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Raja Bahar Sunday, March 16, 2014 07:43 PM

47. The loudness of sound depends on its a) wavelength b) frequency c) amplitude d) all of these
[B][I]c) amplitude[/I][/B]
Well I am totally disagreed with this answer as the loudness of the sound not only depends upon amplitude rather on wavelength and frequency as well.
The greater the wavelength, frequency and amplitude is, the higher/louder the sound would be.

Introuvable fella Thursday, March 27, 2014 01:19 AM

11. humans are consumers from ecological point of view.

nelblue Friday, March 28, 2014 09:21 PM

cosmic rays are high energy molecules since earth emits low energy and long wave length infrared rays unripen fruits have bitter taste due to vocs

somebody do tell me why we have single image while stimuli is perceived from two eyes.

Durrani Abid Wednesday, April 16, 2014 04:23 PM

[QUOTE=actor;703252]Everyday Science
[/QUOTE]7. A 'clinical death' takes place when: a) there is no pulse b) there is no heart beat c)pupils are fixed and dilated and there is no reaction to light d) all of above
d) all of above[/QUOTE]

b) There is no heartbeat.

[/QUOTE]11. From ecological point of view human beings are taken as: a. decomposers b. consumers’ c. producers d. All of these
c. producers[/QUOTE]


[/QUOTE]17. Plants can be made disease resistant by: a)heat Treatment b)hormone treatment c)colchicine treatment d)breeding with their wild relatives
b)hormone treatment[/QUOTE]

d)breeding with their wild relative

[/QUOTE]21. Which of the following is a semiconductor? a) Mercury b) magnesium c) silver d) none of these
c) silver[/QUOTE]

d) none of these

[/QUOTE]25. The non- communicable disease is called: a. Endemic b. Acute c. Chronic d. Innate
c. Chronic[/QUOTE]


[/QUOTE]27. Which is not a function of HCL in stomach: a. softening fibrous food elements b. promoting formation of pepsin c. killing bacteria ingested with food and drink d. breakdown proteins into peptones
promoting formation of pepsin[/QUOTE]

a. softening fibrous food

[/QUOTE]32. If carbon dioxide is passed through lime water for a long time , the cloudy white colour (initially formed ) disappears because of the formation of : a. calcium bicarbonate
b. calcium hydroxide c. calcium carbonate d. calcium sulphate b. calcium hydroxide[/QUOTE]
a. calcium bicarbonate

[/QUOTE]33. Permanent hardness of water is due to the presence of a. calcium bicarbonate b. magnesium bicarbonate c. calcium sulphate d. sodium bicarbonate
c. calcium sulphate

[/QUOTE]34. Articles made of copper and bronze slowly tarnish in air and turn green , the green colour is due to the formation of : a. copper oxide b. copper sulphide c. copper oxalate d. all of these

a. copper oxide

[/QUOTE]35. Bleaching powder losses its power on keeping for a long time because a. it changes into calcium hypochlorite b. it changes into calcium chloride and calcium hydroxide c. it absorbs moisture d. it changes into calcium chloride and calcium chlorate
d. it changes into calcium chloride and calcium chlorate[/QUOTE]

c. it absorbs moisture

[/QUOTE]36. When the quantity of charge on each of the two bodies is doubled, the force between them becomes a. one fourth b. one half c. twice d. four times
a. one fourth[/QUOTE]

d. four times

[/QUOTE]42. An igneous rock contains a radioactive isotope that has a half life of 10 million years. Careful analysis shows that only one quarter of the original concentration of the parent isotope is left. How old is this igneous rock? a) 10 Million years b) 20 Million years c) 30 Million years d) 40 Million years

b) 20 Million years

[/QUOTE]43. The discipline which deals with the understanding and treatment of mental health is called: a) applied psychology b)clinical psychology c) psychoanalysis d) psychiatry
a) applied psychology[/QUOTE]

b)clinical psychology

mhz99 Wednesday, April 16, 2014 04:33 PM

According to the Society of Clinical Psychologists, clinical psychologists are extensively trained in the assessment and diagnosis of psychological disorders, but may also help patients suffering from minor adjustment disorders or other problems. See they have little to do with treatment. Psychiatrists on the other hand are mental health professionals and licensed medical doctors who provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders. [COLOR="Magenta"]http://work.chron.com/clinical-psychologist-vs-psychiatrist-15374.html[/COLOR]

osamaziadxb Friday, August 15, 2014 02:10 AM

Well that is something interesting. I was preparing EDS from some well reputed authors but It seems HSSC and SSC books are enough. Thanks for the up

Amlish Tuesday, January 13, 2015 11:27 PM

Minimum bits to store AF ... 8 bits
AF=00011111 (8 bits)

Maymoona Mirza Wednesday, February 04, 2015 09:38 PM

[QUOTE=muddasar ali;699924]1:Invented zero? al Khwarizmi
3:omer Khayyam? all of above
4:ADEK?fat soluble
5:clinical death?all of above
7:impurity in semiconductor?doping
8:K.E.+ P.E. remains same at every point
9:alkaline form hydroxide
10:Hubble?classification of galaxies
11:nebula?collection of stars
12:shooting star?meteor
14:AF bytes?8
15:one about clinical psychology.
16:big bang voice due to?
17:non communicable disease?chronic
18:skin sensitive?epidermis
19:charge double?force four times
20:season change?due to revolution
21:chromosome made of?
22:density D 2D 3D?
23:HALF LIFE?20 million
24:one about law of mass action
25:eat flesh?carnivores
27:principle in fiber?total internal reflection
28:ceramics?hard clay
29:exocrine gland?
30:erect and small?concave
31:Laser stand for?
32:light year?distance[/QUOTE]
silverfish is one found in books.It is an insect

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