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ESSAY:: are modern war not holy war?
.causes of holy war.:::
1 Disunity among muslim umaah .

2 Creation of ISIS to defame Islam.

3 Middle east crisis is a project for greater Israel.

4 American invasions on Muslim states after 9/11 inside job.

5 Killings of non-Muslims by the funded extremists in Muslim states.

6 Formation of Islamic military alliance to tackle NATO states who are involved in holy war.

7 Create reasons for civil wars within Muslim state for further expeditions.

8 Installations of puppet governments to weaken and plunder muslim states.

9 To label muslims as terrorists in the western world.

10 Media is a tool to show controversies regarding the lifestyle of muslims .

11 American interest to conflict between shia-sunni leaders in world politics .

12 Bashing of western leaders against Muslims in their election campaigns.

.Effects of holy war,
1 Victimization of Muslim immigrants .

2 Muslims mass migration with lost hope.

3 Genocide of Muslims in all war zones of this century

4 Islamophobia is growing

5 Radicalization

6 terrorism is increasing day by day

7 Humanity is suffering.

8 Maximum chances of World war 3.

9 Arms race.

10 Brain wash of the western people against Islam and Muslims.

11 Impartiality of UNO regarding Muslims rights.

12 Sectarianism .

Solution to end this holy war:

1 Nato states should call back their army from war zones.

2 To empower UNO by finishing the hegemony of VETO STATES .

3 Ban on military alliance such as nato or Islamic military alliance.

4 To resolve Palestine-israel issue peacefully.

5 Religious clergies should play their role in media to remove misunderstandings
6 To find similarities between Christianity, Judaism and Islam for love and peace. (as sir syed ahmed khan had done after war of independence ).

7 UN should ban journalists who hit religions .

8 UNO member states referendum for peace invasions .
emarks on my outline .[/QUOTE]

whitehulk Friend i already give comment on your outline that your outline is missing main theme of topic.But outline doesn't give view that you are failed in essay.It depends upon material.If you provide relevant material by considering main theme of topic.Then insha ALLAH you will passed exam.So don't worry,It depends upon examiner.Hope for best.We are not here to decide pass or fail of you in exam.Now i am presenting my instance why i considered these war as holy war.Holy war are those war which is fought for religious purposes.Ghazwa badr,khandaq all are pure holy war as there is no political element in these war.But war of modern era are also a holy war.I give evidences to prove my point.I didn't give evidences that never exist.For example i give evidences in ttp war as during era of nawaz sharif,government are agreed on negotiation with ttp in march 2014 but ttp scholar imposed sharia so negotiation failed.After attack on jinnah international airpot in june 2014 war again started and still continue so we called its holy war as it is due to imposed of sharia by ttp on basis of sword.Similar case for pakistan and india.If there is no relgious difference and all of hindu accept islam then this war automatically end.But religious difference are exploited by political parties specially bjp which is fanatic hindu party whose member narendra modi also involved in gujrat killing of 2002 revealed by his one of his associate babu bajrangi and this war is not end.In every war holy element is present and if holy element is present we cann't neglect these holy element.modern war are not pure holy war but still we can called its holy war.There are alot of thing which i dicussed to prove my point that exist in reality.That is why i again repeated to those people who only concentrate on english but neglect knowledge got nothing when essay of such type is asked in exam that required strong analytical skill as well as knowledge so first priority is given to knowledge and then given importance to english.That is reason english essay is difficult.It is not difficut due to english but it is difficult as you proved your stance without diverting from topic and this required knowlege and full command over optional as well as compulsory topic specially islamiat,current affair and pakistan affair.
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