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Post Islamic studies past paper 1996 to 2023

• 2023
• Q2. What is the Quranic argument on life hereafter? What are its impacts on the individual and collective life of a human being?
• Q3. Discuss the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) role as a Model for Military Strategy.
• Q4. Elaborate on the rights of daughters granted by Islam and how these are denied by Muslims in the contemporary world.
• Q5. Defind Ijma (consensus) and explain its different kinds. Can legislation by a parliament of an Islamic state be regarded as a valid consensus?
• Q6. Analyze the Charter of Madina as a social contract.
• Q7. What are the motives of extremism in Pakistan? How can society get rid of extremism by following the teachings of Islam?
• Q8. Write Notes on the following:
• Human rights in the light of the Sermon of Farewell Pilgrimage.
• Social Justice in an Islamic Society.

• Q2. Explain the concept of Human Rights in Islamic thought in the specification of “Status of Women in Islam”.
• Q3. Write down the main principles of Islamic Economics. How do these principles provide solutions to contemporary challenges?
• Q4. Elaborate on the concept and importance of ijtihad and explain its principles.
• Q5. Explain the doctrine of Prophet hood and its importance in human life.
• Q6. Describe Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) as a Prophet of Peace for the contemporary transnational world
• Q7. Explain the Reconstruction of Pakistani Society in the light of Islamic Teachings.
• Q8. Describe the importance of Deen (Doctrine of life) in human life. Differentiate between Deen and Religions.

• Q2. What is belief in the Day of Judgment? Explore its effects on individual and collective lives of human beings.
• Q.3 Islam provides better rights to men and women than all other religious. Explore with arguments.
• Q4. Comment on teachings of Islam regarding co-existence in a multi-faith society
• Q5. Islamophobia is a sign of extremism. Give suggestions for its remedy.
• Q6. Express the principles of accountability of rulers according to the Holy Quran and Sunnah.
• Q7. Explore the importance of Sufism to spread out Islam. Is the amelioration of current deviation possible through Sufism?
• Q8. Write notes on the following
• Treaty of Hudaybiyya as a pact of peace.
• Benefits acquired from Battle of Khayber.

• Q. No. 2 Discuss the status and grade of “Tolerance and Forgivness” in the life of the Holly Prophet (PBUH).
• Q. No. 3 Write a comprehensive note on the bravery and juridical Wisdom of Hazrat Ali (R.A).
• Q. No. 4 “The last Sermon of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is the basic document for awakening of conscious of mankind for human rights”. Discuss.
• Q. No. 5 Discuss in detail the principles and terms & conditions for “Jihad” in the light of Quran and Sunnah.
• Q. No. 6 Analyze the Madina Accord as a “Social Contract” in detail.
• Q. No. 7 Islam teaches the lesson of human respect and dignity irrespective of colour, race and cred”. Discuss
• Q. No. 8 “Islamic Financial and Economic system is the solution of the human financial problems”. Discuss

• Q. No. 2. Define Tauheed. What is its impact on individual life and the society? Elaborate (20)
• Q. No. 3. Give a general estimate of the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) character in the battle fields as a commander.
• Q. No. 4. Describe the rights of women in Islam in context of current wave of the feminist movement.
• Q. No. 5. Throw light in detail on the moral values system of Islam as a significant feature of Islamic Civilization.
• Q. No. 6. Write a comprehensive note on Hajj (the pilgrimage) and its spiritual, moral and social impacts.
• Q. No. 7. Is extremism a challenge to Islam? Discuss in the context of contemporary challenges faced by Muslim Ummah.
• Q. No. 8. Give suggestions to reform Pakistani politics keeping in view the different aspects of political system of Islam.

• Q. No. 2. Define Ijtihad, also highlight its contemporary importance in the light of Islamic Fiqh.
• Q. No. 3. What is Self-purification and Ehsan? Explain it in the light of Quran and Sunnah, also
• Describe its individual and collective impacts.
• Q. No. 4. Point out the motives of terrorism in Pakistan. How can the society get rid of terrorism?
• Q. No. 5. Highlight the responsibilities of civil servants in the light of Islamic teachings.
• Q. No. 6. Write a comprehensive note on Zakat system of Islam and its spiritual, moral and social impacts.
• Q. No. 7. Describe, in detail, the basic characteristics of Islamic civilization.
• Q. No. 8. The Holy Prophet (�) is the prophet of peace and safety. Explain with arguments.

