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Old Monday, August 10, 2015
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Originally Posted by amubin View Post


The Byzantine civilisation was the one of the major civilisation of its time, explain its major acievements and the causes of its downfall?(2013)
• Give an analytical study of Socio-political and economic conditions of Peninsula of Arabia at the advent of Islam.(2012)

• Comment on the moral, social and political conditions of the world at the advent of Islam.(2011)

Point out the major world civilizations at the dawn of Islam, with special emphasis on their intellectual activities and socio-political institutions.(2010)

• “The Arabian in general and Beduin in particular is a born democrat”. (P. K. Hitti). Keeping this statement in view, discuss socio-political condition of Arabia before Islam.(2007)

• Critically analyze the intellectual, economic, religious, political and social state-of-affairs of the world before the advent of Islam. How did Islam bring about reformative change in the situation? (2007)

• The advent of Islam resulted in a new socio-political, economic and religious revolution in the history of world.Discuss.(2005)

• Write a comprehensive note on the social, economic, religious and political state of affairs of the pre-Islamic world and highlight the revolutionary changes brought by Islam in human thinking and behavior.(2003)

• Give a brief best meaning sketch of the socio-political conditions prevailing in the Byzantine and the Sasanian empires on the eve of the advent of Islam. What was the significance of Islam in the context of those conditions? (2002)

• Give a brief outline of the history and the civilization of ancient Babylonia. .(2001)


• Eplain with the help of Quranic verses that Quran encourages research by the study of Universe?(2014)

• What Limitation has Quran set upon speech and writing? In what respect does the Islamic concept of Literature differ from that of the non Muslims.(2010)

• The Holy Quran and Sunnah set forth the path for believers in the quest of knowledge Discuss the examples.(2009)


• HIJRAH was the turning point in the history of Islam. Discuss


• Explain the impact of Mithaq-e-Madina in that divergence living state of society of Medina and how it can be employed now? Discuss.(2013)

Give a critical study of Pact of Medina and discuss its importance in the then society of Medina.(2012)


• Never in the annals of history any conquest has been so peaceful as the conquest of Makkah. Please explain.

• The conquest of Mecca was in fact a peaceful revolution. Explain with reference to its importance in the history of Islam:(2000)


• How can we say that Prophet Muhammad's last sermon was the first charter of Human rights(2014)

• Critically examine the effects of the teachings of the Holy Prophet PBUH on Arabia.(2011)

• Teachings of the Holy Prophet laid the foundations of a new and revolutionary world order. Comment.(2010)

• The Holy Prophet peace and blessing be upon him, gave a charter for the welfare of humanity, discuss the salient feature of that charter.(2009)

• Discuss the steps taken by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to ensure peace and tranquility in a society of acute anarchy at Madina.(2007)

• Write a note on Mithaq-i-Madina and Sulh-i-Hudaibiyya and highlight how Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) opted for peaceful solution of the crises ahead of him? (2006)

• Write a detailed note on the difficulties and suffering the Holy Prophet and his companions had undergo during Makkan period.(2005)

• Write a comprehensive essay on the teaching of the Holy prophet(SAWW)?(2005)

• Highlight the last 23 years of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In way of the complete study as a preacher of Islam in view of Holy Quran and Sunnah. (2004)

• Explain in light of Mithaq e Madina, Sulah Hudaibiyya and Conquest of Makkah that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was a peacemaker and not a warmonger.(2003)

• Discuss the achievements of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be upon him) as a Social Reformer.(2001)


• Highlight the causes and the consequences of “expansion policy” during the Pious Caliphs.(2012)

Trace the origin of Shura in Islam and give a brief account of its working under the pious caliphs. (2011)

• In what respect Islamic political system is different from western secular democracy, theocracy and monarchy?(2010)


• Determine the basic characteristics of Economic System of Islam.


• Explain the basis on which Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA) became a Khalifah/Caliph and pen down his role as a protector of Islamic way of life.(2013)

• Estimate the role of Hazrat Abu Bakr, as a protector of Islam.

• Highlight the achievements of Hazrat Abu-Bakr Al-Siddique as the first caliph.(2002)


• Discuss the administrative policies of Hazrat Umer.How can we apply this policy in Pakistan?.(2014)

• Estimate the character and achievements of Hazrat Umar Farooq R.A as a statesman..(2011)

• Write a comprehensive note on the administrative/management and reforms of Hazrat Umar Farooq as caliph with particular focus on how his principles can be practiced in today's world? .(2009)

• Highlight the character of Hazrat Umar and the expansion of muslim domain during his caliphate.(2005)

• Highlight Hazrat Umar Faruq as a pioneer of the concept of welfare state.(2003)

• Narrate the achievements of Hazrat Umar (R.A.) as a conqueror and as an Administrator.(2001)


• Give a critical study of the causes and consequences of the political and ideological differences raised after the assassination of Hazrat Usman Ghani?


• Give an account on the expansion of the Islamic state during the period of Orthodox Caliphs.


• Explain the salient features of admnistrative policy of Ottomon.(2014)

• Give an account of the fall and disintegration of the Ottoman Empire and describe its similarities with present Muslim's rule?(2013)

• Give an analytical study of the central administrative structure of the OTttoman Sultans.(2012)

• Asses the claims of Suleman the magnificent to be the greatest of the Ottomans Sultan.(2011)

• Critically evaluate the ottomans administrative reforms with special reference to tanzimat. (2010)

• Give an account of the conquest of Europe by the Ottomans.(2009)

• Enumerate the various causes of the decline and disintegration of the Ottoman Caliphate and also describe its aftermath.(2007)

• Write a comprehensive note on the salient features of Ottoman Turks inarch towards Europe.(2004)

• Discuss the salient features of the administration under the Ottoman Sultans.


