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Wink Major WorldCivilizations At The Dawn of ISLAM

World civilizations before Islam
This Hadith of the HOLY PROPHET (PBUH) narrated by Muslim in his Saheeh from Ayaz Bin donkey Majasai t, which illustrates the case of the ground before the mission r “God looked at the people of the earth, and disapproved of Arabhm Agamhm and only remnants of the people of the book.people have reached a degree of degradation brought about God Do I, and self-hatred is the intensity of hatred.

. And the use of the Prophet r to express the word (residues) suggests Balothreyp, ie, as if the effects of time immemorial have no value in reality of the people, on the other hand, these residues did not represent entire communities, but were members of countless: a man in a city, and another in the city of a second away from the first of hundreds of miles away, and so on.

: So, let us penetrate the boundaries of time and place:

. – Penetrate the boundaries of time to get to the mission before the Messenger of Allah r.

- . – Location and penetrate the border to get to every spot on earth was contemporary with the Messenger of Allah r, and stroll between the East and the West, only to encounter conditions of people and monarchs, ethics and foul, and we discover the fact that the so-called civilizations at that time.

Romanian civilization before Islam
The Roman state by state sprawling, was running three-quarters of the continent of Europe, almost, God has sent down the Qur’an in Surat U start by mentioning the defeat of the Persians, the Roman victory to them, and called Ar-Rum, this huge empire was divided into two main sections:

. * Bank of the Roman Empire and its capital (Rome) and had fallen.

** Romanian state with its capital in East (Constantinople), which bore the banner of Christianity in the world and time, and the king is Emperor Heraclius (Emperor and the title of Emperor of Constantinople).

(A) the religious situation
- . – Torn apart by ideological differences between the denominations of Christians, the bonds of this State, it was ugly their differences, the dispute between the Orthodox and the Eastern Church on the one hand, and Catholicism and the Western Church on the other hand was a sharp dispute has resulted in devastating wars that killed tens of thousands.

Even within the Romanian State Eastern Orthodox themselves caught between a sterile controversy Almlkanp – they are on the doctrine of the King – which believes the dual nature of Christ, that his two natures: human and divine. And a range Almnovisip – the people of Egypt and Ethiopia – which believes the nature of divine and one Christ, and the range Almlkanp torturing a range of other terrible torture, Faihrkonhm sometimes, Igrkonhm other times, though they are all sons of doctrine and one is Orthodox.

. These ideological differences were still raging so far, each range may differ from her Bible from the other parts, and each community churches that do not allow children of the other community to pray it, and all this was the Islamic conquest of Egypt is for the Copts asylum from persecution and torture of the Romanian state to them, have mercy on the Muslims of this persecution and left wills them to His religion.
. – Pope in Italy, people worship him, and accept his so authorize them to do, as in the tract, and the kingdoms of the Bakri God’s mercy.

(B) the moral case
- . – Hit the Romanian state dissolution of congenital great, resulted in delayed age of marriage because of the concentration of enormous wealth in the hands of a few of the initial power, while people live in extreme poverty, no longer young people have to get married, went away to adultery, and dubious relationships, preferring celibacy to marriage.

– Are already bribery in dealing with state officials, to carry out any action or obtain any right.

– Brutal foul: That is reflected in their play, and in both wars:

In the play was a means of entertainment for them: slaves conflict with wild beasts in cages closed, while enjoying the princes and ministers to see the monsters which devour the slaves.

In the wars: they were dealing with an enemy barbarity and brutality; For example: In the reign of Emperor (Vcepcian), surrounded the Romans the Jews in Jerusalem – the Jews call it Jerusalem – for five months, ended in September, year (70 AD), and the city fell in the most a humiliating defeat in history.Why call it degrading?
. Because the Romans had ordered the Jews to kill their sons and their wives into their own hands, and he responded Jews have the severity of terror, and hope for survival, they are extremely keen on life even if life was humiliated humiliating, and then the Romans conducting lottery among all Jews, and win a lot kill its owner, even exterminated Jews in Jerusalem from the last of them, and fell into a state, not only spared them a homeless and those who live in distant places.

