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Wali Ahad Tuesday, March 06, 2012 05:22 PM

Business administration 2012
2. WHAT IS LEADERSHIP? List and explain different type of leaders. discuss any one theory of leadership (6+7+7=20)

3. why motivation is considered necessary in todays organization to increase the efficiency of the employees? briefly describe any theory of motivation (10+10=20)

4. describe major functions of management. discuss its significance for modern business organization (10+10=20)


5. briefly explain main features of marketing environment (20)

6. what is "marketing mix"? discuss the role of marketing mix in the marketing processs for increasing sales volume (8+12=20)

7. describe main features of marketing role in the society. discuss its impact on human life (10+10=20)


8. describe main features of financial management. discuss the role of finance manager in any orghanization (10+10=20)

9. do adjusting entries affect income statement accounts, baslance sheet accounts or both? discuss (20)

10. how the financial statements are analysed and interpreted through ratio analysis (20)

Wali Ahad Tuesday, March 06, 2012 05:37 PM

i dont remember any of the MCQs :confused: a huge furore erupted at our center when the invigilators confiscated our calculators as soon as they distributed the part 1 MCQs paper!!.....there were 4/5 lil numerical questions in there, but the head invigilator said [I]since calculator isnt mentioned on the paper, i am not allowing u[/I]...candidates protested, some girls raised their voices :clap but they remained unmoved.....by that time, we were ignoring the objective & worrying about the possibility of attempting subjective part without our calculators (amid all the tension, i kinda messed up even the simple/known MCQs :blush: :mad: )....praise be to God, no numerical question was posed in the subjective...warna hum pakkay gaye they

(oh they had a change of heart at 2.26 pm, our calculators were returned..at least mine was..per kia fiada )

06:41 PM (GMT +5)

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