• Q. No. 2. Who are entitled to receive Zakat according to the Quran? Elucidating social impact of
• Zakat, clarify how can poverty be alleviated with its distribution in Islamic Society?
• Q. No. 3. Write a comprehensive note on the right of inheritance granted to women by Islam.
• Q. No. 4. How were the Rightly-guided Caliphs elected? To what extent their system of government be regarded as democratic?
• Q. No. 5. Elucidate how the Prophet of Islam (Peace be upon him) exemplified him as the
• Greatest peace maker in the world by making reconciliation with pagans, Jews and
• Christians?
• Q. No. 6. Explain the concept of self-purification in the light of the Qur’ān and Sunnah and its impact on society.
• Q. No. 7. Enumerate the reasons of extremism in Pakistan and suggest solutions to eradicate it in the light of Islamic teachings.
• Q. No. 8. Define Ijma’ (consensus) and explain its different kinds. Highlight its importance in the light of the Qur’ān and Sunnah.

• What is meant by culture and civilization? Describe the characteristics of Islamic culture.
• What is the difference between Deen and Religion? Describe the importance of Deen in human life with arguments.
• Describe the characteristics of Military strategist in the light of Sirah of Muhammad (PBUH) with arguments.
• Define the meaning of prayer and its different categories. Also describe the spiritual, moral and social impact of prayers.
• Highlight the concept of Public Administration in Islam. Explain the responsibilities of Civil Servants.
• Discuss the salient features of Islamic political system in the light of governance under pious Khilafat-i-Rashida.
• What are the contemporary challenges of Muslim world? Suggest its solutions in the light of Quran and Sunnah?

• What is the difference between Jihad and Fasaad (Hostility)? Discuss the possibilities of practical application of Quranic concept of Jihad in current international scenario.
• The entire faith in Prophethood is unacceptable without faith in finality of the Prophethood. Discuss in the light of Quran and Sunnah.
• Highlight the importance of Zakat and prove that economic stability of a society can be ensured through its effective implementation.
• Write a comprehensive note on the importance of Sunnah in interpretation and legislation.
• Argue for supremacy of Wahi as the solution of human problems against other source of knowledge.
• Stability of modern society depends upon a strong family system in the light of Islamic principles. Discuss
• Give a comparison of Islamic ideology and modern Western though about present trends of individuality.

• Discuss the possibilities of establishment of an Islamic state under the present political system of democracy.
• Desribe the Islamic concept of peace in the light of Quran and Sunnah.
• Describe the wisdom of gradual revelation of Quran for Islamic Law.
• Describe the limitations of co-existence and contradictions in the Islamic and western social system.
• Describe the status and aim of Islamic Ummah in the light of "Intum Ala Alon In Kuntum Momineen"
• Give a comparative review on the role of woman in Islam and Modern society.
• Good combination of the reason (intellect) and Revelation can resolve today’s issues of humankind. Discuss.
• In the presence of interest based global financial system, discuss the possibility of interest free Islamic Financial system.

• Q.2. what is Human Dignity? Explain how Islam recognized it and what efforts have been adopted to maintain the superiority of man?
• Q.3. Describe the importance and philosophy of Fasting (SAUM). Also explain its individual and collective benefits.
• Q.4. Define Tauheed (Unity of Allah) in a scholarly manner describing its significance and effects on human life.
• Q.5. what is the significance of "Jihad" in the light of Quran and Sunnah? What are its kinds, principles and conditions?
• Q.6. Define and explain the Judicio-Politicial System of Islam. (16)
• Q.7. Write down in detail the problems of "Ummah" in the contemporary world. (16)
• Q.8. Discuss the concept of veil and freedom of women from Islamic point of view while analysing the law against veil in France.
• Q.9. The Holy Quran is the Fountain-head at all kind of knowledge, Discuss.

• Q.2. What is meant by Day of Judgement? What are its impacts on human life?
• Q.3. In the Light of " Describe the advantages and effects of prayer?
• Q.4. The political system of Islam guarantees the prosperity of State. Discuss.
• Q.5. Describe the concept of modern civilization and its effects on Muslim Ummah.
• Q.6. Islam is a complete code of life. Discuss.
• Q.7. Discuss human rights of Islam in the of the sermon of Hajjatul Wida.
• Q.8. Explain the economical rules of Islam in the light of Social Justice.
• Q.9. Describe the necessity and importance of religion for man and its effects on human life.
• Q.10. What do you mean by Shariah? Elaborate the different sources of Shariah. (16)
• Q.11. Discuss in detail the collection and compilation of Quran.