• Write in detail the measures taken by Abbasids for progress of science in the beginning of their reign?(2014)

• Describe the scientific and literary advancement of Abbasid Period and how it can be revived in at present?(2013)

• “MUTAWAKKIL, the NERO of the ARAB was responsible of the decline of the Empire”. (2012)

• Briefly describe the scientific and literary progress of the Muslims during Abbasid period. (2011)

How did the Abbasid Court patronize the philosophical, scientific and literary progress?(2009)

• Write an Essay on the scientific and literary progress of the Muslims during the Abbasid Period. (2007)

• Highlight the contribution of the Abbasids towards education, people's welfare and culture.(2006)

• Abbasid period was the golden period for the progress of the different sciences and art discuss.(2005)

• Write a detailed note on the Agricultural Prosperity during the regime of Ahbaside? (2004)

• Write an administrative policy note on Judicial System during the period of Abbasid(2004)

• Write a note on the contribution of the Abbasids towards education.(2003)
• Explain the progress of philosophy during the Abbasid Caliph with special reference to three (3) most celebrated philosophers of that period.(2002)

• Briefly describe the scientific and. literary progress of the Muslims during Abbassid Period.(2001)

• Briefly describe the scientific and literary progress of, the Muslims during the Abbasid period.(2000)

• Write essay on Any One of the following

i- Baghdad under early Abbasids
ii- Philosophical progress of the Muslims during the Abbasid period


• Abdul Malik Bin Marwan was the real founder of Umayyad Dynasty. discuss(2014)

• Discuss the nature and the importance of the reforms of Abdul Malik Bin Marwan.(2012)

Discuss the causes of collapse of the Umayyads.(2006)

• Highlight the central and provincial administrative structure of the Umayyad.(2005)

• Discuss the emergence of the Umayyad with special reference to the role of Amir Muaviya.(2002)

• Bring into light the administrative reforms of Ahdul Malik. Do you agree with the view that he was the real founder of the Umayyad Dynasty. Give reasons.(2001)

• Critically analyse the political, social and military institutions under the Byzantine empire before the rise of Islam. Discuss their influence on the Umayyad Caliphate. (2000)

• Bring into light the administrative reforms of Abdul MaIik. Do you agree with the view that he was the real founder of the Umayyad Dynasty? Give reasons.(2000)


• Who were the Kharjites? Discuss their political and religious ideas.
• How did the Shi’a and Khawarij emerge? Compare their beliefs and political thoughts.(2003)
• Write a comparative note on the situations during which the Khawarij and the Shiites emerged. Also compare their beliefs.


• How foreign policy can be made withhelp of Prophet relation with the other states?(2014)

• The Muslim civilisation gave a new religious and socio-political order. Give a comparison with New World Order.(2013)

• Describe any Two of the following institutions of Islam in the light of teaching of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and how to put into service at present in the Muslims states?(2013)
(a) Judicail System (b) Economic Organism (c) Character building and social order

• Give a critical study of the intellectual development of the Saracens in Baghdad?(2012)

• Why do the Europeans call Sulaiman I, as Sulaiman the Magnificient?

• Write a comprehensive note on Deen-i-Islam which is defined as a missionary Religion. Account any three missionary movements which are very much relevant to South Asia in term of Sufisrn.(2004)

• What is polygamy? Describe the term Nisaa in view of behavior, value and characters of human life according to Islamic thought of School

• Write a detailed note on Pakistan’s relations with the United Slates.(2001)



1) Ashra Mubashra
2) Khulfa-i-Rashedin
3) Al-Muwatta
4) Ibn-Khaldun
5) Damascus Mosque
6) Dome of the Rock
7) Samarra


(a) Hilf Al-Fadhul
(b) Khazraj
(c) Jabia Conference
(d) Bair Al-Hikmat
(e) Samarrah
(f) Al-Mu’atta


(a) The Holy Prophet (SAW) as a Qazi/Judge
(b) Battle of Tabuk
(c) Ottoman Tanzimat
(d) Mamoon-al-Rashid


a : the holy prophet as a teacher.
b: hazrat usman ghani
c: battle of siffin
d: waild bin adl malik


(a) Hazrat Umar Farooque
(b) Hazrat Umer Bin Abdul Azia
(c) Mamoon Rash id


(a) Asabiyya
(b) Jabr wa Qadar
(c) Nizam ul Mulk Tusi
(d) Amir Mu’awiya
(e) Ottoman Sultan Bayezid Yildirum’s conquests.
(f) Ottoman Tanzimat


(a) Ai-Shu'ubiyyah
(b) Umar bin Abd-al-Aziz.
(c) AI-Mu'tazillah
(d) AI-Biru
(e) Character and achievements of Muhammad al-Faith (the conqueror) OR
(f) Character and achievements of Sulaiman the magnificent


(a) Abdullah Bin Zubair.
(b) Battle of ZAB. "
(c) BARMAKIDS.2001
(d) ‘Muakhat’;
(e) Battle of Qadsiya;
(f) Foundation of Baghdad.
How much syllabus is changed ? Are all these topic included in Ce-2016
Please answer?
Me ne apne iraado ke tootney se Allah ko pehchana h... (Hazrat Ali)
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Old Tuesday, September 06, 2016
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please share the quotes of foreign authors on islamic history period-1, second a good book on islamic history mcqs, and the map or pictorial dimension on islamic expansionism, from CALIPH-1 TO WALID-1

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Originally Posted by mudde View Post
read ISLAM a short history by Karen Armstrong amazing book covers whole islamic history. this one has quality and is authentic. i loved this book
Any link to the pdf format? Plz
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