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Old Saturday, January 19, 2013
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Amna has much to be proud ofAmna has much to be proud ofAmna has much to be proud ofAmna has much to be proud ofAmna has much to be proud ofAmna has much to be proud ofAmna has much to be proud ofAmna has much to be proud of
Default Repeated Questions of Geology


  • Discuss the internal structure of the earth in the light of seismic velocities. (2012)
  • Describe the internal structure of the Earth and its relation to solar system. (2010)
  • What methods are available to determine the age of the Earth? Describe its internal structure. (2004)
  • How Earth came into being? Briefly discuss theories about its origin. (2003)


  • How the Earthquake is located? How the destruction was made by earthquake in 2005 in Pakistan? Discuss briefly.(2013)
  • In the context of earthquake, define epicentre and focus. Using P and S waves how the epicentre of an earthquake is located? (2011)
  • What is the difference between magnitude and intensity of an earthquake? What are earthquake resistant structures? (2005)
  • How do you locate the epicenter of an earthquake? What measures are necessary for those areas of Pakistan which are seismically active(2004)
  • What are EARTHQUAKES? How are these produced? What measures need to be adopted to mitigate the damage caused by the earthquakes(2002)

Plate Tectonics

  • Discuss three types of collision of Plate boundaries with reference to Plate system of Pakistan. (2013)
  • Briefly describe the theory of plate tectonic. Also comment on the Indian-Eurasian Collision and formation of Himalayas(2012)
  • How many Tectonic Plate Boundaries are found? Describe them briefly with emphasis to Indian Plate. (2009)
  • What is meant by continental drift and plate tectonics? Discuss various tectonic elements of the Earth. (2003)

Fault and Folds

  • Short Note - Types of fold (2014)
  • Differentiate Structural Geology and Tectonics. Enlist classification of fault based on Slip and attitude of fault and attitude of strata with brief description and diagrams.(2013)
  • What are faults, how they are recognized in field? Give the classification of faults based on Slip types. (2011)
  • How do you classify Folds? Discuss the types of Folds in the mountains of Balochistan. (2005)
  • How do you classify Faults? Discuss the importance of chaman fault in the geology of Pakistan. (2004)


  • What are volcanoes, how they are formed? Discus their elationship with orogeny and plate tectonics. Also describe the types of eruptions related with various types of volcanoes . (2014)
  • Describe volcanic processes in detail with emphasis to volcanic activity in Indus and Baluchistan Basins. (2009)
  • What is a Volcano ? Where are Volcanoes located on Earth? What are different types of Volcanic Eruptions? Where does Calk-Alkaline magmatism occur? (2008)

Weathering and Erosion

  • How many kinds of Geomorphic Cycles are possible? Discuss process of chemical weathering in detail. (2007)
  • Discuss the process of weathering and erosion. What is the importance of these processes? (2005)

Sedimentary Structures

  • What are Deltas, how they are formed? Describe deltaic landforms and give the characteristics of deltaic sediments. (2014)
  • With the help of a diagram give the clasifcation of sandstones proposed by Dot orFolk. Describe the compositon of each class.(2014)
  • With examples, discuss the geological parameters which control the landforms of an area. Describe the landforms resulted by sedimentation through ice and melt water. (2011)
  • What are sedimentary structures? Describe its classification and discuss the deformational sedimentary structures(2010)


  • Discuss the process of fossilization in detail.(2012)
  • Define fossil, discuss various modes of fossilizations. Describe main morphological features of class Trilobita of Phylum Arthropoda. (2011)
  • What importance has micro fossils in stratigraphy? Give the Classification of Phylum Sarcodina up to Family level. (2009)
  • What is a Fossil? What are various requirements for the preservation of fauna and flora in rocks? (2008)
  • What is the importance of Fossils in Geology? Describe various processes of fossilization. (2007)
  • What are FOSSILS? How are these preserved? List the most important INDEX Fossils of Pakistan. (2003)
  • Describe the morphology of Brachiopods. What is their significance in the stratigraphy of Pakistan? (2005)
  • Describe the morphology of CEPHALOPODS. What is their significance in the stratigraphy of Pakistan? (2004)
  • Write an essay on the Foraminifera with special reference to their distribution in Pakistan(2002)


