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maaqib Saturday, October 25, 2008 05:59 PM

CSS Interviews 2008
[COLOR="Magenta"][SIZE="5"][/SIZE][/COLOR] Hi guys i wana tell u how my interview css 2008 was conducted,, I enterd the interview room boldly,, The pannel consisted of three members,, one chairman and two other members, they were very much polite towords me,, firstly i was asked to introduce myself then a little bit gup shap and then asked me how i was feeling,, then they started asking questions..
Q no 1: what do u know about ozone deplition?
this was a very easy question for me which i explained quite easily..
Q no 2:Do u think that the present law and order situation in pakistan by Taliban is because of US war on terror..
Q no 3: If US withdraws from its war on terror, will there be stability and peace in pakistan,,
Q no 4: what are the demands of pakistani Taliban. To which i replied that the imposition of shariah.
Q no 5:shariah is a good system so if they want to impose it, r they not justified in it.. there was a bit discussion on this question between me and the chairman,,
Q no 6: why pakistanis dont agree to celebrate eid on the same day..
Q no 7:why u want to join the civil Services of pakistan..
then the chairmain refferd me to another member,,
Q no 8: what do u say abt the Indo US nuclear deal..
Q no 9: why turkey is refused membership in E U..
so this was the first episode the remain ing interviw will be in da next sitting inshallah;;

armaghan_arif Saturday, November 22, 2008 11:00 AM

If I had there I would have replied these questions like that

ANS no 1: Ozone depletion is a process in which ozone is consumed due to the emission of industrial activities In industrial emission CO and Co2 are present which react with ozone whose formula is O3 and convert it into O2 consequently the quantity of ozone in atmosphere decreases
ANS no 2: Americaís war is not the major cause of the poor law and order situation and activities of Taliban although it has accelerated the terrorist activities The major reason is the economic problems of the country People become frustrated due to economic problems and become a prey of those people who misuse them so when The US attacks across the border it creates political instability in Pakistan which exacerbate the economic condition of the country therefore the law and order situation worsens and Taliban strengthens
ANS no 3:I think there will be certain effect and the law and order situation may improve but terrorism and Taliban menace cannot be uprooted unless the economic problems of the people of Pakistan are not solved
ANS no 4: Pakistani Taliban are the pressure groups they know that the people are frustrated and they want to fish out of trouble water however there slogan is imposition of shariah
ANS no 5: certainly shariah is the complete code of life but Taliban donít interpret shariah in a right way they want to impose their conservative ideas in the veil of shariah and this system will bring nothing but sectarianism
ANS no 6: Ulema have their different school of thought and secondly the country is vast and its geography affects the moon
ANS no 7: I want to join civil service because it gives facilities there are more opportunities in civil service to excel it offers good salary CSS offiers have prestige in the society
ANS no 8: Indo us deal will be very problematic for the region Iran will be surrounded by three nuclear powers: Pakistan, India, and Israel so it will look for acquiring nuclear technology Pakistan will look at china for balancing of power Iran will get help from Russia so this deal will bring All the international players into a nuclear arena The US must be responsible otherwise it can be detrimental for the global peace
ANS no 9: I donít know sir
Kindly give your comments of my answers I shall be very thankful

Frankenstein of css Sunday, November 23, 2008 04:35 PM

my interview in css 2008 on 13 th nov 2008
entered the room at 1.30 pm. The penal had a long day they already interviewed six candidates and i was the seventh
I entered the room and greeted the members Assalumuallakum sir
They welcomed me and told me to sit down
Now it is the General turn
Ok Owais sahab introduce ur self
(No chit chats from me)
I started iterating my practised introduction
I mentioned my education, my schooling and how I loved to participate in extracurricular activities. Mentioned I was the Scholl quiz champion, represented my school at zonal level. I participated in debate I was a sportsman, an athlete and then my college days and then what I did after my graduation, my tenure at Sanofi-aventis , and what I am doing now
(I tried to sell myself)
Penal looks disinterested. I think they had heard such self appraisal a lot that day
General was looking at me His first question was a searching one
Ok gentle man so you were an athlete what event u participated
He caught me off guard, however I replied quickly
Sir 100 meters, long jump
What was ur best time
Sir i guess 15 sec
What was ur best jump
(How could i remember i was dropped from the school team, I was eager but my school PTI could not figure my enthusiasm at that time)
Sir I guess 16 meters (I mumbled irrationally)
General was smiling. Wow u had set a world record
I immediately realized my folly and explained. Sir actually I donít remember
I participated in a school event my competition was with my schoolfellows and there was no proper measurement as far as I remember, and as it is now a matter of nearly to 11 years I simply canít remember the distance sir.
(Wow a bad start)
Any how the general shoot another one at me.

