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Old Thursday, October 23, 2014
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Lightbulb Heal With Your Smile

When you smile at a person you convey a message. depending on the perception of receiver of smile and the motive of your smile. Person at the receiving end of smile, might be either mentally relaxed and enjoying comfort or will be in mental state trying to find out some hope to get out of his/her dark mindedness. In the second instance the dark and negative minded person may be either depressed, or would have taken the impression of anxiety. In both of these cases of dark mind , person at the receiving end of smile might be narrowing his/her mind towards a hope to vent out from his/her negative state of mind.

In case a person is depressed because of a certain reason, for example an unhealthy decision that s/he would have taken in the past might route the person towards depression and that’s the reason why such people develop and show random odd to normality behaviors. Like S/he might show the signs of anger not allowing anyone most often to interact, hanging tough on his/negativity, s/he goes so deep into confused mental state that s/he does not realize what actually is good for him/her in time when people try to interact him/her. When Such a person goes so deep into his/her negativity s/he might develop the signs finally making way to breath his/her last in most cases ending with self-murder. We can bring this conversation under the spotlight of some examples to reveal real human experience in dark minded conditions and negativity right here.

1.Various situations may depress a person and its all the mental weakness which makes a person not to understand his/her real spirit and instead slips into darkness of mind. One of the many causative factors include making of a weak decision ,as stated earlier, one would have ever made in the past. If a person for example has taken such kind of decision about his profession/career that might make him/her believe that s/he is not in a profession what s/he really finds him/herself adapted there well and leads to negativity of thoughts.

Poor Decision making is not only concerned with career, it’s a mental human attribute and where ever a person goes in any sphere of life, like social , economical, political, and spiritual etc. decision knocks his/her mind to make often to take.

In Social sphere we may cite the example that if a person makes a choice to befriend with someone who later proves detrimental and might take the person into unbelievable dire situations of life. Various instances can be cited in here, all the social maladies dark minded men can have which gives birth to all the negative traits of one`s personality. After all violence is the edge where the subject might finally . A mind that seeks to let the person vent in a hope towards bright life.

In economical sphere we can cite the example of a person in debt , most often we see debt more above potential makes the borrower a bankrupt. Obviously this is what makes him/her reach negativity when s/he is non-resourceful and a person who is non-resourceful and is in debt thinks more about the dark side of life and trying to pursue some light out there.

Same is the case in political sphere, most people opt for a political party , who later regret but gets involved so much that making their way out often seems utmost difficult. Like we see the example of many politicians who after reaching the ranks of minister (s) are then mostly tracked down through different way ,or then certain contexts force them to do so, in latter case until they find a way to re-route themselves, they stay depressed and dark minded , because in easy terms there is difference between upper-hand and lower-hand, seeking a hope that could make him/her feel better once more.
In Spiritual Sphere we can cite the example of a person who for example becomes Islam-Turned-Christian like as was the case of Abdur-Rahman in Afghanistan. Obviously peace of his mind lost and no one can have the real peace of mind away from divinity, and would obviously stay in dark state of mind until finding light of divinity again , for such sort of unaware people.

2. Another example we can have in here is that certain parent(s) stay very sensitive about their child–raising concern. And such sensitive parent(s) often becomes so sensitive about the child, that they instead of making the child`s way towards proper rearing set the child on a path having shades of rearing wrong. All because of the over sensitiveness about that descendent. And when one goes on over focusing and over-analyzing the concern of rearing descendent ,the parent may lose the proper track of rearing, and instead of properly real rearing parent finds him/herself emotionally invested on the wrong track of rearing, which the parent think is good for the child but that is impotent for the child and poisonous for the mind of such parent, and main point in here is that child is made to lose his/her real freedom to the extent s/he needs. Finally all this negativity widens the gap between the child and parent`s real effective affection, making way for the parent to seek some positivity there for him/herself to rear the child well , before the parent reaching to obsessive compulsive disorder.

3. Sometimes people develop the habit of living in the future., instead of living in the present , which they actually think is good for them but it make them angle towards anxiety. See if a person thinks a lot about his/her future and rarely ,or stay absentminded at all times from the present , and do not focus on what s/he should at present do which is the base of his/her bright future, which s/he is actually darkening for him/herself , I don1t think s/he can live with a bright mind at present and mostly finds him/herself lost in hopes of the future without focusing on his present mostly without logical basis , and such scenarios finally up again with depression.

Now the question is what kind of habits can such a dark minded depressed or anxious person can develop. I ll cite in here three obvious signs.

1. Negative minded people always are found as dependent on others. And when they are dependent they lose their ability of being themselves because such people can surpass any limit to fulfill their aims, through different ways of playing on others , no matter moral and immoral, but such perfectionist has to make ways for his/her dark self to dig others for his/her own interests..Here the touch of losing the integrity becomes obvious and chance of losing one`s true self and threat to pure social interaction which is binding the society becomes visible. And when one is being not him/her real self that routes him/her to lose real integrity,( a cause effect-cause situation) and when integrity is lost no one can imagine the havoc that has the chance of outbreak in society to the extent of the potential of that culprit. Here a chance to let in another deep concept but all I can abstract for this paragraph is that integrity is an animation of social interaction among people that many people make the cause of disorder in society after losing their true self in the darkness of negativity.

