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Old Sunday, March 25, 2012
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Default Study Plan Business Administration

1. What do you understand by McKinney’s 7's framework for management analysis, and how it is different from operational management approach? (2010)
2. Describe major functions of management. discuss its significance for modern business organization (2012)

1. How do you differentiate between strategy, policy and procedure? Discuss the various steps in planning process.(2010) (2005)
2. Describe the key activities of Decision Making Process. (2011)
3. Steps involved in setting Corporate Goals. (2011)
4. Role of Strategic Planning in present business world. How is it different from simple planning process? Give examples. (2008)

1. What do you understand by efficiency and effectiveness in management? In today’s environment, which one of the two is more important to organizations? (2009)
2. What is work specialization? How can the concept of specialization be applied to institutions such as universities and government agencies? (2009)
3. How can a manager serve as change agent? Describe the major organizational development techniques used to facilitate the change process. (2006)
4. What is organizational culture? Discuss the sources of organization culture. (2002)
5. How is staffing function related to other managerial functions and activities? Lets evaluate external factors affecting staffing. (2003)
6. The ability to manage conflict is undoubtedly one of the most important skills a manager needs. Discuss what kinds of conflicts arise in the organizations and how managers can develop effective conflict resolution skills. (2002)
7. Explain the SELECTION PROCESS used in modern organizations. What techniques can be used to improve the interviewing process used as a selection technique? (2001)
8. If you were a manager, would you decentralize authority? State several reasons for your answer. How would you make sure that you did not decentralize too much?
9. What is negotiation? What are the major negotiation strategies? How do the two major bargaining strategies differ? (2006)
1. WHAT IS LEADERSHIP? List and explain different type of leaders. discuss any one theory of leadership (2012), (2005)
2. Define “Managerial Leadership”. Compare Ohio and Michigan state University’s approaches of Leadership styles. (2008)
3. Why motivation is considered necessary in today’s organization to increase the efficiency of the employees? briefly describe any theory of motivation (2012), (2007)
4. How does effective managing take advantage of motivation? Explain any three Special Motivational techniques used by managers. (2004)
5. Compare and contrast the Maslow and Herzberg theories of motivation. On what grounds has the Herzberg theory been criticized? (2003)
1. Important Contemporary issues in Organization control.(2011)
2. What is “controlling”? State main steps involved in control process. Discuss different types of control. (2007)
3. Briefly explain the BASIC CONTROL PROCESS. Also explain requirements for effective controls. (2003)