Now what is the implication of trade with idea?

Sir trade with India is in favor of both countries; the whole world is going towards regional trade E.U and SCO are examples However India is not treating us on an equal footing there are unseen and inherent tariffs and taxes in India
It has given us MFN but because of visa, clearance issue our exporter has to wander between the offices of India and Calcutta. Our goods are mostly perishable goods so delaying gets them rotten and also because of these entire unseen tariffs they become uncompetitive in Indian markets until India treats us on an equal footing, free trade with India is not in our best interest
General said what about nonperishable goods like surgical items and others
I replied there is lesser demand of them so we are not benefitted from their export

General molded the question Ok letís say India resolve our complains then
Then it will benefit both countries both countries would benefit from the absolute and relative advantages of each other goods
There would be movement of capital and labor , Vested interest of both nation would formed and it will help resolving disputes among the countries like Kashmir and others

Any other advantage? General asked
Well there will be merging of the subculture of both countries and...

General interrupted me if there is merging of culture they would going to conquer us No need to fight with us, they are winning the battle with their cultural invasion like dances, films and dramas
I replied sir you are repeating the words of Sonia Gandhi However I believe as a nation we should be strong enough to be subversive to traits not akin to our values I believe most of our population adhere to Islam they read their prayers so there would be no question ,their culture would going to conquer us

Leave it yaar General said Hum yahan aik hafte se baithain hain .koi namaz nahi parhta .aur india key gande dances main to dekhta hoon aur kya tum nahin dekhyay. Jhoot mat boolna I am sure you watch them too
I was not expecting such guilelessness, in a bit of shock and a bit dismay I replied
Well sir I had watched that obscenity as you are mentioning but I donít like it And I can say that I donít watch them now However nudity and vulgarity is no culture and we Pakistanis may watch them but I believe none of us wants such activities to happen in our homes .We would not want our sisters and daughters practising such things As Muslims it is against our norms and mores.

Ok so any other advantages of free trade with India
Well I think we could benefit with their steel industry and software
General said so it will benefit us as because of low transportation
Yes sir definitely we are importing them from far flung regions (I stopped a bit and then decided to quote some relevant facts and incidences like Benelux phenomenon. Germany and France partnership so I said) sir if you allow, I like to put forward some relevant facts and data regarding the topic.
No No it is enough (I guess general had heard enough gibberish from me)
He told me that it is now the turn of Bukhari sahab

The other panelist asked
So do you think there is need to build consensus on kalabagh and it is in our nation best interest (he asked me in Urdu so I decided to reply him in minglish)
Sir Kalabagh dam is in the best interest of our nation. We are building Bhasha dam now and if kalabagh dam could also be build the longevity of our other dams would increase because of low slit however this issue is highly politicized and now it is a matter of our social integrity So kalabagh dam should not be the cost of our social integrity. For energy purposes we can go nuclear. We can develop our coal reserves, though it is lignite but as Germany had done it its autokary in 1933 and as South Africa is doing it now, we can also do so. We can also preserve our water by other means In current circumstances two of our ethnicities consider it a matter of their survival as Pashtoon are apprehensive of Naushera and there may be some justification as of the flood of river Kabul in 2006 this could divide them more from us.Yes I believe we need to build consensus and try to inform our brother that they are going to benefit from it but this should not be done on the cost of social integrity.

Ok there talk of constitutional package well what want amendments you like to be a part of our constitution?
Well I like to form the NFC as it was envisaged in 1973 constitution , do away with concurrent list , also would form such checks and balances so that legislature , judiciary and executive would work independently and freely and last I want provisions which would guarantee Islamic way of living in us.

