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Journalism & Mass Communication Notes and Topics on Journalism

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Old Thursday, June 18, 2009
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  • Journalism is playing a very significant role in the present day societies.” Comment. (2000)
  • Describe the functions of journalism as a challenging profession and devise guiding principles for today’s journalists, (2001)
  • Explain the concept of “Embedded Journalism”. Do you think that it had compromised news objectivity and freedom of press? (2003)
  • Looking into latest developments taking place in the field of journalism determine the role of a journalist in the 21st Century. (2005)
  • Explain the role of journalists in socio-economic development of the country like Pakistan. (2006)
  • Define journalism. Discuss its main objectives and functions. How would you distinguish it from other forms of communication?
  • What are ethical issues associated with online journalism and also suggest ways to solve these ethical issues (2012)
  • Describe in detail the educational and news functions of journalism.(2013)

  • How do you perceive the role of newspapers in Pakistan looking into recent developments taking place in the world? (2001)
  • Describe the factors that determine character of internal public in newspaper organization (2012)
  • Have newspapers lost their importance after the fast growth of cable television and social media in Pakistan? Comment.(2013)

  • How would you differentiate between T.V. news reporting and newspaper reporting?
  • Short Note - Ethics of reporting; objectivity and conflict of interests (2001)
  • What do you know about Mass Communication? Describe its importance in the present age. (2006)
  • Mass communication is considered important in modern age. Discuss the concept and process of communication. (2010)
  • Explain functions of Mass Communication with relevant examples (2012)

  • What is news; its function and value may be explained in detail. (2006)
  • Inspite of having clear criteria by which to judge news, the fact is that “the news is what we make of it.” Discuss. (2001)
  • Describe the criteria and parameters of selecting and structuring the news. (2005)
  • Four main factors determine the value of news, size, timelessness, proximity and importance. Briefly comment on each factor.
  • Differentiate “news components” from “news values (2007)
  • “News is drama and story telling". Discuss. (2004)
  • Short Note – Difference between structure of news story for radio and newspaper, (2003)
  • ‘News’ is the real soul of Journalism. What are the major functions and values of news? Discuss in detail. (2008)
  • News’ have in depth influence in any society. Discuss the effects of different news on Pakistan Society
  • Describe news, "which is the real soul of journalism" with examples? (2010)
  • Short Note – The news corporation(2014)

  • Discuss the state of freedom of press in Pakistan. (2000)
  • Press is the vital necessity in the progress and welfare of a nation because it is through the press that a nation can be guided and its opinion moulded. In the light of Quaid-e-Azam’s statement, look into the obligation and responsibilities of today’s press of Pakistan. (2005)
  • What do you know understand from freedom of press? What laws govern it? Discuss with reference to the Defamation Ordinance 2002. Argue for and against its provisions giving your own opinion.
  • Short note – Press council (2002)
  • Short note – Press ethics (2002)
  • Short note – Press note (2006)
  • Short note – Press conference (2006)
  • Short note – Press communiqué (2006)
  • Freedom of Press” and “Responsibility” are two common issues in the filed of journalism. Discuss and evaluate the case of Pakistan regarding these concepts? (2008)
  • Describe an ideal ‘Press Code of Ethics’ for Pakistan Journalists. (2009)
  • In a globalized world, discuss and evaluate the concepts of "Free Press" and "Responsibility" in the developing and developed societies. (2010)
  • Press freedom and responsibility go hand in hand in a democratic society. Comment.(2013)

  • Write a detailed press release on an imaginative public meeting which turned out to be a law and order situation.
  • Short note – Press release (2006)
  • Short note –Press release (2013)

