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alirazakh Monday, February 19, 2018 07:30 PM

Islamic Studies Guess and Tips CE-2018
CSS 2018- Guess Islamic Studies

1. Doctrine of monotheism and Impact on life (M.IMP for CE-18)
2. Religion and Deen and impact of Deen on Life (M.IMP for CE-18)
3. Culture and Civilization and Salient Features of Islamic Culture (M.IMP for CE-18)
4. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a Military Strategist
5. Public Administration in Islam- In the light of life of Prophet Pious Caliphate
6. Islamic Political System and Comparison with Western Political Systems (especially sovereignty) (M.IMP for CE-18)
7. Contemporary challenges to Muslim World, Islamic Military Alliance implications and remedies
8. Economic System of Islam (M.IMP for CE-18)
9. Ijtehad and need in contemporary era (M.IMP for CE-18)
10. Jihad and Fassad (Causes of extremism/fanaticism/terrorism and tools for solution) (M.IMP for CE-18)
11. Ibadat- Fasting, Prayer, Hajj, Zakat conditions, importance, impact on life (M.IMP for CE-18)
(Prayer is most important for CE-2018).

There will appear 7 Qs in paper and candidates are required to attempt 4, they still have choice to skip from this guess. If candidates know how of Islam and knows few Ayat or Hadith rest they can go for opinion based Qs and add related current affairs as well.

Beware it is only a guess but nothing else.

(Dr.M.A Raza Khawaja- Author for CSS/PMS Ilmi Kitab Khana)

04:10 PM (GMT +5)

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