Well gentle man state should not be concerned with religion. It should be secular, you are talking about sharia . Taliban like imposed sharia in Afghanistan. Do you support it? ( He is talking in urdu again. So I continued my minglish)
Sir for me the provision I like to see would be social justice, equitable distribution of wealth also the sense of duty and scrupulosity among our citizen. I am totally against Taliban perception of Islam that is I what I mean. And for secularism I must allude to the speech made by Quaid-e-azam on 15th of august 1947 after Mountbainten mentioned Akbar secularism. He reminded the audience that the ideal system based on true principles was found by Prophet Mohammad PBUH and we would be going to practise it.

But gentleman an institution like zakat if introduced in our system would u think people would follow it So much corruption, lying and deception (He was continuing urdu)
I replied in minglish Sir I thing the problem is not zakat or islam we should also focus on nation building too. Whatever system you introduce if we are not scrupulous and ethical
(Suddenly bukhari noticed my minglish he enquired do u will hesitant in expressing in English I said no sir he instructed me to stuck to English medium I immediately complied)

Sir I think we also should focus on nation building and inculcate morality, scrupulosity and ethical values among our people. They should be taught toleration, punctiliousness and that is how we would be progressing. This I think is enlightened moderation.
(Now I was trying to show the little vocabulary I have and also that I can express freely in English)

Now the state bank has increased the discount rate to two percent what will be implication for it.
I showed a smile and replied now sir this is a very interesting situation. Increase in discount rate is an essential part of monetary policy which is
1- Increasing interest rates from banks
2- Open market operation selling the government securities and bonds
3- Increasing bank reserve rates to central bank
Now all this to control inflation and decrease money supply but whenever there is general inflation there said to be boom in trade cycle but our economy is in recession because of law and order situation and flight of capital. So by increasing interest rate our economy would be damaged, our investors need money but they would not get debt at these outrageous interest rates which I read in some banks would reach 20 to 25 percent, so it is a quagmire in which we are in.

(Some other question was also asked by the member but I couldnít recollect it now)

However now I was at the mercy of Masood Alam (He looked at the watch and then started quickly)
Well sir you mentioned Prophet Mohammad and mother Theresa as your favorite personality which alive personality are your role models
(I was expecting this to be asked from me so without a delay) Sir Nelson mendalla and Dr Adeeb Rizwi.
He checked my answer and then shoots one at me while looking at the paper

What is H5N1 (from nowhere it comes?)
Sir H5n1 it is flu, aah chickenÖchickenpox ok (Now I composed myself) Sir this is the famous bird flu and there are four strains apart from the one you mentioned

Ok but does it has the same threat as it had such hype
Sir the threat is genuine. WHO quantified it having the same potential as of the pandemic of WW1 in which nearly 100 million people died as our poultry is not under regulation, the cases would represent the tip of the ice berg

What happens in it?
If the patient is not treated on exigency basis he might develop ARDS

Well so only butchers would be affected; at our eating habits could it infect us? (He was asking me in Urdu but I stuck to English, I had been warned)
Sir we cook our meal at high enough temperature however the restaurants and hotels use substandard oil resulting in raw meat attached at the bone, it has similar potential to infect.

Ok what is your mother tongue? (In Urdu too I think he was deliberately doing it)
Urdu sir

Well you mentioned you were doing house job at Burns centre CHK on Nishter park incident which had gory effects on you? Its enquiry was shelved who was responsible for the event? MQM?
(Now I was in a fix, I didnít want controversy)
Sir I donít think MQM was involved in plotting it because MQM is a stake holder in Karachi and the turmoil of that incident had shattered law and order situation and MQM as it considered being responsible for law and order was affected. The inquiry you were talking about was conducted by justice saeed jafary ( A look of surprise , I sensed) Well sir I was closely following it I was also kind of a actor in it so I think it was shelved because it was not the first and only event as there were a cascade of events afterwards so it was on the backburner
However many people would say as the whole leadership of Sunni therik was bombed and killed, MQM was involved but in my view if MQM were involved it was not a sane option for them because such incidents bolstered such moments and they are able to find new recruits so if they were involved they committed a folly However I donít think MQM was involved.

