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Old Saturday, September 12, 2020
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Exclamation Past Papers Question topic wise


  • How applied anthropology can be utilized to solve the problems faced by humanity in contemporary world? 2017
  • Define anthropology. How is it different form other fields of Social Sciences in terms of approach and methodology? 2018
  • Discuss the fields and branches of anthropology.2019


  • Define Culture and its major Characteristics; also discuss how the discipline of Anthropology is different from other Social Sciences? (20) 2016
  • Culture develops in response to the basic needs of human beings. Explain.2018
  • What is CRM stands for in anthropology? Justify, how far the cultural knowledge generated through the application of four branches of anthropology is important and contribute in the overall development of the country like Pakistan? 2020
  • One of the dynamic aspects of the culture is "its Adaptive and Maladaptive nature" what it means? In the light of this context, critically discuss the cultural practices which are maladaptive, thus causing underdevelopment 2020.

Economic System

  • Economics systems evolved through reciprocity to redistribution and market system. Explain. 2017
  • Define primitive economic organization. Discuss the scope and relevance of economic organization with anthropology. 2019

Research Technique
  • What are the major Anthropological Research Techniques which are used to collect field data? Also discuss how Qualitative Research is different from Quantitative Research? 2016
  • Discuss the issue of objectivity and subjectivity in the field of social research. Explain whether or not objective research is attainable in social anthropology. 2018
  • Differentiate between "etic' and "emic" approaches used in anthropological research.Highlight various ethnographic techniques used by ethnographers in conducting research in anthropology.2020
  • * Give a distinction between technique, method and methodology. What tools of data collection are usually used in anthropology?2019

Social Issues
  • what are the major Contemporary Social Problems of Pakistan? 2016
  • Discuss in detail the process of Social Control in primitive societies.2019
  • Discuss various conditions and factors responsible for social change and development in simple societies.2019
  • Discuss major Socio-cultural and psychological barriers to change. 2016

  • What is the Anthropological definition of Religion and its major functions? Also discuss how the primitive religion was evolved? 2 016
  • Religion is a significant commonality in Pakistani Culture. How sectarianism can be controlled to use religion for national integration?2018
  • Anthropologically what various belief and magic systems across the history humans have practiced as a social institution? What belief systems other than the religions are still being practiced in Pakistani society today and why?2020
  • Discuss and compare various forms of divine religions with other world religion including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.2019
  • Define "animism" and state the evolutionary scheme of religion provided by E. B. Tylor.-2017


  • Describe the theory of Social Evolution given by Lewis H. Morgan & E. B. Tylor. 2016
  • Keeping the Karl Marx (1818-1884) theory of conflict, justify how far the establishment of enormous, gigantic slums or squatter settlements in almost allmet ropolitan cities are natural or due to discriminatory economic management?Support your arguments with examples.
  • Highlight the major contributions of some of major anthropologists like, Edward Bernard Taylor, Bronislaw Malinowski, Margret Mead and Clifford Geertz.

  • Endogamy & Exogamy
  • What is incest taboo? Explain different theories about incest taboo.-2017

Kinship and Family
  • Elaborate different types of kinship systems. Kinship affect political allegiances in Pakistan. Explain.2018
  • Discuss in detail family institution and its various types on the basis of structure, blood relation, marriage, residence and succession. 2019

  • What is "Ethnic Homogenization"? Discuss its various mechanisms used today by the states.2020

Miscellaneous Topic
  • Is this poverty which is the real cause of overpopulation or it is the population pressure that is responsible for increasing poverty? Substantiate your argument by quoting relevant facts and figures. 2017
  • Write a detailed account of gift exchange. Give samples from everyday life to substantiate your answer. 2017
  • How perspective of Anthropology can be used to study global trends like global warming and erosion of bio-adversity? (2017)

  • Acculturation & Enculturation-2016
  • Emic & Etic-2016
  • Endogamy & Exogamy-2016
  • Consanguine & Affine Relatives-2016
  • Ethnocentrism-2016
  • Neolithic Culture-2016
  • Rural-urban migration 2018
  • Participant observation-2018
  • Types of family-2018
  • Main branches of anthropology-2018
  • Cultural relativism-2018
  • Applied anthropology and community development-2018
  • Sororal Polygyny & Sororate-2017
  • Uxorilocal residence & Virilocal Residence-2017
  • Phratry & Moiety-2017
  • Research tools & Research Method-2017
  • Paleolithic Culture-2017
  • Ethnography-2017
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