C) Marital status
-. – State imposed exorbitant taxes on the entire population of the country, and was most heavily on the poor without the rich.

- . – Roman society was divided into free and they gentlemen, and the servants, three times the Liberals in terms of numbers, and do not have any rights but their fate in the hands of their masters, and they do not have any respect in the community, to the extent that the philosopher (Plato) His idea of utopia (utopia ) was believed that slaves should not be given citizenship.

Pre-Islamic Persian civilization
The situation in that country represents the tragedy of all civilized standards in all aspects of ethical, social, and religious alike

(A) moral case
. – Spread moral decay, so that’s horse in the swamp of consanguineous marriages (P fractions Yazdegerd II) was married to his daughter and kill her, and married (Bahram Jobim) his sister, whom he married his mother, not the disease spread in nations in that era, it was Mstqubha, were all societies condemn the Persians that their marriage was incestuous.

- – During the reign (Kavadh) A man has appeared in The philosophers, while it is in fact a disaster and a catastrophe that hit the horse in the killing, he said: The people are equal in everything . This word appear ok, but its interior, malicious, he did not call for equal rights and duties, and dealings and respect, but called for the participation of people in money and women, which they are equal in the ownership of these two things, it is in reality a call communism evil.

Became the strong man into a man weak home, Vaiglbh his wealth and his wife, and the weak can not be objected to, has become a communist have them, and there is no respect for private property, he refrained people work, they do not benefit as they earn wages, and spread thefts which have become the easiest way For the money, and blessed them (fractions Kavadh), which was seen as we have, and corrupt people, all of them together.

“. Compare this situation the position of the Messenger of Allah r, which says: “that the soul of Muhammad in his hand, if Fatima bint Mohammed stolen to cut off her hand.”

((B) Marital status
- له. – Alokasrp reverence: they believe that being Alokasrp Barogahm divine blood, and they are above human beings, and above the law, were Iazmonhm; was when a man entered the fractions plonk prostrate on the ground, it is even authorized.
. – Were standing in front of fractions by strata, the people closest to him are the layer priests, princes and ministers, and those standing at a distance of five meters away from him, and they are less of them They were standing at a distance of ten meters from the fractions.

. – Were put in the mouth, a cloud of thin white cloth if they enter the fractions so as not to contaminate his or her breath eternal property.

Doing so while he was the Messenger of Allah r if received by a man Vsafha does not take away his hand from his hand so that men tend not distract from his face so that it is men who spend, did not advance his knees in front of the old people, it (the humility to sits not extend the leg in front of him) . Narrated by Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah narrated from Anas t.

- : – The man’s place in the Persian society are subject to strict rules of class, and the humiliation of a large community of humanity was divided into seven layers:

. * Alokasrp layer: the higher classes and its venue.
ا. * Supervision layer: It is not bettered seven families of honor to others.

. * The clergy.

. * Layer military commanders and men of war.

* Layer of intellectuals: writers, doctors and poets (so it’s not surprising that the reign of ignorance, superstition and spreading in the community, as long as the scholars in the rear).

. * Layer Aldhakin: They are the heads of villages, and tax collectors.

* The general public: They are more than 90% of the total population of the Knight of the workers and peasants, merchants, soldiers and slaves, and they have no rights at all, so they were tied in the fighting with chains; in the post (Idiot) First Islamic sites in Persia led by Khalid ibn al-Walid t , the Persians associate sixty thousand soldiers chained so as not to run, each series of ten soldiers, how can those in Slazlem to fight a people described as Khalid bin Waleed t in his letter to the leader of the Idiot said: “I have come men who love death as you love you life” .

(C) The political situation
. King of Persia limited to the house and only one is in the home Sasanian, and if they did not find a man they attach to them from the family of Sassan, and those led by a young child as they did with (Ozdasher bin Ceroyh) seven years, although they did not find children and those led by women, as happened with (Buran the daughter of Chosroes).

