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Old Sunday, July 16, 2006
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@For Ms. Hameed

Originally Posted by Waheed Khattak
For Qurat: I donot know what is ur contribution to this valuable FOrum for new enterants of CSS,
Well, Ms. Sonia, (hopefully you'll go through this message) I don't need your acknowledgement to my contribution to the forum and members. It is a volunteer work. Well if you are interested to know about my contribution to the forum you can search it on forum.
but one thing seems to be quite starange in ur posting in reply to Mr. Nauman i.e, " If you clearly look at them you'll find each and every post edited.""
Ther's nothing strange in it. If so then you must mention the sound points for this statement to be strange.
It gives me impression that u have lesser exposure of outer world where people enjoy Freedom of expression. Lesser said, better u get my point.
Dear sister i've got many points of yours and i do know the aims behind those as well. Secondly my exposure to outer world is none of your concern. You better maintain your exposure to outer world and i think inner as well. In my opinion person should not forget the inner world while chasing the exposure of outer one.
I neither abused anyone nor i posted obsecne material which was irritating u.
I think Khuram told you that it wasn't irritating for me but for some very senior and respectable ones.
In fact, my postings were based on princiles of critical evaluation and replying them accordingly..
Dear, Critical evaluation should have solid ground realities, the evaluation you have been entertaining with was just critisism for the sake of criticism.
So, there we no reson to keep me "under moderation" of ur "Excellence".
It was not my decision at all, and I'm not a dictator. This decision was taken after having rejection of our request by your " NOT SO EXCELLENCE". You must remember the PM i sent you requesting to be polite and not to hit members reputaion and be helping to others. At that time you gave us positive sign, but very next day you continued same practice, so your membership was taken under survellience.
Hope u will not dare to edit the psoting of mr. waheed!!!! lolzzzz

Sonia Hameed"
Dear sis, i dont censor all postings. Only those postings are kept in the series of editing which fall in the category of disturbing the atmosphere of peace on the forum, and your posts were in this category.

@Mr. Khattak
( i think tht ban on free thinkers like Ms Sonia is highly unjustified)
I think after this long description you are able to know our position as well. We appreciate free thinking but not at the cost of hitting the reputation of other free thinkers just for the sake of personal pleasure of so called pride on being in foreign country.

||||||||||||||||||||50% Complete

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Old Sunday, July 16, 2006
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@Miss.Sonia Hameed: Qurratulain has been awarded the best moderator award and we appreciate her efforts,though there are many moderators who are bound to keep a strict eye on each and every post but her performance is outstanding and needs no enquiry from your end.
As far as the freedom of expression is concerned,one can always speak freely but in a GOOD manner,not the way you do?
Everything can be done POLTICALLY ,start thinking like politicians and i am sure you'll know what i mean!
"Say what you want,and yet keep the people happy"
Hope you get what i mean!
نہ تیرا پاکستان ہے , نہ میرا پاکستان ہے , یہ اس کاپاکستان ہے , جو صدرپاکستان ہے
Old Sunday, July 16, 2006
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Smile Why so much justifications?

Respected members!


May these lines find you in the best of your conditions (Aameen)

There has been a series of justifications and counter-justifications regarding respected Sonia Hameed's posts but in my perception the thing to be noted is her intention.

Let me explain!!

Everyone on this august forum is either a CSP or a prospective CSP. The most important quality of a CSP's personality should be self-control and what I call it in URDU is "NA USSAY BIPHARNA CHAHIYAY AUR NA HI USSAY BIKHARNA CHAHIYAY" (Neither should a CSP be infuriated nor should he be dispirited "at any cast"). Ms Sonia Hameed put many a CSPs and to-be CSPs at test and we all are seeing the results.

On the other hand, although Respected Sonia Hameed has been implementing this psychological tactic for the potential exercise of the CSPs, yet she may have,unintentionally, disrespected others' opinions. It is a fact that differnce of opinions is a positive thing but difference-at-all is truly hazardous.

In the last, very warm and jovial congratulations to the forum for having so many great personalities on this platform.

With best of Regards,

What we do in our lives, echoes in eternity!
Old Monday, July 17, 2006
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Talking This is fun!

*grabbing a bag of popcorn, sitting back.. enjoying the show*

hey this is fun you know.. (yes yes.. i know life is sad, full of boredom here)

let Ms Sonia speak her mind unbridled i say!!

