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Interview The objective of the Interview is to assess one's personality and leadership skills.The knowledge has already been tested in the written phase.Candidates can Post all related queries here

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Old Tuesday, January 30, 2007
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good job dear chand...yah u r right that on kashmir issue u have blunded...
but at all u have good supportive arguements against their cross questions..
hope for the best..
be like a flower which gives fragnance even in those hands which crush them.
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Old Wednesday, January 31, 2007
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ihs has a spectacular aura aboutihs has a spectacular aura aboutihs has a spectacular aura about

dear pyro i mean how these dont come under jurisdiction of supreme court. i mean it is the violation of human rights in bajor, waziristan when govt kills men and says that they were terrorists without being proven so by the courts. i mean what provision of const. stops supreme court not to take suo moto actions against these sort of human rights violations... plz reply i m waiting anxiously
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Old Wednesday, January 31, 2007
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dear imran I am not a constitutionalist but this is how constitution goes:

Go to article 247. All your query is solved in this article:

1-President has unbridled powers as far as tribal areas are concerned. And in all the strikes of government in tribal areas , president had the authority to enforce military might and muscle by the constitution.This is why there has been no suo moto action or any writ claimed by supreme court or any other court.

(3) No Act of Majlis- e- Shoora (Parliament) shall apply to any Federally Administered Tribal Area or to any part thereof, unless the President so directs, and no Act of Majlis- e- Shoora (Parliament) or a Provincial Assembly shall apply to a Provincially Administered Tribal Area, or to any part thereof, unless the Governor of the Province in which the Tribal Area is situate, with the approval of the President, so directs; and in giving such a direction with respect to any law, the President or, as the case may be, the Governor, may direct that the law shall, in its application to a Tribal Area, or to a specified part thereof, have effect subject to such exceptions and modifications as may be specified in the direction.

(4) Notwithstanding anything contained in the Constitution, the President may, with respect to any matter within the legislative competence of Majlis- e- Shoora (Parliament), and the Governor of a Province, with the prior approval of the President, may, with respect to any matter within the legislative competence of the Provincial Assembly make regulations for the peace and good government of a Provincially Administered Tribal Area or any part thereof, situated in the Province.

(5) Notwithstanding anything contained in the Constitution, the President may, with respect to any matter, make regulations for the peace and good Government of a Federally Administered Tribal Area or any part thereof.

(6) The President may, at any time, by Order, direct that the whole or any part of a Tribal Area shall cease to be Tribal Area, and such Order may contain such incidental and consequential provisions as appear to the President to be necessary and proper:

Provided that before making any Order under this clause, the President shall ascertain, in such manner as he considers appropriate, the views of the people of the Tribal Area concerned, as represented in tribal jirga.

(7) Neither the Supreme Court nor a High Court shall exercise any jurisdiction under the Constitution in relation to a Tribal Area, unless Majlis- e- Shoora (Parliament) by law otherwise provides: Provided that nothing in this clause shall affect the jurisdiction which the Supreme Court or a High Court exercised in relation to a Tribal Area immediately before the commencing day.

regards. AH. Dont take tension yaar .

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Old Saturday, February 03, 2007
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Arrow Good time with generals 2 (2006 Interview)

A.A. Sorry i am a bit late.
my interview
time 9 15 am
duration 30 mins
the door was opened by the peon
i asked for the permission
went in & had my seat.
how r u? feel relax. said the gen.
G: introduce ur self.
i took some 3 mins. some intentional pauses but he didnt intrupted.
G: what issues u read about? specific areas?
i read about all issues non special/
G: tell me whats going on in iraq?
in one word turmoil
G: not in one word. u have to speak for 2-3 mins
i told him about the situation and he even questioned me once
G: i asked about iran and not about iraq
sorry sir i could not understand. thwn i told about iran. abt the us pscho war.
G: should iran go nuclear?
sir if i talk of human concern no& if i talk of their national interest yes
G: why yes?
i told him abt threats iran is facing
G: u talked abt human concern. whats that?
i told if iran will go nuclear others will follow & thats bad 4 humanity
G: if we should help islamic countries in n-field?
i said no
G: why? when west & us r helping israel.
if they r doing wrong why should we?