Well in sindh there is a perception they are been ostracized and Punjab has exploited it and there is widespread poverty what do you say?
Sir I will give you firsthand information. During my tenure at sanofi-aventis I was entrusted to give demonstration in many cities I journeyed across the length and breadth of Pakistan
However the poverty I witnessed in upper sindh as compared to Punjab and lower sind was of more grave nature I seen sajawal, shikarpur and Ö.
But sajawal is in lower sindh
You are right sir but I think it is in the way to shikarpur , however also larkana, Jacobabad and other big cities I was shocked to see the detoriated law and order situation, wide spread poverty and tribal feuds
Especially larkana , The Paris of Asia I was shocked to see muddy houses, also the rice canal dirty and not to my imagination .

So the perception that Punjab is responsible and army had done it why the perception is there?
I think it has lot to do with MRD 1983

Well I want to know is there a reality to the perception?
No sir I donít think so. Itís true that there is wide spread poverty but poverty prevailed in Pakistan
73.6 percent of our population is impecunious means this much strata lives under 2 dollar per day The poverty in upper sindh is because of regional traditional politics (I iterated the term of Gabriel almond) and tribal feuds . Many sindhi rose to highest state functionaries and held the highest political state offices I donít think there is any reality to this perception

Ok do you know common wealth of independent states and what is going on there?
Sir now I am a bit confused You talk about CIS but I donít think this forum is now functional , It was formed in 1989-90 after the dissolution of USSR The central Asian republic Uzbekistan ,Tajikistan and other eastern European states. But now 10 years has elapsed , many things change and now Oil Corporations are there andÖ.

He interrupted me what is the difference between CIS and now the central Asian republics?
Well sir at that time pro Russian establishment was installed, former soviet generals in these states but now Uzbekistan is one of biggest non NATO ally and also western oil companies are there (I was now hoping to be questioned on silk road project and the great game of central Asia)

Ok thatís enough now tell us what happen to your attempt in css 2007
Sir I was failed in English prťcis and grammar
( I made eye contact and replied in a firm tone)
Which subject you fail in
In English prťcis and grammar sir
Ok thank you that is all

javairia Saturday, January 17, 2009 06:40 PM

story of my messed n first ever interview
b4 going into the interview details, i have a query. does registering for 2009 exams gives some extra credit to the 2008 passed candidates?i mean ive heard so much tht the qualified candidates are going for the next attemps so as not to lose chance if they fail to get through the interviews,now im feeling a little disturbed for the fact tht i havent registered for the 2009 sessions.
hmmm now coming to the interview....
i was the first one to encounter the penal early in the morning . so i entered n they told me to sit down then without waiting for me to settle down ,gen sahab asked"introduce yourself"
me: im a graduate n persuing masters.i've been very active in volunteering, co curricular and welfare activities.
chairman: what kind of welfare activities?
me: women support programme run by my mother.i assist her in my capacity.
gen:what are the problems faced by women?
me:i gave a little detailed answer starting off with domestic to social level things.
man right to gen: do u think govt is doing enough to help women?
me:(furious plus agitated as i wasnt prepared for such questions)yes but as nothing is perfest so isnt the govt policies.(i was totally blank about any facts or figures what so ever)
MRT gen: how can men bring women in the main stream?
me: by mending their mental approaches to the other part of the world...means men should me more tolerant and accepting towards women.
MRT gen: these bringing change kinda talk is prophetic talk so please come to some practicality.
me:(stung by a bee)there should be more fascilities on socila, educational and institutional levels such as scholarships,rising payscales and increasing women representations. plus encouraging women based organisations etc.
MRT gen: what are the two problems of pakistan
man left to gen(MLT gen): what does javairia mean?
me: i explained the root word and the whole connection and philosophy behind my name.(i think i over acted there cuz till that time i was totally in their grip)
MLT gen: have u ever been abroad for education?
me: no never. u can see my educational performa.
MLT gen: hmmm i asked cuz ur accent is very rare(in what sense- i had no idea but i decided to go with the positive air and took it a little encouraging)
where have u picked up ur english, i mean where have u started learning it PROPERLY?
me:i startef off with learning abc in 6th just like others but i picked up my accent when i came to boarding , here in islamabad.(i felt relieved that at least i have something that impressed them until.....)
MLT gen:oh i see. so this is the reason you have done loads of mistakes in your english writing.
me:(whhhhhat it was as if i was pulled down to earth.god tht ws the last nail in the broken ship)any ways i had nothing to do other than smiling bashfully
MLT gen: do u know abt OIC?
me: yes(meekly)
MLT gen:when was it formed, the year i mean.
me:(totally freaked out)i dont know, dont remember now
MLT gen: where it the HQ of OIC?
ME: no idea sir(though i remembered it later)
MLTgen:where did u learned hebrew from?i mean the teacher was he israeli?
me:i learned it in my uni . the teacher was egyptian.
gen: what do u mean by balanced aptiet ?as u've written that this impresses u the most in other people.
me: (smiling)i have bad eating habits like i cant resist pizza even though its forbidden by the doc.
gen:y bombay blasts were important ?
me: i had a little fight over my stance there which i thought was won by him but still i stuck to my point of view that the war was speculated between them.
i dont say tht i went fine rather it was a disaster but still there always a hope for u never know whats destined for you. do pray for me.