(D) the religious situation
– Was the dominant religion in Persia is the worship of fire, which is a religion (Zoroaster), who called for the sanctification of the fire, and said: “The light of God shines in all that is bright red-hot, and deprived of businesses that require a fire, contented himself with agriculture and trade only (has promised the book “immortals hundred virtuous and Muhammad r” of the immortals, made him ranked eighty-ninth); because religion local while the religion of the Messenger of Allah r, and the religion of Christ u universal, In fact, this balance ugly; because it combines great prophet inspired them with a liar and the lost, A we have and left by the people.

. As the fire is not to suggest Ebadha law of, and to set the platform, he embarked for themselves as people want their own liking, and uncle of corruption everything in Persia.

. The French historian (Renault) if Europe before Islam, says: simply the Europe at that time the flaws and sins, and escaped from the hygiene and care of the human person and place, replete with ignorance, confusion and delay, and the prevalence of injustice and oppression, and Fasht where illiteracy.

: Ignorance has prevailed until he became a source of pride was proud of the princes that they can not read (Compare this to religion were the first words: read), supplements (Renault) for Europe it was the scene of wars and atrocities.

. Say (Gustave Le Bon) in his book (Civilization of the Arabs): did not appear in Europe some inclination to science only in the centuries atheist and twelfth centuries AD (ie, fourth and fifth centuries AD), and when the back of those people who wanted to lift the shrouds of ignorance, Voloa faces splitting the Muslim imams who were alone.

. Describes the historian Andalusian name (ascending) (died in the fifth century Hijri year 462 AH in Toledo) A book (layers of Nations) in which he mentions the conditions of the country in his time, describes the case of the country’s northern Europe (ie Scandinavia): Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, he said: are like savage animals, including people, may be so excessive after the sun from their heads, and then became the whim of that cold, rude attitude is poor, has Ansdlt their hair and faces, and they lack the accuracy of mala, and thought them of ignorance, apathy and stupidity Fasht them.

. This is the Andalusian traveler (Ibrahim Tartushi) describes the people (Galicia) in the north of Spain that they are people of treachery and the lowliness of morality, not Itnzvon not bathe in public only once or twice with cold water, and wash their clothes since the wore to be interrupted them, and they claim that the dirt which Ielohm of race is valid tags physically (and I do not know how they bear the smell of themselves and those around them) and their clothes smaller clothes, Gap is Mufthp, it seems more of their bodies.

. Compare this with the religious orders wudu five times a day, and showers of impurity, and on Friday, and at the holidays, order by avoiding prayer, is one of the noblest acts of worship if you are carnivorous onion or garlic.
”. Bakri and describes the routes and kingdoms (d. 487 AH) if the Russians, he says: “where an area called them idols King (large area) no one knows about the same thing from the inside; because all of their land from outsiders treading killed.”

. Compare this with the religion of Islam, which came at this time say to the believers by: (One of the pagans, to hear the Word of God and then told him that they were secure people who do not know) [repentance: 6].

. He also tells some of the items Alsqalbp residents of the northern areas of Europe, he says: they have acts such as the actions of India, Faihrkon the deceased at his death, come on women, the dead who walk their hands and faces with knives, and some women Almahbat to their husbands Ishnguen themselves publicly, and then burn the body after death, and placed with Dead.

. Tells the Ibn Fadlan travelers recognized in the fourth century AH what he saw himself from the death of one of the gentlemen in Europe, they came Bjarreth to die with him, drank wine and danced, and the ritual, which would then Kiduha ropes from her neck, then turns to an elderly woman they call it: the Angel of Death, and her own dagger large then took stabbed her in the chest between the ribs in more than one place, men Ikhnqunha rope until she died, and then burnt, and laid with her master dead, and thus think that they meet Mr. right of honor.

Compare this with Islam came from the slave, so you know your religion: it was narrated in Saheeh Muslim from Abu Hurayrah t that the Prophet r said: “slave or beat him slapping his expiation is to set him free.”
“. Whether this liberty as a matter of obligatory or mustahabb, this is the Islamic view of the High Commissioner for the treatment of slaves, and even talk them into account Islam feelings, narrated in Saheeh Muslim also narrated from Abu Hurayrah t said: The Messenger of Allah r: “do not say, any one of you: Abdi and my nation, all of you slaves of God, and all your wives slaves of God, but to say: Gholami and Jarreti, and My man and my girl. ”

Egyptian civilization before Islam.

