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Shooting Star Sunday, June 10, 2012 11:52 PM

Geology Papers-2012
[CENTER][SIZE=3][B]Geology Paper 1[/B][/SIZE]


[LEFT] [CENTER][B]Note:[/B]Attempt only four questions.All questions carry Equal marks.[/CENTER]

[B]Q#2[/B]-Discuss the internal structure of the earth in the light of seismic velocities.

[B]Q#3[/B]-Briefly describe the theory of plate tectonic.Also comment on the Indian-Eurasian Collision and formation of Himalayas.

[B]Q#4[/B]-Discuss the physical properties of minerals dependent on light.

[B]Q#5[/B]-Discuss the process of fossilization in detail.

[B]Q#6-[/B]Discuss the six general shapes of Unit cell.

[B]Q#7[/B]-Describe the stratigraphy of Khewra Gorge.

[B]Q#8[/B]-Discuss the Regional Metamorphism with relation to Indian Plate margin in Pakistan.

[CENTER][B][SIZE=3]Geology Paper-II

[/SIZE] [U]Part-II[/U][/B]

[LEFT] [CENTER][B]Note:[/B]Attempt only four questions.All questions carry Equal marks.[/CENTER]

[B]Q#2[/B]-Discuss the mineralization associated with pegmatites.

[B]Q#3[/B]-Discuss the genesis of primary Kaolin deposits of Pakistan.Also describe different end uses of this commodity.

[B]Q#4-[/B]Describe the theories regarding the origin of hydrocarbons.Also discuss the primary migration of Hydrocarbons.

[B]Q#5[/B]-Discuss the occurrence,stratigraphy and the reserve of coal in salt range(Cis and Trans Indus).

[B]Q#6-[/B]Discuss the different types of slope failure and their stability techniques.
Q#7[/B]-Write notes on the following:

a)Hydrological Cycle
b)Aquifer Types.


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