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Old Monday, February 24, 2014
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Post CSS Third /Last attempt

This thread has been initiated for those members who have attempted CSS Exam for the last time.Members are requested to share thier overall expereince of CSS-from preparation to thier first attempt to the final attempt. Share how do you feel now after putting up so much hardwork and attempting the exam thrice in a row.

You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try.
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Old Monday, February 24, 2014
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Default My CSS journey...

2010 was the first year that i gave CSS exam..rather pushed into giving exams by my family..Being a fresh graduate,having multiple job opportunities, an active social life, and overconfidence on abilities at that time,led to a very non serious, totally chill, 1st attempt..and still managed to pass in 9 out of 12 subjects with good marks.( i wrote an essay on "third gender"... got 12 was remarkable by my standards though)
After my first attempt, i realized that CSS is not just an exam, its a whole new world out there, quite aloof from mainstream, yet having its own rules,norms and culture, somewhat like a secret adventure. So i decided to give my 2nd attempt seriously.
After completing my Post-grad, I joined an academy briefly(didn't work for me),sat pondering long hours for subject selection, started making notes, searching good books for every subject, exploring the forum everyday(there was such an abundance of useful tips and notes at forum in those days which i find rare now), quitting my social life, foregoing good job opportunities(like Unilever), to put in my best effort for CSS 2012.
Papers went well, but the wait for results was like a torture everyday. Fortunately, i found a job but I considered it a temporary endeavour as in my view, I Was Meant to be CSP. The 9 months till result day were spent day-dreaming about my future as CSP, tear jerking phases of tension and anxiety. Finally, the day arrived, when i came to know that I passed the exam. The happiest day of my life, maybe. The invincible fortress had been conquered. Nothing stands in way of my dreams now. I immediately resigned from my job.
Prepping for psychological and interview tests, going through all the procedures, a very interesting and lively interview with panel, meeting other lucky fellas, listening their stories, seeing hope glimmering in that happy crowd was such a joyous time and the respect coming from family...levelllll. but it all passed too soon. I wasn't allocated.
All that aura, that feeling of being part of an "Elite Cult" came crashing down. The reality dawned on me that time that has passed is in YEARS, not weeks or days, my education was obsolete now, my professional experience inadequate and worst of all, there was severe unemployment. Not just me, but my whole family went into a state of depression, sometimes we blamed GOD, sometimes fate, sometimes myself. The pain of failing at what I had put so much hard work into, has faded since then but not gone.
I gave my 3rd and last attempt in 2014, half heartedly, just to close the chapter of CSS from my life. Now, the task at hand is to come to terms with what life has to offer beyond CSS and without waiting for the result, simply move on.

P.S: my advice to new aspirants: Always calculate the opportunity cost for giving this exam, not just in terms of your own but also your parent's aspirations. Learn to balance CSS prep with other life activities. Do your homework before venturing into this arena. Strategize carefully about subject selection, time allocation, answer pattern. Give exams as soon as you can, and push yourself to give them consecutively. Don't wait for years to go by as this will take away the prime years for career building in other fields. Last of all, stay humble, hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.
Life is never easy for those who dream.
Robert James Waller
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Old Tuesday, February 25, 2014
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this was my first attempt. I am quite confident about all of my papers including essay. but after reading your comment it seems like anything can happen, as it happened with your essay paper . I sincerely wish you success, be it in css or in any other field of life. And yes one day your family will be proud of your efforts
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Old Saturday, March 01, 2014
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IT was my Third and Last attempt. i went for 2012, 2013 and 2014.
in 2012 i just went for the exam to enjoy it. before appearing in the exam i thought it would be a really tough one, but when i had a look of the the essay and precis papers, i realized that the exam is not that tough as we perceive it to be. i was short by 9 marks to pass the written part.
the 2013 attempt was with good preparation. I had a good exam and was sure to get through. but the result was complete disaster.
in 2014 attempt, i appeared without any preparation again. but because of the pattern of the papers i was able to attempt the papers in a good manner. i am satisfied with my performance in my last attempt and am expecting to get though this year. and if i don't get through, i will have no regrets, because i learnt lots of things that i didn't before going for CSS.
From my CSS journey i learnt that the only thing you need to be a civil servant is to have craze for it. determination is the first step. CSS written is not something really tough but it needs over all grooming and not bookish knowledge. Just be determined and have craze for it.
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Old Saturday, March 01, 2014
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Interesting dear
I think you have missed to mention the "Luck" factor in CSS.
I mean there are some guys with very little preperation getting through because they were fortunate and others attaining more than 700 plus marks failed by 2-3 marks in english.
I am the same kind of victim.
It all depends upon your hardwork,creative skills,correct apprehension and luck that can take you to heights.
If winter comes....can spring be far behind??
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Old Saturday, March 01, 2014
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Default my story

i am also one of you.
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Old Saturday, March 01, 2014
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Default my story.

