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MuneezaRafiq Monday, February 17, 2020 05:56 PM

English Literature
[B]English Literature[/B]
[B]Part II[/B]
Q.2 Enlist and explain the bad habits of writing George Orwell identifies in his essay "Politics and the English Language". What solutions does he suggest for getting rid of these bad habits?

Q.3 How successfully do you think Chesterton manages to employ the technique of narrative within a narrative in his short story A Somewhat Improbable Story?

Q.4 T.S Eliot appreciates John Donne for his "unified sensibility". Does Eliot's own poetry also depict the same quality in poems The Wasteland and The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock?

Q.5 Discuss Mick's exploitation of language for accosting Davies in Harold Pinter's play the Caretaker.

Q.6 Does Hester gradually gain wisdom through her constant suffering in the novel 'A Scarlet Letter'? If so, how? Explain.

Q.7 Is Postcolonial Studies "the most flourishing sector of cultural studies today"? Justify your arguments with the help of appropriate examples.

Q.8 How far do you think Psychoanalysis is appropriate for understanding literary texts? Explain your ideas.


MuneezaRafiq Monday, February 17, 2020 06:30 PM

MCQs English Literature 2020
[B][U]MCQs English Literature [/U][/B]

1. Edward Said claimed that the Orient is a purely ____ invention. Ans: Western
2. Freud said there was a _____ agenda behind every human action. Ans: Hidden
3. "One is not born a woman, but rather becomes one," was said by ___ Simone de Beauvoir
4. Ulysses is a _____ iambic pentameter. Ans: Dramatic monologue
5. "I will fly ...../But on ____ wings of poesy" Ans: viewless
6. Wordsworth in 'Tintern Abbey' said he had come back to River __ Ans: River Wye
7. Postcolonial studies show manifestation of ____ in Otherness. Ans: racial difference
8. What does Paul Morel do after his mother dies? Ans: goes abroad ([I]needs checking[/I])
9. Orwell in his essays attacks ___ writers. Ans: Pro-Soviet? ([I]needs checking[/I])
10. In Chesterton's story the narrator met the stranger where? Ans: in a restaurant
11. Which of Larkin's poem ends with 'begin afresh afresh afresh'? Ans: Trees
12. The poem Second Coming has ____ parts. Ans: 2
13. In Waiting for Godot the setting is a ____ place. Ans: barren
14. King Lear repeats what words when Cordelia dies? Ans: Howl! Howl! ([I]I don't remember if this was in options[/I])
15. The story Lotus Eater takes place on the ___ Island in Italy. Ans: Capri
16. Introduction to Structural Analysis written by: ([I]not sure, I picked Levi Strauss but I think the answer was Roland Barthes, though the title of the work he wrote was longer[/I])

Please correct and provide missing mcqs.

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