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Ghazanfar Ali Tuesday, May 15, 2012 01:07 PM

[QUOTE=Silent.Volcano;430198]other topics are not included in CSS syllabus.[/QUOTE]
Would you mind guiding me for the prepration of remaining topics?

[QUOTE=lala jan;430370]a you know the syllbus of psychology , then why asking the syllbus of psychology in forum. The topics you mentions are now out dated. I.e confidentiality and health impairing behaviour , fustration and conflict . Just concise and pay attention towards the right topics , so you will secure good marks. I hope you understand.[/QUOTE]

ALHAMDULILLAH, I know the syllabus of Psy but does not have any idea about the topics mentioed above. Dear for your kind info, these topics are of great importance to me. If you do not want to prepare them, just leave them but kindly do not restrict others on selective study. :D

12:45 AM (GMT +5)

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