  • Diferentiate betwen Chronostratigraphic and Lithostratigraphic units. Which of these units are esentialy synchronous and why? Write the stratigraphic sucesion of Bara Nala Section of Sindh.(2014)
  • Short Note - Stratigraphy of Khewra Gorge (2013)
  • Describe the stratigraphy of Khewra Gorge (2012)
  • Define correlation, describe the principle of correlation with examples from the stratigraphy of Pakistan(2010)
  • Describe the Stratigraphy of Oceanic Crust?. (2008)
  • What is Stratigraphic Code of Pakistan? Describe the Paleozoic rocks of the Salt Range. (2005)
  • What is STRATIGRAPHY? Briefly describe various stratigraphic units? Summarize the Paleozoic stratigraphy of the Salt Rage. (2003)
  • What are the basic time stratigraphic units and their corresponding time units? Why did geologist find it necessary to establish these two kinds of units? (2001)

Salt Range

  • Discuss the occurrence,stratigraphy and the reserve of coal in salt range(Cis and Trans Indus). (2012)
  • Describe the morphological and structural characters of Salt Range. Discuss its importance in geology of Pakistan. Give the lithological characteristics of Salt Range Formation. (2011)
  • Describe the succession (Various Formations) of Mesozoic Era from Salt Range. (2009)
  • Enlist generalized succession of Paleozoic Era found in Salt Range and discuss the regional Unconformities established in Indus Basin of Pakistan. (2007)


  • How orthopyroxenes can be diferentiated from clinopyroxenes under polarizing microscope? Name the members of ortho-and clinopyroxenes. Write al optical properties of orthopyroxenes. (2014)
  • Short Note - Hardness of the minerals and scale (2013)
  • How minerals are classified? Discuss and en list the classification of minerals other than silicate.(2013)
  • Discuss the physical properties of minerals dependent on light. (2012)
  • How rock-forming minerals are classified on the basis of silicate structure? Give example of each class. Write down the physical properties of mica group. (2011)
  • How X-ray diffraction helps to determine the mineralogical composition of rocks? (2010)
  • What are various common rock-forming minerals of the Earth’s Crust ? Briefly describe their composition and structure(2008)
  • Define mineral, crystal and rock. Describe the Feldspar group of minerals(2005)
  • What is the significance of physical properties of mineral? Describe the PYROXENE group of minerals(2004)
  • What is a MINERAL? Discuss various ROCK-FORMING MINERALS with the help of examples(2003)
  • What are Feldspars? Keeping in view the Al/Si distribution over the non-equivalent tetrahedral sites in the structure of feldspar. What is a disordered feldspar? (2002)


  • Describe various Crystal System briefly and give examples of two minerals at least for each system. (2007)
  • What is he base of division of crystals into Systems and Classes? What are the peculiarities of the “Normal class” of a system? Describe the symmetry of the normal class of the Hexagonal System. (2002)


  • What is Bed Form ? Describe the variety of Bed Forms produced under varying conditions of Flow Regime? (2008)
  • Define bedding and stratification. Discuss various types of bedding. Which features are employed to check whether the beds are right side up or over turned? (2002)

  • Short Note - Stages of deformation (2013)
  • Short Note -Kinds of unconformities (2013)
  • How do the sediments convert to sedimentary rocks? Describe a few elastic sedimentary rocks. (2005)
  • What are unconformities? Discuss various stages involved in their development and describe with the help of diagrams various types of unconformities. (2002)
  • Discuss the rock cycle and explain how it is related to plate tectonics.(2001)

Igneous Rocks
  • Discuss the origin of MAGMA in relation to plate tectonics. How different types of igneous rocks are formed from a single magma? (2012)
  • What is acidic igneous rocks ? Describe the petrology of granite in detail. (2010)
  • What are Rocks? Discuss igneous rocks and compare and contrast the intrusive and extrusive rocks. (2004)
Metamorphic Rocks

  • Describe principal types of metamorphic rocks in details. (2009)
  • Briefly Describe the classification of Metamorphic Rocks. (2008)