  • What do you know about advertising? Explain its function and importance in the modern age. (2006)
  • What are the social implications of advertising? (2000)
  • Is it correct that you cannot sell even gold without advertising? (2002)
  • How do you define advertising? Describe the functions and discuss the scope and prospects of advertising as a profession in Pakistan. (2005)
  • Explain how a typical advertising agency operates.
  • What is advertising? Discuss its nature as a mass medium and its impact on different sectors of the society. What are its advantages and disadvantages? Suggest a code of ethics for advertisers.
  • Survey the development of Advertising in Pakistan (2007)
  • Short Note - Importance of research and creativity in advertising (2003)
  • "Public relation and advertising is not everybody's cup of tea". Discuss (2004)
  • Define ‘Advertising’? What are the principles of successful advertising? Discuss the latest trends in advertising being practiced in our society? (2008)
  • Advertising is spinal cord of any media organization”. Discuss all aspects. (2009)
  • How does Advertising influence society? Discuss the latest trends and practices in society and the principles of successful advertising? (2010)
  • Critically evaluate socio-economic impact of mobile package advertisements on Pakistani youth. (2011)
  • Suppose you have developed a new diet drink, and are ready to market it..develop a research study for identifying the elements topics that should be stressed in your advertisement (2012)
  • Describe the socail and economic aspects of advertising.(2013)

  • Public Relations is actually Image Building Activity.” Explain. (2006)
  • Define Public Relations and explain the role of Public Relations Officers (2006)
  • in any organization. How does Public Relations differ from advertising? Does Public Relations offers advantages not available through advertising? Explain. (2001)
  • What are the functions of the Public Relations consultancy? How could a Public Relations man be aided by using the services such consultancy? (2003)
  • An efficient Public Relations effect is the result of four-step process: a) Info gathering b) Planning c) Communication d) Evaluation. Discuss (2005)
  • What is public opinion? Assess the Role of Public Relations in formation of an opinion.
  • An able Public Relations Officer keeps an organization from sinking. Explain. (2002)
  • Public Relations – Importance in the world of communication
  • What is your opinion about the present status of Public Relations Practice (2007)
  • in Pakistan? "Public relation and advertising is not everybody's cup of tea". Discuss (2004)
  • What is the purpose and scope of Public Relation in any organization? Describe the major responsibilities of a Public Relation Officer? (2008)
  • What is difference between ‘Public Relation Officer’ and ‘Personal Assistant’? Mention the role and responsibilities of a good P.R.O. (2009)
  • In modern society what role does public relations and P.R.O play in any organization? (2010)
  • "Public Relations is deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its public", explain. (2011)
  • Public relations manipulates the news. Comment in detail.(2013)

  • Communication is a process, a series of action, always in motion and directed towards a particular goal.” Elaborate.
  • How do you define communication? With the help of different models describe the progress of communication. (2005)
  • Please identify the salient features of successful communication.
  • The Two-steps Flow Model of Communications divides media audience into active and passive members; there is absolutely no reason why there should not be three, four or five steps flow of communications? Please comment.
  • What is meant by Cognitive Theory of Communication and Cognitive Dissonance? Suggest measures to welcome physical and psychological barriers causing cognitive dissonance. (2003)
  • What are the essentials of effective communication? Support your answer with arguments? (2007)
  • What do mean by a communication theory and how it is constructed? (2004)
  • Discuss the concept and process of communication? What is the importance of Mass Communication in this modern age? (2008)
  • Discuss the concept and barriers of communications. Are these barriers also existing in this modern information age? (2009)
  • Is communication a reciprocal process? Comment in detail.(2013)
  • Short Note - Non-verbal communication(2013) (2014)
  • Short Note -Meta communication(2014)

  • Describe the potentials of T.V. medium and make critical analysis how far we have been able to make its effective use for natural development. (2001)
  • Cable T.V. has made possible transmission of foreign satellite T.V. channels content at mars level in Pakistan. Suggest measure, to check delinquency, violence, vulgarity, indecency and hate crime of their content. (2003)
  • Inspite of being highly potential and popular medium T.V. in Pakistan has failed to play a key role in national development and to promote our values and culture. Critically analyze. (2005)
  • Evaluate critically the performance of private T.V channels in Pakistan (2009)
  • Discuss the role of private TV Channels in political and social mobilisation after their inception in and after 2002 in Pakistan. (2011)
  • In the light of karl marx media theory: analyze the role of at least 3 tv channels with the special reference of flood disaster. what is national development? and how media can play role in national development (2012)
  • Critically analyse the watchdog and lapdog role of public and private TV channels in Pakistan.(2013)