AmBrosiaL EloQuence Saturday, January 17, 2009 10:41 PM

hi javaria..

i found yr interview realy interesting. seriously its unique. and when one says this "u" word about css interview na it definitely means sumfin especial!!!

however, have u taken comments ov some mentors about it like hammad sahab of officers or shahid sahab ov kips or sallem shahab ov toppers or any else body?

if yes kindly share what they said.

um sure they certainly have sumfin positive for u.

it was interesting and interacvtive. um sure u must have tackled it wid looooooooooootttttttt ov confidence. correct me if um wrong!!
:bow pinnig high hopes with u..

as per my info is concerned..result is to be announced on 9th march 2009 (MONDAY)
About 4 days after last interview..that is probably on 5th march 2009.

plus another piece of info from quite a credible source is that there are 316 seats in total.

hope i have been ov some help! :wacko:


Saqib Shah Saturday, January 17, 2009 11:04 PM

i want to give some suggstions.....

1)in interview never talk about salary.......that ur give good salary etc

2)if they ask question in urdu then u should have give ans in urdu.

AmBrosiaL EloQuence Sunday, January 18, 2009 03:31 PM

agreed shah sahab but one else thing that outshines all other factors for a successful interview is ........ THE ART OV MAKING THE INTERVIEW LIGHT AND INTERACTIVE.

if this is achieved nothing can stop one form gettin remrkable scores in css interview. believe u me !

hope i have been ov some help.

Frankenstein of css Monday, January 19, 2009 04:32 AM

2)if they ask question in urdu then u should have give ans in urdu.

Please aspirant dont use urdu while replying
Use only langua franka of Pakistan
Bukhari was quite bitter in his posture and i sensed a satisfactory response when i replied in english
Stuck to english

Please remain focus and patient
Remember the general and the members are men of flash like us
General aplomb is a a bit haughty bit he lacks depth in his censure
So dont be intimadated by his cocky attitude

If you have time do offer prayers before going into the interview room
Relax and hope with the Almighty Css is definately not worth quizing over what would happen next
So it is just an oppurtunity for just another career There are lots of much better horizen of oppurtunity too.
Relax and believe in your self. God has created all of us for some special purpose

javairia Monday, January 19, 2009 05:47 PM

thanks 4 the encouragement
thanks for the encouragement ppl.im keeping fingers crossed with high hopes besides its my first take n im positive to get through it inshallah.
umm i didnt get what you ment by "u". n i have never seen the ppl u refered to . thus i have nothing to share in that regard:)
i do agree with frank, however, cuz i myself used english in psychologicals and interview, though they were asking questions in both languages.
one thing which i thought i lacked was to keep yourself very accomodating n make them feel that thay r the charming beings u've ever met.
for those who have beard or take scarf- be ready for the psycho-war cuz they'll definately agitate u with stupid questions.
i observe hijab so they asked me y i do so n isnt the maulvis who dont observe moral code of conduct has made this institution-hijab i mean-a symbol of conservativeness?
so be ready for such attacks.
n my suggestion for all those who r waiting for their turns: just be yourself dont pose a thing cuz they know bloody well how to trap u.
its funny but helped me a lot,i wrote in psyco assesment that good listening abilities of a person impresses me the most n believe me i proved to them that i am a bad listener n a gibber:D

