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Old Wednesday, July 26, 2023
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Post TOP 50 Islamic Studies Questions

1. What is the Quranic argument on life hereafter? What are its impacts on the individual and collective life of a human being? - Life Hereafter - 2023
2. Starting traditional and rational arguments about faith of Resurrection, discuss the role of this faith in establishing an organized society. - Life Hereafter - 2023
3. What is belief in the Day of Judgment? Explore its effects on individual and collective lives of human beings - Day of Judgment - N/A
4. What is meant by Day of Judgment? What are its impacts on human life? - Day of Judgment - N/A
5. Describe the importance of the concept of the "Day of Judgment" and explain the practical results of this notion on the private and public life of the people - Day of Judgment - N/A
6. Explain with arguments the Self-Reformation (Islah I Nefs) and construction of moral according to the need and importance of the faith of the Day of Judgment - Day of Judgment - N/A
7. Why is faith in the 'Day of Judgment' necessary? How does it affect human life? - Day of Judgment - N/A
8. Discuss the Holy Prophet's (PBUH) role as a Model for Military Strategy - Holy Prophet's (PBUH) roles - 2023
9. Give a general estimate of the Holy Prophet's (PBUH) character in the battlefields as a commander - Holy Prophet's (PBUH) roles - 2019
10. Describe the characteristics of a military strategist in the light of the Sirah of Muhammad (PBUH) with arguments - Holy Prophet's (PBUH) roles - 2016
11. Describe Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) as a Prophet of Peace for the contemporary transnational world - Prophet of Peace - 2022
12. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) is the prophet of peace and safety. Explain with arguments - Prophet of Peace - 2018
13. Elucidate how the Prophet of Islam (Peace be upon him) exemplified himself as the greatest peacemaker in the world by making reconciliations with pagans, Jews, and Christians - Prophet of Peace - 2017
14. Discuss the status and grade of "Tolerance and Forgiveness" in the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) - Tolerance and Forgiveness - 2020
15. Argue for the supremacy of Wahi as the solution of human problems against other sources of knowledge - WAHI - N/A
16. When and how did the revelation (Wahee) start? Write in detail: Which were the first and the last Ayat? Explain also the reality of WAHEE - WAHI - N/A
17. What is revelation (Wahy)? Describe its different conditions - WAHI - N/A
18. Discuss the importance of the Prophet's (PBUH) public administration - Public Administration - N/A
19. Write a comprehensive note on the importance of Sunnah in interpretation and legislation - Legislation - 2015
20. Define Ijma (consensus) and explain its different kinds. Can legislation by a parliament of an Islamic state be regarded as a valid consensus? - IJMA - 2023
21. Elaborate on the concept and importance of ijtihad and explain its principles - IJTIHAD - 2022
22. In the present period, the Muslim Ummah is facing different problems, and for the solution of these problems, "Ijtehad" is necessary. Point out such an institution that can offer a solution to the new problems with the help of Ijtehad - IJTIHAD - N/A
23. Analyze the Charter of Madina as a social contract - Charter of Madina+ WARS+TREATIES - 2023
24. Treaty of Hudaybiyya as a pact of peace - Charter of Madina+ WARS+TREATIES - 2021
25. Islamophobia is a sign of extremism. Give suggestions for its remedy - International Extremism - N/A
26. What are the motives of extremism in Pakistan? How can society get rid of extremism by following the teachings of Islam? - Extremism in Pakistan - 2023
27. Explain the Reconstruction of Pakistani Society in the light of Islamic Teachings - Society - 2022
28. Give suggestions to reform Pakistani politics, keeping in view the different aspects of the political system of Islam - Politics - 2019
29. Point out the motives of terrorism in Pakistan. How can society get rid of terrorism? - Terrorism - 2018
30. What are the causes and losses of "sectarian differences" in Pakistan, and how can this problem be solved in light of Islamic teachings? - Sectarianism - N/A
31. Elaborate on the rights of daughters granted by Islam and how these are denied by Muslims in the contemporary world - Women Rights - 2023
32. Islam provides better rights to men and women than all other religions. Explore with arguments - Women Rights –
33. Islam gives complete protection to the rights of women. Elaborate with reference to the Quran and Hadith - Women Rights - 2017
34. Analyze the institution of Zakat as a poverty alleviation tool - Zakat - 2023
35. Explain the concept of Zakat and its role in the economic system of Islam - Zakat - 2020
36. How can Zakat play a significant role in poverty alleviation in Pakistan? - Zakat - 2016
37. Discuss the role of education in the progress and stability of a nation - Education - N/A
38. Highlight the importance of education in the light of Islamic teachings - Education - N/A
39. How can the quality of education be improved in developing countries? - Education - N/A
40. Explain the concept of a welfare state in the light of Islamic teachings - Welfare State - N/A
41. Describe the principles and characteristics of a welfare state in Islam - Welfare State - N/A
42. What are the solutions for the economic crisis in Pakistan in the light of Islamic teachings? - Economic Crisis - N/A
43. Discuss the economic system of Islam in light of contemporary economic theories - Economic System - N/A
44. Analyze the economic policies of an Islamic state for the eradication of poverty - Poverty Eradication - N/A
45. Describe the role of media in the creation of social harmony - Media - N/A
46. How can media be used effectively for promoting peace and countering extremism? - Media - N/A
47. What are the causes of social unrest in contemporary society, and how can they be addressed in the light of Islamic teachings? - Social Unrest - N/A
48. Discuss the significance of justice in Islam and its role in society - Justice - N/A
49. Elaborate on the concept of human rights in Islam and their implementation in the contemporary world - Human Rights - N/A
50. Analyze the role of ethics in business according to Islamic teachings - Business Ethics - N/A
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