As for the "senior" members taking "insult" personally, my humble request is not to take it as such, as we're all old enough (or i like to believe) to not be affected by such trivial things for the sake of free speech. It is just Ms Hameed's personal opinion and should be taken as just that.

Just my 10 cents.
Chance favors the prepared mind.
Old Monday, July 17, 2006
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Default Freedom of speech

It is simpler than any mathematics of modern world, to understand the logical recognition of freedom. Interestingly, freedom of a person actually becomes a limitation of other person. Where in a society a person enjoys the liberty to live, all other persons are actually ceased the freedom of their actions to snatch the right to live of other person. Similarly no person enjoys the freedom to interfere in the privacy of other person. So in order to protect the civil liberties of a person, state has to impose limitations on ultimate freedoms of a person. In any society, no one can enjoy the ultimate taste of freedom in action, deeds and expression. Freedom of expression is not absolute and must be used responsibly in highly pluralistic world to ensure the sentimental rights of cultures and religions. Free speech should not be used a weapon to harm the others on any account, rather it should be used to ensure the establishment of a free and open society. Reckless use of this freedom can only make situations more complicated and eventually make people less free to address the critical issues for social interaction and cooperation. Philosophy behind the free speech doctrine is to protect the democratic values and to enable people to point out wrong doings that tend to erode the social fabric and undermine the creative thinking. So any act of free senseless speech can turn the situation hostile in any direction where other fundamental rights become more vulnerable and serve no purpose to democratic values.First condition of liberty is its limitation; life is a balance of interferences, like the suspension of earth in space negating gravity. Men are so diverse in capacity and courage that without restraint their natural differences would breed and multiply through thousands artificial inequalities into a stagnant and hopeless stratification of mankind. So there comes law as this forum has certain laws to protect the other fundamental rights of its members. But freedom of expression should not belong to man who has his own forum, as Journalist A. J. Liebling of The New Yorker wrote a line that for many years framed the debate over the power of the media: “Freedom of the press belongs to the man who has his own press.” there should be a rational way to settle the differnce through healthy debate rather imposing decesions.
Just a comment

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Old Tuesday, July 18, 2006
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AoA fellow members i do pray for your welbeing nd prosperity. . .

certainly some of you are going to join the Civil Service Academy soon and some are preparing for the same and all are very respectable and cream of the country, and majority of you have earnestly demanded for restoration of full rights to Ms. Sonia Hameed and talked of liberal views/freedom of speech etc....

good enough to get such thoughts from ur good selves. but yara jee, i if i m not forgetting some thing i do know Sonia Hameed from previous forum nd we had been in communication since 2004 nd perhaps aamer khattak would also be in communication with her since that time. but i m not going to agree with this form of freedom of speech in toto. look every society and culture do have some mores, norms and traditions etc. likewise we do have. i was also of the same view that she should be allowed to have full rights to state and mention what she wana say but by that the amicable environment of the forum could b at stake. my real sister also uses the forum, would i allow this thing ? think of your self friends, if ur real sister would b using the same forum and such sort of statements would be made therein then would u b justified to use the forum in totatility of self satisfaction with your sister-no way. certainly there should be freedom of speech but in my thinking Khuda khoofi bhi koyee cheez hoti haai- i m ardent believer that i dont know of even five more seconds of my life then why should i do the things which can place my eternal life on jeopardy...... look jee i also believe in mutual share of respect, dignity and honour, its the matter of our country after all and of our future generations.

i had been told by some of nice fellow members, who said that her words often cross out the limits of soberity and intolerable for them nd they now think twice to put their views on the forum lest they may not bear the brunt of .....

and i conversed with Quratullin on the issue extensively regarding resotration of membership rights to her, who told that majority of her messages had been edited to be digestable for all and sundry, perhaps the mods. wont be having the previous wordings, however, whatsoever had been done had been done, i also requested Ms. Sonia to try to be in manners, nd i did hope that she would be complying to the request, but ..... . .any how

nonetheless, the member has been banned by the Administrators and Mods has nothing to do with it.

Look fellows, the congenial environment of forum may not be spoiled, we all are here not only to get ourselves for the top ladders (including the respectable CSPs) but also to make our society an egiliaterian society based on the pristine injunctions of divine religion Islam - nd i dont think that any other system, else to Islam, is much good to satisfy the human needs ...

hope friends you construed the matter in forementioned sentences, thnx
'Thee woh ik shakhs kay tasawar saay - abb woh ranayee khayal kahaan'
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