umm none of u have responded to my query. does registering for 2009 exams gives us any credit?may be they check the consistency of a candidate through this??????however if i would have been at their place i would take it as a negative stance cuz this means a candidate isn't confident of what he or she has done.
any answers???

best of luck to all of you. yuwafiqum Allah fi dunya wal akhira.

Cherubic Smile Tuesday, January 20, 2009 09:54 AM

my interview on 10th january
Aoa my interview was on 10 th January at almost 12.30 being the 6th member of the group .now lets go straight with the details
On being given permission to enter the room I started with the clichť assalamoalaikum and asked for the permission to take the seat .G.S smiled and ordered me to take the seat.
My introduction was a bit embellished with difficult words so general sahib asked me from where I got it prepared.
My rejoinder was that no formal preparation but informally these points were in my mnemonic flash screen because I wrote them in my psychological and planned them.he asked me about riding a hobby that I mentioned in my first form and I later on changed it I replied to his question my answer was the other way round
The questions were about water scarcity to which I fair well in about 5 minutes.
Next came asean but as I tried to explain it GS giving me a smile said I know that you know about it talk about Pakistan s relation with asean .to which I talked abot Saikarnos time terming aggression against Pakistan as an attack on Indonesia later alienations between eastern neighbors and Pakistan because of our pro western approach,dismal trade between asean and Pakistan. low cultural and social contacts.
Now came the hot question about how can we increase trade with asean to which I tried to put all the eggs in the basket of textile GS said make an other guess as they the have got a lot of textile I cherubically smiling admitted my smattering over the issue and said that I read the figures in the newspaper without delving into details
GS smiled and opened my group of preference and said that that is well because a policemen need not to go into details. here I said that I was extremely sorry and would try to go into details in future.
At this point in time sadiqque sahib asked from one of my sentence in psychological referring to my pets, trade blocks in which Pakistan has the membership,Georgia Russia conflict and why I had used the words resurgence of ussr instead of Russia to which my reply was because of its extreme significance and then I proved my point,about putin and medvediv,the locus of power in Russia,Eco and its members,all parties conference and in past history about similar events to which I pointed about junejos tenure,my favourite personality aung san suu kyi and ibne insha
Last but not the least were bukhari sahib he asked me about technological folkways a word I used in my psychological I explained the term .he asked me what for I had left the job of an engineer getting a lucrative pay along with perks and perquisites .to which I pointed toward the reality and wish to sacrifice my life for my country at this hour of exigency .that was fine but I donít know why I got sentimental over it and tears appeared in my eyes and from a smiling face my face turned into a extremely sad one and so started my doomsday(what I feel).next was iraq current scenario in which while mentioning inter sectarian conflict I further got upset.bukhari sahib asked me how I can change the present trends to which I gave an incidence from my current posting as assistant director fuel and administrative incharege of planning commission Islamabad to which I quoted an example from Hazrat Ali(R.A) sagacious life
As a bolt from the blue came the question from general sahib that have I got some personality contradiction
I reneged the charged and asked for the reason why sir felt like it
He said that in psychological I mentioned that I do not offer prayers regularly while now I am talking about the excerpts from life of hazrat ali(R.A)
I said that I wrote what was true in my psychological as I donot offer prayers 5 times a day but pray 3 times a day
General sahib said that you know praying five times a day is farz
I said that yes sir I also know it but still able to offer 3 times.
General sahib asked me do I realize it I said yes sir. With a stern looking face he thanked me I also thanked him and told him with a sad face that it was an pleasure to be interviewed by such a prestigious panel.the duration of my interview was almost of 38 minutes.
I request all my forum mates to feel free to comment on it

10:56 PM (GMT +5)

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