  • What role did the militant Muslims press played in the sub-continent? (2000)
  • Urdu journalism is divided into three periods i.e. before the creation of Pakistan, from 1947 to 1980 and from 1980 upto the present times. What in your opinion, are the differences among these periods. (2002)
  • Can the journalism of Maulana Zafar Ali Khan, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad or Maulana Mohammad Ali Johar succeed in today’s world? Of not, give reasons. (2002)
  • The history of Pakistan Movement and of journalism in the sub-continent is inextricably woven with each other. Elaborate the role played by any two distinguished Muslim journalists in the freedom movement. (2003)
  • During 1936 to 1947 number of Muslim newspapers appeared. Elucidate role of any four newspapers for the cause of Pakistan Movement.
  • Role of press in promoting cause of Pakistan movement. (2006)
  • Discuss the role of Muslim press during the war of independence 1857 and afterwards.
  • Give a comparative analysis of writing styles of Maulana Zafar Ali Khan and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. (2004)
  • Discuss the role played by the Muslim Press during Pakistan Movement? (2008)
  • Zimindarplayed very effective role against British imperialism. Discuss in detail. (2009)
  • Critically examine the role of Muslim press during Pakistan Movement. (2010)
  • "Maulana Zafar Ali Khan's 'Zamindar' introduced many new trends in Urdu journalism".explain in detail. (2011)
  • Explain the historical perspective of journalism in subcontinent (2012)


  • Write a critical note on the present status of magazine journalism in Pakistan. Evaluate the personality of any magazine, you like the most. (2004)
  • Short Note - Scope of news magazines (2001)
  • Short Note - Scientific society magazine (2000)
  • Short Note - Magazine journalism; its scope and social aspects. (2005)
  • Survey the status of Magazine Journalism in Pakistan? What are the functions and scope of magazines in our society? (2008)
  • What role does magazine journalism play in Pakistan and what are the functions and scope of magazines in our society? (2010)
  • Short Note -Magazine journalism (2013)

  • Short Note - Editorial cartoon (2001)
  • Editorial is the voice of newspapers. Evaluate any three editorials of any English/Urdu national daily of your choice, (2003)
  • Describe the need and significance of editorial. (2007)
  • Define editorial. Discuss its important aspects. How successfully and in what manner it can mould public opinion.
  • Describe the major types of editorial perform for its readers?What function does an editorial perform for its readers? (2011)
  • Short-Note - Editorial (2013)

  • It is said that if the Taliban had the media with them they would never have been defeated. Do you think so? Give a comprehensive answer. (2002)
  • Significance of folk and traditional media in creating mass awareness about development activities in rural areas. (2003)
  • Considering that Media are given greater importance, describe the freedom of media. (2010)
  • "Todays media has taken centre stage role in the daily life and society". Give your comments on this statement in the light of media system dependence theory (2012)
  • In the light of karl marx media theory: analyze the role of at least 3 tv channels with the special reference of flood disaster. what is national development? and how media can play role in national development (2012)
  • Media do not tell you what to think, but what to think about. This premise signifies the role of media as an agenda setter. However recent research on agenda setting explores the media's role in framing the most salient aspects of an issue and let the people think not only about the issue but also affect thinking process of the viewers. Discuss the distinction about agenda setting and framing(as a secondary-level agenda setting) theories. (2014)
  • Media seems to have limited role in developing people political attitude, rather than individual attitude and behaviour are greatly shaped by groups they are associated with. (2014)
  • Media and media practitioners are naive and are unable to understand the complexity of social and political problems of a country. Hence, they need to be governed and their affairs should essentially be regulated. Don't you think this premise is against the canons of freedom of expression? discuss (2014)