(our talk turned some how)
our president is out to middle east to strive a islamic block. my statement
G: is it possible? not in 1400 yrs
yes most countries eill agree. then we can work together & our bomb will work 4 their strength.(in btw he asked abt defence of those countries)
G: how is it posible? why we didntb help them in 1967?
we didnt have any military relations at that time. now we can have them.
G: then we will help them?
no but their enemies will fear that. & thats what is required.
M1:whats happening in south america?
sorry???? where region or some country.(i was confused)
M1: venzuela cuba brazil.
they r fighting 4 their survival against us dominance.
M1: tell me s/thing abt venzuela.
i told so.......
M1: what is ache? is capital of..... sorry couldnt remember it.
M2: asked some thing from my biodata. a few clarifications. i have mis-spelled that thing.
M2: one of your favourite personalities is maliha lodhi. why?(well i have a
good trimmed beard)
i can recognise my self with her.
M2: how? (all members were really surprised)
she belonged to a middle class family so am i. she has good leadership & administrative qualities & i am striving 4 them.
M2: ur other f-personality is prof younis.
G: dont u think it is us scheme not to give noble prize to a pakistani?
no sir. after all they have to third world.
M2: why not edhi?
sir services of prof younis or greater to fight poveryty while edhi is doing social work
M2: shaukat aziz is doing a lot to fight poverty.
yes sir but his services r not yet universally acknowleged.hopefully soon some pakistani will also get that.
M3: why u answer after thinking?
sir i have read a lot about all these things(my hobby reading books) their pros & cons . i try to analyse 4 a moment then answer.
M3: isnt it better to say yes or no instead of it can be or it cant be?
sir that depends on the questions. bla bla.....
M3: what do u think is better a bad decision or no decision?
sir a bad decision but we should go 4 a decision
G: ok.tell us about enlighten moderation/
i said a good concept to portray soft image of islam

then he came to my beard. questions why having? why trimmed? will u ask ur younger bros to go 4 prayers? will u ask ur subordinates?
i replied yes but will not as such pursue them. he said islam says other thing. use stick 4 child when he is 10/
i tried this & taht yes no.
G: thankyou gentleman.
tahnkyou sir
and i left the room.

well it was a good sitting. except last part. i was cool and confident and even at times a bit aggressive.

i even obstructed the general once. in the end. perhaps when he was discussing moderation. he said first listen my q and then answer. i said sorry & a bit of smile. actually i was smiling at many times especially when they cross questioned & i was expecting that q.

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Old Monday, February 05, 2007
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Default well done

well giyan chand... the interview u have posted is really excellent.... and the answers u gave were impressing too.. one thing important perhaps is this that u have been much more expressive in your thoughts.. great... the question of Kala bag dam was asked frrom me too.. and i answered more or less the same.... well.. wish u best of luck
... ur preparation seems to be very much preplanned and focussed or so u have come out of it..
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Old Tuesday, February 06, 2007
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Great....I m impressed by the way u conducted urself...However u could ve made ur answers more impressive by being impartial ( somewhere u supported Army for doing things that are nt within its domain to do ), argumentative ( U could ve taked more abt Kashmir problem and Kalabagh Dam ) and daring ( U could ve said that desecration of ur temples were religiously motivated and no political motive could be attributed for it )......
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Old Tuesday, February 06, 2007
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thanx dear JANNI ABRO SAHIB for ur analytical view of my interview...i think my support for the army was not without reasoning n apart from this i did not suported army bluntedly...on kashmir and kalabagh dam i wanted to say more however thier gestures and facial expressions stoped me as if they had got thier answers and thus they proceede as for as Desecration of Mandirs are concerned i did not say that undaring or i had no fear of those army generals etc however i said what i saw...i myself witnessed those events n it was realy not fully religiosly motivated.. saw the politics behind those attacks...HOWEVER IM MUCH PLEASED BY YOUR ANALYSIS THANX AGAIN...
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Old Tuesday, February 06, 2007
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Well Done Mr.Giyan Chand,

