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secondopinion02 Sunday, July 01, 2007 01:44 AM

Composition 2007 Paragraph "MEANS JUSTIFY ENDS"
The following paragraph is in dire need of your perusal for any errors:


"As you sow: so shall you reap – anonymous." Although the circumstances play some role in shaping one's life but Almighty has provided us a great control over the conditions of the quality of living and controlling of the surrounding. He has bestowed the resources and with that sent guidance for the humanity in the form of Holy Qur'an and the practical life of Prophet (PBUH). Thus, it is up to this vicegerent of Allah to utilize the bounties of nature and mold their lifestyle according to His commands. Nevertheless, with such guidance, humankind has careened out from the true path and resorting to the ways that are totally at odds with the eternal principles of existence on earth presented in the Holy Book. Humans have stepped on the moon as well as shortened the limits of time and space; learned the mystery of the creation of life; but they have become spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically devastated. And this all is due to following of the materialistic nature of an atheistic, scientific, and advanced world; oblivious of the very need of human nature. The institutions of marriage, family, religion, etc., are deteriorating and humanity is becoming slave of machines. The day is not far away when the very creation of this mortal being i.e., the machines, would eliminate from the face of the earth's only intellectual being. Hence, the means of living a life devoid of any nuance of spiritual, psychological, and religious cravings of life would likely be an unfortunate end of more than 6.5 billion Homo sapiens.




secondopinion02 Tuesday, July 03, 2007 03:33 AM

from 2007 paper

The parents play a major role in developing the character and integrity of their children. The family is a miniature world having an effect upon the nature as well as personality of its members i.e., children, who mainly inspire from the behavior of their parents – the ruler of that miniature world. Therefore, the initial years of upbringing of children are the most important ones. Sometimes the excessive love and care of the parents become a weakness and drawback in the personality of the grown-up child. However, the opposite is also true as too much restrictions and admonitions affect the thinking of kids and make them stubborn and diehard. Similar is the case with those children whose parents always take them suspiciously and do not trust them. This attitude of parents molds negatively the individuality of rising kids, as parents do not quit their doubtful behavior, and for that reason, the children naturally incline towards doing such things that their parents repeatedly prohibit. Such kind of relationship instinctively teaches the offspring how to trick their parents and they learn to do anything at their own pleasure without the knowledge of their guardians. Thus, at adolescent and later stage of life, these early years of deception and artificiality reflect upon in their personalities. It is, therefore, very important for such parents not to be either too strict or too lax in their conduct towards the children; the need is to understand the nature of the baby and then develop such an attitude and atmosphere that would enhance the confidence and cultivate the personality of the child on sound footings. Otherwise, a wise one has already proclaimed the consequence that a suspicious parent makes an artful child. (285 words)




secondopinion02 Monday, July 30, 2007 07:09 PM

2007 Reading Comprehension
[B]Q.2 Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:[/B]

Strong section of industrials who still imagine that men can be mere machines and are at their best as machines if they are mere machines are already menacing what they call “useless” education. They deride the classics, and they are mildly contemptuous of history, philosophy, and English. They want our educational institutions, from the oldest universities to the youngest elementary schools, to concentrate on business or the things that are patently useful in business. Technical instruction is to be provided for adolescent artisans; book keeping and shorthand for prospective clerks; and the cleverest we are to set to “business methods”, to modern languages (which can be used in correspondence with foreign firms), and to science (which can be applied to industry). French and German are the languages, not of Montaigne and Gorthe, but of Schmidt Brothers, of Elberfeld and Dupont et Cie., of Lyons. Chemistry and Physics are not explorations into the physical constitution of the universe, but sources of new dyes, new electric light filaments, new means of making things, which can be sold cheap and fast to the Nigerian and the Chinese. For Latin there is a Limited field so long as the druggists insist on retaining it in their prescriptions. Greek has no apparent use at all, unless it be as a source of syllables for the hybrid names of patent medicines and metal polishes. The soul of man, the spiritual basis of civilization- what gibberish is that?

[B]a) What kind of education does the writer deal with? (2)[/B]
ANS: The writer is concerned with all those educations related to only profit making organizations i.e., industries, firms, offices. Such education would only produce clerks, book-keepers or it would erode the intellect of humanity by confining science, arts, linguistics etc., within enterprises.

[B]b) What kind of education does the writer favour? How do you know? (3)[/B]
ANS: The writer critically said that business entities have limited the educational institutions to concentrate only on business related education. Then the writer elaborate this critical view; therefore, it indicates that writer favours humanities as well as classics.

[B]c) Where does the writer express most bitterly his feelings about the neglect of the classics? (3)[/B]
ANS: The writer censoriously said at the end of paragraph that Latin is only used for prescriptions, and Greek is used for naming medications and metal polishes. These are writer's most bitter expressions about the neglect of the classics.

[B]d) Explain as carefully as you can the full significance of the last sentence. (4)[/B]

ANS: A civilized society is a balance of all institutions such as education, religion, politics etc. working within its confines. The limitation of the institution of education with things related only to business and industries would erode the intellectual capacity of humans. It means that the greed for making profit would make man a machine and his intellect a thirst for money. Therefore, the last sentence sums up all the discussion of writer that "spiritual basis of civilization," i.e. man intellect, has become run-of-the-mill.

