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Amna Friday, October 17, 2014 03:34 AM

Mercantile Law - Faisalabad Re-Exam 2013
[CENTER][SIZE=2][B][COLOR=black][FONT=&quot]Federal Public Service Commission [/FONT][/COLOR][/B]
[B][COLOR=black][FONT=&quot] Re-Examination of Competitive Examination[/FONT][/COLOR][/B]
[B][COLOR=black][FONT=&quot]For Recruitment to Posts in BS-17 Under [/FONT][/COLOR][/B]
[/SIZE] [SIZE=2][B][COLOR=black][FONT=&quot]The[/FONT][/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=black][FONT=&quot] Federal Government, 2013[/FONT][/COLOR][/B]
[/SIZE] [SIZE=2][B][U][COLOR=black][FONT=&quot]
Mercantile[FONT=&quot] Law[/FONT][/FONT][/COLOR][/U][/B][/SIZE]
[U]TIME ALLOWED: 2 HOURS & 30 MINUTES [/U][/FONT][/COLOR][/B][B][U][COLOR=white][FONT=&quot]..............[/FONT][/COLOR][/U][/B][B][U][COLOR=black][FONT=&quot]MAXIMUM MARKS:80[/FONT][/COLOR][/U][/B][/CENTER]

[COLOR=black][FONT=&quot] [B](iii) Attempt Only FOUR question from Part II. All questions carry EQUAL marks.[/B][/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=black][FONT=&quot] [B](iv) Extra attempt of any question or any part of the attempted question will not be considered[/B][/FONT][/COLOR].

[CENTER][B][COLOR=black][FONT=&quot][SIZE=3]Part- II

[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][/B][LEFT][B]Q.No.2.[/B] Write short notes on any Four of the following. [B](5 marks each ) (20)

[/B] [FONT=Calibri]a) [/FONT]Misrepresentation
[FONT=Calibri]b) [/FONT]Member (in relation to a company)
[FONT=Calibri]c) [/FONT]Holder in due course of negotiable Instruments
[FONT=Calibri]d) [/FONT]General duties of partners
[FONT=Calibri]e) [/FONT]Right of stoppage in transit
[FONT=Calibri]f) [/FONT]Re-Insurance

[B]Q.No.3.[/B] Write essay on any TWO of the following [B](10 marks each) [/B][B](20)[/B]
[FONT=Calibri]a) [/FONT]Voidability of agreements without free consent
[FONT=Calibri]b) [/FONT]Memorandum of company limited by guarantee
[FONT=Calibri]c) [/FONT]Presentment for payment of negotiable Instruments

[B]Q.No.4[/B]. Write comprehensive note on any TWO of the following:- [B](20)[/B]
[FONT=Calibri]a) [/FONT]Mutual rights and liabilities of the partners
[FONT=Calibri]b) [/FONT]Reservation of right of disposal
[FONT=Calibri]c) [/FONT]Interest when no rate specified

[B]Q,No.5.[/B] Discuss the consequences of breach of contract, compensation for failure to discharge obligation those created by contract, compensation where penalty stipulated for contract has been broken with examples.[B](20)[/B]

[B]Q.No.6.[/B] Distinguish between statutory meeting, annual meeting and extraordinary meeting. Discuss requirement, frequency and aims of the meetings in accordance with the provision of law. [B](20)[/B]

[B]Q.No.7.[/B] Discuss duration of transit, right of stoppage in transit and how stoppage in transit is effected under section 50, 51 and 52 of the Sale of Goods Act, 1930. [B](20)[/B]

[B]Q.No.8.[/B] Differentiate between dissolution by the Court, by agreement, by notice of partnership at will and compulsory dissolution. Discus complete process of dissolution of the firm under the partnership Act, 1932. [B](20)[/B]

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