Egypt was occupied by the Romans since the defeat (Cleopatra) by (Octavius) 31 BC, was occupied by the Romanian State Bank during the reign (Augustus Caesar), and when it landed the Romanian State Bank in 476 AD (ie before the birth of the Prophet r about One hundred years) have fallen state property Romanian Bank to the Romanian State East.

What was the Romans of the Western and Eastern people are doing in Egypt?
- . – Egypt turned to the store to extend the empire ROMANIAN needs of food.

– Severe deterioration occurred in Egypt, economically, scientifically and socially.

– The Egyptians were all power in their country, though the Romans had been careful to leave some Egyptian symbols as a picture only, so as to avoid the people’s revolution.

– The imposition of high taxes on the very different kinds of impoverished people, including the following:

* General taxes on the people.

* Taxes on industries.

* Taxes on the land.

.* Taxes on livestock.

* Taxes on sales.

* Taxes on home furnishings.

* Taxes on pedestrians to cross the Egyptian from place to place.

* Taxes and more than biology – in a historical precedent – the dead, it was not allowed to bury the deceased only after payment of certain tax (such as inheritance tax, as if it is not enough misfortune of death).

– Above all, the physical strain was torture for the violation of religious belief in religious, but everyone – as mentioned – under the umbrella of the Christian Orthodox Church.

5 [COLOR="black"]Chinese civilization before Islam[U Found in China’s three religions, namely:

1 – Religion of Atsu: The situation (for Atsu) this religion and non-negative process, it calls for the full dimension for women, full and asceticism in this world, and total isolation from society.

2– the religion of Confucius: and preparing of the great philosophers and sages Chinese, religion purely material, which mean laws, rules and tests, and suggests that life in general is something miserable, but in terms of worship, then you can worship whatever you want: a tree or a river, or whatever .

3- Religion of the Buddha: the Buddha counted also the great philosophers and sages, and his law Status calls to the teachings of a moral, but – well – calls for the isolation from society, and asceticism in life, it has become Buddha with the passage of time from the wise and lawmakers and Put to the god of some of the people of China , and built his sculptures, has been worshiped over the years until now.
– These three and their author (immortals hundred virtuous and Muhammad r) from the list, and started to Confucius VI, and Buddha, the fifth, but he did not hesitate to say in the audacity and very: The Buddha deserves to top the list of immortals, preceded Muhammad r, and Jesus u for the fact that the followers of (Buddha) is now less than the followers of the Messenger of Allah, and Jesus r . This logic crooked be inconsistent with common sense, and with the approach of the writer who forged by himself in his book, which is to classify the immortals according to their influence in the movement of history and in their communities, and Faith is not the law of the calls for isolation from society which is changing in the movement of life, contrary to what he did to Messenger God r from an assessment of the movement of history, and correct the course of entire nations, and although it is still one of us who believe that this book fair in the right of the Prophet of Islam r.

Civilization of India before Islam
: India was characterized by several phenomena, including:
1 – many deities and gods, everything can be worshiped in India, there are statues of all things, may adore the people, mountains, and rivers, like a river Ganges that hallowed Him, and worship metals, and months of minerals to be worshiped: gold, silver, and the worship war machines Ksif Shield, Some of them worshiped machines writing pen and paper, as well as astronomical objects, animals and more animal Abdel-and-bone cow in India is still far, It is unfortunate that Indian scientists find it in your computer and corn worship a cow.

. The Indians Abdul many animals, so that their country was hit once as a result of severe famine, rats devour crops for which they worship and crops.

2 – unbridled libido: Understanding the mating call of the gods, and worship of the genitals, and crowned by committing the most heinous immoral priests in their temples, and they consider that the immorality of the debt, which they had become close to their gods of committing such immoral actions.

3 – class heinous: Department of Indian society four layers are:

* Class Brahmins: They are the priests and the rulers.

* Layer Stry: They are the men of war.

* Wish layer: They are traders and farmers.

* Shudder layer: they are untouchables: They are, according to the lowest division of the beasts, and humiliated dogs, and declares that the law of His Excellency shudder that they serve the Brahmins without pay.