[B]e) Explain the underlined words and phrases in the passage (8)[/B]
Sorry, I don't have underlined paragraph (plz post it)

Nasirbiochemist Friday, January 18, 2008 09:39 PM

Old papers solved precis
Précis 2007

[SIZE="4"] Extensive study vs personality development[/SIZE]
CONCIOUSLY OR UNCONCIOUSLY MAN IS AFFECTED BY THE WORK OF IMAGINATION. WHATEVER we read, imparts profound effect on our life. A candid look into one's past would reveal he would have been remained enthrall to more than one poet in his different stages of life. It happens due to lack of literally acumen. To fill this gap, stronger personality of poet is the most appropriate. Successive succession of different people in human mind starts to compare one’s trait over other. This critical evolution refrains our mind to be occupied by any more personalities. Extensive study develops well updated stock of knowledge in our mind, which prevent us to be dominated by any other, rather than giving them their due place.

seniors plz check it and point out flaws...

sidramajaz Thursday, December 10, 2009 01:00 PM

industrials, useless” education, patently useful, adolescent, artisans, prospective clerks, Limited field , hybrid names, gibberish these are the 8 underlined words ur help will be appreciared

cspafzal2011 Sunday, November 04, 2012 03:12 PM

[B]Benefits of Reading[/B]
The Imaginary writing has affect on human thought. In spite of eating food for taste and mastication, it gives energy to body as well. Similarly, the reading benefits us. It, not only, gives pleasure, it affects the human mind directly. During un mature age, the poetry has grate affect on the mind of person. It does not mean keenness for reading in early age. However, it is the possession of stronger developed personality on undeveloped personality. Just like that, it happens in mature age. By influence of many poets, A person become a good critic. However the wide range of reading is not beneficial as vast knowledge or anything else. Though, it gives results when extract positive direction from it and apply in his life.

soft rock Sunday, November 04, 2012 06:00 PM

Q#2......" reading,the source of rating an author's personality"
Reading , a divine potentiality of human beings, has profound implications on the readers mind . Reading of a literary piece of work is the source of depicting an author's personality in readerz's mind. It is a source of feeding & soothing down a human's intellectual hunger with an author's ideas & veiws, just as an appetizing object, feeds & placates the physiological hunger of a hungry person. As it is a person's ability to percept the taste of a specific food genera by eating it ,likewise he can depict the personality's strength of an author through reading his literary piece of work. This capability to depict the strength of personality of an author, rather depends on the mental maturity of a reader. This mental maturity is not restricted to the age of the reader but reading habit of a reader play a pivotal role in the amelioration of this caliber to rate a specific author's work, & the captivating effect of litrary to make judgments , & often criticism if needed. Through the course of reading different literary works of different authors, a reader becomes capable of evaluating & comparing literary qualities of different authors, criticizing one author upon the other,finally accomplish his own judicious rating about personalities of different authors & next time get his cognitive acquisition appeased with his favorite auther.

seher bano Tuesday, February 12, 2013 06:31 PM

[COLOR="RoyalBlue"][B]Check this precis please[/B][/COLOR]

[B][COLOR="RoyalBlue"][SIZE="3"][FONT="Courier New"]The impact of literary writing on Personality[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/B]

Literary writing influences us intentionally or unintentionally. What we read is not only a matter of our liking, but it impacts on our personality altogether. We can recall our teenage when every second poet used to influence us. It was not because of our good understanding. Rather, it was our lack of understanding. In fact, this case, if someone is not very fond of reading, is also true at the latter stages of our life. However, this state never persists so long. After continuous reading we begin to analyse things from every angle. We start to pass our own judgments. As a result, we stop to be dominated by every author, because we have developed our own critical nature. Resultantly, the different thoughts of life exert one another in our mind. Our own judgments influence these thoughts and put these thought in their separate places. [COLOR="RoyalBlue"][B]( 145)[/B][/COLOR]

Rumiena Thursday, February 21, 2013 05:32 PM

Kindly check this precis for any errors.

[b][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Reading and development of personality[/b][/COLOR]

Fiction writers, knowingly or unknowingly affect our personalities and readers are oblivious to this process of change. What we read alters our thought process in the same way as our choice of food affects our bodies. People are influenced by reading the works of various authors irrespective of their age. Poetry influences adolescents not because they are more sensitive to it but because the stronger personality of the poet overrides their own underdeveloped one. By reading the work of different writers, we formulate a critical mind that is not influenced by one writer alone. Reading is not valuable only because it increases our knowledge but because it gives us varying perspectives of live and shapes our personality bit by bit.

120 words

salmanmufc Wednesday, October 09, 2019 08:11 PM

Can any senior kindly comment on my Precis

- Seductions of Poetry


We as human beings can be affected by work of imagination. We might or might not know that, but the author or the poet can dominate our thinking and personality when we are consuming information. This happens because we have a certain void in our personality. This void creates a vacuum which is filled by the well developed personality of the poet when we are consuming literary knowledge. Poetry is addictive and overwhelming. It has the power to consume and dictate our thought process. However, critical thinking and reading multiple sources can protect our literary senses from being dominated. Reading a wide array of resources is important because it results in our very own personality being assertive, and not submitting to any specific author or a school of thought.

(128 Words)

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