Plutonic and volcanic rocks

  • Differentiate between Plutonic and volcanic rocks in detail and give examples of rocks from Pakistan and at least five for each kind(2007)
  • Briefly describe the major plutonic and volcanic rocks with their composition. Give some examples from Pakistan(2001)


  • What do you understand with palaeocurent analysis? What are the tols used for this analysis? How palaeocurent direction is determined using a Rose diagram or a Vector Diagram?(2014)
  • Describe the tertiary succession of lower Indus Basin. (2013)
  • What do you understand by Sedimentary Environment? Discuss in details the Marine environment.(2013)
  • What is meant by Metamorphism? What are various agents /factors of Metamorphism? (2008)
  • Define Formation. Describe the Tertiary sequence of strata in Sindh. (2008)
  • Describe various kinds of primary sedimentary structures and their role in identification of top and bottom of a Bed surface.(2007)
  • Describe the Cretaceous sequence of Hazara Area and the Suleman Range. (2007)
  • Discuss the difference in the Petrography; chemistry and occurrence of the Alkali basalt and tholeiitc basalt. (2002)
  • What is incongruent melting? Draw Phase diagram of the binary system-Leucite-Silica. Describe the characteristic features of this system. (2002)

Short Notes

  • Interference figure (2014)
  • Metamophic facies (2014)
  • Suture in Cephalopods (2014)
  • Present is key to the past (2013)
  • Mechanism of metamorphism (2013)
  • Magmatic Differentiation (2011)
  • Diagenesis (2011)
  • Dolomitization (2011)
  • Metasomatism(2011)
  • Metamorphic zones and facies. (2001),(2010)
  • Earth Magnetic Field(2010)
  • Convergent Plate Boundary(2010)
  • Chemical weathering(2010)
  • Different weathering. (2001)
  • Primary structures of igneous rock(2001)
  • Geomorphic cycle(2001)

To succeed,look at things not as they are,but as they can be.:)

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Old Saturday, January 19, 2013
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Join Date: Aug 2005
Location: Desert of Dream
Posts: 2,927
Thanks: 446
Thanked 1,971 Times in 1,040 Posts
Amna has much to be proud ofAmna has much to be proud ofAmna has much to be proud ofAmna has much to be proud ofAmna has much to be proud ofAmna has much to be proud ofAmna has much to be proud ofAmna has much to be proud of



  • Discuss the processes of mineralization of Pegmatites. (2013)
  • Discuss the mineralization associated with pegmatites.(2012)
  • Name various geochemical prospecting methods for minerals. Describe any one of them in detail with examples. (2011)
  • Describe various kinds of gemstones and give their occurrences from Pakistan.(2001)
  • Discuss prospects for mineral –based industries in Pakistan .(2012)

Metallic and Non-Metallic Mineral

  • Discuss in detail the geology of non-metallic minerals in Northern Areas of Pakistan. (2013)
  • Discuss with reference to geographical distribution, economic value and occurrences of Non-Metallic Minerals of Pakistan. (2009)
  • Describe the variety of metallic minerals available in Pakistan. Also point out the types of industries which can be set up based on these metallic minerals.(2008)
  • Discuss with reference to geographical distribution, economic value and kind of occurrences, various metallic ores and minerals from Pakistan. (2007)
  • Discuss metallic mineral resources of Pakistan? Suggest economically viable, mineral-based industries for various deposits? (2003)

Mineral Deposits

  • Describe formation and ocurences of salt deposits of Salt Range area and its utilzation in various industries.(2014)
  • Describe genesis and metalogeny of Muslim Bagh chromite deposits.(2014)
  • Discuss the occurrence and industrial utilization of bentonite deposits of Pakistan. (2013)
  • Discuss the genesis of primary Kaolin deposits of Pakistan. Also describe different end uses of this commodity.(2012)
  • Write about the tectonic setting and metallogenic province of RecoDiK Copper – Gold Belt of Baluchistan. Discuss the genesis and petrography of the deposit. (2011)
  • Describe the occurrence and industrial utilization of bentonite deposits of Azad Kashmir. (2010)
  • Describe the process of Magmatic concentration during formation of mineral Deposits. (2007)
  • What is PORPHYRY Copper deposit? Describe the geology of SAINDAK area.(2004)
  • Discuss mineral deposits of Hydrothermal Origin. (2002)
  • What are salt domes? Discuss their evolution and economic significance. (2001)
  • Define metallogeny with reference to plate tectonics, giving examples from Pakistan.(2000)