2. Many people in society can see a common trend of calling others with bad names. But its all the cause of negative emotional investment in him/herself who call others with bad names. Now here we see two instances some people may call others with names in order to make the subject set on the right path of behavior and that’s mostly accompanied fun but the subject can find out what’s real motive, but that’s not always the case . Others may call names with manipulative irony. And some do it without any irony and mostly with a visible signs of hatred, an emotion that make the person at last hate him/herself. In both the later cases in here , negativity of mind and darkness of faith in one`s self is obvious. Such people truly lack self esteem and need to seek some real flash of hope in life to make their way towards optimum level of mind through stepping with plus paces.

3,In the case of perfectionism one can easily find out that what a perfectionist looks most in his/her surroundings. First of all s/he would be self- assuring and will be always trying to convince others and misguiding those who believe the perfectionist but such perfectionists only try to use others instead of putting themselves in use in assertive way which creates an atmosphere of soft feelings, now it all depends on the subject what to learn from such assertive behavior of the manipulator. And it’s the nature of a perfectionist that s/he `ll either ignore him/herself or will to be that much concerned about him/herself that will make him/her self-important. And when one is self important obviously no one else is worthless. No one cares about others unless s/he is cared and this is the point where love among humanity can make its way and allow in to sandwich soft-feeling while having interaction with one another.

For of all here is the need of a partner either male or female, no matter what kind of relationship subject in trouble has with that partner. All that matters is to give back up in time of need and that is the true spirit of being real fellow in society and healing pains. The fragrance of a genuine smile when absorbed by the person at the receiving end, turns on positivity in perception , such a smile gives a hope of healing and a sense of fix to negativity of perception about surroundings.

The effect of a genuine smile runs through the whole body of the person at the receiving end during a stunning context. Now the question is how the effect of a genuine can smile run through the over all body of a person at the receiving end of smile, puts a question mark stopping to talk further unless we provide a solid answer. Now how can we justify that the effect of a genuine smile a energetic, heals, mental trauma, and gives a hope of life, is as same as a persons takes a negative impression that sets him/her on the negative state of mind routing to an end finally dotted with last breath.
Manifestly, when stressed person thinks negative s/he needs more and more energy to live as usual. Now The energy which is consumed for negative thinking, goes where, is simply answered that his/her body systematic functions need more and more energy as s/he consume the already existing one. The lack of energy s/he has in body first of all affect brain, control center of body , or ironically “Managing Director Of The Organization Of Human Body”. And when that Managing Director needs more energy its means the functions of bodily systems of that organization( person) seeks more mental power to work in rhythm.

First of all due to negative thinking the system of body which gets affected after the brain , is respiratory system. The negative person develops the habit worrying because of his/her negativity in mind, and breaths out of rhythm in severe stressed conditions or at least feels difficulty in breathing. When the breathing mechanism is badly affected , that person needs to have more oxygen for normal breathing , because the brain which controls the balance of respiratory system is itself affected due to negativity in it. When breathing mechanism is affected it means s/he will not intake sufficient amount of oxygen s/he needs. When the required amount of oxygen is not inhaled it means the food which that negative minded person eats is not properly oxygenated after badly affected digestive process. When the food is not properly oxygenated it means the required amount of hemoglobin and energy needed for the body will not be facilitated to the body. It means when hemoglobin level and energy is in sufficient it will surely affect other systems of body which needs proper functioning for a healthy life. These systems include digestive system with major affect on the stomach where the food is not absorbed properly plus sign dry mouth, Excretory system with major bad effect on urination process, integumentary system with drying skin effect mostly, Coordinative system which turns out to be incapable to keep the all body systems in rhythm of proper functioning, including the nervous system which when affected by negative state of mind gives the person feel all sort of disorders possible to happens to the body, noit only physical but spiritual like lack of peace of mind, psychological like lack of emotional stability, lack of over all physical relaxation and socially involvement in society of proper interaction developing extrovert behavior etc.

Now what’s a genuine smile. A smile which is contextual and not fake on pretending lips. Now the question is what are those factors which create context for a genuine smile includes the tendency of the supporting man of the negative person. Such factors which creates such a genuine smile includes the focus of mate on the good attributes of the person, like turning him on to talk about some of his achievements or giving him/her some real joy after making him/her develop some positive approach and perception towards some brightness in life. when you talk to him/her like you may point out his/her positive attributes of personality that boast his confidence and makes his/her personal zone feel easy like opposite to the way the way s/he denies herself/himself. Admiring him/her for what he has done in life for others. When you make him/her realize s/he has forgotten all the positive aspects of his/her own self and focuses only on the dark side of his/her own personality..its gives him/her the feeling of need to change himself and s/he might even after realizing they you knocked his/her perception , that time will put a smile on his face and might probably hug you in hurry with deep passion and might make some tears due to happiness and feeling of recovery from his darkness back towards normality most probably making you “Turns You Smile Into Tears “ Of happiness of too giving you a sense of satisfactions that you did heal someone with your genuine smile.

` Regards All….
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill
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