  • Survey the development of electronic media in Pakistan? (2007)
  • Evaluate the role of electronic media in Pakistan. (2000)
  • In the west, electronic media has not succeeded in taking the position of the print media. Explain. (2002)
  • The mass media in Pakistan are confronting many problems” Please comment. (2007)
  • Short Note - Opening up of electronic media to a private sector in Pakistani. (2003)
  • The present era is considered as the era of development of electronic media in Pakistan. Critically evaluate the role of present TV Channels in social development? (2008)
  • Media laws in Pakistan are hindrance in the way of free media. Give your arguments for or against the comment keeping in view the current laws and ordinances relating to electronic media in Pakistan. (2011)
  • In election 2013, social media were used as a vehicle as political advertising by the leading political parties of Pakistan. Do you think that sociAL media had considerable effect on the election results? support you answer with concrete examples.(2014)

  • Mass media's dominant educational function relates to informal education, comment and justify with the help of relevant examples. (2011)
  • Discuss the importance of people's participation in the process of development and subsequent role of mass media (2012)

  • Give your evaluation of the role of print journalism in Pakistan? (2007)
  • Short Note - Code of ethics for print media (2005)
  • How ‘Print Media’ is so important in Pakistan society after the development of “electronic Media”? Argue in detail. (2009)
  • Do you think that internet is flattening the cultural differences and synching distinct cultures on some common grounds? Discuss critically.(2014)


  • What are the implications of information explosions for the countries like Pakistan? (2000)
  • "Concept of responsibility precludes objectivity". Do you agree? Write your argumentative answer. (2004)
  • Write short notes on any two column writers (Urdu/English) of your choice. Also give the reason(s) of your selection. (2004)
  • "FM radio channels have revolutionized the broadcast landscape in Pakistani and have become one of the preferred source of entertainment for youngsters", give your arguments for or against this statement. (2011)
  • It is not socio-economic strata (SES) of the people that creates knowledge gap in asocial systems advocated by relatively old knowledge-Gap theory But the Digital Divide which creates information-rich and information-poor groups in a society. critically discuss the two by making a clear distinction between them..(2014)

  • Hand out (2006)
  • APNS (2000), (2002)
  • Manshoor
  • Global village (2000)
  • Free flow of information (2001)
  • CNN (2002)
  • Press note vs press communique (2014)
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Old Thursday, October 20, 2011
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Dear! i have just decided to opt for Journalism, rather forestory, i have few questions to ask first
i am studying sociology as well , is it possible to have journalism and sociology together i guess they are from the same group but each having 100 marks?
CSS result for 2010 exam, i heard from my friend many people were fail or had less marks in Journalism? please i wana know the reason!!
would it be the standart of the language required to be used in Journalism paper or something else!! please explain if you know . would be greatfull for help!
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People fail to produce good quality analysis on this subject. They take it Non-seriously considering it easy. The answer of the question asked in paper demands fresh & up to date knowledge & in contrast people use to write the old & repeated definitions and explanations to support their answer. This is the main reason why people fail in this subject.

Another thing, YES! you can opt Sociology with Journalism as the total of both does not exceeds 200..
I hope you get your answer...

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I have also opted journalism and it requires fresh answers like newspaper is very helpful for this paper. And it doesn't matter that every time it gives you less marks.
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Old Sunday, December 25, 2011
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Those aspirants who've less time and alot of subjects to conquer they can opt in for its shortness.But it is a gigantic subject (generalism) mean general it comprises all aspects of life it is not easy. . . .
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Old Saturday, October 27, 2012
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Although it seems easy enough to a new aspirant to opt journalism. However, in case of CSS one must at least possesses an adequate know how about theories of journalism along with the other contents to stand confidant in the face of any nontraditional paper as experienced in CE 2012.
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