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Old Wednesday, July 04, 2018
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Default Solving The Confusion Of Certainty-and-Uncertainty In Your Life

The greatness of a person lies within the authenticity of his/her life. And, living authentically is an inherent desire of each sane person. However an authentic life is always earned after a competent toil, characterized by some natural attributes. Such attributes are mostly in the form of natural forces. Some forces may be supporting the intended competent toil while others opposing. One of these natural forces is your uncertainty in life to reach the intention of authenticity. Plus, optimism is a must factor in here to get the best out of your competent toil.

More clearly, Optimism is foundation to confidence in life. And confidence is the heart of success. To have success in developing an ideal self with certainty and reaching the intention of living authentically, evaluation of the nature of uncertainty with optimum approach is the basic prerequisite in the context matter. Which as per rational consideration is possible when viewing uncertainty with confidence from various angles.

Like, uncertainty from psychological point of view--is a Naturally Instilled Habit in a person.
Similarly, uncertainty from worldly point of view--Is a Natural Abstract Resource for a person.
And, uncertainty, about future-day destiny, from spiritual point of view is a Naturally Partial Restriction to a person's freedom.

Nevertheless, as per general observation, uncertainty is mostly, by falsehood, considered as a limit to personal freedom.

On one pattern people in uncertainty, (as a Naturally Instilled Habit-- psychological point of view) , get in scheme of this Habit mostly with pessimistic approach towards it--by believing for instance, that God knows everything.

Well, God is aware of everything that is a common belief and a different story. However, How you suppose yourself ? What's your awareness about life ?. How you spend your life ? and How you move on with time-flow in life ? Is much of your business than by resting the knowing of everything with God, after being uncertain in life and saying that God Knows everything.

On another pattern people in uncertainty (as a Natural Abstract Resource--worldly point of view) think often that it is predetermined in life whether I'll prosper in life or not--hence I have no need to put any tight effort . Or then just a one time failure bounce them back. Which is actually a casual step in the way you move forward towards your success in life.

Otherwise you risk compromising all of your efforts you make prior to a failure. And God says go, search and draw for yourself from my natural treasuries in this world for a living authentically through life. Most people due to lack of utilization of personal competence, to benefit from endowed personal strengths--to reach the desired authentic level of living , skip to properly put in use the Naturally Abstract Resource of uncertainty in life.

On the third pattern entire humanity in uncertainty about future-day destiny ( as a Naturally Partial Restriction to a person's freedom-- spiritual point of view ) believe that uncertainty in life is a barrier to personal freedom. However this uncertainty about future-day destiny is to put limits to the pessimism of a person through life, to keep him/her in pure freedom, and to keep him/her submissive to God. And an authentic freedom is the one which is harmless--not conflicting with harmony. And which does not tarnish your faith. That's the definition of a true, pure and natural freedom in life.

Plus, uncertainty in life is not to assign you with disappointment, anxiety, fear or uneasiness. Such negative attributes will be because of your own uncertain mindset in life. Which are opposing forces to your toil towards living authentically. In this place, having certainty becomes inevitable--when one realize the inclination towards pessimism and it's hazardous impact on one's own self because of having uncertainty in life :

Optimum approach towards uncertainty in life, definitely, cultivate the sense of concern, the sense of responsibility, the sense of living on a mission and the like (senses) in your life. Which are supporting forces for your competent toil-- to help you reach the intention of living authentically much faster--by the way of life.

Moreover, to protect your life from the toxicity of uncertainty, to tackle it, and to exploit the journey of your competent toil with an optimum approach------you need to take the following measures with confidence to reach the intention of living authentically.

1) The foremost thing you need to do to deal with uncertainty in life is acquiring consciousness about your running life. Aiming to live with clarity and mindfully about the uncertain things composing your present life. However being uncertain about future-day destiny is none of your business. Clarity and certainty about future-day destiny belong to God only. Your certainty about future-day destiny makes the durability of life shaky, and puts your faith in God at risk.

Nevertheless, what supporting forces of a competent toil, you need to exploit with certainty---to reach the intention of living authentically to the possible extent, include trust, pleasure, beauty, positive thoughts, positive words, positive actions, creativity, wisdom, talent, tranquility, justice, belief, and other beneficial attributes of over-all present-day destiny--on the positive side of your running life.

Also, steer challenging and neglecting with certainty the opposing forces to your competent toil makes your intended competent toil more meaningful and purposeful. These opposing forces include dishonesty, biasness , confusion, negativity, and all the causes of disturbance and violation of right to live with certainty--on the negative side of your running life.

Plus, exploiting these supporting forces of and challenging plus neglecting these opposing forces to your competent toil has a role in determining your future-day destiny over lifetime. This is how consciousness for living authentically and being clear and mindful is the foremost measure to tackle your uncertainty in life.

2) Understanding the real meaning of freedom in terms of uncertainty is important. Freedom, as aforesaid, is naturally pure only when it is harmless--not conflicting with harmony. Freedom is for promoting harmony and tranquility in life , not disturbance( in case of disturbance creation it is violation and not freedom)

The ambiguity and wrong conception about freedom among the most of humanity is simply because of lacking certainty about it . And is an opposing force to toil for living authentically. Which require developing, the above discussed, optimistic approach towards the comprehension of freedom in life. I.e understanding naturally pure freedom.

3) Going with time-flow condusively, on a life-friendly basis, with certainty is urgent. This journey needs a mature mentality, for which certainty is decisive. The more you get certainty in life the more you become mature. For this waiting--for over years--for gaining experiences from happenings in your life, is just a traditional option--not intelligent. Which is a huge waste of life.

However when you add intelligence to this traditional option--you sharply fasten gaining certainty about your experiences in your life. And secure your life from being a big blunder of delayed consciousness--which is actually unpredictable. Use of intelligence more sharply here fetch you the necessary maturity more brusquely. For this purpose training your brain like a muscle is unavoidably vital. Which is possible only through a speedy consciousness and gaining certainty much faster--keeping in view the requirement of this hasty modern world.

Like the physical aging of a person, brain does also age. And to keep your brain in an efficiently healthy condition gaining certainty in life on an urgently basis is the requisite. Which protects your brain from aging and gives you the necessary vital mentality through life: .

Among the other advantages of gaining certainty in life--becoming able to understand the mystery of life is leading. However for probing into the mystery of future-day life, working on understanding of and getting certainty about the present-day life thoroughly to the possible extents is a key--which is a meaning from your life to God also.

With such an understanding approach, you get rid of all the negative shades of uncertainty on your mind--and that gives you the crystal clarity of mind. Which becomes the basic strength of your inner peace.

Then, you can properly and effectively utilize this inner peace for living with both inner and outer naturally pure freedom--supported by pure and productive thoughts, words and act actions.

Lastly, for gaining certainty in life--the competent toil you put in to reach the intention of living authentically--tune your body, mind and soul into a best condition and you reach the state of an ideal self. The state, which you will keep in a constant observation after availing the gift of certainty and decorating your oblique life with it.
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill
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Old Thursday, July 05, 2018
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soft rock is on a distinguished road
Default Attention Please...

Note--- this above article and all recent articles are not finally drafted. So no chance of plagiarism. Thank You...!
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill
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