An overview of Marketing.
1. Differentiate between marketing and selling? Describe how the actions of a shoe manufacturer engaged in "marketing" might be different from a shoe manufacturer engaged in "selling"? (2010)
2. Explain briefly marketing. Describe various functions of marketing? (2005)
3. “Marketing is a total system of business activities designed to plan, price, promote and distribute want – satisfying products and services to present and potential customers.” Comment on this statement. (2003)
4. Explain following terms. (i) Sales Promotion Policies (ii) Global Marketing (iii) Marketing Mix variable and Marketing environment variables (2003)
5. Discuss the evolution of marketing concept. Compare marketing concept with selling concept. (2002)
Marketing’s Role in Society and inside a Firm
1. Describe main features of marketing role in the society. Discuss its impact on human life. (2012)
Environment of Marketing
1. Briefly explain main features of marketing environment (2012)
2. Define Marketing. Discuss various internal and external environmental factors affecting firm’s marketing strategies. (2008)
3. Explain how the following macro-environmental forces affect the marketing programmes of business organizations. (i) Technology (ii) Economic Conditions (iii) Political and Legal Forces. (2001)
Strategic Planning and Marketing
1. Growth Share Matrix of Boston Consulting Group (2011)
2. Brand Strategy Decisions for new ladies shoes (2011)
3. Retailers can position themselves at four of service. List and describe those levels. Also discuss supply chain management. (2006)
4. Describe the process of formulation of marketing strategy. (2002)
5. Explain the following management activities relating to staffing and operating sales force. (2004)
(i) Recruitment and Selection (ii)Training a sales force (iii) Supervising a sales force
Marketing Mix i.e. Product, Pricing, Place, Promotion
1. What is "marketing mix"? Discuss the role of marketing mix in the marketing process for increasing sales volume. (2012)
2. Important features of Value-based pricing, Good-Value pricing and Value adding pricing. (2011)
3. What is product line and product mixed? What kind of marketing strategy and procedures are required for new product development? (2010)
4. What is the role of advertising in marketing? Select an example to illustrate what you believe to be good advertising and why? (2009)
5. “Sales Promotion” is taking the place of Advertisement. Comment. Discuss some commonly used sales promotion techniques for customers and channel members. (2008)
6. Explain Marketing Mix. Discuss the role of marketing mix in managerial decision-making. (2007)
7. Diamond Machine Technology makes a tool for sharpening the blades of pruning sheers and glass clippers. The company has invested $ 250,000 in developing this sharpener. This tool is about the size of a piece of chewing gum and costs $ 3 to make. Fixed costs for the sharpener is $ 10,000. The company expects to sell 100,000 sharpeners this year. Diamond Machine’s markup on sales is 30 % and it wants to earn a 20 % ROI. Calculate its markup price and its target-return price, as well as its breakeven volume at both prices. Which price should Diamond Manufacturing use? (2006)
8. Explain the several types of channels available to the manufacturer. What influence does each of the following factors have on the choice of marketing channels? (2004)
(i) The product (ii) the market (iii) the manufacturer’s organization
Global Marketing
1. Identify some major factors that drive the new economy and explain what changes these factors have brought to marketing? (2009)
2. Define “Global Marketing”, how is it different from international marketing? Describe the elements on which an organization should focus to globalize its product more effectively. (2007)
3. Explain global marketing discuss its significance for the modern business organization of 21st century. (2005)
4. “Once a company decides to target a particular country, it has to determine the best mode of entry”. List the alternatives available and explain the natures advantages and limitations of any TWO involving more commitment, risk, control and profit potential. (2001)


Nature and Scope of Financial Management
1. Describe main features of financial management. discuss the role of finance manager in any organization (2012)
2. Discuss the major functions of "financial manager". Explain why judging the efficiency of any financial decision required the existence of a financial goal? (2010)
Interpretation of Financial Statement—Ratio analysis, Trend analysis—Common size analysis
1. How the financial statements are analyzed and interpreted through ratio analysis (2012)
2. What is ratio analysis? List four ratios and explain what they are used for? Discuss various benefits and drawbacks of ratio analysis? (2010)
3. How do “Liquidity and Leverage Rations” help the management in taking financial decisions? Assume some data to explain the role of these rations in financial decisions making. (2008)
4. Royal corporation current assets inventories and current liabilities for four year period are as follows:

Item 2000 2001 2002 2003
Current assets Rs. 20,000 Rs. 22,400 Rs. 25,600 Rs. 28,100
Inventories Rs. 8,200 Rs. 10,000 Rs. 12,500 Rs. 14,000
Current liabilities Rs. 10,000 Rs. 10,200 Rs. 10,700 Rs. 11,000

a. Calculate the firm’s current and quick ratios for each year. (10)
b. Discuss the firm’s liquidity position over the four year period of time. (2005)
5. A corporation has total assets of Rs 500,000 and equity is Rs 200,000. What is company’s debt-to-asset ratio? (2003)
6. The following data apply to A.L. Kaiser & Company (millions of dollars) (2002)

Cash and marketable securities $100.00
Fixed assets $283.50
Sales $1000.00
Net income $50.00
Quick ration 2.0 X
Current ratio 3.0 X
Average collection period 40 days
Return on equity 12%

Kaiser has no preferred stock – only common stock equity, current liabilities and long term debt.