• Q.2. To follow an ideal is very necessary for the progress of nation. In your view what are basic characteristics of ideal and how Islamic ideology of life affects the individual and communal life with reference to basic characteristics of Islamic ideology? Elucidate.
• Q.3. what is meant by civilization and culture and how it effects collective life and also analyze the foundations of modern civilization and highlight the problems caused by it?
• Q.4. Discuss the concept of veil and freedom of women from Islamic point of view while analyzing the law against veil in France.
• Q.5. It is necessary to establish priority for law for the development of society. What is your point of view that today Islamic punishments are regarded as savagery? While discussing the Islamic philosophy of the reward and punishment also describe the basic characteristics of Islamic concept of punishments.
• Q.6. It is the period of basic human rights. What is meant by human rights and what is a western concept of human rights, discuss human rights of Islam in the light of the sermon of Hajjatul Widah.
• Q.7. In the present period the Muslim Ummah is facing different problems and for the solution of these problems "Ijtehad" is necessary, so point out such an institution that can offer solution to the new problems with the help of Ijtehad.
• Q.8. discuss in detail the importance of Akle-Halal from Islamic Point of view and explain how unfair resources can be checked in the light of Islamic teachings?
• Q.9. In the present era, Muslim Ummah has all the resources, but it is the victim of disunity, while analyzing the reasons of disunity, suggest measures to maintain unity among the Muslim Ummah.

• 1-Differentiate between the Din and Religion, state the important points of Co-existence among Islam and world religions in the present scenario.
• 2- The most important issue of humanity is the recognition of the role and privileges of a man. Discuss how Islam may play a role in this regard in today’s scenario.
• 3-Starting traditional and rational arguments about faith of Resurrection, discuss the role of this faith in establishing an organized society.
• 4-Describing the importance of Ethical values in Islam, write a comparative note on Islamic morality code and Western code.
• 5-Keeping in view today’s international Political System, can Shariah be adjusted in the Islamic societies. ?
• 6-In the light of the Islamic teachings Faith and Ethics are closely united, in spite of that Islamic Societies are in disorder. Discuss.
• 7-In the globalization arena what role Muslim Ummah can play being a custodian of Revealed Knowledge to resolve the complex problems of human kind.


• Q.2. Translate the following verses derived from the last ten Surahs of the Holy Quran. Ten verses have been given to translate.
• Q.3. Describe the importance of the concept of the “Day of Judgment” and explain the practical results of this notion of the Private and Public life of the people.
• Q.4. Ijtihad can play an important role in the establishment of Muslim Ummah and the making of Humanity. Discuss.
• Q.5. Islam pays a lot of stress on the circulation of money. Describe in the light of Zakat system.
• Q.6. What do you know about the concept of enlightened moderation? Describe it in its
• historical perspective.
• Q.7. What is “Motahida Qaumiyat”? What role Jamaluddin Afghani and Allama Muhammad Iqbal played in order to achieve this goal?
• Q.8. What moral values are given by the Deen-i-Islam? Can these values be changed keeping in view the western ethical system?
• Q.9. European and Human Rights Activists claim that Islam does not give proper rights to women. What do you say about this statement?
• Q.10. The world is heading towards the concept of “Clash of Civilizations”. Give your arguments for and against this notion.

• Q.2.. Despite the scientific and technological advancement the present society is facing moral decline and mental anarchy. In these circumstances elucidate the importance and effectiveness of Religion.
• Q.3. Identify the importance of the concept of "Towheed" and explain the practical results of this principle on the private as well as public aspects of the human life.
• Q.4. Define the doctrine of "ROZA" and explain how to achieve the goals of mutual co-operation and collective justice besides the purification of individual soul through the application of this doctrine.
• Q.5 The Holy Quran is the fountain-head at all kinds of knowledge" Discuss tully.
• Q.6. The application of Islamic Shariah is equal to man and woman, however, some injunctions are only related to woman explain.
• Q.7 What are the causes and Losses of "sectarian differences" in Pakistan and how this problem r:n be solved in light of Islamic teachings?
• Q 8. Take into account the steps and pots of the western nations against the Islamic world in the present era and give solid suggestions for their eradication in tile light of Quran and Sunnah.
• Q.9 What do u know about the concept of "enlightened moderation" Give your arguments in for and against this notion. '