. Compare this to the report narrated by Ibn Majah from Ibn Umar, may Allah be pleased with the Messenger of Allah r said: “Give the laborer his wages before his sweat dries.”

. Also, do not layer shudder to acquire the money, it hurts the Brahmins, if they Chowdhury hit Barhami cut off his hand, and if they sit by the Koi Este fire, and exiled outside the country, and if insulted pulled out his tongue and, if claimed that he knows nothing watering Zeta boiling, and the expiation killing a dog and a cat and a frog and the owl, such as expiation for killing Alcodr alike.

. Worse yet, it was in a class of classes can not move up to the top layer, no matter how acquired from the knowledge or money or prestige.

: Of women in Indian society:
. The woman – sometimes – have more than one husband, is in the status of the nation even if it was the wife of Sheriff“. The man was losing money if you gamble, gambling has been losing his wife, takes it a winner, you should compare the words of the Messenger of Allah r: “Treat women kindly”, “women are the sisters of men”, “The best of the best to his family.”

– It was usually the Indians and burned with her husband when the wife dies, and be buried with him, and if they do not remain, a nation of women in the house of her dead husband, and become vulnerable to insults and slander every day to die.

The Jews before Islam
. Persecuted Jews lived in Asia and Europe and everywhere has been concentrated in Syria at this time, not for one of the people Bmxthm energy.

. Understanding in moments of weakness seem to subservience, hypocrisy, and to sow intrigues and maliciousness and lies, and in moments of force seem to bullying and arrogance, injustice, brutality and usury.

. In the year (610 AD), the Persians defeated the Romans dominated Roman () [rum: 2], turned against the Jews, Christians, Syria, has been weakened Roman armies there, Fajrbwa churches, and killed the monks, and appeared to them a bone and grow for many years.

. Then defeated the Roman on the horse (they, after their defeat will be victorious) [rum: 3], went to the Jews to the Hercules, and Tzlloa him, and showed full compliance with it, and the dependence on government, before them, and gave them the Covenant of security, but came monks Sham, mentioning of Hercules has done .

Jews at the time the defeat of the Romans, Hercules became angry and wanted to punish the Jews, but to prevent the Covenant, which gave them, Christian monks came and said to Hercules: Do not you of the Covenant, and I will kill you Snsom Fri every year forever.

These are bad companions, and bad ones, before the Hercules and tortured Jews severe punishment did not even get out but who escaped from the Levant.

It was hostility and clear and strong among the Jews and Christians since claimed the Christians that the Jews crucified Jesus Christ u and killed him (and killed him and crucified him, but they almost) [women: 157], so that the Christians in their covenant with the Commander of the Faithful Omar ibn al-Khattab t when you open the Jerusalem in the year 16 AH conditioned not live in Jerusalem, a Jew, do not remain there day and night, gave them Farouk Omar Covenant to do so.

But – by the grace of God – the Jews has now been agreed with the Americans and the British and the French and others, why? Because one battle, a battle against Islam.

Concentration of Jews in the time of the Messenger of Allah r in the north of Medina, and they are – as usual – a people strong, foul, cruel hearts, Mnhrvi ethics, living on usury, and provoking, and earn money from the sale of arms to the rhythm of the gentlemen in ethics scandals, threats, and to control fools distorted their writings and thoughts stray.

Abyssinia (Ethiopia) before Islam
The people of Ethiopia as a Christian truth, and they follow the Apostolic See of Alexandria in religion (Almnovisip), they think that Christ is God or the Son of God and has no human nature. The primitive life to a large extent, though they had the power, army and weapons. At the time of the Messenger of Allah r and after the mission was ruled by a man he will do harm one which Osahmp Negus and Negus title, not name as he is called King of the Persians Peixry and the king of the Roman Caesar and Pharaoh king of Egypt.

Americas pre-Islamic
The Americas living in that time, a childhood civilization in a primitive life completely, I have seen the effects of Native American people who are called Indians These effects are very primitive, and remained so until he came Europeans from the criminals and impostors and exterminated millions of indigenous people, established on the ruins of their bodies American civilization Contemporary

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