Find Kaiser’s
1. Account receivable (A/R)
2. Current liabilities
3. Current assets
4. Total assets
5. Return on assets (ROA)
6. Common stock equity and
7. Long term debt

7. Assuming that the current ratio is 2, state in each of following cases, whether ratio will improve, decline or have no change. (2003)
a. Payment of a current liability
b. Purchase of fixed assets
c. Cash collected from customers
d. Issue of new shares
Time Value of Money—Concept of TVM; Net Present Value; Pay Back period; Internal rate of return.
1. Main methods of Evaluation of attractiveness of various investment (2011)
2. Assume that it is now January 1, 2009. On January 1, 2010 you will deposit Rs. 1000 into a savings account that pays 8 percent. (2009)

(a) If the bank compounds interest annually, how much will you have in your account on January 1, 2013?

(b) What would your January 1, 2013, balance be if the bank used quarterly compounding rather than annual compounding?

(c) Suppose you deposited Rs. 1000 in four payments of Rs. 250 each on January 1, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. How much would you have in your account on January 1, 2013, based on 8 percent annual compounding?

(d) Suppose you deposited four equal payments in your account on January 1 of 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Assuming an 8 percent interest rate, how large would each of your payment have to be for you to obtain the same ending balance as you calculated in part (a)?
3. (a) Suppose you were to receive Rs. 100,000 at the end of 10 years. If your opportunity is 10%. What is present value of this amount assuming the interest (opportunity rate) is compounded annually?
(b) If, instead of compounding annually, interest (opportunity rate) is compounded quarterly, what will be the present value? (2007)
4. Q.6 Cavalier Construction Company is considering buying one of two machines, A or B; the respective costs and benefits of each are listed below:

Machine Cost Life of Machine Savings for Company

A $ 100,000 4 years $ 56,000
B $ 125,000 5 years $ 60,000

(a) Calculate the after-tax cash flow for each machine. Assume, for ease of calculation, straight –line depreciation and no salvage value for either machine. The firm’s tax rate is 40 percent and its required rate of return is 16 percent.

(b) Calculate the NPV of each machine and which would you select and why? (2006)
5. 5. Star corporation is considering a project with a cost of Rs. 40,000/= net investment and net operating cash inflows of Rs. 11,652/= each year for the next five years. The firm uses 10% discount rate for projects with similar risks.

(a) What is projects net present value? (7)
(b) What is its initial rate of return? (7)
(c) Should the project be accepted assuming that funds are available? (6) (2005)
6. What is meant by the term the time value of the money? How is the concept of present value related to the time value of money? (2003)
7. Explain the following concepts/terms with examples. (2002)
Cash conversion cycle (CCC)
Book value per share
Modified internal rate of return (MIRR)
Yield to maturity (YTM)
Business Risk Vs. Financial Risk
Working Capital Management—Cash Management; Receivable
1. (a) Discuss the effects of the three approaches to the working capital financing policy. (2003)
Management; Inventory Management
1. ABC Company deals in computer chips and buys these chips from several manufacturers. Chips are ordered in lot sizes of 1000 and each order costs Rs. 40.00 to place. Monthly demand is expected to be 20,000 chips. ABC works out Rs. 0.10 as carrying cost for each chip.
(a) What is optimal order quantity with respect to so many lot sizes (that is, what multiple of 1000 units should be ordered)?
(b) What would be the optimal order quantity if the carrying costs were cut in half to Rs. 0.05 a chip per month?
(c) What would be the optimal order quantity if ordering costs were reduced to Rs. 10.00 per order? (2007)
2. Q.5 General Electric Company has annual sales (all on credit) of $ 1.6 million. Their average collection period is 40 days and they typically have an inventory turnover of 8. Their gross profit margin is 20 percent. Assume, for ease of collection, a 360 day year:

(a) Calculate the company’s accounts receivable.
(b) Calculate the amount in inventory. (2006)

Port Folio Management—Types of Investment; Financial Securities; Diversification of Risk
1. Investment decisions (2011)
2. Explain types of long-term debt instruments and also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of issuing/ buying the three types of long-term securities from the perspective of both the issuer and investor (2010)
Accounting—Accounting Cycles, Preparation of Financial Statements; Balance Sheet, Income Statement
1. Do adjusting entries affect income statement accounts, balance sheet accounts or both? Discuss (2012)
DCO Bahawalnager - 2025 An Ambition
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It's like revising the whole MBA. For the 70% Marks competition, its' too much.
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ya right
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