Radioactive Minerals

  • What are the important radioactive minerals? Discuss their host rocks and occurrences in Pakistan. (2003)
  • Briefly describe occurrence of radioactive minerals in Pakistan.(2000)


  • Discuss the efficiency of expulsion and also discuss how this expulsion (primary migration) does occurs form source rocks? (2007)
  • Describe the environmental conditions of the transformation of organic matter into kerogen. How the expulsion occurs from the source work? (2001)


  • Discus diferent geophysical techniques used to prospect hydrocarbon deposit in an area.(2014)
  • Short Note - Sequence stratigraphic approach in exploration of hydrocarbons (2013)
  • Describe the theories regarding the origin of hydrocarbons. Also discuss the primary migration of Hydrocarbons. (2012)
  • Describe the theories regarding the origin of Petroleum and Primary Migration of Hydrocarbons.(2010)
  • Briefly describe origin, migration and occurrences of hydrocarbons. Discuss hydrocarbon provinces of Pakistan. (2003)
  • How gravity and magnetic techniques are useful in hydrocarbon exploration?(2001)


  • Describe the Trap mechanism and classify the kinds of traps according to Allen Allen. (2009)
  • Describe the factors controlling organic productivity of organic mass. Discuss the mechanism of oil trapping. (2007)


  • Evaluate Thar coal deposits for power generation. Describe major constrain in this regard.(2014)
  • Discuss the occurrence, stratigraphy and the reserve of coal in salt range(Cis and Trans Indus). (2012)
  • Give the occurrence of coal deposits in the Kirthar Province of Lower Indus Basin. Describe their stratigraphic association, coal varieties and reserves. (2011)
  • Discuss the future prospect of coal mining in Pakistan with reference to Sindh region especially. (2009)
  • Describe the ranks of Coal. What are the problems of Utilization of THAR Coal? (2004)
  • What are the major coalfields of Pakistan? Discuss their Rank and Quality, and propose their suitable industrial applications. (2003)
  • Discuss formation of coal deposit, their classification and occurrence in Pakistan.(2002)

Oil And Gas

  • Describe the structure and stratigraphy of SUI gas field. What are the advantages and disadvantages of an international gas pipeline to Pakistan? (2004)
  • Briefly describe the case histories of the following oil and gas fields:(2001) (a) Marl Gas Field
    (b) Khaskhaili Oil Field
    (c) Dhulian Oil Field
    (d) Dhodhak Condensate Field

Engineering Geology

  • Discus those geotechnical properties which are considered essential for the selection of durable building material.(2014)
  • What is the role of an Engineering Geologist in the site investigation of a mega project. (2010)
  • Give an account of the geological materials used as building stones.(2002)

  • Discuss salient feature of Tarbela Dam.(2010)
  • Discuss the characteristics features of Building Material and enlist all those factors consider for construction of a Dam. (2009)
  • Describe the geological factors required for selection of Dam site.(2008)
  • What geological factors must be considered in the selection of sites for DAMS? Discuss the silting problem in Mangla and Terbela. (2004)
  • Briefly discuss the geological factors, which should be taken into consideration while selecting a suitable site for the construction of dams.(2002)
  • How sites for dams’ construction are investigated? Which site you will suggest for dam construction on Indus River? Discuss.(2001)
  • Describe various types of dams and factors influencing their construction (2000)

  • What geological factors are considered for the sites of Bridges especially in Hilly areas and what consideration should be taken into account for its long life?(2007)


  • What geological considerations are essential before selecting a site for and during construction of a tunnel? Discuss in detail. (2011)