• Q2,write A Note Detail Regarding The Quranic Concept Of Creation And Folding Up Of The Universe.discuss With Refernces
• Q3,produce A Juristic-definition Of Both Ijtihad And Ijma Elaborating Possible Role Of Both The Above In Imslamization Of A State In Modern Time
• Q4,’islam-in The Mid Of Contemporary Manangements And Political Systems-possesses Its Own Polittical Management And Political System".discuss
• Q5.,muslim Are Being Persecuted Any Where In Chechenya,palestine,kashmir And Iraq Etc.in This Scenario-are The Suicide Attacks By Muslims Are Justified?unveil The Sharai Position Of The Issue Supported By Relevant Refences.
• Q6,describe"pan-islamism",give Introduction To The Organization Founded For Muslim World Unity And Their Role In Bringing The Muslim Countries Close To Each Other in Different Sphere Of Life
• Q7,how The Protection And Application Of Islamic Culture Is Possible In The Mid Of The Infuences Of Present Western Culture.describe The Features Of Islamic Culture Prior To Have A Comparative Study Of The Issue.
• Q8,describe The Right Of Education For A Female In Islam
• Q9,"one Man’s Terrorist Is Another Man’s Freedom Figther",in Light Of The Preceding Quoted Probe In To Causes Of Terrorism And Separate Both Jihad And Terrorism From Each Other After Giving Solid Arguments.

• Q 2: what is Islamic concept of creation of the universe? Are the modern theories about creation of the universe commensurate with the Islamic point of view? discuss with reference
• Q 3: a) is Ijtehad is no more practical ? explain b) what are required conditions for a mujtahid c)does a learned muslim have the right of Ijtehad? Discuss its consequences
• Q 4: To what extent is the modern political system i.e. democracy in consonance or against Islamic principles ? discuss with reference
• Q 5: suicide attacks have become norm of the day , particularly in Iraq, Chechneya and Palestine. The common rationale for such activities reportedly is the persecution of the muslims by western imperialism and American dominated hegemonic ‘world order ‘ under the prevailing circumstances is the phenomenon of suicide attacks justified ? give reasons
• Q 6: state guiding principles of economic system is Islam ? how can it be implemented in modern times ?
• Q 7: there is a visible decadence in our society due to invasion /influence of liberal western culture. To what extent is it harming our country’s youth and what can be done to arrest this moral decline
• Q.8: in today’s, world, Muslim every where are being castigated and condemned by the west as extremists and terrorists having an evil ideology. Muslims are about 1/5th of the world population but they don’t have a collective voice. Do you think the concept of muslim umma is viable in today’s world . discuss
• Q 9: as per Quranic injunctions and sayings of the Holy Prophet (SAW), hijab is mandatory for muslim women. The larger percentage of the women in our country are totally oblivious to these Quranic injunctions. Discuss reasons and suggest remedial measures.


• 1-When and how the revelation (Wahee) was started? Write in detail: Which were the first and the last Ayat. Explain also the reality of WAHEE.
• 2-Define the religion of Islam. Explain also the idea and place of humanity in Islam.
• 3-Explain with arguments the Self-Reformation (Islah I Nefs) and construction of moral according to the need and importance of the faith of the day of judgment.
• 4-Write down a comprehensive essay on the basic sources of Law in islam.
• 5- What is the meanings of freedom of woman in Islam? What are the responsibilities of man and woman in the building of character of new generation? Explain in detail.
• 6- Write down a detailed essay on the importance, necessity and different kinds of JEHAD in Islam.
• 7-Explain with arguments the system of Law and Justice of Islam.
• 8-Write down in detail the problems of UMMAH in the contemporary world.

• Define religion, also describing its necessity, importance and kinds by distinguishing between Revealed and Non Revealed Religions.
• Describe the Basic beliefs of Islam and also explain that how Islam reforms the life of individual and society through them.
• While describing in detail the four basic soucres of Islami law, also expain that MASALIH E MURSALA, ISTIHSAN and URF, are the basic sources of Islamic law.
• Write a detail note on the problems which Islami is facing in the contemporary world.
• While defining Zakat, examine its Socio- Economic significance in Islamic Society.
• Comparatively analyse the rights of women in the light of Islam and other religions.
• Describing the relationship of morality and faith in the concept of IslaMIC Ethics, also explain the Islamic principles and methods of character building.
• Define and explain the judio- political system of Islam.