Your interview generally spkng went quite balanced.If it went exactly as u wrote here,then i have no doubt tht ur written score was too big to b overlooked by the panel for some allocation n it really seemed interested having a minority guy infornt of them(a rarity indeed) with patriotic zeal outbursting n overall a positive,confident attitude.And more cuz u belong to minority n wd join a few handful of minority CSPs in our 60 years history,contrary to what v see a number of indian muslims ending up ICS officers.Its what our Quaid had dreamt about n a and such a panel do take such things into account.

On Kashmir,yes u contradicted urself.When u support 4 points of General,wherefrom comes Plebicite?U shud rather have said tht General's points are very much in line with stuff like plebiscite n then wd have justified them in how much they are alternate to a plebiscite n dont loose sight of Kasmiri people's wishes.

On Desecration of temples,he did'nt ask u religiously motivated but,indigenous reaction,so u shud have rather said that indigenous to the extent of politico-economic level,n religiouis to the extent of religious extremism in some local circles

Anyways,over all it went as a good interview and b positive for good result.May u succeed in ur endeavors.

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Old Thursday, October 04, 2007
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Default interviews conducted at Quetta centre

well dears , here are some interviews conducted (inclucding of myself) in 2006 at quetta centre. i had collected this by then to send it to my friend who was appearing from other centre. so , here are these for u all ..

first of all .. i may tell u some of general things regarding interview then i move to actual interview of the candidates conducted here.
it was almost general interview conducted from every one here in the centre.. they were friendly nd congenial atmosphere was what they wanted to give to the candidates.
..the Psychological interview mostly depended on the background of the candidate and the things he had written in his psychological test .. especially the question the candidates had answered regarding their personality traits and so on.. and the events of the year that u had written ... however in some cases they did not touch the events one had written in the psychological test....
they rarely touched the subjects whether optional or compulsory... how ever some of the candidates were hurled with the questions from optional subjects but they(interview panel ) touched only the basics or general view of the subjects .
The most of the time was consumed by the Chairman himself and from thirty minutes (as here every one was made to sit for thirty minutes) hardly other members asked simply two two questions or so .... otherwise it was chairman himself that he tried to irritate,instigate, pressurise, and puzzle the candidate.... he most of times counterargued on the question .. sometimes with smile (u know) and sometimes behaving as if he gets angry over certain responses.....
however.. .good thing about him(chairman).. rather for all .. that they gave sufficient time to candidate to express himself .. they did not intervene... while the candidate was talking ... only they listend calmly and saw how does the candidate express himself .

Candidate one :

his optional subjects: economics, political science and constitutional law.
(following is the interview of the very first candidate at the interview..)

chairman: come , come (very warm welcome to the candidate)....
chairman: first of congratulations to u .. on passing exam ..
chairman: introduce ur self..:
chariman: ok gentle we are not here to ask what is two plusttwo.. so be relaxed..
chairman:what do u know about balochistan crises?
Q: what is the future of Balochistan?

chairman:should Bugti have been killed?
Q: if you are finance minister how would u plan for the developement of blaouchistan.
Q:Indo - us deal
Q:Should we form another province combing Pathans of NWFP , balochistan and afghanistan?
Q: why police?
Q: heard that baloches are lazy.. is it true?
... and it is over.. and now the chairman :ok gentleman.. now go and promise tht you will not study atleast for three days.. just would enjoy the life..
Candidate: thnk u sir.. thank u all ...

