blessing
  • b: Healthy Nation
  • c: Economic Freedom
  • d: Rule of Law
  • e: Religious Tolerance
  • f: Moderation and Enlightment

4: What is required to be great without fighting?
  • a: Visionary Leadership (Mao Tse Tung, Mahatir Muhammad)
  • b) Clear Goals
  • c) Optimum usage of resources
  • e) Education
  • f) Technical Prowess
  • g) Tenacious and consistent approach
    h) Moral uprightness
    i) Altruism

5: Conclusion:
  • a: Vistory without fighting is true greatness
  • b: Real greatness lies in betterment of people
  • c: Great Nations win without fighting
Bilal bhai, can you please give an idea about thesis statement? I want to know how you framed your thesis on the basis of all your supporting material.
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