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Chilli Friday, April 27, 2007 06:45 PM

29th Common Training Programme
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The officers belonging to 29th CTP took the combined compettive exacmination for the recruitment to various postes of government of Pakistan in november 2000 and the results were declared the next november.

The batch started its life on 11 February 2002 at the Civil Service Academy, Lahore right till 31 August 2002 when the different services groups underwent specialized training courses at Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi.

[B]Curricula of Common Training Program[/B]

The officers underwent an intensive training course for six mothns that is from Feb 11, 2002 till Aug 31, 2002. The officers reside at the Academy at various hostels located within the premises of the Academy.

The officers have to pass the exams which are conducted before the military attachments which are usually the last part of the program. The duration, methodolgy and curricula of the CTP's changes from tile to time as deemed approprate by the admininstration. Following is a detailed look at the curricula of the 29th CTP.

[B]1. Theory: [/B]
The officers study the following subjects which are taught by respective experts, professors, senior bureaucrats etc. The officers, later on take intensive ewaminations of these subjects, which are:

Public Admininstration
Economics ought
Comparative Religious Th
Constituional Law
Pakistan Affairs
Public Finance
Information Technology

[B]2. Physical Aspects[/B]
The Officers are required to attain a good health and for that purpose, various physical exercies are mandatory. Officers have to choose one of the individual sports and have to participate one of the collective sports. In addition all the officers do the necessary morning PT.

[B]1. Individual Sport/Indoor Sports: [/B]Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Chess, Cards, Carrum, Badminton, Swimming, Masculation
2. Collective Sport: Football, Cricket, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball
3. Morning Physical Training

[B]3. Outdoor Exposure[/B]

1. Short Study Tours: The officers went to various organizations, enterprises and government/semi governmant/non government organizations to learn their working. These tours were one day tours to the places within or adjacent to Lahore.

2. Country Study Tour: The officers also went to the other provinces to acquainte themselves witht the culture, demography and geography of the other provinces. There they visited various setups to have a deeper knowledge of there actual physical existence. They also came into directo contact with the culture and trations of the other provinces. It is note worthy that an officer from one province did not visit his own province and actually went to other province.

3. Military Attachments: The last part of the training was to have a first hand knowledge of the military life at the camps, headquarters and at the fronts at Siachen. this gave the officers an opportunity to see how a soldier fights at the battleground and how does the hierarchy works.

[B]4. Extra-Curricula[/B]
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