my journey started in 2010. first attempt was with 3 months preparation how ever i was passed in all subjects except precis and composition....... got through in essay with 58 marks.....equally unexpected for me as for readers . second attempt was in 2012 and i flanked in essay with 2 marks..... . it was my last attempt in 2014 all papers went well but i am too scared for essay....because i truly believe LUCK factor at least in essay paper (due to pass attempt in 2010 when i even did not know what is literary meaning of essay and due to my fail attempt when i was over confident about essay)..........soooooooo i am spending day and nights just praying and doing WAZAAIF for result plz remember me in your prayers
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Old Saturday, March 01, 2014
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My friends, Assalm-o-Alaikum

Well, I hope this piece of writing would be of some use for the New Comers. I never thought about CSS until I lost grade 17 job in Federal Shariat Court Islamabad. At that time, in 2010, I was a fresh MBA, so I had a very good chance in Federal Shariat Court which I lost due to some reasons or you may call it misfortune. Disappointingly, I made my mind for CSS. At the initial stages in 2011, I did not even know the meaning of CSS, but I started studying different books for the said purpose. Unfortunately, these books were not fit for the CSS purpose. Resultantly, I lost around 9 months in these experiments. Then, I took admission in academy and fortunately I was guided by a CSS qualified person who told me what the CSS actually was. First time with the 2 months preparation, I appeared in CE 2012, but got flunked in Essay, Precise and Current affair. In fact, I had already started my preparation right after I took CE 2012 exams as I knew that my papers did not go satisfactory and it was really hard to get through in CE 2012. In my second attempt in CE 2013, I was better prepared. I really burned the mid night oil and worked hard on my English, Grammar, and other optional subjects. I appeared in CE 2013 with full confidence and was quite hopeful that I would get through as my all the papers went satisfactory at least for me. However, I did not know our expectations and that of examiner are two sides of the coin. The result of CE 2013 was a disaster and totally unexpected. It was disaster not only for me but also for many others who were far better than me. Anyways, CE 2013 result really let me down but I gathered courage again and decided to go for CE 2014. Now I am done with all of my papers and to be honest I am not worry about my result even 1%. It is because my all papers, including Essay, went far better than that of previous attempts. Before CE-2013, I did not believe in luck factor, but after the CE 2013 result I strongly believe that CSS is a combination of 3 factors i.e. Smart work, Strong nerves and LUCK. I am also not worried now because I am enough of this gamble. I tried my hard and exhausted all of my three attempts. Now every thing is in Almighty’s hands.

Recommendations for the Beginners

First, don’t waste your time wandering here and there, get good guidance and start preparation. Secondly, don’t waste even your first attempt, if you are not prepared and have not any age problem. Thirdly, I must say if you want to do CSS, the journey must start right after your graduation has completed. I mean one’s Masters Degree and preparation of CSS must go together. Fourthly, Essay and precis papers are the soul of CSS. Therefore, make it your habit to write one precis a day coupled with writing practice. Read good grammar books like English grammar in use by Raymond Murphy, Advance grammar in use by Martin Hewing and of course exploring the world of English. Fifthly, don’t rely on selective study and academic notes as they have failed to cater the needs of aspirants in recent years, if you really want to qualify CSS, comprehensive study is the key. Essay and Current Affairs preparation should be started right from the day first. Last but not the least, Try CSS but don’t rely on it and don’t sacrifice your jobs and other opportunities for CSS as it is very very very uncertain Exam.

Good Luck
Pray for me…
"Our Lord, give us the good in this world and the good in the hereafter." (Al-Qur'an, 2:201).
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Old Tuesday, March 04, 2014
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Without luck css is unable to achieve.So many peoples do lot of hardwork but sometimes lucky people allocated.I have no any type idea about our ability and efforts but just try to achieve this task.This year ce-14 my first attempt but no idea about pass and fail.All papers are good but no expectation how i can pass this hope for best and prepare for worst is a need of hour.
Few words are best.
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Old Monday, May 19, 2014
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i have appeared in CE.2102,2013,2014

i gave 4 years for the prepations.

entire 2011...
i passed in 11 subjects put of 12
just falied in essay with 5 marks....
i scored same score i calculated
though i scored quite high and became over over confident for 2013 attempt...
i prepared for one month only
and appeared in 2013
i didn't do that well as i did earlier...
i passed 11 subjects except essay...
as the papers were tough and marking was also tough...
i was expecting the same result...
i don't blame luck factor in it...
i have found FPSC a very fair organization
the mistake is at our side...we over estimate ourselves
i did rigorous study entire 2013 for 2014 attempt...
but i m not hopefull this i hoped last time and i became very upset...
just pray to Allah almighty

recommendations for up coming aspirants:

reading and writing

this is the only formula.....
  1. must analyse past papers
  2. read high standard books
  3. make notes
  4. manage your time
  5. consult at least 4-5 books for each optional
  6. must bring uniqueness in your write ups
  7. read newspapers daily
  8. read international and national magazines for economy,current affairs,science and technology
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