Candidate no: 2( interview)
after the introduction to him ...( the candidate belonged to area somewhere near dera Bugti)

Q:wht do u think about balochistan
Q:Baloch say that cantonment should not be built why? is it not against developement tht baloch think ..?
Qo u think balochistan crises can be solved?
Q: NFC ----interim it satisfying for Balochistan?
Q:Tell something\anything about Russian Constitution?( his was constitutional law subject... the candidate told the feautre of the russian constitutional law.. and they did not further ask him questions)
Q:Baloch do not like musharaf ; what do u say if he is elected as president for another five years?
Q:The world cup of cricket is approaching .......if u are made captain of pakistani team what would be ur strategy with regard to selection of team and winning the world cup( candidate had mentioned in his hobbies .. cricket as favorite sport)

Q: Opportunities come or created?
Q: are u baloch first or Pakistani first?

Thank you..

Candidate # 3.

his optional subjects were: indian history..sociology..journalism..constituional law and sindhi.

After welcoming the candidate and offering him a seat...

chairman: tell us something about ur family background, your academic record and what have u been doing all these years.
Chairman: it seems most of time u have been in sindh .. so u might know much about sindh?
Chairman: ok ; construction of Kala bag dam ..... what is the viewpoint of Sindh.... ok tell us first of all point of view of sindh, then of federal govt. or wapda .. then in the last tell about ur point of view...

chairman: you talk about consensus... but Musharaf sahib in his speeches says" that he would go for construction of kala bag dam... he does not talk abou consensus..
Chairman: do u think sindh will go violent if dam is constructed?
chairman: ok suppose....the dam is built... there will be for some months..say one or two .. protests and processions ... then every thing will be ok.....why should we not go for dam..

now chairman gives turn to other members..
Member 1: what do u say about corruption?
=======: how can we eliminate corruption?
=======:said it is that NAB has been formed only to haunt the politicians.. is it true?
.... while the candidate was busy answering the question of member one that other member intervened saying.." can i ask question"'''''' but chairman told him to wait..
Member 2: what are the similarities with regard to consensus of kashmir and kala bag dam..
member 2: how do u think consensus can be developed? what should we do?
member #3: well.. i have only two questions for u ...why police not on the top? ( this member who is retired i.G asks question to evry one about police .. and likes them to answer positivily abut police group)

Member # 3 : you have written here that u contribute letters and articles to newspapers.. so being a journalist have u ever written about national integration..?

chairman: ok gentlemen now ur interview is over... now be relaxed and tell me what difficulties did u face in Fpsc examinaiton...

chairman:does cheating prevail in the exam...
chairman: what about .. do staff of FPSC help the candidates in any away...
chairman.; what do u think that it needs no improvement...and it is perfect...

chairman: thank u young man...

P.s( candidate #3 secured marks : 175 )

candidate 4:
Q: introduce yourself
Q: tell something aobut uncles.:
Q: tell about Uk society candidate has been in Uk)
Q: why pakistanis are at difficult in Uk:
Q: tumhara time kaisa guzra?
Q ; you forgot ur values in Uk:
Q: did u visit clubs there in Uk
Q: what form of democracy u see can be good for pakistan
Q: tell about personality of Usa history that u liked ( his was usa history as opti.subj.)
Q: music of what kind u like?
Q: mughal era music.. to whom do u like?
Q: what is ur opinion about Bakers report
Q:Irans point of view about Bakers report.
Q: inequality in china is on the rise? what is ur opinion?
Q: why mahatir mohammad( candidates fav. personality)

Q: slogan and motivation .. what is difference?
Q: why police?
Q: sectarian strife..........who is to be blamed....?

P.S :Candidate 4: secured 236 marks (highest in Pakistan)
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Old Friday, October 26, 2007
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ihs has a spectacular aura aboutihs has a spectacular aura aboutihs has a spectacular aura about

(as far as my answer to jurisdiction of supreme court is concerned, it cannot be said wrong. coz although, in constitution, it is written that supreme court has no jurisdiction in tribal areas, but it is also said that it is the custodian of human rights of pakistanis. on this point, a petition was filed by gen(r) hameed gull and others that supreme court should clear this point and SHOULD take notice in this regard. on it c.j (iftikhar ch) said that he will look into this issue only if someone from tribal areas will come 2 him 4 his protection of human right. so he admitted that this matter is in confusion & this should be cleared)
Pray as everything depends on God, work as everything depends on you
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