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Argus Saturday, May 07, 2005 06:53 PM

Political Science & Const. Law.

can u tell me where from the proverbs for pashtho are u studying??????????????also can u comment on the importance of hujra nd tappa and jirga in "olasi jwand"



[b]Political Science[/b]

[b]Ps-I[/b] has the lenghtiest course... in western.... read thoroughly... [b]plato, aristotle, micheavelli, hobbes, locke, rouseau and marx... [/b]
IN muslim read [b]farabi, al-mawardi, Iqbal and Ibn-Khaldun[/b]

[b]In CL[/b]

[b]UK, US, France, Russia, India and Pakistan's[/b] Constitution
UK, US, Pakistan in every possible details
France... president, features of constitution and administrative law
India... Federalism, president, Parliament, and secularism

[b]For Pushto[/b]

Tappa, Pukhtoon Larkhood, Pukhto da nasar Thareekh, Pukhto Nasar, Durdanay, Rehman baba (MA course). etc. You can get these books from Pushto Acadamy Pesh. Univ.Also Sahar book is also good.
As far as pushto is concerened you can make selective study in this subject. Two to three poets, Olasi adab and Tappa, Da nasar 4 adwars,and a few kinds of nasars from the book Pukhto nasar.


Argus Thursday, November 10, 2005 09:48 PM

Books For PS and Const Law by CSPs
[B]ASP Kamran Adil(4th position)[/B]
................................scored 140
[B]Books for Paper I[/B]

Western Thought: Judd Harmon's Book titled Political Thought is very
good book. Besides, Mazhar-ul-Haq is a standard book.

[B]Islamic Thought:[/B]

Rosenthal's Political Thought in Medieval Islam
published by Cambridge University Press is the basic book. For
further reading: Iqbal's Reconstruction of Islamic Thought; one book
titled Muslim Thought (whose author's name I don't remember), in Urdu
a good quality book in six volumes is 'Tarikh-e-Dawat-wa-Azeemat'
by Maulana Abu-ul-Hassan Nadvi.

[B]For Paper II,[/B]

For Comparative Constitutions: 'The Fundamental Law of Pakistan' by
A.K. Brohi; World Constitions by Kelley; World Constitutions by
Mazhar-ul-Haq; World Constitutions by V.D. Mahajan;
Law of Constitution by Dicey.

[B]For Pakistan's Constitution:[/B]

Besides A.K.Brohi's book above, M.Mahmood's Commentary of the
Constitution of Pakistan, Justice Munir's Commentary of the
Constitution of Pakistan, Dr.Safdar Mehmood's Commentary;
Sharifuddin Pirzada's Fundamental Rights and Constitutional
remedies; Hamid Khan's Constitutional History published by Oxford
University's Press.


[B]Mediha Mohyuddin (1st Position-FSP)[/B]
...............scored 135

The books that i thought best were as follows:

1) for political philosohy... Judd Harmond (history of political thought)

2) Mazhar-ul-Haq (political science)... mind u this is just a BASIC BA text, and once u are done with this u have to build on things.

Now, my way of studying was this... since i had done my BA in political science too, i was well acquainted with Mazhar-ul-Haq, and the other, Mohammad Sarwar i think.. anyways, once u thoroughly go though those books, start building on the topics with citation of REAL LIFE political examples.. eg, if in the political system of the US there has been a problem in the election of president, you must cite an example, like that of the recent eletion of President Bush, who won the vote, but lost the popular vote.

I think, u have to have a GOOD understanding of political structures, and then build on them with examples and have your own opinion about things.

[B]Faisal Abro(15th Position-FSP)[/B]

For constitunal law , "Select world constitutions by Hameek A.K.Rai.

For political science mazharul Haq's "Political Science:Theory and Practice",and "Modern Consitutions"

and "Sages of Ages" and Muslim Political thought by ------Malik.

I am forgeting his first name. thses books are esaiily availabe in market and are widely used.

the paper II of political science and constitutional law have sams sylabus.

Hailey Friday, November 11, 2005 05:15 PM

thanks and question
this was very helpful thanks. it would be nice if books could be listed for other subjects too and the several books that are listed on the syllabus how important is it to read all of them? and if we should not read them all then how to pick and choose?

Adil Memon Saturday, November 12, 2005 08:31 PM

A novice recommendation!

Though the above mentioned recommendations have been made by Position Holders but I would still like to suggest a very good book on Principles of Political Science.

Modern Principles of Political Science - J. C. Jouhari (Indian Writer)

Positive Points:
1) The book is precice, composed over 800+ pages with a big font. So it's clear to read.

2) It is very simple.

3) It is very elaborate.

4) It contains nearly everything that the CSS syllabus demands.

5) It is stuffed with very good quotations.

6) It contains realtime examples.

That's all anybody would need to score well.

Adil Memon

Argus Tuesday, November 15, 2005 03:06 PM

For PS-1 Part B... No need to indulge in the state its theories etc... The paper is some times very general (chk 2001 paper) and some times from the book. Stick to the course outline as provided. Check previous paers and the type of questions asked.... The real thing is that u have to make urself clear about the concepts the questions asked are almost related to practical political scenirio and not the book....

The important topics are Classification of states by Aristotle & Plato, Soveriegnty, Austin theory, plural theory... objections on Austins theory by plural school, Law, Rights, morality, duty etc, governement its organs i.e Legislature, executive and Judiciary... Forms of state Federal or unitary, forms of governement i.e presidential or Parliamentry, Nazism, Fascism, Dicatatorship, democracy its failures, advantages and disadvantages etc, Role of pressure groups, lobbies etc in democratic states...

(Yahya Akhunzada DMG officer)

faiqa Monday, November 28, 2005 08:45 PM

[I] Hi there
well what u'h told about the impotant topics that too in political sc & CL the most important thing is that one should read btw the lines & must understand the termenology & impotant point ,than as u said follow the question papers but again good book counts alot( if any one need the authers name relating both thses subject than plz must ask as i'h 4get how to post any new topic) hope that thses subjects can be cover well by following all these tips.And plz adnan let me know how to post any new topic other than private post because im lost
faiqa sahar

ambreen sagheer Friday, February 03, 2006 10:07 AM

Hello there,

I took Pol. Science in B.A, so I opted for it now in CSS. I know I shouldn't panic but it is really lengthy. I guess I must not walk over and around it but through it. The tips above are really helpful. You are doing a great job. I am honored to be among you.


Adil Memon Friday, February 03, 2006 06:43 PM

True, Political Science is a big wild beast.

I am thinking of dropping it. Can't manage with the bloody philosophers at all.



sami120 Friday, February 03, 2006 11:11 PM

salam adil bhai,
i opted for political science and constitutional law, and i have already dropped P.S. ( they philosophers drive u crazy :roll ) sir i wanted to know that should i continue with CL or also drop it?? i am thinking of geography in place of P.S. but some ppl are saying that that too is very lengthy. need some serious advice.

Adil Memon Monday, February 06, 2006 07:24 PM


Brother, after a second thought I have retreated from my decision and I am considering to go on with the subject. This subject may be lengthy. But if you deduct the 100 Marks of Const. Law from Political Science-II, you will observe that the length of the remaining subject is commensurate with 200 Marks.

I will contact you through a PM later. Have to leave right now!


09:27 PM (GMT +5)

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