Salinity and water logging

  • What are the posible causes of water loging and salinity in Pakistan? Discus some remedial measures for the reclamation of such soil.(2014)
  • Why we have more water logging in Sindh region and also discuss various kinds of Aquifer found in this region. (2007)
  • Write any essay on the water resources of Pakistan. Suggest measures to control water-logging and salinity. (2003)
  • Write in detail note on salinity and water logging problems in Sindh Region.(2001)

  • Short Note - Types of Aquifers (2001) (2012) (2013)
  • What is Aquifer? Describe various types of Aquifers? How can we solve the problem of pollution of underground water? (2008)
  • Describe various types of aquifers and the law governing movement of groundwater.(2002)

Slope Failure

  • Discuss various types and patterns of slope failures in Pakistan and their stability techniques. (2013)
  • Discuss the different types of slope failure and their stability techniques. (2012)
  • Describe various modes of slope failures in rocks .(2010)


  • What factors are responsible for Landslides? How will you stabilize a frequently sliding mass of shales and mudstone?(2004)
  • What are LANDSLIDES? Discuss various hazards associate with them. Describe measures to control landslides. (2003)


  • What are Kimberlites? Discuss their distribution in space and time, geological setting and petrography. (2011)
  • Describe the characteristics of reservoir rocks and enlist producing reservoir rocks of Indus Basin.(2009)
  • Describe the Geology (formation,lithology ,age) of the Source Rocks of Petroleum in the Indus Basin of Pakistan .(2008)

Exploration Geology

  • Short Note - Exploration in Badin Block in Lower Indus Basin with reference to Stratigraphic Traps Exploration Strategy. (2013)
  • How the geochemical survey is used for the exploration of mineral deposits? (2010)
  • Describe the Seismic method of Exploration and briefly discuss the mechanism of seismograph and geophones. (2009)
  • What are various Geophysical techniques used for exploration of mineral deposits? (2008)
  • Discuss two common geophysical techniques employed in the exploration of oil and for groundwater.(2004)
  • Discuss geophysical prospecting: techniques employed for the exploration of metals, water and hydrocarbons.(2003)
  • What geophysical technique(s) is/are recommended for the prospection of iron-ore deposits? Give details of the techniques and instrument(s) used for this type of survey. (2002)
  • Write note on “geophysical method used for oil exploration.” (2000)
  • Make a diagram of a modern drilling rig, label its various parts and discuss the function of the water-based and oil drilling muds in Oil well drilling. (2002)

Photo Geology , Aerial Photograph and Remote Sensing

  • Give the criteria for lithological interpretation on an aerial photograph.Briefly discuss the merits and demerits of Aerial Photography and Satellite Remote Sensing over each other. (2011)
  • What are various steps involved in the process of preparation of geological map of an area? What is the use of aerial photographs in this process? (2008)
  • How photo geology and remote sensing does help in mineral exploration? (2007)
  • Write note on “use of remote sensing in mineral exploration .” (2000)


  • Discuss in detail the causative mechanisms of earthquakes in Pakistan. (2013)
  • Describe the economic significance of the Pab Formation in Lower Indus Basin.(2013)
  • Elaborate Hydrologic Cycle. How the water-flow budget of an hydrologic basin is calculated? (2011)
  • What is meant by alkali – aggregate reaction ? Elaborate the concepts of Alkali – Silica reaction. (2010)
  • What is Kerogen ? Describe the processes involve in the evolution of Kerogen to Pertroleum ? (2008)
  • Explain the DARCY Law. Can groundwater exploration be an alternate to Kalabagh Dam? (2004)

Short Notes

  • Geothermal energy (2014)
  • Driling mud (2014)
  • Land slides (2014)
  • Foundation analysis (2013)
  • Hydrological Cycle (2012) (2013)
  • Lag time or bottom-up figure (2002)
  • Coal and its varieties (2002)
  • Marble deposits in Pakistan(2002)
  • Geochemical exploration technique (2001)
  • Radioactive minerals of Pakistan (2001)
  • Metallogeny of Pakistan (2001)
To succeed,look at things not as they are,but as they can be.:)

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Default Solved MCQs

Assalam u alaikum

I need solution of Geology MCQs from Past papers. thnx
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Default AMAR gull

Hello Bro , For geology we can share some notes and strategy . please share your email id.
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