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Default Have A Blessed Life, Naturally!

Worldly life of man has been uploaded with the blessings of nature in his interest. Man himself is the most fundamental blessing to the entire-natural-creation as he is the center of this universe. Man must welcome all other natural blessings with observance and responsiveness. He must appreciate these blessings to beautify his earthly life, to live content and to add a glow of good fortune to his body, mind and spirit.

Nothing in this universe is insignificant. Everything in this universe is a blessing for man including life, parents, family, friends, practices, experiences, goals, values, virtues, past, present and future, depending on man's perception about the consideration of these blessings in personal life. Those who employ the blessings of nature rationally are fortunate. The Creator of the universe Himself is in no need of benefiting from his creations. He is The Supreme Lord. The One without need of anything.

However what a man observes and practices in life will either obstruct his way to prosperity or will empower him and open-up his life to more and more blessings. It's obvious that oddity of man to natural ways is what hinders him from becoming prosperous in life. Adversely, going the natural ways and showing gratitude to the nature for its grace of blessings enhance the chances to pack more and more blessings into one's life availing limitless strength and power.

However human outlook about showing gratitude is ironiclally two-faced. In case of man, when he receives something from a person he tends to show gratitude and thanks the donor. Which means he appreciates what he gets and demonstrates humbleness. On the other hand, he rarely shows gratitude to the nature from which possibly he can benefit for lifetime and rarely appreciates nature and stays unassuming for the future blessings.
If you do not appreciate blessings you already have in your life, its more likely that you block the nature's way to offer you more. Keep the blessings flow into your life by showing gratitude to the nature.
Moreover instead of counting the blessings of someone else, its more profitable to focus on your own blessings. Which is a sort of higher authorization.

The most prominent of all the blessings is knowledge. With the help of knowledge and awareness you become practical and capable to mould and enrich your destiny and future. Instead of waiting for the pleasurable effects of destiny everytime on your life, its noteworthy and assumingly possible to mould your destiny by your own. Hence you cannot blame your destiny or nature for everything. That's how seeking of knowledge is obligatory for each believer, from religious point of view, justified rationally. And that's the reason that every person will be held accountable in the hereafter for his own way of living.

With prudent awareness and a sharpened sense of goodness the first thing a man will focus on is the maintainance of control of the overall well-being with aging , to stay energetic for lifetime in different ways.
For physical wellness , for example one may focus on appearance, on eating habits to maitining an ideal body weight, and on attractive posture to look confident etc.
For mental wellness focusing on improved vitality, improved productivity with excellent work-life balance , and getting involved in getterings with avoidance of social judgments etc. are examples.
For spiritual wellness focusing on inner peace , self-approval with feeling centered , and practicing compassion and piety etc are instances.
Hence, awareness a key to perfect well-being is crucial to open up to the blessings of nature. And its the nature that does not allow man to be unjust with his own self.
In contrast, man often tends to be unjust with his own self in opening up to natural blessings in different ways. For much part of the life he considers himself ill-fated and restrains himself from the blessings of nature with restricting self-made fake beliefs.
For instance he will consider other people lucky, while blaming God that He wants him to suffer in life. Likewise evermore he will think personal circustamstances as immutable. Similarly thinking comfort and self-satisfaction as interdependent among men pushes man back in life the same way, and prohibits him from being receptive to the future-blessings of nature.
Alternatively, if a person releases from his mind all the pessimistic approach toward life, acknowledges with gratitude what he already has in life, and pursues more and more blessings , then the nature's blessings will flood into his life and enhance his overall well-being.

Capably, proper awareness and proper well-being makes you able to develop positive perception for the rest of natural blessings. And also in someway these two primary blessings can make you resourceful, when you will have both of them in a good quality.
Being resourceful helps you in fulfilling your basic necessities of life, helps you in caring for your family, friends and other belongings, as well as helps you in buying other things and services.

However the divine blessings which you cannot buy with money leaves your life unoccupied, until and unless you open up to them and go along the natural ways in life.
For instance, you can avail the services of people with the help of your money, however you can not make level-honest friends with your resources. Because oftentimes, due to a delicate human natural tendency, friends become envious of your financial success.
On the other hand, they can serve as a motivation for your open-mindedness and ameliorate your beyond money-minded-nature, when you will connect with them ethically through practicing heavenly virtues of appreciation, trust , dignity, respect, love and thankfulness. Which will add brilliance to your personality, brightness of joy and peace to your living, desire for more and more blessings to your disposition to strengthen your character, and most importantly add purpose to your life in its entirety.

Hence here it becomes noteworthy that one must think beyond money as it can buy things and services, however it can not bring you the richness of existence thoroughly to pack all the blessings of nature into your life.

Appreciating the natural blessings and living in a natural way does not just leads to favourable outcomes in earthly life. It is also a source of success in the hereafter.
Believers of God of any creed can't deny the fact that we will not raise up again after death. If we stay thankful to God for the natural blessings in this world, we will prosper the way ahead in both the worlds of our existence.

Life is eternal in its entirety and for eternal success we must develop an eternal perspective about the blessings of nature. Because they have been bestowed upon the people of this universe for the their success in both of the worlds. God has created us for eternal success and wants us to succeed in both the worlds utilizing His blessings.

God has given us intellect and the power of comprehension for our own interests. Being the creations of God if we don't become bound and determined for our success. It will be a sort of overpowering God by neglecting His blessings and being careless about them. Which will become the cause of God's condemnation for us (in both of the worlds) rather than adding the glow of good fortune to our body, mind and spirit.
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill
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Yeah sure why not you can do...
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