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Old Wednesday, March 14, 2018
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Post Psychology Paper CE-2018

Subjective Portion:- Attempt any four questions.

Q No.2. To what extent in the twenty-first century you justify the role of "the mind" in Psychology.

Q No.3. Why is associative learning important? Discuss with respect to the behavioural repertoire provided by instrumental versus associative forms of learning.

Q No.4. What are the major development changes that occur during the school years?

Q No.5. How do social and cognitive processes affect behaviour?

Q No.6. What are the defining characteristics of humanistic therapy? Discuss how one might assess different psychotherapies. Which of the psychotherapies appear to be most effective?

Q No.7. Is there any harm in national stereotypes? Discuss the relevant factors which we need to take into consideration when we wish to build social harmony in society.

Q No.8. Write comprehensive notes on any TWO of the following.
(i) Stress is linked to illness, with examples
(ii) Consequences of redundancy and unemployment
(iii) Role of the reinforcer in classical and instrumental conditioning

MCQs Portion:-

1-Classical conditioning apparently plays a role in the development of
A) resistance to disease
B) allergic reactions
C) sexual arousal
D) all of the above
Ans: D

2-Irrational fears that are thought to be caused by classical conditioning are called
A) psychosomatic illnesses
B) avoidance behaviors
C) phobias
D) stimulus discrimination
Ans: C

3- If a child is rewarded for appropriate behavior every 15 minutes, what type of schedule is being used?
A) fixed ratio
B) variable ratio
C) fixed interval
D) variable interval
Ans: C

4- Behavior that is reinforced because it causes a negative event to stop is called
A) shaping
B) punishment
C) escape conditioning
D) avoidance conditioning
Ans: C

5- The fact that fish cannot fly and owls cannot learn to swim is an indication of
A) lack of adequate reinforcement
B) their lack of experience
C) the laziness of these creatures
D) the effects of biological limits
Ans: D

6- Learning that results from the consequences of behaviors is called
A) extinguished conditioning
B) operant conditioning
C) classical conditioning
D) positive conditioning
Ans: B

7- When Pavlov discovered that his dogs associated the sound of the bell with food, he called this
A) functionalism
B) conditioning
C) introspection
D) the phi phenomenon

8- Which one of the following psychoactive drugs falls in the "stimulant" category?
B) caffeine
C) alcohol
D) opiates
Ans: B

9- A sleep disorder in which an awake person suffers from repeated, sudden, and irresistible REM sleep attacks is known as:
A) insomnia
B) narcolepsy
C) somnambulism
D) sleep apnea
Ans: B

10- The neonatal period refers to the first
A) 2 hours of life
B) 2 days of life
C) 2 weeks of life
D) 2 months of life
Ans- C

11- Which of the following is characteristic of the preoperational child?
A) the child is egocentric
B) the child uses transductive reasoning
C) the child is capable of abstract thought
D) a and b above
Ans: D

12- The executive of the personality, which operates according to the reality principle, is the
A) id
B) ego
C) superego
D) none of the above
Ans: B

13- In psychoanalysis, the release of emotional energy related to unconscious conflicts is called
A) resistance
B) catharsis
C) free association
D) transference
Ans: B

14- All of the following are characteristics of schizophrenia except
A) delusions
B) blunted affect
C) disorganized thinking
D) alternating between two or more personalities
Ans: D

15- Behavior therapy teaches skills based on method derived from
A) classical conditioning
B) operant conditioning
C) Information processing theory
D) both a & b
Ans: D

16- Which of following is characterized by concussions, hallucinations, seizures etc
A) advanced alcoholism
B) Delerium Tremens
C) alcohol withdrawal
D) none of these
Ans: B

17- Which of following is Projective personality test
C) Rorscharch inkblot test
D) a & c
Ans: D

18- Which of following ideas is mostly to be associated with humanistic psychology
A) self-concept
B) cultural relativism
C) the phi phenomenon
D) Agression
Ans: A

19- The child's increasing skill at using his musles is chiefly due to
A) Maturation
B) Learning
C) Parents' motivation
D) Operant conditioning
Ans: A

20- Psychological method is better than other methods as it uses
Ans: scientific method

MCQs were compiled after painstakingly brainstorming and extensive searching, however any correction are welcomed !
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