• 1-Translate and explain the following Surah: Surah Al Khausar
• 2- How dows Islam regard humanity? What is the concept of Khalafat in Islam
• 3-Define Tauheed ( Unity of Allah ) in a scholarly manner describing its significan and effects on human life.
• 4-Islam enjoys as exalted place in the religions of the world. Elaborate
• 5-What is the significan of JIHAD in the light of Quran and Sunnah ? What are its kinds, principles, and conditions?
• 6-Explain in detail the basic sources of Islamic law with special reference to Ijtihad
• 7-Write own a comprehensive essay on the Judico-Political system of Islam.
• 8-Describe the role and objectives of Muslim Ummah. How can it contribute to solve the problmes of the present world?
• 9-What is the role of man and woman in Islamic society ? What are the responsibilities towards character building of new generation ?

• Translate and explain the following:-
• Describe the importance and philosophy of prayer also explains its individual and collective benefits.
• What is meant by "Justice"? Explain its importance in Islam.
• Describe the economical responsibilities of State in Islam.
• What does Caliphate mean? Enumerate its salient features.
• Describe the dignity and superiority of Islam with proof as compared to other religions.
• Write down a comprehensive Essay on the Women's rights in Islam.
• Explain the importance & methodology of preaching, enhancing the characteristics of the preacher.
• Explain the basic problems of human life and their solution

o Translate and explain each of the following: (Surah Al-Feel)

o What is revelation (Wahy)? Describe its different conditions.

o What is Human Dignity? Explain how Islam recognized it and what efforts have been adopted to maintain the superiority of man?

o Why the faith on the ‘Day of Judgment’ is necessary? How it affects the Human life?

o Describe the importance and philosophy of FASTING (SAUM) also explain its individual and collective benefits.

o Explain in detail the basic source of ‘ISLAMIC LAW’.

o Write down a comprehensive essay on the Role of Man and Woman in Islamic Society.

o What is meant by ‘MORALITY’? Explain its importance in Islam and point out some important values.

o Write down a detailed essay on the ‘Islamic System of Justice’.


o Translate and explain the following: (Surah Al-Akhlas) [10]

o What does Islamic Ideology mean? Enumerate it salient features. [18]

o Write a note on the fundamentals of Islamic Faith. [18]

o Describe in detail the main sources of Islamic Law. [18]

o Parents, teachers and Aimma-e-Masajid play a decisive role in shaping the character of a student. Discuss. [18]

o What do Islamic civilization and culture mean? Discuss. [18]

o What role Islamic values play in shaping the life of a Man? Discuss. [18]

o Islam has its own political system. Would it work these days? Discuss. [18]

o What, in your opinion, are qualities of a good administrator? [18]

o What is the difference between “Deen and Madhab” (Explain the significance and importance of Madhab) on the human life and discuss the main features of Deen-e-Islam.

o Define the philosophy of Salaat and explain its importance in the light of Quran and Sunnah. Also state its impact on the life of an individual and community.

o What do you understand by Rasalat? In the light of the facts stated in the Holy Quran about Rasaalat describe the main features of Rasaalat-e-Muhammadia (PBUH).

o What is meant by Shariat? Explain its important features and basic sources.

o In the light of importance and need of ethics in the Islamic Society describe the characteristics of Islamic Ethics.

o Describe the various methods through which Islam has projected the human dignity, and what efforts have been adopted to maintain the superiority of man?

o What is meant by Islamic System of Justice? .What principles have been set for maintenance and stability of this system?

o Write concise and comprehensive note on any TWO of the following:
 Concept of Islamic Ummah
 Woman’s freedom in Islam
 Divinity and Supremacy of Wahy

o Write a detailed note on Islam, Din and Madhab. What do these terms mean? [20]

o What role do the cardinal principles of Islam play in the daily life of a Muslim? [20]

o What are the sources of Islamic law? Discuss. [20]

o Give salient features of the Islamic social system. [20]

o What method would you suggest for the development of an Islamic mind? [20]

o Values play a great role in management and administration. Discuss. [20]

o What are the salient features of the Prophet’s (PBUH) public administration? [20]

o Islam is a panacea for the problems that the multinational, multilingual and multiracial community of the world is confronted with. Discuss. [2
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